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What’s New with the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?


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The Joint Committee for Children’s Health Care in Everett (JCCHCE) is one of ten partners identified by Health Care for All (Massachusetts's Consumer Assistance Program) to help residents understand the benefits coming to the state through the Affordable Care Act. The JCCHCE is also federally funded by the State Connector Navigator Grant. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, there will be new affordable insurance options available for people without insurance and The Joint Committee for Children’s Health Care in greater benefits for those already insured! Everett has been trained and is ready to help with any questions or concerns you may have. The JCCHCE Major ACA Improvements in has attended several ACA training sessions, including Massachusetts: a session held on June 27th with Kate Bicego from Health Care for All. In this training session, we MassHealth eligibility up to $30,660 learned about many of the ways in which the for a family of four Help paying for health insurance up to population will be benefiting from the health care reform. As these benefits and changes will concern $92,208 for a family of four you, you should be aware of the new developments. New application and renewal forms, Consider joining us for one our training sessions. notices and online portal Please contact our office to register for a future Fewer gaps in coverage training. To be informed is to be in control! One-stop-shopping for (almost) all Joint Committee for Children’s Health Care in Everett Massachusetts residents 484 Broadway, City Hall, Room 27 ONE online application for everyone Everett, MA 02149 All insurance plans will now have to Phone: (617) 394-2414/0606 cover doctor visits, hospitalizations, maternity care, ER care, prescriptions. Email: [email protected] Insurance plans can’t deny you based Www.jcchce.org on a pre-existing condition. Scalabrini Center at 63 Oakes St. in Everett Call the Scalabrini Center at (617) 387-1393



QUESTIONS ABOUT THE ACA ACT? WE HAVE ANSWERS FOR YOU. Q. What is the Affordable Care Act? A. It signifies a national health reform, which is coming to Massachusetts. Q. How is the reform different from what we have now? A. More people will qualify for assistance in obtaining low cost, quality health insurance as there will be less complicated eligibility guidelines and there will be more benefits. Q. How is it similar? A. Massachusetts health reform was the blueprint for the national health reform. People with private or employee based health insurance will get more benefits because all insurance plans are required to fulfill new mandates. Q. What is the exchange or marketplace? A. This is like an online “shopping mall” of different insurance companies. You can compare different plans and “shop” for the one that fits best for you. The Health Connector is the Massachusetts marketplace. Q. What are tax credits and who will access them? A. This means help paying for private insurance; an estimated 50,000 people in the state, who do not have access to help right now, will benefit from tax credits. Q. Who will benefit from the reform? A. Everyone! There will be new benefits for every category. Q. Is Health Safety Net disappearing? A. No, it will continue up to $44,000 per individual (and will vary per family size). Q. What stays the same? A. MassHealth Standard, MassHealth CommonHealth, MassHealth Family Assistance, and MassHealth Limited will be staying the same. Q. How is the reform better? A. There will be a new, easier online application and renewal process with one “door” that connects people to different insurance options. There will be also be a 90-day retroactive coverage for new applications, coverage until the end of the month when changing plans, and expanded MassHealth Premium Assistance. Q. When will these effects begin to take place? Some people will begin to be affected in October, and all will be affected in January. Q. Who can I contact if I have any more questions or concerns? You can contact the JCCHCE at (617) 394-2414/0606 or Health Care for All at 1-800-272-4232 (HELPLINE) and at 617-350-7279 or the Scalabrini at 617-387-1393.

The Joint Committee for Children’s Health Care in Everett Invites you to our Fourth “Taste of the Towns” Annual Fundraiser

e t s a T of the

s n w To Support our Kids and Families! Eat together as a Healthy Community When: October 10, 2013 Where: Hilltop Steakhouse 855 Broadway (Route 1) Saugus, MA Time: 6:30-10:00 P.M. Cost: $30.00

Join Us to Celebrate, and Honor Our 2013 “Champions for Children”

Elizabeth Jones Everett Co-Operative Bank

Deborah Kneeland Executive Director of F.K.O. After School Program

Dr. Thomas Stella Asst. Supt. Everett Public Schools

Special Thanks to our major sponsor

Only 250 tickets available. Buy your tickets Today!

You can purchase a ticket and/or a table by contacting the Joint Committee at 617-394-2414 or emailing us at [email protected] or www. Jcchce.org

Taste of the Towns 2013 The Joint Committee for Children’s Health Care in Everett (JCCHCE) is pleased to announce that it will be holding its annual “Taste of the Towns” fundraiser event this October. This year the “Taste of the Towns” will be held at the Hilltop Steak House 855 Broadway (Route 1) Saugus, MA on October 10, 2013. This celebrated event allows the members of our community to come together and enjoy sampling the various food dishes of our local restaurants. “It’s a night out you won’t want to miss!” Nicole Graffam, JCCHCE Office Manager. Families and friends join together in dining and music to honor three elected “Champions for Children” each year. These individuals are carefully selected in recognition of their contributions towards the well-being and health of children and families. This year’s honorees include Elizabeth Jones, Everett Co-Operative Bank; Deborah Kneeland Keegan, For Kids Only After School Program; and Dr. Thomas Stella, Everett Public Schools. Please join us at “the best fundraiser event of the year” to celebrate the work of the JCCHCE, the three Champions, and each other! The Joint Committee for Children’s Health Care is a not for profit organization that lends its services to those in need of quality, affordable health care. The members of the JCCHCE are dedicated towards assisting those who are uninsured and disadvantaged. It also provides many services to parents and teens in Everett, such as Parent University, and a community service group. Parents and children of all ages are welcome within the office to participate in the planning and organizing of the workshops and fundraising events. As a not for profit, the Joint Committee for Children’s Health Care sustains itself solely through the generous contributions of our sponsors and through fundraising events, such as the “Taste of the Towns.” Without these funds, the JCCHCE would be unable to provide those services so essential to our community. “Taste of the Town” tickets are available at $30.00; you can purchase a ticket and/or table, by contacting JCCHCE at 484 Broadway, Everett MA or call at (617) 394-2414 or email at [email protected] Don’t miss out on delicious food and treats from Bobby C’s, Ferry Street Grille, Jack’s Restaurant, Square Deli and so many more restaurants who generously donate to this event.


Deborah Kneeland Keegan Executive Director of For Kids Only After School Program

Dr. Thomas Stella Asst. Supt. Everett Public Schools

Elizabeth Jones Everett Co-Operative Bank


The Joint Committee for Children’s Health Care in Everett is partnered with the Everett Public Schools and Massachusetts Safe Routes to School, which is a federally funded initiative of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. Established in 2006, the Safe Routes to School program encourages elementary and middle school students to walk and bicycle safely.

Look for our registration table at your school’s open house! We would love to have you join us and participate in our mission to get everybody walking! Become a part of your school’s Core Parent Walking Group.

Meet our Core Parent Walking Group from the George Keverian School! The Core Parent Walking Group is comprised of four George Keverian School parents: Naima Ellannouni (top left); Samuel Dorianton (top right); Lina Arrendo (bottom left); and Flavia Granja (bottom right). This Core Group is to be recognized for the love and dedication they show not only to their respective children, but to their community. This project would not be so effective were it not for the conjoined efforts of such commendable parents.

Improves mood & boosters physical health Environmentally healthy Helps maintain wellness of the mind Promotes healthy interactions Improves focus in school Reduces risk of health problems Exposure to rest of community Promotes neighborhood safety Provides fun and enjoyment!

Tips for Walking Safely to School Walk together Younger children should always walk with an adult. Tell your parents that walking is great exercise and a nice way to spend time together.

Be Seen Remember, drivers may not always be able to see you. Wear bright-colored clothing and if it is dark or hard to see, carry flashlights or wear reflective gear.

Look for Traffic Watch out for cars and trucks at every driveway and intersection on your walk to school. Look for drivers in parked cars. They may be getting ready to move.

Cross the Street Safely 1. Stop at the curb or edge of the street. 2. Look left, right, left and behind you and in front of you for traffic. 3. Wait until no traffic is coming and begin crossing. 4. Keep looking for traffic until you have finished crossing. 5. Walk, don’t run across the street.

Obey traffic signs, signals, and adult school crossing guards. OUR MISSION The Joint Committee for Children’s Health Care in Everett (JCCHCE) is a not-for-profit organization that believes in the right of Everett and all surrounding communities’ children to have available to them appropriate health care and knowledge to enable them to become healthy and productive members of the community. The JCCHCE is dedicated to advocating for universal access to quality, comprehensive health care for all children and adults. Towards that end, the committee works in partnership with parents, educators, health care professionals and members of civic health education, community service programs and other public health initiatives.


What's New with the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? - Joint Committee for


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