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1. Leisure time Hobbies and Interests (Volný čas – koníčky, záliby)


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2. Hobbies and interests Introduction Hobbies for children Hobbies for young people Men’s hobbies Women’s hobbies Hobbies for old people Sports as a hobby My hobbies 3. What do people like doing in their free time? Examples of answers: A lot of people like doing their hobbies in free time. Everyone likes doing something different. There are hobbies for everybody. Someone likes sports, someone likes relaxing activity or some other type of hobby. People cannot just work or study but they also need some time to relax and have fun. In their free time they are interested in various hobbies. 4. Can you name any hobbies for children? Examples of answers: Children´s hobbies are playing in the playfield, children games and games with animals. Children like playing with toys – little cars or dolls, watching fairy tales or playing computer games. Children like collecting things – stamps, postcards, car or plane models or posters. They also like watching television. 5. What are hobbies young people like to do? Examples of answers: Young people have many hobbies. Boys play football, basketball and tennis. Girls like playing volleyball, riding a horse and roller skating. There are a lot of hobbies practised by young people. They like parting, dancing, chatting with friends, going out. Hobbies for young people are listening to music, watching films, playing computer games. They also like hanging out with their friends. 6. Can you name a few typical hobbies for men or for women? Examples of answers: Typical hobbies for men are sports, cars and motorbikes. Many men like fishing or watching sport on TV. Typical hobbies for women are growing flowers and shopping. Men prefer active hobbies, they like riding a bike, repairing their car or house. Most women and girls like sewing or knitting. Women also like reading books and magazines. 7. What types of hobbies are preferred by old people? Examples of answers: Old people like going for walks or mushrooming, they go to the theatre or cinema. In winter they read newspapers or books, watch TV and solve crosswords. Hobbies for old people are watching television, taking care about their grandchildren, reading books and solving crosswords. Many old people like reading books and travelling. 8. What do you think about sports as a hobby? Examples of answers: Sports and games are very popular leisuretime activities. In spring and summer people can go swimming, riding a bike and running. In winter they like skiing, sledging, skating. There are many sports and games people can do in their free time. They can go to sports clubs an play football, tennis, golf, basketball. Women like aerobics, dancing or zumba. 9. What were your hobbies when you were a child? Your own answers, for example: When I was a child, I


Volný čas – koníčky, záliby download - Vdocuments

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