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Table of Contents Technology Coordinator Instructions.....................3 Technology Components.........................................4 State Resources........................................................5 One-Stop Planner......................................................6 Exam View Test Generator.......................................9 Mind Point Quiz Show............................................14 Holt Online Product Registration..........................15 Novel Wise and Writers’ Lives...............................17 Holt Online Assessment.........................................18 Online Essay Scoring.............................................21 Calendar Planner.....................................................23 Holt Puzzle Pro........................................................25 Virtual File Cabinet..................................................26

Dear Technology Coordinator, Thank you in advance for your technical assistance with the upcoming technology inservice training. We will be working with the Elements of Literature One-Stop Planner®, which consists of two CD-ROMs containing all of the teacher resource materials for the program. The CD contains the installation software for the ExamView® Test Generator program, Holt Calendar Planner, and Holt PuzzlePro®. For your convenience the CD also includes a version of Adobe Acrobat Reader®, but you may wish to use a newer version that can be found on Adobe’s web site. For this training, teachers will need to be able to view the CD-ROM to see the .pdf files of the print ancillaries and access the test generator and the banks that ExamView will load at installation. All software included is designed to be compatible on both Macintosh® and Windows® platforms. Teachers and students will also need access to our educational web site,, where they can access literary links, author biographical information, projects and activities, and interactive writing and vocabulary activities. We will also be registering teachers for online privileges on the Holt Online Learning web site. Registering will allow teachers to set up classes that will assign user names and passwords to their students. Students then may access the online textbooks and Holt Online Assessment. These resources are hosted on our web site; therefore, all you will need is Internet access to the site In order for students to view the online books and use interactive lessons, the following plug-ins should be available to the browser: Flash 6.1+, Shockwave 8.5.1+, Quicktime 5+, Adobe Acrobat Reader. Should you need assistance with any aspect of installing the software, please contact Technical Support at 800.323.9239. They are available Monday through Friday from 6:00 am to 12:00 am (EST) and on Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (EST).

Thank you,

Th e H ol t, Ri ne ha rt an d W in st on Ed uc at io na l Co ns ul ta nt Te am 3 HOLT Language Arts Technical Support 800.323.9239


Technology Components

4 3



Connection to Core Content

Audio CDs

Audio CDs of most of the selections

Dramatic readings by professional actors of most of the reading selections; key selections read in Spanish; and summaries for most selections in Spanish.

Holt Calendar Planner

Curriculum mapping tool

Calendar making tool linked to print ancillaries and lesson plans. Automatic pacing suggestions based on field testing. Fully editable so that teachers may adjust lesson pacing as needed. Note: Install this from the State Resources folder on One Stop Planner® CD.

Fine Arts Transparencies


Classic and contemporary art that complements literary selections and helps students to make cross-curricular connections.

Holt Interactive Spelling CD-ROM (Grades 6-8)

Student tutorial for spelling strategies

Game-like practice and review activities for grades 6-8; full audio support for instruction; lessons progress so that students practice spelling in context of proofreading to assure relevance to the writing process.

One-Stop Planner® CD-ROM

CD with core resources, lesson plans, test generator, calendar tool, and puzzle maker

Digital copies of all print ancillaries, links to online resources on, links to test generator banks, calendar planner, and puzzle maker. ExamView® Test Generator tool contains all test items in editable banks and is capable of uploading tests to HRW web site. Question banks are correlated to core content objectives and state standards.

Holt Online Assessment

Online record keeping system for students’ work and teachers’ assignments

A tool for monitoring student progress through student mastery and recording and analyzing scores. Keeps records of student scores on diagnostic and summative tests; keeps records of student notebook entries; allows teachers to post ExamView® generated tests.

Premier Online Edition

Online digital version of print Student Edition

Online Student Edition with interactive features such as a student notebook, audio and video links, and author links.

Holt Online Essay Scoring

Online writing practice

System that automatically scores student essays on-line.

PowerNotes™ CD-ROM

PowerPoint® presentations

Fully editable PowerPoint® presentations illustrate warm-ups, additional examples, and quizzes.


Vocabulary activities

Puzzle making tool with links to grade level vocabulary banks. Editable. Note: Install this from the “Installers” folder on One Stop Planner® CD.

Visual Connections DVD


Short video clips of author biographies, interviews, historical summaries and cross-curricular connections.

Monitored internet site

Author biographies; literary elements information; interactive writers’ models; interactive vocabulary-building activities; crosscurricular projects connected to the literature; video clips from historical speeches; research/media literacy activities.

Corporate Internet site

Contains product catalogs and additional teacher information.

State-Specific Resources Downloading Lesson Plans with State Objectives Before downloading, create a folder in the location where you save your lesson plans—a location where you will know where you put it (for example, in My Documents, create a file called Lesson Plans).

1. From your One-Stop Planner®, click the gold State-Specific button on the opening screen.

2. From the map, click on your state.

3. From the Lesson Plan menu, choose either Macintosh or Windows.

4. Choose Save and select the folder you have just created. Click Save again. After the .zip file has downloaded, click Open Folder. You will have a zipped folder called Lesson (or one similar to the title pictured).

5. At this step, operating systems differ. For Windows XP, right-click and choose WinZip, Extract from the drop-down menu. For Macintosh instructions, refer to your help menu or call Technical Support to assist you if you do not know how to extract a zipped file.

6. A new file folder has been created (i.e.: EOLit07 First Course LPs). This folder contains subfolders with new .pdf and editable Work, Works, and Claris lesson plans. These lesson plans have the state objectives in them. They are NOT connected to the editable lesson plans from the One-Stop Planner®, however. If you want to use these after previewing from the One-Stop Planner®, you will need to manually open the individual lesson plan.

Downloading EXAMVIEW® with State Objectives

1. From the ExamView Downloads, choose either Macintosh or Windows.

2. Choose Open. This could take some time. You may also choose to Save and then open the file later.

3. After the .zip file has downloaded, you will have three files.

4. Choose Setup.exe.

This will install a new version of ExamView® with your state objectives. You will find the state objectives on the answer key of the tests you create.

**Download other state correlated programs from this site.



One-Stop Planner Guide One-Stop Planner® CD-ROM teaching resources + Printable student worksheets and tests; teaching transparencies + Editable lesson plans with links to collection resources + Test Generator with ExamView® Software + Answer Keys + A direct launch to internet sites that contain valuable teaching and learning resources, including and state-specific sites.

+ Holt PuzzlePro® puzzle maker + Holt Calendar Planner with preset pacing guides

Note: The collection resources are divided up between two CDs. Each CD has the installation package available.

Instructions for the installer disc 1. After inserting CD into CD drive, the disc should automatically open. If it does not, you will need to open “My Computer” and then double-click to open the EOLit disc. Open the folder “Installers” from either the “List” or “Icon” view.

“List View”

“Icon View”

2. There are five programs you will need to install: ExamView®, Holt Calendar Planner, PuzzlePro®, Quick Time, and Adobe Reader.

6 HOLT Language Arts Technical Support 800.323.9239


One-Stop Planner Guide Instructions for using the One-Stop Planner® CD-ROM 1. After installing all of the programs that you need, access the one-stop planner teacher resources by double-clicking “One-Stop.pdf” in the “list” or “icon” view:

“List View”

“Icon View”

2. After you open the “One-Stop.pdf” file, click on the “Go to One-Stop Planner” button.

3. Notice that you will be able to access the first half of the collections on the first disc, and the second half on the second disc. Use single clicks to open resources from this point on.

7 5

One-Stop Planner Guide 4. When you open a collection, note that there will be more than one window for each collection.

At the collection level, you can access, with a single click, the literary and informational selections and all of the collection resources such as the collection diagnostic and summative tests, the literary elements lesson, writing, listening and speaking workshops resources, collection review resources and advanced student resources, as well as miscellaneous collection resources such as daily language activities, Holt Reader and grammar worksheets.

5. After you open a collection, select and single click on a selection. At the selection level, you will find editable lesson plans, adapted readings, graphic organizers, vocabulary worksheets, media support, ready-to-print tests and the test generator.

Note: In order to use state-specific resources, follow the instructions on the next page.

8 HOLT Language Arts Technical Support 800.323.9239


ExamView Test Generator ®

The Exam View® Test Generator lets you quickly create paper, Internet, and online (LAN -based) tests. You can enter your own questions and customize the appearance of the tests you create. Here are some of its features: + A “wizard” to guide you through the steps to create a test in less than five minutes

+ Five ways of selecting test questions from the Holt test banks or ones you create: • From a list • Random selection • By criteria (difficulty code, objective, etc. --if available) • While viewing questions • All questions

+ Edit questions or add an unlimited number of questions with 13 question types to choose from (multiple choice, etc.)

+ Change the order of questions, scramble the choices in multiple choice questions

+ Print multiple versions of the same test with corresponding answer keys

+ Format the test to match a pre-defined format, such as a particular state test layout, with a single click

+ Numerous test layout and printing options: e.g., specify the layout of a test to conserve paper

+ Modify tests for students with IEPs

+ Organize matching questions in a one or two-column format

+ Print an answer key strip and/or bubble sheet for easier test grading

+ Print a test with or without space for students to record their answers

+ Print a comprehensive answer sheet annotated with text objectives and state standards

+ Online (Internet-based) testing

+ Create a test that students can take on the Internet using a web browser

+ Publish tests directly to the Holt Testing Server

9 HOLT Language Arts Technical Support 800.323.9239


Test Builder Basics If you want ExamView® to choose questions randomly from one or more question banks, choose the QuickTest Wizard command to create a new test. Then, follow the step-by-step instructions to:

1. Enter a test title.

2. Choose the question bank(s) from which to select questions.

3. Identify how many questions you want on the test. The QuickTest Wizard will automatically create a new test and display it on the screen. You can then print the test as-is, remove questions, add new questions, or edit any questions.

Using the QuickTest Wizard 1. Click or choose QuickTest Wizard from the File menu. If you just started the program or switched to the test builder, you can choose Create a New Test using the QuickTest Wizard from the Startup menu.

2. Enter the test title and click the Next button.

3. Double-click a folder (if necessary) to display a list of question banks.

4. Choose the question bank(s) from which you want to select questions.

5. Click the Folder button to identify the location of the files if no question banks appear in the list. If you assigned a password to the question bank, you will be prompted to enter the password before you can continue. 6. Identify how many questions of each type you want on the test. If prompted, enter the number of matching groups you want the wizard to use when it selects the matching questions you requested.

7. Review the test summary and then click Finish to complete the process.

8. When you click the Finish button, ExamView® selects the questions based on your responses and displays them in the test document window.

After the program displays the test, you can edit existing questions, create new questions, select additional questions, customize the appearance of the test, save your work, or print the test. To default the number of multiple choice selections after the test is created, hold the CTRL key and press the J key on the keyboard. Place a mark in the box next to Change the Number of Multiple Choice Items and select a number.

10 15

Creating Your Own New Test

1. Choose the option to Create a New Test on the startup screen.

2. Enter a test title and then identify how you would like to choose questions from the Select menu. You may add questions to the test by using one or more of the question selection options: Randomly, From a List, While Viewing, By Criteria, By Standard, or All Questions.

3. Choose your method, and a window will appear for you to choose the question bank(s) from which you want to select questions. You may select questions.

4. For example, if you choose While Viewing, the banks you selected will appear in the top window. You can view all the questions in the bank and place a check mark in the box to the left of each test item you want to include in your test.

5. When you’ve finished, click on the Finish button at the bottom of the screen to load the questions into your test.

Customizing Your Test After you create a test, you can customize the appearance of the test by changing the order of the questions, editing test instructions, specifying the font and style for selected test elements, and choosing whether to leave space for students to write their answers directly on the test. The changes you make to the questions will not change the original question bank. Your changes are made only to the copy of the questions on the test you just created.

11 HOLT Language Arts Technical Support 800.323.9239


Editing a Test Question

1. Highlight the question to edit in the test window.

2. Click the Edit button located at the bottom of the test window or double-click the question to display an editing window. 3. You can now edit the question, change the answer, update the narrative, insert a graph or equation, or modify the question information (objectives, difficulty code, reference, topic, or notes). See the Entering/Editing Questions help topic for more detailed instructions. 4. Click the Record button to accept the changes you made to the question. The program applies the changes only to the copy on the test. The original question in the question bank is not updated. Tip: Use the Question Bank Editor to permanently change a question or to add a new question for use on other tests.

Deleting a Test Question

1. Highlight the question to delete.

2. Click the Delete button located at the bottom of the test window.

3. Confirm that you want to remove the question from the test.

Important: Removing a question you selected from a question bank does not affect the original question. However, the program will permanently delete any new question you may have created and/or a question you have edited. Tip: Use the Clear Selections command to quickly delete all questions or to remove questions you selected from a particular question bank. To remove an entire question type, select the desired type and click the Delete button.

Creating a New Test Question ExamView® adds the new question to the current test only.

1. Click the New button located at the bottom of the test window or press CTRL+N .

2. If prompted, specify the type of question to create.

3. Enter the new question, answer, and information (optional). See the Entering/Editing Questions help topic for more help.

12 17

4. Record the new question.

Reordering Test Questions

1. Choose Reorder from the Question menu.

2. Click and drag an individual question, a question type group, or a narrative group to the new location in the list. You can also press CTRL+UP ARROW/DOWN ARROW to move the highlighted question.

Rules: + You can move a question only within the same question type. + To move an entire question type group (e.g., multiple choice), click on the question type and drag it to the desired location. + You can move a group only to certain places in the list. The insertion bar appears as a thick line to indicate where you may move the question group. + Questions attached to a narrative can be moved only within the same narrative group. + A question that is not a part of a narrative group cannot be moved into that group. Likewise, you cannot move a question linked to a narrative outside of the group. + Matching questions can be moved only within the same matching group.

3. Repeat Step 2 for each item you want to move.

4. Click OK to update the current test.

Scrambling Test Questions You can use the Scramble option if you want to randomly arrange the questions on a test. This option permanently changes the question order on a test. 1. Choose Scramble from the Question menu. The Scramble option is different from the Reorder command in that the Reorder command lets you move questions one at a time or in a group. You can also move them exactly where you want the questions to appear. With the Scramble option, the program randomly rearranges the questions. If you prefer, you can automatically generate different versions when you print a test.

2. Choose one or more of the scramble options: Sections, Questions, or Choices.

3. You may assign a new test ID (A -Z) each time you scramble the questions.

4. Click OK to scramble the current test.

When you have finished creating your test, you can print it and/or save it. Choose File>Print to print a test. You may choose how many copies of the test you want, whether you want all the copies to be the same, whether you want to scramble the questions and the multiple choice options. If you scramble the questions, ExamView® will print a custom answer sheet for each variation of the test. An identification letter (A-Z) for each version will appear in the upper righthand corner of your test and answer key. You can change the header under Test from the drop-down menu.

13 HOLT Language Arts Technical Support 800.323.9239


Mind Point Quiz Show

I. Install MindPoint Quiz Show (from a separate CD). II. Copy the Question Bank from ExamView: 1. Go to


and open your C: Drive

2. Scroll down until you find

Double click to open the folder.

3. Double click on Right click on the Holt Literature File you wish to use and then copy the file. (You may want to copy all of the files listed). .

III. Paste the question bank into MindPoint Quiz Show: 1. Hit the 2. Open 3. Open

two (2) times to get to the C: drive list of folders. and scroll down until you find , open

,and then open

. .

4. Right click and paste the question bank into the Question Set.


HOLT Language Arts Technical Support 800.323.9239

Online Product Registration Registering Teachers for Premier Online Editions and Resources To set up a User Name and Password, please do the following:

1. Go to

2. First time users, select Teacher in a US School from the drop down menu. Click Register. Step 2

3. Enter your contact information. Click Register. PLEASE NOTE: You will select your own User Name and Password.

4. Select your school from the drop down menu. If your school is not listed, click Help. If your school is new, it may not be in the system yet. You will have the opportunity to submit a request to have your school added.

5. Enter the ISBN number from the Teacher’s Edition of the first product you would like to register. You will be able to register other programs or texts later. You can find the ISBN located on the back of your Teacher’s Edition. Do not type the dashes.

6. Enter the randomly selected security word as requested. PLEASE NOTE: The word will be from a heading or paragraph from the sections found only in the Teacher’s Edition, not student pages.

Step 5

Step 6

7. Record your user name and password: User name:


______________________________ ______________________________

8. To add programs to your registration, in the space provided in the upper left-hand corner (blue section), simply enter the ISBN of the new text and repeat Step 6.

9. Log in at

Step 8

15 11

Registering Students for Access to Premier Online Editions To set up a User Name and Password for each of your students please do the following:

1. Go to and log in.

2. Click on Add a Class under the Learning Management Center on the right.

3. Type in the required class information for the class you are adding. Click Add. PLEASE NOTE: Don’t forget to check the box next to the textbook(s) associated with the class.

4. Select the One Log In/Password box to determine if the student is already registered. Step 3

5. If you see the name of the student(s) that you would like to add to your class in the My School box on the left, select the student’s name and click Add. To select multiple names, hold the Control key down while selecting. You should see the names appear in the My Class box on the right. If you located all of your students, click Done to save your changes. If you need to add additional students, repeat Step 5.

6. If you do NOT see the name(s) of the student(s) that you would like to add to your class, select the Add New Students button at the bottom of your screen.

7. Choose the number of students you would like to add from the drop down menu. The screen will refresh. This might take a moment. PLEASE NOTE: You can include the No Child Left Behind settings by selecting Add NCLB Settings Now. At the bottom of the screen, you will find the fields to enter the names and NCLB information of your students.

8. Click Add at the bottom of the screen.

9. Your student(s) now have a randomly generated User Name and Password. For a printable version of your class roster, click Printable Version or go to View a Class Roster under the Learning Management Center.

10. Edit, Delete or Add individual students or classes by selecting the appropriate task under the Learning Management Center. The Learning Management Center is always located on the right-hand side of your main subscriptions page.

11. Instruct students to login at

NOTE: Students never register themselves for their online textbooks.

16 HOLT Language Arts Technical Support 800.323.9239


Novel Wise Writers’ Lives Graphic Organizers Novel Wise, Writers’ Lives and interactive Graphic organizers are found on the Teacher’s Online Textbook home page

Novel Wise - online offers additional teaching materials including: activities, assessment materials, and PowerPoint presentations.

Writers’ Lives - online presents new information about favorite authors including what they wrote, why they wrote, and little known facts about their lives. Includes audio and video.

Graphic Organizers - online provides visual resources in pdf.format. Each graphic organizer includes suggested uses and lesson plans for reading, writing, and differentiated instruction. 17

Holt Online Assessment Holt Online Assessment is an online program that allows you to assign online work and content to students via the Internet and view student performance via a variety of reports.

Assigning Assignments or Tests with Holt Online Assessment 1. Log in to your Holt account at You must already be registered with Holt. 2. Under the Learning Management tools on the right side, under Assignments, select Assessment. 3. The main screen of Holt Online Assessment provides tabs to go to access your Assignments, Calendar, Reports, and Preferences. 4. On your first visit, set your preferences by clicking on the Preferences tab. 5. To assign a test or activity, click on Assignments. You will need to select your class and book, choose the category Tests and Quizzes, and click on the Submit button 6. Assessments available will be listed. You may use the links to View or Assign an assessment. 7. Verify the testing options on the pop-up window and then click Submit. Your test has been assigned and is now available for student completion 8. Students log in to their online account and click on the link View Assignments to access the test. 9. After students complete the assignment, you may generate reports using the Reports tab from the main screen of Holt Online Assessment.

Uploading an ExamView® Test You may upload a test in you created in ExamView® for students to take online. The system will automatically score objective questions. You may include open-ended questions; the system will prompt you to score them when students have finished. PLEASE NOTE: The upload feature works best if you are NOT logged in to Holt Online Assessment at the time of uploading a test. For more information, please see page 19 of this document.

18 13

Using ExamView® 5.0 to Publish Tests to the Holt Testing Server 1. Create your test in ExamView® 5.0. Please Note: Computer technology can grade closed-ended items that you include in your tests such as: multiple choice, true/false, yes/no, short-response fill-in-the-blank, and matching. Short answer questions must be graded by the teacher.

2. When you are finished creating your test, choose File>Publish Internet Test.

3. Name or re-name your test, if you wish, in the field labeled Step 1. In the dialogue box’s Step 2, select Publish Test to Holt Testing Server (not ExamView® Testing Server).

Step 2

Step 3

4. Log in. Enter your Holt Online User Name (Instructor ID) and Password and click Next. You will see a progress bar informing you that your user name and password are being validated. You will also see when your test has been successfully uploaded.

Step 4



5. Launch your Holt Online Learning subscription page by entering your Username and Password at or go to and click on Online Textbooks.

Step 5

6. Manage assignments. When your subscription page appears, go to the Assessment link on your Learning Management Center (right column).

7. Associate. The uploaded test will need to be associated with a text. From the main screen of Holt Online Assessment, choose the Assignments tab. Select your class and book, choose the category Unassociated Uploaded Tests, and click on the Submit button. Click on the Associate link, choose the book to which to associate this test, and click Submit.

Step 6

Step 7


8. Assign. Choose the category Teacher Uploaded Tests, and click on the Submit button. Click Assign to assign the test.

9. Configure. Verify the testing options on the pop-up window and then click Submit. Your test has been assigned and is now available for student completion. 10. Inform your students to log in at with their User Names and Passwords. They can navigate to their assignments from their Holt Online Learning Home Page by clicking the View Assignments link under their online program. Finally, students can navigate to their personal performance reports by clicking the Progress Reports link.

Step 9

HOLT Language Arts Technical Support 800.323.9239


Holt Online Essay Scoring Using Holt Online Essay Scoring Congratulations on your purchase of a Holt program with Holt Online Essay Scoring. If teachers have already registered themselves and their class, they may use the following steps to set up Holt Online Essay Scoring.

Student Use

1. Students log in to their online account. They should go to, and then click on the “Holt Online Essay Scoring” link beneath the picture of their book.

2. Students choose a type of writing prompt (persuasive, descriptive, etc.).

3. Students choose a specific prompt from a list.

4. The prompt will appear with a space in which to write. Students may use the links for prewriting and writing tips, revision tips, or interactive graphic organizers.

5. Students click the “Get Your Score” button when finished with the essay.

6. Students receive holistic feedback and analytic feedback. They also have access to writing activities and a writing model.

Step 2

7. When students exit Holt Online Essay Scoring, a separate window launches stating that their essay with feedback has been saved.

Step 5



Teacher Use

1. Log on to your online account the same way as students: go to

2. Select the “View Student Essays” link located beneath the “Holt Online Essay Scoring” link for a given book.

3. Select the class from the pull-down menu.

Step 3

4. Click the link to “View Essays” for a given student.

5. The date of each student essay appears with a corresponding score listed. To see the complete essay and feedback, teachers click the date, which is a hyperlink. Another window will launch and show the essay.

6. Teacher may access a complete list of prompts from the “Teacher Support” link under the “Holt Online Essay Scoring” link below a book.

Need assistance with registration?

Step 5

Technical Support 800.323.9239 22 HOLT Language Arts Technical Support 800.323.9239


Introduction to the

Holt Calendar Planner The Holt Calendar Planner helps you create a customized school-year calendar by using the same lesson plans that appear on the One-Stop Planner® CD-ROM. To set up your calendar, use the buttons at the bottom of the main screen in the order in which they appear: Settings, then Calendar.


1. School Start Date and School End Date - In the fields at the top of the screen, enter the first and last days of your school year in the format (dd/mm/yyyy). Click the Show button to show the school days.

2. Add Holidays - A checklist of common holidays appears on the left side of the screen. Click the check box next to each to add that holiday to your calendar. Below the checklist is a toolbox for designating other “no-class days” on your calendar: Holiday, In-Service/Professional Development, and School Break. The program will assume that you do not teach class on these days and will not assign lessons on the marked days. Click on Clear to return your mouse pointer to white and to stop marking “no-class days.”

3. Cancel, Next, and Help Buttons - CANCEL will open a window that asks you if you are sure you want to close without saving. You can click YES to exit or CANCEL to return to the screen. Next will take you to the second step in setting up your school year. Help opens the file that contains these directions for the program.

4. Set Class Times - This screen allows you to set parameters for the class for which you are creating the present calendar.

• Class Times category - Click one of the radio buttons to indicate the type of schedule for this class: Daily/Traditional - Choose this category if your class meets every day. Alternating Days - Choose this category if your class meets every other day. Custom - Use this category to manually choose the days a class meets by clicking the box next to the days of the week listed. You can choose multiple days from this list.

• For all three types of class time categories, you must also assign a class length by filling in the minutes in the text field to the right.

• If you select Alternating Days, there is an additional text field to enter the Class Start Date. Enter the first day the class will meet.

• Name your Calendar/Class. A text field for assigning a name to your class calendar will appear at the bottom of the screen. (Example: 5th Period Literature Class)

HOLT Language Arts Technical Support 800.323.9239

23 8

Calendar After you have set up a calendar with the school-year dates and class times, use the Calendar screen to fill in the calendar with customized lesson plans by dragging groups of materials or individual items from the Lesson Plan pane to the calendar.

5. Lesson Plan Pane - On the left side of the Calendar screen At the top of the pane is a drop-down menu for Lesson Plans as well as Student and Teacher Resources. Double-click on items to expand or collapse sections of the lesson plans. Resources appear in blue; double click a resource to open the appropriate PDF document. Drag items from the Lesson Plan pane to your calendar.

6. Calendar Pane - On the right side of the screen

• Use the Month/Year drop-down menu at the top of the pane to view a different month within your school year.

• Use the Change View drop-down menu to change the calendar display: 9-, 8-, 6-week, Month, Week, or Day

• When in the Day view, click the Print Resources button to print all of the worksheets and other handouts included in that day’s lesson plan.

• Once items are in your calendar, you can open and collapse sections the same way you do in the Lesson Plan pane. Day view allows maximum viewing area for that day’s lesson plan and resources.

• When in the Month, 6-, 8-, or 9-Week views, double-clicking on a specific day will take you to that Day view. Simply double-click on the Day view to return to the previous view.

7. Customizing Calendar - Other options To add or insert special assignments, or make additions to a day’s lesson plan, drag and drop the items in the Day space on your calendar. You will be asked if you want to add or insert the item.

• Use the Note button to further customize the Calendar pane. When you click on the Notes button, a pop-up window will appear. You can use this window to insert your own text into the Calendar pane, such as additional lesson plans for materials not included in the textbook, additional teaching notes, or additional information about the pacing of a particular lesson. You can also use it to insert blank days or to set aside days for review.

8. Navigating - Previous and Next buttons allow you to navigate to the previous or next day, week, month, etc, depending on your current view.

9. Printing Your Calendar

• The Calendar View option prints the Calendar pane of the view you are currently using.

• The Full Text Report option prints a text-only version of your current view.

*If you are having difficulty installing or saving your calendar settings, it may be that you do not have the correct user privileges set for this program. To use this program, you must have Power User privileges, or have your administrator set the user data folder inside the Holt Calendar Planner folder to have read, write and modify privileges for users.

24 9

Holt ® PuzzlePro Basics Building a Puzzle

1. Double click on the Holt PuzzlePro® icon on the desktop. In Windows, you may also navigate to the Program folder using the Start button. The PuzzlePro® splash screen displays.

2. Select the type of puzzle to be built from the Main Menu or the Puzzle Menu.

3. Follow the instructions near the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Editing a Bank, List or Term

1. Double click on the Holt PuzzlePro® icon on the desktop. In Windows, you may also navigate to the Program folder using the Start button. The PuzzlePro® splash screen displays.

2. Make a selection from the Vocabulary Bank menu.

Playing a Puzzle

1. Double click on the Holt PuzzlePro® icon on the desktop. In Windows, you may also navigate to the Program folder using the Start button. The PuzzlePro® splash screen displays.

2. Select a puzzle from the Puzzle list and click OK.

3. Enter your name in the dialog box that displays and click OK.

To Add Your Own Vocabulary List

1. Click on the Vocabulary Bank menu, and select Edit List.

2. At the bottom of the window, chose the button Add List.

3. The new list will have the default name of “New List 1.” You may change the name using the window on the right.

4. To add terms to your list, click on the Vocabulary Bank menu, and select Edit Term. Using the windows on the right, enter your terms and definitions and click OK. Your terms are now available to build puzzles.

HOLT Language Arts Technical Support 800.323.9239

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Virtual File Cabinet

The Holt Virtual File Cabinet is a separate CD designed for EASE of use; all resources are Editable, Adaptable, Searchable, and Expandable.You will have many resources from grade 5-grade 12 available to help your students learn grammar, usage, and mechanics.You can quickly browse through the entire library to find the exact resource you want. You can filter by keyword, grade level, resource type and standards. You can modify the search data, edit the resource, add a note or print the worksheet from this screen if you wish.You can add resources that you have created and that have worked well for your students. Complete installation instructions for both Mac and Windows are found inside the front of the disc. Easy to use instructions as well as a demonstration tour on found on the main login page.


HOLT Language Arts Technical Support 800.323.9239

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