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November 2011

NEW MEMBERs Welcome to Lou Ann Othmer from McCain Foods USA, Inc. and Dulcy Smith from Stoughton Trailers who have recently joined BHRA! In addition, BHRA would like to welcome back Terri Burdick from Blackhawk Bank!


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“A Different Type of Social Media Policy” - George Blomgren, MRA  December 13, 2011  HHFFRRRGGH, Janesville  7:30 am  Approved for one general certification credit.

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LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT Hello BHRA Members, Happy November!! It was great to see so many of you at the WI State SHRM Conference in Madison a few weeks ago. It was an excellent conference with wonderful opportunities to learn and network with our peers throughout the state. Thank you to BHRA member Lisa Henke for co-chairing the event! Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. Thanksgiving is the only national holiday that is for celebrating an attitude of gratitude. As I think about this I would like to dedicate this month’s message to thanking all the BHRA Board for their unselfish giving each and every month. Each board member donates multiple hours each month to leading our SHRM chapter. They bring ideas to our board meetings and weave them into our chapter’s overall strategy. They help organize our monthly meetings, create the newsletter and social media, work with outside agencies to collaborate our efforts to grow the HR profession and handle the chapter’s finances. Thank you to Colleen Koerth, Jessica Zimbelman, Heather McLean, Andrea Gordon, Kim Woletz, Kim Fagan, Marsha Bingham, Chad Mayfield, and Traci Scherck. When you get a chance to see any of these great volunteers, please thank them for their efforts. Also a huge thank you to our many volunteers who help our chapter in various ways. The Blackhawk Tech Student Chapter assists at registration for monthly meetings and to the many volunteers who help at mock interviews and other workforce readiness events. Thank you for showing interest in our profession and generously giving your time, being actively engaged and sharing your wisdom. Let us remember that, as much has been given us, much will be expected from us, and that true homage comes from the heart as well as from the lips, and shows itself in deeds. ~Theodore Roosevelt As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. --John Fitzgerald Kennedy Best wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Sincerely, Thelma Busker, PHR BHRA President

Blackhawk Human Resources Association Serving HR professionals, Advancing the HR profession.

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Are you interested in a great volunteer opportunity? Are you interested in networking and making lasting relationships with other great HR professionals? Are you interested in helping to generate revenue for your local chapter? Volunteering as a committee member for the annual WI SHRM State Conference is a great way to accomplish all three of those things. A successful conference takes a rockin' team behind the scenes to make sure all the details come out just right for all participants involved. We need to put together another great conference committee to ensure that the 26th Annual SHRM State Conference in 2012 is a success. Next year we are at the Kalahari again with two awesome co-chairs -- Jane Blake and Jody Kohl. Please consider applying or nominating someone by November 11th to join the team next year. For more information on the position descriptions, please follow this link: To nominate someone, please follow this link: To apply yourself, please follow this link: Blackhawk Human Resources Association Serving HR professionals, Advancing the HR profession.

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Legal Update Provided by Bob Gregg LEGISLATIVE AND ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION EEOC's mediation program has 70% success rate. The EEOC expanded its mediation efforts to more quickly address complaints, rather than have them stack up in the very slow investigation/decision process. Mediation is voluntary, so only those cases in which the parties consent go into the process. Since the expanded effort started, over 136,000 charges of discrimination have been mediated, and 70% have been successfully resolved without further litigation. A number of employers, including several Fortune 500 corporations have signed agreements consenting to mediation of any and all complaints filed with the EEOC. In September 2011, Cracker Barrel became the most recent national employer to opt-in to automatic mediation. Wisconsin legislature proposes eliminating conviction record discrimination protection and eliminate local government ordinances. The Wisconsin Fair Employment Act currently prohibits job discrimination against those with conviction records unless the crime was "substantially related" to the job or the work environment. Assembly Bill 286 would remove that protection and allow employers to fire or not hire anyone convicted of a felony, without any assessment of relatedness to the work. Further, AB 286 would prohibit local governments from enacting their own anti-discrimination rules on conviction status and would void those which currently exist. The legislature believes that the state should set uniform standards, rather than allow local governments to exercise discretion or consider local needs. [This is an interesting approach, given that the same legislature is also stating that the state should not be in the business of dictating uniform standards on items such as sex education and that local boards should be entrusted to decide what is best for the locality.] Sex Tyson agrees to $2.25 million settlement of hiring discrimination case. Tyson Fresh Meats has agreed to settle a class action alleging sex discrimination in hiring in its Midwest plants. The case was brought by the OFCCP, which found a significant disparity in the percentage of female applicants hired versus male applicants with similar qualifications. In addition to the monetary amount, Tyson will actively monitor its hiring process and develop an action plan to address the hiring disparity. To read the rest of Bob Gregg’s Legal Update, go to

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DIVERSITY CORNER Designing a Diversity Strategy SHRM White Paper by Peter Bye titled "Realizing full potential of Diversity and Inclusion as a Core Business Strategy."

The following is an outline of a practical process to design a diversity and inclusion strategy that implements systemic culture change and focuses on helping to achieve key business objectives. 1. Identify and include all relevant stakeholders. Identify the key individuals, functions and other internal or external entities that have an interest in your organizations diversity and inclusion strategy. Examples include: Board of Directors, management, employees, charitable foundations, future employees, suppliers, unions, media, etc. 2. Start from and stay aligned with business purpose and the senior executive The senior executive team has a central role in achieving the objectives of any diversity and inclusion strategy. Members of the senior team must be fully committed to the strategy, focus on its business relevance and importance, and be effective role models who help achieve the needed results and hold people in their organization accountable for making progress. 3. Analyze and then move When the key business objectives and needs motivating the strategy have been established, it is appropriate to analyze the current situation as it relates to the identified themes and trends. This may be done using surveys, interviews or focus groups with select groups within the organization. When working with groups to gain information, it is important to manage their expectations and clearly communicate the process. 4. Design a focused, phased strategy and action plan matched to the organization The strategy and action plan should be matched to the company’s key business goals. Focus on workforce and work environment changes that have been identified as important to meeting these goals. The strategy should take into account the leaderships and overall organizations readiness to accept true culture change. The further advanced is the intercultural competence of the leadership and the organization, the more ready they should be for meaningful culture change. If the leadership or the organization still have a fairly ethnocentric experience of cultural difference, it may be necessary to start by building awareness and helping people develop beyond a polarizing view of cultural difference. 5. Design accountability for progress and results Establishing clear accountability requires a linkage back to individuals pay and or performance reviews. Having conversations with staff so that they are clear (a) about what is being asked of them; (b) that they said it was important to their own business results; and (c) how results are being measured. Design scorecards for the organization and each business unit that clearly show the initiative, the objectives, metrics, owner and progress/ status.

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DIVERSITY CORNER (cont) 6. Treat communication as an integral part of the strategic plan Communication must be an integral part of the strategy. Each stakeholder identified as important during the initial planning must be considered in the communication plan. Design messages for each stakeholder to inform, educate, engage or empower as appropriate. Ongoing communication with each stakeholder helps ensure proper awareness of the organizations continued work on diversity and inclusion. This can also help manage expectations of the timeframe in which people can expect visible actions and results. When developing a diversity and inclusion strategy it is important to remember to keep everything simple: the business case, the strategy and initiatives, the metrics and scorecards, and the requests made of people.

Dates Extended! Support the SHRM Foundation and enter to win a SHRM Learning System®! Make an online donation, of $50 or more by November 11, and submit a maximum of 20 words as to why the SHRM Foundation is important to the HR profession and be entered to win a SHRM Learning System®. The SHRM Foundation will choose the best entry to win the Learning System. Enter to win today. To be eligible to win, donations must be made online, and a statement of twenty words or less needs to be submitted in the “additional comments” section of the online donation form. The entrant with the best statement, as chosen by the SHRM Foundation, will win the Learning System. Chapters and State Councils: Enter to win and you can host a test prep course for the December/ January testing window. The winner will be announced on our website on November 14. Your financial support helps us to fund research grants that advance the knowledge base of the HR profession, scholarships to individuals pursuing college degrees or professional certification, and educational reports that make research findings and best practices more accessible to HR practitioners. Click here to support the SHRM Foundation and be entered to win a SHRM LEARNING SYSTEM®! The SHRM Learning System® is a training program that further develops your HR knowledge and assists you in preparing for the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) or Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification exams.

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2011 - 2012 BHRA Board Members: President Thelma Busker, PHR (608) 362-6896 [email protected]

Professional Development Director Marsha Bingham, PHR (608) 361-4512 [email protected]

President Elect Jessica Zimbelman (608) 373-8901 [email protected] Past President / SHRM Foundation/Legislative Colleen Koerth (608) 743-4421 [email protected] Treasurer Heather McLean, PHR (608) 363-2628 [email protected]

Meeting & Reservations Director Kim Fagan (608) 364-8264 [email protected] Membership/Member Relations Director Kim Woletz, PHR (608) 756-4930 [email protected] Diversity/Workforce Readiness Director Traci Scherck (608) 755-2470 [email protected]

Secretary / Newsletter Andrea Gordon (608) 362-0688 [email protected] Website / Social Media Director Chad Mayfield, PHR (608) 290-3733 [email protected]

CHANGES IN YOUR CAREER Have you started with a new company? Has your organization recently promoted you to a new position? Do you want to recognize a new person or promotion within your department? If so, we want to hear about it. Send us an e-mail, and we’ll publish your good news in the next SOURCE!   

Blackhawk Human Resources Association Serving HR professionals, Advancing the HR profession.

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HR CERTIFICATION For many of you, this is the time of year your children are preparing for and heading back to school! It’s a great time for you to start thinking about your career and whether or not HR Certification is for you. Why not re-invest in yourself? Registration is open now for PHR, SPHR, and GPHR certifications. Registration runs through November 11th for late registration. The exams are available from December 1st through January 31st for PHR and SPHR. The GPHR exam is December only. Prices for current SHRM Members are:

Prices for non-SHRM Members are:













Go to to register or if you have any questions at all, call Marsha Bingham at 608-3614512. You can e-mail her as well at [email protected]

Other Resources: Wisconsin SHRM National SHRM HR Certification Institute

Blackhawk Human Resources Association Serving HR professionals, Advancing the HR profession.


The Source - Blackhawk Human Resource Association - SHRM

The Source Southern Wisconsin - Northern Illinois SHRM Chapter 71 November 2011 NEW MEMBERs Welcome to Lou Ann Othmer from McCain Foods USA, Inc. an...

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