Weather and climate instruments used to measure weather elements


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Weather and climate instruments used to measure weather elements Giedrė Motiejuitė, Geography teacher.

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Weather and climate instruments used to measure weather elements

3rd grade 45 min.

Geography: Ÿ difference between weather and climate; Ÿ weather elements and instruments to measure them; Ÿ the main causes of weather elements and of climate change; Ÿ learning the main vocabulary on the topic of weather and climate; Ÿ using the mobile weather station; Ÿ measuring the main weather elements using the mobile weather station. Ÿ Worksheets; Ÿ The mobile weather station.

At first, students revise the theoretical issues on climate and the weather. Students answer the teacher's questions about the impact of climate on everyday life. Next students have to evaluate the weather visually (cloudiness, temperature, direction and speed of wind). Then students do different tasks on their worksheets and discuss them in groups. Students study the tools of the mobile weather station and measure the elements of the weather. Later they fill in the tables with their findings. Students study the weather issues outdoor using different material and tools.



Worksheets. Used literature and material with the worksheet from Interactive Meteorology for Students and Teachers!


____________________________________________________________________10. Outdoor lessons and activities Joniškis “Aušros“ gymnasium, Joniškis, LT Worksheet No. 1. Identify whether the following statements relate to weather (W) or climate (C). ______ 1. The sky is partly cloudy this morning in Yellowknife, NT. ______ 2. Halifax, NS, gets more snow than Eureka, NU. ______ 3. Freezing rain overnight made travel so hazardous that schools in Prince Edward Island were closed for the day. ______ 4. A tornado was reported near Argyle, NB, on the July long weekend. ______ 5. It rained every single day while we were at the Calgary Stampede. ______ 6. In Quebec City, we always have snow for Christmas. ______ 7. It was so hot in Toronto yesterday that many types of labour had to be restricted and some businesses closed early. ______ 8. Timmins, Ontario, has such cold winters that some automobile companies test their vehicles there. ______ 9. Schools in rural Manitoba have a better chance of having a "snow day" than schools in Vancouver, BC. ______ 10. St. John's, NF, is on Canada's east coast on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean and has almost four times as many foggy days as Regina, SK. Answers: 1-W 2-C 3-W 4-W 5-W 6-C 7-W 8-C 9-C 10-C Worksheet No. 2. Indicate whether the following statements are True (T) or False (F). 1. _______ The term jet stream refers to a warm ocean current in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the east coast of North America. 2. _______ A front is the transition zone between two different air masses. 3. _______ Radar uses microwave energy to detect precipitation. 4. _______ A stratocumulus cloud has an anvil-shaped top. 5. _______ If the grass is wet with dew in the morning, then skies were probably clear overnight. 6. _______ Fog only forms when the relative humidity is high. 7. _______ Seasons are caused by the earth rotating on its axis. 8. _______ Clouds can be made of water droplets, ice crystals, or both at the same time. 9. _______ Temperatures are normally warmer five kilometres above the Earth than they are at the Earth's surface. 10. _______ Air moves from areas of higher pressure toward areas of lower pressure, creating wind. 11. _______ Lightning is only dangerous to people holding metal objects. 12. _______ Earth's atmosphere receives its heat directly from the sun. 13. _______ Air masses can pick up moisture as they move over large bodies of water, which can be deposited in the form of precipitation when they move onshore again. 14. _______ In Lithuania, weather systems move predominantly from west to east. 15. _______ Both Humidex and the UV Index were developed in Canada. Answers: 1-F 2-T 3-T 4-F 5-T 6-T 7-F 8-T 9-F 10-T 11-F 12-F 13-T 14-T 15-T


“Our landscape. Our home. Our school.” _____________________________________________________________ Erasmus+ project

Worksheet No 3. Match each weather element with the name of the instrument used to measure it or detect its presence. In some cases, there may be more than one correct answer. Then, from the selection at the bottom, choose the correct unit of measurement.

Answers: Relative humidity: hygrometer or sling psychrometer; percentage Cloud height: ceilometer; metres Precipitation: tipping bucket rain gauge; millimetres Wind speed: anemometer; kilometres per hour Temperature: thermister or thermometer; degrees Celsius Air pressure: barometer; kilopascals


____________________________________________________________________10. Outdoor lessons and activities Joniškis “Aušros“ gymnasium, Joniškis, LT Worksheet 4 In the table below insert the correct word under the appropriate type of pressure system.

Answers: High Low Increase decrease Clockwise counter-clockwise Out from in toward Descending rising Clear cloudy Fair stormy



Weather and climate instruments used to measure weather elements

“Our landscape. Our home. Our school.” _____________________________________________________________ Erasmus+ project Weather and climate instruments...

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