Tutorial: Adding Alt Text to Images in Microsoft PowerPoint


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Adding Alt Text to Images in Microsoft PowerPoint

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(The following instructions apply to PowerPoint 2010 presentations saved in the .pptx file format. Note that PowerPoint changes behavior when editing documents saved in the older .ppt format—see PowerPoint 2003 below.)

To add an alternative text description to an image, follow these steps: 1. Select the image (either click on the image or use the keyboard). 2. Open the context menu using one of the following methods: a. Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac) on the image. b. Press the Context Key (Windows) while the image is selected. c. Press Shift+F10 (Windows) while the image is selected. 3. Choose “Format Picture...” from the context menu (Figure 1). 4. Choose “Alt Text” from the left pane of the dialog box (Figure 2-a), and describe the image in the Description box (Figure 2-b). See “How to Describe an Image” in this tutorial.

Figure 1: Accessing alt Text in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 To add alternative text to an image, choose Format Picture... from the context menu.

Figure 2: Adding/changing alt text in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Select “Alt Text” from the left-hand pane (a), and enter a meaningful description of the image in the “Description” box on the right (b).

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Tutorial: Adding Alt Text to Images in Microsoft PowerPoint

From the ACCESS Project at Colorado State University... TUTORIAL: Adding Alt Text to Images in Microsoft PowerPoint (Page 2 of 8) ADDING ALTERNA...

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