WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF WALL TILES FOR HOME? Tiles are an essential element in construction and bring beauty to the interior and exterior of the house. Different types of tiles are used on the surfaces of floors, roof and walls. Through processes like pressing at room temperature or extrusion, the shape of the tiles is obtained after which they are allowed to dry and are subjected to fire later. Here are some of the types of tiles used in construction. Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are very durable, can be cleaned quickly and have many color choices owing to which they are preferred mostly for bathroom wall tiles. They are composed of different materials including slabs of clay that are hardened in a firing oven and coated with glaze. It offers easy maintenance and prevents any harboring of bacteria. Slate Tile

Slate tiles are made up of a metamorphic rock. They are heavy, durable and are naturally textured. They come in more earthy, darker colors like black, purples and grays. Since it hides muddy and wet footprints, they are great for floor tiles. Slate is also used as roofing shingles, wall cladding and in the kitchen. Marble Tile

Marble tiles add elegance and character unlike any other tile material with its veiny look. There are various shade, patterns, and colors available to compliment the home design. Marble tiles ages well and gives a classy look timelessly. Terrazzo Tile

Terrazzo is mesmerizing, shiny and a gorgeous tile for home floor tiles. It is mostly used in public buildings and homes because it can be refinished again and again. It is very smooth, shiny and slippery. For safety precautions, non-slipping additives are added with it. Their material is made by placing marble chips in concrete and making them smooth through polishing. Granite Tile

Granite has an extremely distinctive appearance with varying shades of specks and veins. It is used mainly for shower walls, counters, as they are naturally antibacterial and liquid, doesn’t affect them. Somany Ceramics boasts a large inventory of tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles, sanitary ware and bath fittings best suited for your home and office. They are recognized as a premier title design company in India.



WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF WALL TILES FOR HOME? Tiles are an essential element in construction and bring beauty to the interior and exterior of t...

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