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Traffic Engineering Services Request For Proposal Iowa Department of Transportation

Introduction The Iowa Department of Transportation’s Office of Traffic and Safety (Iowa DOT) is interested in entering into a professional services contract with up to three consulting firms to provide traffic engineering services for work on traffic engineering projects statewide and provide traffic engineering studies statewide. If your firm is interested in providing the described services, please submit a proposal stating your ability and availability to complete this work. Project Background The Iowa DOT has a need to hire up to three on-call consultants to provide expertise the Iowa DOT can’t because of time and resource constraints. The consultants will be a providing traffic engineering services statewide. Project Scope Tasks will be assigned on a case-by-case basis, depending on the consultant’s experience, expertise, and availability. The consultants selected on this RFP will assist the Iowa DOT in a range of traffic engineering tasks. A list of the potential needs and associated tasks is included below. It is anticipated additional tasks may be included as needs dictate.      

Adaptive Signal Control Technology to include the systems engineering plan, concept of operations, and requirements and verification plan. Traffic Engineering Studies – i.e. speed study data collection, traffic signal warrant analysis including traffic counts, intersection traffic control studies, etc. Traffic Engineering Plan Development Traffic Impact Studies/Letters Update policies/manuals as needed Other traffic engineering work

Contract Information On-call professional services contracts will be established between the Iowa DOT and the selected consultants for a period of one (1) year. Contracts will have the option to review for up to an additional five years. The anticipated starting date of the contracts is January 2015. For

planning purposes, the Iowa DOT is estimating $600,000 per year spread among the three consultants. The actual amount of this agreement may vary depending on the need for services and available budget. The Iowa DOT will not guarantee the number of consultants selected, the amount of work, nor the contract value. The base contract will define the general terms and actual work will be defined by work orders. It is anticipated that the payment method will be cost plus fixed fee. As tasks are identified, they may be either assigned directly to a single consultant, or the Iowa DOT may request a taskspecific proposal from more than one of the contracted consultants. In either case, the consultants will need to prepare a proposed scope of work and, if selected, a budget for approval by the Iowa DOT.

General Requirements The consultant and their subconsultants are required to be prequalified as defined in the Iowa DOT’s Policy and Procedure Manual, Policy No. 300.04, for the duration of the contract. Work under this contract will require prequalification in work category Traffic Operations Studies (236), Traffic Operations Design (218), and Traffic Control Systems Analysis, Design, and Implementtion (235) . Failure to remain prequalified during the contract will result in cancellation of any remaining portion of the contract. Details regarding prequalification are available at the Consultant Utilization webpage, It is the policy of the Iowa DOT that Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) and Targeted Small Businesses (TSBs) shall have the maximum practicable opportunity to participate in the performance of Iowa DOT contracts. Funding of the work under this contract is not expected to involve federal-aid highway funds. Although a DBE/TSB goal is not established, the Iowa DOT still encourages the spirit of the program to be incorporated in the proposed contract whenever possible. A list of certified DBE firms may be found at A list of TSB firms may be found at

Selection Information Emphasis should be placed upon providing information concerning your proposed project approach, similar projects your firm has recently performed and the availability and qualifications of your key staff. The proposal may include additional information, as deemed appropriate, subject to the overall length restriction established in Proposal Requirements. The selection committee will review and evaluate the proposals submitted based on the following criteria and the weighted value assigned to each. Include a detailed statement for each evaluation criteria. 30% Staffing Expertise

20% Project Manager 20% Past Performance on Similar Projects 20% Understanding of project scope and familiarity with local/regional issues 10% Commitment Resources

The selection committee does not anticipate the need for oral interviews. Contacting any selection team member other than the RFP contact person is inappropriate. Proposal Requirements Please provide the following information in the order listed: 1. Include your firm’s approach to addressing the identified tasks, your understanding of the project’s scope, key issues and relevancy to Iowa’s transportation system. Briefly discuss similar projects the members on your team have completed in the past five years. This listing should be limited to the three most applicable projects. 2. Include the name, qualifications, experience, office address and availability of the contract manager as well as the manager in charge of each major work task. This information should include the identification of similar projects managed or participated in by this individual. The selection of a contract manager and work task managers by a firm will constitute a commitment by that firm and NO substitute managers will be allowed without prior written approval by the Iowa DOT. 3. Include experience and qualifications for any sub-consultants to be used and work they will perform. 4. Include a detailed resume, summary of current workload and a time commitment for each professional or technical person to be assigned to the project. Identify the principal or manager who will serve as the project manager. 5. A project schedule outlining the timeline and estimated completion date of each major task identified in your scope of work. This should include a schedule with a description of all deliverable products throughout the period. A graphical representation of the proposed schedule should be included. 6. The location of the office where the majority of work will be performed. 7. A disclosure of all work for other clients that may be affected by work on the proposed contract to avoid a potential conflict of interest. 8. Include a statement that the consultant will meet the DBE goal. If the consultant can not meet the minimum goal, include a commitment statement for the percentage of participation that they can meet. The proposal may include additional information, as deemed appropriate, subject to the overall length restriction established in Proposal Requirements.

Cost information should not be submitted as part of the proposal. The proposal must be submitted as a single electronic PDF and be formatted to print on 8.5” x 11” pages. The proposal must be limited to 25 single-sided pages. All pages will be counted including: proposal covers, cover letter, dividers, etc. The maximum size limit of a proposal is 7 megabytes. On the cover page of the proposal, please include title of the RFP for which the proposal is submitted and the email address of the person who should receive the results of the selection. Inclusion of promotional literature of a general nature will not be considered in the selection process. The electronic proposal must be submitted via email to [email protected] An email will be sent confirming receipt of the proposal within 30 minutes or by 1:00 p.m. on the submittal deadline date, whichever is later. For a firm to be considered, their proposal must be received by 3:00 pm on Wednesday November 19, 2014. Any technical questions or questions regarding this RFP shall be submitted via email to [email protected] Any questions about this RFP must be received by noon on November 12, 2014. Questions and answers regarding this RFP will be posted with the RFP on the Consultant Utilization website, us. Any proposal not complying with all requirements stated in the RFP may not be accepted. Public Records Law The Iowa DOT will treat all information submitted by a consultant as open records following the conclusion of the selection process. Open records are public records that are open for public examination and copying. The Iowa DOT's release of records is governed by Iowa Code Chapter 22 and 761 IAC Chapter 4. Consultants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these laws before submitting a proposal. Statement of Non-Discrimination The selection and contract are subject to the provisions of Executive Order 11246 (Affirmative Action to Insure Equal Employment Opportunity). Federal and state laws prohibit employment and/or public accommodation discrimination on the basis of age, color, creed, disability, gender identity, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or veteran’s status. If you believe you have been discriminated against, please contact the Iowa Civil Rights Commission at 800-457-4416 or Iowa Department of Transportation's affirmative action officer at 515-239-1693. If you need accommodations because of a disability to access the Iowa Department of Transportation’s services, contact the agency's affirmative action officer at 800-262-0003.


Traffic Engineering Services - Iowa DOT Consultant Utilization

Traffic Engineering Services Request For Proposal Iowa Department of Transportation Introduction The Iowa Department of Transportation’s Office of Tr...

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