South Texas Veterans Health Care System


South Texas Veterans Health Care System

Patient Information Handbook

South Texas Veterans Health Care System I would like to welcome you to the South Texas Veterans Health Care System (STVHCS). The STVHCS is comprised of two medical centers, Audie L. Murphy Division in San Antonio and Kerrville Division in Kerrville, satellite clinics in Corpus Christi, Harlingen, Laredo, McAllen, Victoria and San Antonio and community based outpatient clinics throughout South Texas. Our employees are dedicated to working toward one purpose – providing you the best possible health care. We welcome the opportunity to serve you, as you are the most important person in our medical center. We hope that this “Patient Information Handbook” will answer most of the questions you may have and help you feel more comfortable with the services provided by the STVHCS. We encourage your comments and suggestions on how we can improve the care we provide to you. Your input will help us to continue to meet our goal of providing quality health care.


Marie L. Weldon, FACHE Director

Mission The mission of the South Texas Veterans Health Care System (STVHCS) is to improve the health and quality of life of our patients providing appropriate, compassionate and quality care, to conduct education and research activities, and to support the Department of Defense.

Vision The vision of the STVHCS is to be the health system of choice for all veterans and all other eligible beneficiaries and to be recognized as a center of excellence and an employer of choice.

Values The values of the STVHCS are: 







Respect Innovation



Table of Contents Admission to the Medical Center


Advance Directives




Benefit Counselors


Billing (Revenue OFFICE/MCCF)


Chaplain Service


Clinic Appointments




Dedicated Acute-assessment Rapid Response Team (DARRT)


Dental Service




Diabetes Education


Discharge from the Medical Center


End of Life Information


Escort Service for Cognitively Impaired Veterans


Ethics Advisory Committee


What do I do if I have an Ethical Issue?


Extended Care Services


Falls-Prevention of


Hand Hygiene


Identification Arm Bands


Infection Control


Laboratory Hours




Lost items




Medical Administration Service


MyHealtheVet Website


Nutrition Service (Meals)


Off-Unit Notification


Organ Donation


Pain Management




Patient Advocate


Patient Education Resource Center (PERC)


Patient Rights and Responsibilities


Patient Travel


Personal Items




Police Notification Procedure


Primary Care


Prohibited Articles




Release of Information


Respiratory Therapy






Social Workers


Spinal Cord Injury Unit


Staying Healthy


Telecare Services


Telecommunication Device for the Deaf






VA Shuttle Service


Veterans Canteen Retail Store and Food Court


Visiting Hours


Visual Impairment Services Team (VIST)


Voluntary Service


Weight Management


Women Veterans Program


South Texas Veterans Health Care System Audie L. Murphy Division (ALMD) Medical Center

7400 Merton Minter Blvd. Emergency Open 24 hours San Antonio, TX 78229 Phone: (210) 617 5300

Toll free: (866) 560 6773

Kerrville Division (KD) Medical Center

3600 Memorial Blvd. Urgent Care open 24 hours Kerrville, TX 78028 Phone: (830) 896 2020

Toll Free: (866) 487 1653

Frank M. Tejeda VA Outpatient Clinic

5788 Eckhert Rd. San Antonio, TX 78240

Phone: (210) 699 2100

South Bexar Outpatient Clinic

4610 East Southcross Blvd. Suite 100 San Antonio, TX 78222

Phone: (210) 648-1491

North Central Federal Health Clinic

17440 Henderson Pass San Antonio, TX 78232

Phone: (210) 483 2900

Victoria VA Outpatient Clinic

1502 East Airline, Suite 40 Victoria, TX, 77901

Phone: (361) 582 7700

Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOC) Note: STVHCS Fee Services Section must assign Veterans a contract CBOC. Prior to seeking care, please call the following: CBOC care in the San Antonio Area: Call (210) 949 3453. All other CBOC care: Call (210) 949 3753. You can also call the Telecare Nurse for information about CBOCs in your area at (210) 949 3994 or from anywhere in Texas (888) 686 6350.

Frequently called Numbers or Extensions San Antonio


Main Hospital Number

(210) 617 5300 Toll free (877) 469 5300

(830) 896 2020

Telecare (Health Information 24 hours/day)

(210) 949 3994 Monday – Friday (Days)

Toll Free (888) 686 6350 Weekends, after hours & holidays

Automated Medication Refill Program

(800) 209 7377

(800) 209 7377


Ext 14800

(830) 792 2512

Agent Cashier

Ext 15995

(830) 792 2550


Ext 15173

(830) 792 4444

Beneficiary Travel

Ext 15999

(830) 792 2418

Billing/Insurance Information

Ext 15269

(830) 792 2435


(210) 616-8130

(210) 616-8130


Ext 15441

(830) 792 2542


(210) 949-8900

(830) 792 2461

Disabled American Veterans

Ext 15189

(830) 792 2509


Ext 15184

(830) 792 2514

Home Health & Extended Care (210) 617 5115

(830) 792 2645


Ext 12330

Ext 14996

San Antonio


Medical Administration

Ext 15137

Ext 12113

Palliative Care

(210) 617 5115

(830) 7922484

Paralyzed Veterans of America

Ext 15275

Call ALMD 15275

Patient Representative

Ext 1514

(830)792 2414


Ext 15174

(830) 792 2422


Ext 15224

(830) 792 2520

Release of Information

Ext 15610

(830) 792 2503

Respiratory Therapy

Ext 14877

Ext 12249


Ext 15999

Ext 12418

Social Work

Ext 15113

(830) 792 2462

Texas Veterans Commission

Ext 15175

(830) 792 2553


(210) 616-8408

(210) 616-8408

Voluntary Service

Ext 15107

(830) 792 2580

Women Veterans Program

Ext 68181

Ask operator to page Janeth Del Toro

Patient Rights and

the right to keep and spend your


own money. You have the right to

Veterans Health Administration (VHA)

receive an accounting of VA held

is pleased you have selected us to


provide your healthcare. We want to 

improve your health and well-being.

the use of medication and physical

pleasant for you as possible. As part

restraints may be used if all other

of our service to you, to other veterans

efforts to keep you or others free

and to the nation, we are committed to

from harm have not worked.

improving healthcare quality. We also 

train future healthcare professionals,

clothes and keep personal items.

country in times of national

This depends on your medical

emergency. In all of these activities,


our employees will respect and 

support your rights as a patient.

As an inpatient or long-term care resident, you have the right to

Respect and Nondiscrimination

social interaction, and regular

You have the right to be free from

exercise. You will have the

mental, physical, sexual and verbal

opportunity for religious worship

abuse, neglect and exploitation.

and spiritual support. You may

You will be treated with dignity,

decide whether or not to participate

compassion and respect as an

in these activities.

individual. 

As an inpatient or long-term care resident you may wear your own

conduct research and support our

Treatment will respect your personal freedoms. In rare cases,

We will make your visit or stay as

You or someone you choose have

Your privacy will be protected. You

As an inpatient or long-term care resident, you have the right to

will receive care in a safe

communicate freely and privately.

environment. We will seek to honor

You may have or refuse visitors.

your personal and religious values

You have access to public

and beliefs.


telephones. You may participate in

Your medical record will be kept

civic rights.

confidential. Information about you

As a long-term care resident, you

will not be released without your

can organize and take part in

consent unless authorized by law

resident groups at the facility. Your

(i.e. State public health reporting).

family also can meet with the

You have the right to information in

families of other residents.

your medical record and may

In order to provide safe treatment

request a copy of your records.

environment for all patients and

This will be provided except in rare

staff you are asked to respect other

situations where your VA physician

patients and staff and to follow the

feels the information will be harmful

facilities rules. Avoid unsafe acts

to you. In that situation, you have

that place others at risk for

the right to have this discussed

accidents or injuries. Please

with you by your provider.

immediately report any condition

You will be informed of all

you believe to be unsafe.

outcomes of care, including any

Information Disclosure and

injuries caused by your medical


care. You will be informed about

You will be given information about

how to request compensation for

the health benefits that you can


receive. The information will be

Informed consent is obtained.

provided in a way you can

Consent is obtained for recording


or filming made for purposes other

You will receive information about

than the identification, diagnosis, or

the costs of your care, if any,

treatment of the patients.

before you are treated. You are

Participation in Treatment

responsible for paying for your


portion of the costs associated with

your care.

You and any persons you choose will be involved in all decisions about your care. You will be given


information you can understand

(including over the counter and

about the benefits and risks of

herbals) and medical history. Also,

treatment. You will be given other

share any other information that

options. You can agree to or

affects your health. You should

refuse treatment. Refusing

ask questions when you don’t

treatment will not affect your rights

understand something about your

to future care but you have the

care. This will help in providing

responsibility to understand the

you the best care possible.

possible results to your health. If

You have the right to have your

you believe you cannot follow the

pain assessed and to receive

treatment plan you have a

treatment to manage your pain.

responsibility to notify the treatment

You and your treatment team will


develop a pain management plan

As an inpatient or long-term

together. You are expected to help

resident, you will be provided any

the treatment team by telling them

transportation necessary for your

if you have pain and if the

treatment plan.

treatment is working.

You will be given, in writing, the

You have the right to choose

name and professional title of the

whether or not you will participate

provider in charge of your care. As

in any research project. Any

a partner in the healthcare process,

research will be clearly identified.

you have the right to be involved in

Potential risks of the research will

choosing your provider. You will

be identified and there will be no

be educated about your role and

pressure on you to participate.

responsibilities as a patient. This

You will be included in resolving

includes your participation in

any ethical issues about your care.

decision-making and care at the

You may consult with the Medical

end of life.

Center’s Ethics Committee and/or

Tell your provider about your

other staff knowledgeable about

current condition, medicines

health care ethics.


If you or the Medical Center

You will not be penalized or retaliated

believes that you have been

against for filing a complaint.

neglected, abused or exploited,


you will receive help. Complaint

The next time you visit your health

You are encouraged and expected

care provider, before you say, “I’m

to seek help from you treatment


team and/or patient advocate if you

Ask yourself if you feel:

have problems or complaints. You

Nervous or empty

will be given understandable

Guilty or worthless

information about the complaint

Very tired and slowed down

process available to you. You may

You don’t enjoy things the way

complain verbally or in writing,

your used to

without fear of retaliation.

Restless or irritable

Like no one loves you

protective and advocacy services.

Like life is not worth living

Contact Social Services for a list of

Or if you are:

advocacy groups available.

Sleeping more or less than usual

If you are concerned that your privacy

Eating more or less than usual

rights have been violated, you may file

Having persistent headaches,

 You have a right to access

a complaint to VHA or to the Secretary

stomach aches or chronic pain

of the U.S. Department of Health and

These may be symptoms of

Human Services. To file a complaint

depression, a treatable medical illness.

with VHA you may contact your VA health care facility Privacy Officer, the

Your doctor can only treat you if

VHA Privacy Officer, or VHA via

you say how you are really feeling! or dial 1-877-2228387. Complaints do not have to be in writing, though it is recommended.


Pain Management

Concerned health care providers

Pain is a very personal experience and

who are committed to pain

may be different for everyone. The

prevention and management and

health care team (doctors, nurses,

respond quickly to your reports of

pharmacists, therapists) wants to work

pain and who believe your reports

with you to manage your pain.

of pain. Remember to Use the Pain Scale

Tell your healthcare provider:

0 - no pain - 10 - worst possible pain

How much it hurts;

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

9 10

Where it hurts; How the pain feels…sharp, dull, burning, aching or tingling; When the pain started; What makes the pain better; What makes the pain worse;

Ethics Advisory Committee

Whether the pain is constant or

What are Ethical Issues?

whether it comes and goes;

Ethical issues can occur when we

How the pain affects your daily life;

express our values or morals about

Past treatments for pain.

health care. People who work in the

Pain Care Bill of Rights

health care profession notice that they

As a person with pain, you can

occur when we make important

expect the following:

decisions. We especially notice that

Pain management will be part of

they occur when we make decisions

your treatment plan;


Information about pain;

Informed Consent;

Information about different

End of Life decisions;

methods of pain relief.

Appropriate management of pain;

Dedicated pain relief specialists

Decisions to withhold and/or

who provide appropriate state of

withdraw life-sustaining treatment;

the art pain management


Decisions to accept or reject

Audie L. Murphy (210) 617-5300

treatment (drug therapy);

Kerrville Division (210) 896-2020

Chemotherapy, feeding tubes,

Living Will


A Living Will allows you to tell your

Decisions about Organ/Tissue

doctor what treatments you want if you


cannot talk or make decisions. For example:

What do I do if I have an Ethical


Do you want medical staff to use heroic measures to bring you back

Discuss the issue with your physician

to life if you suddenly die?

or health care provider. Under most

circumstances, your issue can be

Do you want to be fed artificially if you are unable to eat and are

resolved by talking with your health

chronically ill?

care team. If the problem is not

resolved to your satisfaction you can

Do you want dialysis if your kidneys stop working and you are

contact a member of the Ethics team.

chronically ill? Out of Hospital Do Not Resuscitate

Advance Directives


It is important for you to talk with your

An Out of Hospital DNR is the same

family or significant other about health

order written by you and your doctor

care treatments you want in case you

that states that you desire to die

cannot make decisions for yourself.

naturally. Veterans usually buy a

There are several VA documents that

bracelet or necklace that they wear so

you can fill out that will help your

that Emergency Medical Services staff

doctor and health care team know

will know that they desire to die

what treatments you want if you ever

naturally and not be resuscitated. Talk

get very sick and are not able to talk or

with your VA Primary Care Provider

make sense to others.

about a Texas Out of Hospital DNR

The On-Call Ethics Team Member can

form and how to fill it out. Note: A

be contacted through the operators at:

copy of the VHA Advance Directive


Form is located at the back of the

Organ Donation


Veterans Health

Life-Threatening Emergency Care

Administration Policy

In Behavioral Health and Long Term

supports the Veteran’s

Care Settings emergency care, to

right to be an organ donor. Routinely

include first aid and basic life support

you will be asked if you are an organ

(cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) will


be provided within the hospital system.

Facts about organ donation:

You will be treated immediately on the

Veterans of all ages are possible

unit to which you are assigned. If you

donors. A decision to donate does

require a higher level of care, you will

not change the high quality care

be transferred to an acute

you receive.

medical/critical care unit or the Urgent

Organs and tissues that can be

Care Department at your facility or

donated are: heart, kidneys, bones,

another organization as appropriate.

intestines, ligaments, tendons, heart valves, eyes, liver, pancreas

“End of Life” Information

and skin. 

For information on burial benefits

All major religions approve of organ and tissue donation.

such as VA cemeteries, 

headstones, burial flags,

Your family does not pay any cost if you donate organs or tissues.

transportation & reimbursement

Donating does not interfere with a

of expenses contact the VA

funeral, nor does it change the look

Detail Office:

of the body. 

Audie L. Murphy

Organ donation gives someone else a second chance at life.

(210)617-5300 ext. 15656 


At the time of death, the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance decides if

(830) 896-2020 ext. 12113

organs or tissues can be used.


What to do:

All Admissions report to the

Talk to your family about being an

Admission/Outpatient Area (Room 112

organ and tissue donor.

on first floor).

On admission to the hospital, patients are asked if they are an

Discharge from the Medical

organ donor. By signing a release


of information for organ donation,

Patient Discharge Planning

you are giving permission that the

We realize that one of the first things

Texas Organ Sharing Alliance be

most people think about when they’re

contacted at the time of death.

admitted is when they get to go home.

For more information contact the

Getting you well enough to leave the

Texas Organ Sharing Alliance at

hospital is our goal too. It is important

(210) 614-7030 or the Organ Donor

for you and your family to understand

Referral Line at 1-800-275-1744.

the plans for your discharge from the hospital. The information below will

Admissions to the Hospital

help you plan for your discharge.

If you have questions or concerns

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have

anytime during your stay at the


Medical Center, ask a member of your

Preparation for Discharge

health care team. They can help you

Your doctor will tell you and your care

find just the right person to address

team a likely date for leaving the

your needs.

hospital. It is possible that this date

Audie L. Murphy (ALMD)

may change depending on your

Monday - Friday 8AM - 4:30 PM

progress, test results, etc. You will be

Go to Station 6 (first floor near the

given written discharge instructions on

Urgent Care/Triage area)

the day of your departure. These

After-hour Admissions

discharge instructions will include

Go to Station 1 (first floor near the

information on:

Urgent Care/Triage area) Kerrville Division Admissions:


After you go home

Medications that you are to continue or to begin taking after

Follow the instructions you were

you leave the hospital;

given by your doctor and nurse.

Special instructions on how to care

Take your medicines as you were

for yourself when you leave the



If you were given a number to call

Follow-up care, such as doctor

to make an appointment, call as

appointments or therapy.

soon as you can.

It is important that you review and understand the information on the

Dedicated Acute-assessment

discharge instructions. Please ask

Rapid Response Team

questions of your doctor or nurse if


there is something that you do not

Communicating effectively with


patients and families is very important

Day of Discharge

to South Texas Veterans Health Care

Discharge time is typically 11:00

System. When families see a change

AM. We appreciate your

in the patient’s condition, for example

assistance in respecting this time

something just doesn’t seem right, the

schedule to enable your room to be

patient or family can call for the

ready for the next patient.

DARRT team. DARRT stands for

Make sure you have all of your

“Dedicated Acute-assessment Rapid

personal belongings.

Response Team.” This is what you are

Please let your nurse know if you

to do:

need help arranging transportation.

Pick up the phone in the patient’s

Be sure to stop at the nurse’s desk


and let the staff know that you are

Call 15555 for the operator.

leaving at the time of discharge.

The patient or family will say… “I

The phone number of the Telecare

am a family member of (Mr.

nurse in case you have questions.

Jones). I need the DARRT team. I am on the (5th) floor in room 19

number (517).” (The items in

1. Home Health Care: If you need

parentheses are just examples,

skilled care in the home, the doctor

please use your family members

may write an order for the VA to

name and floor/room number).

arrange home health care. This is

Hang up the phone when finished

usually needed when you have a

speaking to the operator.

wound that you need to learn to take

This is what you can expect to

care of, need to be educated about a


new disease or have a health problem

A Registered Nurse from the ICU

than needs to be monitored. Medicare

and a Respiratory Therapist will

provides the best home care benefits

respond within 10 minutes.

for most Veterans. If you don’t have

They will be able to help the

Medicare benefits, the VA can provide


services through other funding.

They may transfer the patient to

2. Home Based Care: This is a

ICU if needed or they will assist the

program that offers clinic staff to make

patient where they are.

visits in your home. The nurse, social

South Texas Veterans Health Care

worker, rehabilitation therapist,

System seeks and respects input from

dietitian or physician can come to your

patients and family members. Thank

home. This program is for veterans

you for your assistance providing the

who have a very difficult time getting to

best care to veterans.

clinic. In addition, there is an Adult Day Health Care for veterans who need a

Extended Care Services

special team to help adjust to chronic

The VA provides many services to

illness and re-integrate into community

help veterans in the community. You


may be referred to one of the following

3. Nursing Home Care: Veterans who

programs to help you recover from the

are ready to be discharged whose

current hospital stay or prevent

care cannot be successfully carried


out at home may be referred to a nursing home. You may be referred to


one of the VA’s nursing home care

Agent Cashier, ask a staff member to

units or to a community nursing home.

contact the Agent Cashier:

4. Palliative Care: Veterans who

Audie L. Murphy extension 15999

have severe symptoms form chronic

Kerrville extension 12250

illness or those who have a terminal

Financial Transactions are made by

illness may be referred to our Palliative

obtaining a withdrawal slip from the

Care Program. Palliative care is a

Travel Clerk located at ALM Room

special kind of care that provides

113 and KD Room 146C.

support for people in the final phase of

The Agent Cashier may cash the

a terminal illness. Palliative Care


helps patients to live their last days

U.S. government checks;

with dignity and quality at home or in a

Traveler's checks;

home-like setting.

Certified checks drawn in your name;

For more information about

Cashier's checks;

discharge planning call:

Postal, telegraphic or bank money

Audie L. Murphy (210) 617 5115


Kerrville (830) 792 2484

Checks and money orders must be endorsed in the presence of the Agent Cashier;


Personal checks require clearance

You are advised to keep all valuables

from the bank, which usually takes

at home. The Medical Center is not

two weeks.

responsible for money or other valuables that you might bring and store in your room. We ask that you

Prohibited Articles

keep no more than $10 cash on hand.

Patients are prohibited

Any additional money should be

from possessing

deposited with the Agent Cashier,

alcoholic beverages,

Monday through Friday except

narcotics, firearms,

holidays. If you are unable to go to the

cameras, ammunition, knives, other


weapons, lighter fluid, non-safety

Identification Arm Bands

matches, straight-edge razors and

Upon admission, you will be given an

medicine not prescribed by a health

ID wristband. Please wear your

care provider or medicine from home.

wristband at all times. Lost ID

Patients possessing any type of

wristbands should be reported to the

weapon are required to turn them over

health care team right away.

to the Medical Center Police Service located in the main lobby. Electrical

Off-Unit Notification

appliances are not permitted except

Please remain on the unit so the

under unusual circumstances and

health care team can find you. You

must be inspected prior to use.

may request permission to leave the unit for short periods. If you must


leave, you should notify your nurse

All medical and surgical patients are

before leaving and when you return.

expected to wear VA provided pajamas, robe and slippers or shoes.

Personal Items

Patients on the Transitional Care

You will be assigned a small clothing

Units, Extended Care Treatment

locker on the unit. If possible, mark

Center, and Psychiatry are permitted

your possessions with your name.

and encouraged to wear their personal

Items that do not fit into the locker

clothing unless otherwise indicated.

should be sent home or stored in the

All patients are asked to keep one set

Patients’ Clothing Room. Valuables

of clothing and footwear with them for

should be turned in for safekeeping in

discharge. Have personal items with

the Patients' Clothing Room or sent

you when you check in such as tooth

home. The hospital cannot be

brush, shaving kit, deodorant and

responsible for any valuables you


keep with you on the unit.

If you are unable to provide your own toilet articles or other necessities, contact your nurse. 22

proper precautions, germs can easily

Medications Tell your doctor about any

spread among patients, visitors and

medications you are taking.

staff. Your cooperation is essential and appreciated.

If you brought medications with

Hand Hygiene is the best way to stop

you, the admitting clerk will give the

the spread of germs. Washing hands

medications to a relative or

with soap and water and/or using

significant other so that they can be

alcohol-based hand products

taken home. All medications not

contribute to decreasing infections

taken home will be destroyed.

among patients in clinics and in

All medications will be ordered by

hospital settings. As a patient you

your doctor and given to you by a

should frequently perform hand

nurse while in the hospital.

hygiene. Family members and visitors

It is important that you are at your

should wash their hands before

bedside to receive medications.

entering and when leaving the patient During admission to the hospital,

rooms. If hands are clean (no visible

your medications might change.

dirt, grease or saliva) you are

After discharge you should take

encouraged to use the alcohol based

only those medications prescribed

hand products that are placed in the

by your doctor as part of your

hallways and patient rooms.

discharge treatment plan. Be sure to read the labels carefully. Take the medicines as directed and do not stop taking the medicine without medical advice.

Infection Control Preventing the spread of infections in the health care setting is everyone’s responsibility. This includes patients, family members and visitors. Without 23

Respiratory Etiquette Program Stop the spread of germs that make you and other sick! If you seek care in the STVHCS and have a cough, the 

hospital staff will ask you to do the


following: 

Clean with alcohol based hand

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze;

Note: You make be asked to put on a surgical mask to protect others. 

If you don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve, not your hands;

Please let family and friends know that if they are ill they should not visit or come with you to the hospital or 

Put your used tissue in the trash

clinics. If you have any questions


about the spread of germs and infections that are in the hospital, please ask your nurse or ask to speak to an Infection Control Professional.

Clean your hands after coughing or sneezing;

Wash with soap and water or;


Parking at STVHCS

Lost items

At San Antonio (ALMD):

If you are admitted to the medical

Valet parking is

center, contact your nurse if you have

available at no charge (tipping is

lost something. He/she will provide

not allowed). Drive your car to the

you with instructions. If you are an

main entrance of ALMD and an

outpatient and have lost something,

employee will assist you.

check with the information window in

Also, a courtesy passenger cart is

the front lobby of ALMD or the

available in the ALMD parking lot if

operator at the KD.

you chose to park your own car. The carts pick up anyone wanting a


ride and deliver them to the main

You may receive calls

entrance and the ECTC entrance.

at your bedside phone

There is no parking space available

between 8:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. each

at ALMD for your automobile while

day. Patients with disabilities or

you are admitted to the hospital.

special needs should contact their

Please make arrangements for

nurse. There is no charge for local

safekeeping and storage of your


automobile off hospital grounds.

Audie L. Murphy Division

If you are admitted emergently (not

Local calls: Dial 9 + number

scheduled), the VA police will allow

Long distance:

one night of parking. If you need

Dial 9 + 0 + area code + number

more than one night, contact the

Kerrville Division

police at ALMD at ext. 15168.

Local calls: Dial 7 + number

At Kerrville (KD):

Long Distance: Dial 9 + your phone company

Both short term and long term parking is available at the Kerrville Division. Check with the VA police by the main elevator on first floor of KD or call ext. 12162 or 12210.


who is caring for the safety of the

Visiting Hours

minor. The patient's physician may make exceptions based on age, the patient's best interest, impact on other patients, and the safety of the minor. The South Texas Veterans Health

Intensive Care Units (ICU) and

Care System has a liberal visitation

Medical-Surgical Units

policy in most areas. The hospital

Visiting hours allow a family member,

allows for the presence of a support

friend, or other individual to be present

individual of the patient's choice,

with the patient for emotional support

unless the individuals presence

during the course of the day.

infringes on others rights, safety, or is

Mental Health Units:

medically or therapeutically

Weekdays- 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

contraindicated. The individual may or

Weekends and Holidays- 1:00 p.m. to

may not be the patient's surrogate

8:30 p.m.

decision maker or legally authorized

Friends may visit in the dayroom or designated areas. Exceptions are

representative. The patient's physician can limit or extend the

made by the patient's physician and

visitation practice. Any limits or

noted in the patient's medical record.

extensions to visitation will be noted in

All visitors are requested to enter and

the patient's medical record.

exit the hospitals through the main

Children under the age of 18 (minors)


may visit if the patient’s nurse determines that the visit is in the best

STVHCS Services

interest of the patient and the child has


no evidence of communicable

Barber service is available

diseases. A responsible adult must

in the barbershop or by making an

accompany the minor at all times. A

appointment through the unit nurse for

responsible adult is defined as a

patients confined to their bed.

parent or person over the age of 18


ALMD barber shop is located in Room

If you have any questions about VA

038 (ground level) 7:00 a.m. - 1:00

billing activity, contact the Revenue

p.m. and 1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Office at 210-616-8100. Office Hours

Monday – Friday.

are: 8:30 a,m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday –

KD Barber shop is located in room


005 (ground level) Tuesday and Thursday 12:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

VA Shuttle Service A no charge VA shuttle runs between

Billing (Revenue Office/MCCF)

Audie L. Murphy VA Hospital and the

The mission of the VA Medical Care

Kerrville VA Hospital. Others shuttles

Cost Fund (MCCF) Program is to

run between FTOPC, Villa Serena,

maximize the recovery of funds due

and the Outpatient Clinics and Audie

VA for the provision of health care

L. Murphy Hospital. The shuttle is for

services to veterans, dependents and

patients who are receiving care.

others using the VA system.

For more information contact your

Legislation has authorized the

local VA facility.

Revenue Office to: Submit claims to and recover

Clinic Appointments

payments from veterans’ third party

“Don’t Be a No Show”

health insurance carriers for

Clinic appointments

treatment of non-service-connected

are prescheduled visits.


You should make every

Recover co-payments from certain

effort to keep your

veterans for treatment of non-

scheduled appointment.

service-connected conditions

However, if you must

Recover co-payments for

reschedule your appointment, please

medications from certain veterans

contact the appropriate clinic clerk to

for treatment of non-service-

request a cancellation and obtain

connected conditions.

another appointment. When reporting for a clinic appointment we ask that


you check in no earlier than 15


minutes prior to the scheduled

Hours for

appointment time. Every effort will be


made to see all patients at their

Audie L. Murphy

scheduled time; however, in some

7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Monday - Friday

cases due to unforeseen

Frank Tejeda OPC

circumstances this may not always be

7:30 a.m. – 3:45 p.m. Monday - Friday



Don’t “walk-in” to the clinic without

7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday

an appointment. If you have an emergency, go the nearest emergency


room. If you feel that you need to be

Lodging is available under certain

seen before your scheduled


appointment, you can call the Telecare

1. Lodgers must:

nurse or your primary care nurse for

Medically clear through Emergency

advice. Telecare nurses are available


24 hours a day at 1-888-686-6350 or

Obtain written clearance (lodging

in San Antonio call 210-949-3994.

ticket) from ALMD Present lodging ticket at the hotel

Interpreter Services

desk with ID upon check-in.

A list of VA staff members is available

2. Only patients living outside a 50-

who are fluent in a variety of

mile radius of the ALMD or KD are

languages and American Sign

eligible for lodging. Exception:

Language. Please ask your health

Patients scheduled for outpatient

care team if you or your family need

surgical or medical procedures the

the services on an interpreter.

following day may be lodged for one night when medically indicated.


3. Lodging is only prior to scheduled

Eligibility Reform Act

appointments and is usually only for

Change of address

one night.

Update Next of Kin List

Exception to the one night stays for

Release of information for your


medical records

Patients scheduled for outpatient

Eligibility Questions: contact a

surgical or medical procedures

Health Benefits Advisor.

may be lodged one night prior to

Audie L. Murphy – first floor, Station

the procedure and one night

“7” extension 15184

following the procedure.

Kerrville - first floor, Room 112

Radiation and chemotherapy

extension 12123

patients who meet the eligibility requirements may lodge more than

Nutrition Service (Meals)

one night.

Meals in the hospital will be

4. When a patient is in need of

ordered by your doctor and

lodging contact the following:

planned by a dietitian. The

Admitting Office on first floor,

dietitian will be available to

station “6” at ALMD

talk with your family about

Admissions area at KD

the diet ordered for you. Any friend or relative who prepares your meals will

Medical Administration

be invited to listen to the diet


instructions. You may request a visit with the

The Medical Administration staff is available to assist you with the

dietitian by contacting your nurse.


The unit staff will tell you when and where meals will be served.

Eligibility for care

Do not keep food that will spoil or

Agent Orange Registry

attract insects at your bedside.

POW Registry

Store food in non-breakable

Nuclear Testing Examination

containers only.


Food Preference Program

Management, Nutrition, Alcohol

Audie- 949-FOOD (3663)

and Smoking Cessation, etc); Support groups for veterans and

Patient Health Education

their families; Closed Circuit TV at ALMD with health care information; Health Education Materials available in waiting areas and from your healthcare providers.

It is your right to get the information

Patient Education Resource Center

you need to understand your health,


health problems and health care.

The PERC is a place

Please take an active part in learning

where a wide variety

about your health.

of health, wellness

Tell us what you want to learn

and medical

Ask us to help you get the care you

information is available for both the


veteran patient and their families. The

Tell us if you need special help with

entire center is dedicated to patient

hearing, seeing or understanding

health education and general

Ask us for more information on all

resources. Our goal is to provide

education classes and support

access to current health information.

groups available.

Where is the PERC located?

The STVHCS offers a variety of ways

The PERC is located on the 3rd Floor,

to get Health Information so you can

D304.3A. Hours of operation are

take an active role in your healthcare

between 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.,

as a partner with your providers:

Monday – Friday except federal

Patient Health Educator at

holidays. If you cannot visit the PERC,

extension 17090 at ALMD;

call us at 210-949-9250 or toll free at

Special classes for veterans and

1-877-469-5300 ext. 19250 and we

their families (Diabetes, Weight

can mail or fax you information.


How can the PERC help you?

available will help veterans partner

Staff is available to assist you in

with healthcare providers to achieve

obtaining and answering health

their best possible health. All your

related questions.

personal data will be secure and

Pamphlets are available on a wide

private in your own eVAult. And you

variety of health topics.

will be able to share your online

Online access to health

information with anyone you


designate. Today's healthcare is

Quick access to medication

really a strategic partnership between


patients and providers. My HealtheVet

Health videos

is a powerful tool to help you better

Current magazines

understand and manage your health. It

Local newspapers

is a powerful tool for sharing

Patients or family members are

information with your family, with your

encouraged to ask the PERC staff for

caregivers, with anyone you choose.

assistance in locating health-related

My HealtheVet puts you at the center

information. Web-based medical and

of your VA care. The My HealtheVet

drug information databases are used

(MHV) web site is located at

to provide information requested by

patients. My HealtheVet Computers

Patient Travel

are located in the PERC.

Certain veterans are eligible for travel cost reimbursement. If you have any

My HealtheVet Web Site

questions or would like to file a claim, Beneficiary Travel is located at: Audie L. Murphy first floor by the Agent Cashier, Room X113, ext. My HealtheVet is a web-based


application designed specifically for

Kerrville first floor in Room 146C,

veterans and their families. The tools

extension 12418.


Release of Information

tell you how to treat the problem at

The Federal Privacy Act and Freedom

home. The VA TeleCare Nurse can

of Information guidelines protect

also give you advice, information,

Information contained in VA medical

counseling and referrals to the nearest

records. If you need information

VA Medical Center or Clinic. Call the

released from your VA file, you will

VA TeleCare Nurse at the first sign of

need to complete the appropriate form.

a problem. Early treatment is a key

ALMD - Release of Information is

factor in dealing with many health care

located on the first floor, room

problems. Please be prepared to give

Q106, in the Medical

the nurse the following important

Administration Offices, extension



1. Your full name;

KD - Release of Information is

2. Your social security number;

located in main building, extension

3. Your current address;


4. Phone numbers and area code where you can be reached; 5. Your reason for calling the

Telecare Services

Tele-Care Nurse. Call Toll Free: 1(888) 686-6350 or in San Antonio 210-949-3994

Veterans Canteen Retail Store The VA now offers telephone advice

And Food Court

services to veterans 24 hours a day,


65 days a year. Call the TeleCare

Retail Store

Nurse if you have symptoms,

(1st Floor Lobby Area)

questions, or need advice about any

7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday

health problem. If your symptoms are

Weekends & Veterans Day Hours:

not serious, you may not need an

8:00a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

appointment. The TeleCare Nurse will

Food Department


Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

the third floor, room #336. Phone

Monday through Friday

number is 830 792 2553.

Weekend Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


Vending machines are open 24 hours

Chaplains are available

a day.

for spiritual visits


Monday through Friday

Retail Store (Basement)

and for urgent needs seven days a

Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

week, 24 hours a day. Services of

Monday - Friday

worship are provided in the hospital

(Closed on weekends and holidays)

chapel. The times of Services are

Food Department (Basement)

announced on the Chapel Bulletin

Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 1:45 p.m. Monday

Board. Family and friends may attend

through Friday (Closed weekends)

with you. Hospital clothing is proper

Vending machines are open 24 hours

dress for all services. Although

a day.

chaplains visit the units and outpatient clinics frequently, you may see any of

People who can help you at

the chaplains in their offices or you


can request a chaplain by contacting any staff person.

Benefits Counselors

Audie L. Murphy

Veteran’s Benefits Counselors and

Sunday services are televised on

Texas State Veterans Affairs

Channel 13, Protestant Worship

Counselors are available to visit with

Service at 9:45 a.m. and Mass at 11

veterans and their families: At Audie

a.m. Religious literature may be

L. Murphy the counselors visit the

obtained in the main Chapel, located

units Monday through Friday to see

on the second floor.

each new patient. You may also visit


their offices on the first floor. At

Worship services are provided in the

Kerrville, the Texas Veterans

hospital chapel located on the ground

Commission is in the main building on


level of the main building. The Chapel

1-day class from 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Bulletin Board maintains a current

every Tuesday in the Patient

listing of Chaplain Service activities.

Classroom in 1G at the Audie L.

Protestant Service is at 9 a.m. and

Murphy Hospital.

Catholic Mass at 11:00 a.m. Religious

For an appointment please call

literature may be obtained in the

Barbara Walz, RN, CDE


(210) 617-5300 ext. 16754 Diabetes classes at the STVHCS

Dental Service

Outpatient Clinics

The STVHCS Dental

Most of the outpatient clinics have

Service provides a full

diabetes classes. Please contact the

range of dental treatment to eligible

outpatient clinics for dates and times.

veterans. ALMD Dental Clinic

Patient Advocate

(210) 949-8900

As your Patient Advocate, we want to

Frank Tejeda Outpatient Clinic

function as a link between you and the

(210) 699 2100 ext 13104

hospital staff. If you have a concern or

Kerrville Division

compliment, please ask to see us. We

(830) 896 2020 ext 12194

are here to assist you. Do not hesitate to express your concerns. By

Diabetes Education

identifying problem areas, you a

The diabetes education

assisting in improving patient care.

program will teach you

Your suggestions for improved care

how to balance food

and service are welcome.

with activity, how to

Patient Advocates

check your blood sugar, use a blood

Audie L. Murphy

glucose meter and help you with your

Mary C. Scott, Room L126


210 617-5235

Patients are scheduled for individual

David Q. Ramirez, Room L127

appointments. In addition, there is a

210 617-5214


David Caudill. Room L129

Primary Care

210 617-9419

Primary Care



Diane McIntosh

having one provider


(doctor or nurse practitioner) who


takes care of most of your health care

Pharmacy Service

needs. Sometimes you need a

is part of your

specialist for complex problems. Your

treatment team

Primary Care provider will arrange for

and is available to

a specialist appointment and continue

all patients. Pharmacists are available

to oversee your care.

to provide medication counseling to you and your family. Pharmacists will


provide medication information such

A variety of activities are available in

as dosage and possible side effects.

the Recreation Center (first floor at the

Audie L. Murphy Outpatient

ALMD, ground level at the KD) for

Pharmacy is open from 8:00 a.m. to

inpatients, outpatients, and families in

8:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.

an effort to maintain/increase leisure

Kerrville Outpatient Pharmacy is open

interests. Activities may include

from 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

parties, shows, competitive games and

Monday - Friday.

movies. Check bulletin boards for

For Prescription refills use the

times of activities. Your doctor may

Automated Refill Line:

prescribe Recreation Therapy as part

1 (800) 209-7377 and follow the

of your overall treatment while

directions. You will need:

hospitalized. Recreation Therapy is

Your complete Social Security

the treatment of illnesses and


disabling conditions through the use of

Your Prescription numbers in order

therapeutic recreation activities,

to refill your medications.

leisure education and leisure


participation. These programs are

Social Workers

designed to increase function,

Social workers are assigned to each

enhance development and prevent

inpatient unit, to each medical team

disability. Recreation Therapy is given

within the hospital and to each

under the supervision of a Recreation

outpatient clinic and primary care


team. Social workers are highly trained to help with the following:

Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory Therapy

social, emotional, and family problems

provides services to patients in the hospital,

obtaining community resources such as meals and shelter

in clinics, as well as in the home. Respiratory

obtaining home services such a home health aides

Therapy provides a wide range of

pulmonary and respiratory testing as

If you need to contact a social worker,

well as providing oxygen and

call the Social Work office at:

breathing equipment used in the

Audie L. Murphy (210) 617-5113

home. Respiratory Therapy personnel

Kerrville (830) 792-2462

planning your care after discharge

educate patients, family members and caregivers in the most current, up-to-

Spinal Cord Injury Center

date treatments available.

The Spinal Cord Injury Center (SCIC)

For more information call:

in the Audie Murphy Division of the

ALMD Respiratory Therapy

South Texas Veterans Healthcare

(210) 617-5300 ext 14877

System is proud to serve the needs of

KD Respiratory Therapy

veterans with spinal cord injuries and

(830) 896-2020 ext 12249

dysfunction. In addition, we accept under an established sharing agreement, active duty members of the armed services who suffer or develop a spinal cord injury or


dysfunction. To access our Spinal

VIST is a program that works to help in

Cord Injury program, a referral or

the adjustment to sight loss. Some

consult is needed. After verification of

training is provided locally and some at

eligibility, and exchange of needed

a Regional Blind Rehab Center. The

medical documentation, we will

VIST office is located at 8410

arrange for transfer to our facility. We

Datapoint, Suite 200. For more

encourage family and friends to

information contact :

arrange for a visit to the facility prior to

Larry Belote at (210) 949-8927.

the transfer. This visit will include a tour of the Center. At the tour,

Telecommunication Device for

educational materials will be given to

the Deaf (TDD)

help all involved understand the issues

A telecommunications device for the

facing spinal cord injured veterans.

deaf (TDD) is an electronic device for

The SCIC provides a vast array of

text communication via a telephone

services to the veteran using an

line. A TDD is used when one or more

interdisciplinary approach to care both

of the parties have hearing or speech

in inpatient and outpatient treatment

difficulties. TDD phones are available

settings. Our staff is very dedicated to

at both the Audie L. Murphy and

serving the needs of the SCI patient

Kerrville Hospital Divisions. Please

on a continuum of care appropriate to

contact Social Work Service during

the individual’s needs. To Contact the

normal business hours or Nursing

Spinal Cord Injury Center call: (210)

Service after hours for inpatient TDD

617 5300 ext 16838.

use or for business related to inpatient care.

Visual Impairment Services

Escort Service for Cognitively

Team (VIST)

Impaired Veterans

VIST provides unique

Escort service is available

rehabilitation and

for cognitively impaired

equipment to veterans who are legally

veterans at both the Audie

blind or significantly visually impaired.


L. Murphy and Kerrville Hospital

in the hospitals, clinics, Vet Centers,

Division. Inpatients are routinely

Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery,

escorted to and from appointments by

Transportation Network and

staff and or volunteers. Escort service

community-based programs to

is also available for the outpatient

enhance the services offered to

veteran who needs assistance for

veterans. To contact voluntary

scheduled appointments. Contact


Voluntary Service at Audie extension

Audie L. Murphy: (210) 617-5107 or

15107 or Kerrville at 12183 in advance

stop by the office in Building #4 (in

of the need.

front of the main hospital entrance). Kerrville: (830) 896-2020 ext 12183 Room 021A (Basement).

Voluntary Service

Women’s Veterans Programs

Voluntary Service manages a

Women Veterans Coordinators (WVC)

Volunteer Program that consists of

are located at ALMD and KD. They

volunteers and voluntarily sponsored

can provide you with information about

patient activities. Through the support

the with information about the Women

of volunteers and donations, Voluntary

Veterans Health program and assist

Service provides direct services to

with arrangements for Pap smears,

veterans. Most of the patient

mammograms, women's health

recreation activities are sponsored by

examinations, or for counseling related

an organization. Patients also benefit

to sexual trauma that occurred on

from donations of books, clothes,

active duty. At each Satellite Clinic

toiletries, stamps, cards and other

division, there is a representative for

table games. In addition, monies

the Women’s Veteran Health Program.

contributed assist with crisis situations

Audie L. Murphy

and special needs. Volunteers serve

Barbara Hector at ext. 68181 38


Know what the treatment will

Janeth Del Toro at (830) 896-2020

include and how long the treatment

and ask the operator to page her.

should last. 2. Know all your medicines.

Patient Safety- STVHCS Cares

Bring all your medicines you are

About Your Safety

taking with you including all prescribed medicines, over the

South Texas Veterans Health Care

counter medicines, vitamins, food

System is committed to providing safe

supplements, and herbal remedies.

health care for our patients and their

Tell your doctor and nurses if you

families. We believe that everyone

have any drug allergies.

plays an important role in your safety,

Your prescriptions are written by

including you. Taking an active role in

computer. Whenever a new

your health care is important in

medicine is ordered you will be

keeping you safe.

given an updated list of all your

These are steps you can take to help


you keep safe and improve your care.

It is important to bring your VA card

1. Ask questions if you have any

with you when you pick up your

doubts or concerns.

medicines. Proof of identification is

Remember, it is okay to ask

needed to make sure you receive

questions. Your health is too

the right medicine.

important to worry about being

Ask the pharmacist:

embarrassed if you don’t

 What is the medicine for?

understand something you are told.

 How am I suppose to take it

Write down your questions you

and for how long?

have for your doctor so that you do

 What are the common side

not forget them.

effects and what do I do if they

If you think something is wrong,


speak up. You have the right to ask about your health care.


 Is this medicine safe to take

If you are place in isolation while in

with over the counter medicines

the hospital, please ask your family

or dietary supplements?

or friends to follow all instructions

 What food, drink, or other

posted on the room isolation sign.

activities should I stay away

4. Get results of any test or

from while taking these



Ask when and how you will get

 About any directions on the

results of any test or treatments.

medicine bottles you do not

Do not think that no news is good


news. Ask your doctor or nurse for

 For medicine information

your results.

sheets, pill cutters, pill boxes,

Ask what the results mean for your

and or medicine cups.


Before you receive medicines, be

5. Understand what will happen if

sure the nurse asks your name and

you need surgery.

checks your arm band.

Ask your surgeon:

3. Help prevent the spread of

 What exactly will he be doing to



Remind health care givers, family

 About how long it will take?

and friends to wash their hands or

 What will happen after surgery?

use an alcohol based hand product

 And, how can I expect to feel

before coming into contact with

after my surgery?

you. Hand washing is the most

Make sure the surgeon explains

important way to prevent the

and you understand any possible

spread of infection.


Ask providers if they washed their

Tell all the doctors and nurses any

hands before examining you.

bad reactions you had to

Discourage family or friends with

anesthesia medicines.

an active cough from visiting you.

Before receiving any medicines or have test done, make sure the


nurse or technician asks your

Police Notification Procedures

name and checks your name band.

Everyone is encouraged

Make sure that your doctor has

to notify the VA Police as

clearly marked the body part to be

soon as possible when they

operated on you.

are aware of an actual or

6. Know what to do after you are

suspected criminal activity, suspicious

discharged from the hospital.

activity or emergency condition (i.e.

Make sure you understand all

theft, assault, disturbance, threat, etc.)

discharge instructions and any

Audie L. Murphy the police station is

follow up appointments given to

located in the main lobby (ext. 15911)

your by your doctor and nurses.

Kerrville the police station is adjacent

Get a written copy of the

to main lobby (ext 12911).

instructions to take home with you. Review all medicines you are given


with the nurse or pharmacist

It is the policy of the South Texas


Veterans Health Care System that

 The name of the medicines;

patients receive care free from the use

 How much to take;

of restraint devices except when

 The reason you are taking it;

necessary to protect the patient.

 And how often to take them.

What are restraints?

Ask your doctor or nurse to provide

Restraints are things that prevent or

a phone number to call if you have

limit movement of any part of the body.

any questions following your

Why restraints are used?


Some medications or illnesses can

Remember, you are an important part

cause patients to be confused.

of your health care team. Patient

Restraints are used to help keep

safety is everyone’s job. Speak up

patients from hurting themselves.

about any questions or concerns you

We use restraints to help prevent:

may have about your health care.


Behavior that posses immediate

 Eat a healthy diet;

risk to patient’s own safety or to

 Get regular check-ups and



Removal of needed medical

 Control your weight;


 Prevent accidents and injuries;

Harm to wounds or bandages

 Get immunizations. Immunizations

Preventing Falls

Keeping your immunizations up-to-

The STVHCS wants to tell you some

date is important to your health. We

ways to help you remain safe while


you are a patient. The risk for falls is

a yearly flu shot;

highest in your first few days in the

a pneumococcal vaccine at age 65

hospital. Remember,

(or sooner if you have chronic

Call Don’t Fall.

health problems); Tetanus shot every 10 years. Screening Exams

Weight Management

Screening exams are done to find out if you are at risk for specific health problems. It is important to have the If your weight keeps you from doing

following screenings:

what you want or feeling your best

Blood Pressure Management

please ask a about our weight

All Adults

reduction programs– we can help!

Every visit Cholesterol Screening

Staying Healthy

Men older than 35

There are steps you

Women older than 45

can take to stay healthy.

Anyone with a history of heart

 Avoid drinking alcohol and

disease or diabetes or anyone that smokes


Yearly 42


Depression Screening

All women

All adults

40-80 years

At least yearly

Screening exam at age 35 and

Pain Assessment

annual mammogram every year

All adults

after 40

At every visit

Pap Smear (to detect cervical

Hepatitis C Screening


All adults

Women up to age 75


Yearly with history of STDs or multiple sex partners Every 3 years after 2 normal annual exams Stop after age 75 if other exams are normal Colorectal Cancer Screenings Everyone over age 50 Colonoscopy every 10 years or FOBT (fecal occult blood test) yearly. Prostate Exam Men between 50 -75 should discuss this test with their provider As recommended Tobacco Screening Anyone who has used tobacco At every visit Alcohol Screening Everyone who has used alcohol At every visit 43

Notice: The South Texas Veterans Health Care System and all of its programs and facilities in San Antonio, Kerrville and South Texas, are pleased to announce that the quality of services provided are of the highest caliber, as expressed by the 3-year accreditation decision of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), for the period 2005-2008. “Patients and their families, patient advocates and advocacy groups, members of the community for whom services are provided and staff members are able to communicate with JCAHO by writing or calling. The public may contact the Joint Commission’s Office of Quality Monitoring to report any concerns or register complaints about a Joint Commission– accredited health care organization by either calling (800) 994-6610 or emailing [email protected]









South Texas Veterans Health Care System

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Transitioning From NGO-Managed to MOH-Directed Primary Health Care Service Delivery ... In 2012, the Ministry of Health

Primary Care of Veterans with HIV - - Veterans Affairs
ous combinations of medical management, medication, and behavioral therapy ... causes more side effects. Disulfiram. (An

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Buckinghamshire Health and Care System Plans
by increasing support for living, ageing and staying well, and prevention and early .... Blood pressure. • Falls etc.

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ProMed Application Suite designed to support rapidly growing Health Care Data Management needs. ProMed ... Solution, pre

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Fewer rural Congolese women complete 4 antenatal care (ANC) visits than do urban women, despite high maternal ...... Hea

Some Particularities Regarding the Health Care System
nurses between doctors and pharmacists, and patients between medical staff etc. 1. The quality of medical ... In the hea

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The mission of South Texas High School for Health Professions is to provide students with rigorous academic instruction