Spelling Words: Spelling Words


Name: ____________________

Number: _______

Directions: Directions: Use your spelling words to complete the activities from the menu. •

Color each box that you do.

Please complete four assignments to turn in on Friday.

Please attach all assignments to this cover sheet.

Spelling Words: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

aloud bald hawk south faucet proud claw tower stalk couple

Challenge List: 1. departure 2. snorkel 3. margarine 4. carnation 5. information 6. contraption 7. mechanical 8. awkward 9. invention 10. excursion

11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

howl false dawn allow drown pause fault cause amount cloudier

11. vehicle 12. research 13. miracle 14. machine 15. pantomime 16. continual 17. occasional 18. experiences 19. comfortable 20.powerful

Name: ____________________________________ Parent Signature: ________________________

Please Use Spelling or Challenge Words Color the box after you have completed the task.

ABC Order Write out your spelling words once as given and then once in alphabetical order.

Rainbow Words Write your spelling words using the colors of the rainbow.

Poem Write a poem using all of your spelling words. (Your poem does not have to rhyme!)

Etymology Find out where your words came from. Greek? Latin? French? Write down your spelling and the origin of each word.

Make a Mnemonic Write a sentence to help you remember your words. Each letter of the word should start a word in the sentence. For example, a mnemonic sentence for the word throw might be: Tim has rented one wheelbarrow.

ForwardForward-Backward Write out each spelling word forward and then backward.

Syllables Divide each of your spelling words into syllables. Organize them according to how many syllables there are in each word.

Riddle Me This Select 10 of your words. Write 3 clues for each one. Don’t forget to add the answer to your riddles.

Measure Write the words end-to-end and measure the length of them from start to finish. Measure in centimeters and inches.

Dictionary Words Write each word spelling word, its dictionary definition, and part of speech.

Goofy Letters First write each spelling word using regular letters. Then write the words again using “goofy” letters.

Friendly Words Write two words that share the same letter as they are touching. Ex: man and cat C Man t

Spell Me A Story Story Write an original story using all of your spelling words. Underline or highlight spelling words.

Least to greatest Write your spelling words from the shortest word to the longest word.

Telephone Words Translate your spelling words into numbers from a telephone keypad. Write the number that represents each letter.

Hangman Play Hangman using your spelling words.

Tongue Twisters

Foreign Language

Write a tongue twister using one or more of your words. (Remember, each word in your tongue twister must begin with the same letter or sound.) Also known as Alliteration!

Translate your spelling words using another language. Also write down which language you use.

All Around the Paper

Make Up Your Own

Write your words around the outside of your paper. Keep going until you get to the middle.

Make up your own activity for spelling. Be sure to explain what it is…. Maybe your activity will appear on the next menu!

Only 1 language.


Spelling Words: Spelling Words

Name: ____________________ Number: _______ Directions: Directions: Use your spelling words to complete the activities from the menu. • Color each b...

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