S-Health no longer counts steps on my Samsung Galaxy Smartphone


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If you own a Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3, then you have the app S-Health automatically installed, which allows you to monitor and train your fitness. A function that is integrated into S-Health on the Samsung Galaxy smartphones, is the so-called pedometer. This pedometer uses a sensor of the smartphone, which detects vibrations. Based on the sequence of shocks the app recognise a walk and then declared these as steps. The pedometer is thus one of the most important and interessting features that are available in S-Health. Now it may be that S-Health on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone does not count steps anymore. If so, we would like to show you a way how to get the pedometer working again. For this you have to navigate to the system Settings of Android and open here the application manager. Change within the manager on the tab "All", then search for the app S-Health. When you found it tap on it to show the app information. Next, tap on the button "Force Stop" and then "Uninstall Updates". This will reset the app S-Health to factory condition, but without deleting data that is saved in the app. (It is always worth to do a backup of your data). After the updates of S-Health are uninstalled, open S-Health as usual. The new update is now reloaded, and then S-Health should again count the steps that you went with your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

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Comments (44) Green · about 4 weeks ago

If you found a better solution, for pacer and samsung Health SAMSUNG 1) Settings -> Device maintenance -> Battery -> Unmonitored apps -> Add apps -> Choose “Pacer” and press Done 2) Settings -> Device maintenance -> Battery -> Battery usage ->... Read More Reply · #3331 (http://www.solvemix.com/index.php/android-smartphones/44-s-health-no-longercounts-steps-on-my-samsung-galaxy-smartphone#comment-3331,0)

Eddie · about 3 months ago

After trying numerous suggestions, I installed Google Fit that somehow fixed the Samsung Health app Reply · #3141 (http://www.solvemix.com/index.php/android-smartphones/44-s-health-no-longercounts-steps-on-my-samsung-galaxy-smartphone#comment-3141,0)

Sijin · about 7 months ago

Not sure if its fixed for you. I faced the similar problem after upgrading from S7edge to Note8. My Note8 was not counting and showing steps. Ity shows the steps correctly from the connected Gear S Watch, but the phone will not count steps. The... Read More Reply · #2945 (http://www.solvemix.com/index.php/android-smartphones/44-s-health-no-longercounts-steps-on-my-samsung-galaxy-smartphone#comment-2945,0)

Andrew · about 7 months ago

As I updated my S5 from 5.0 to 6.0.1 it began to count steps incorrectly. Just shows half of the whole number. Reply · #2897 (http://www.solvemix.com/index.php/android-smartphones/44-s-health-no-longercounts-steps-on-my-samsung-galaxy-smartphone#comment-2897,0)

Luisa · about 8 months ago

No uninstall updates option on my samsung s5. Help please Reply · #2853 (http://www.solvemix.com/index.php/android-smartphones/44-s-health-no-longercounts-steps-on-my-samsung-galaxy-smartphone#comment-2853,0)

Glen · about 9 months ago

I just did the "Force Stop" and "Uninstall Updates" and it completely wiped out my previous workouts!!!!! Now how do I get them back????? :/ Reply · #2703 (http://www.solvemix.com/index.php/android-smartphones/44-s-health-no-longercounts-steps-on-my-samsung-galaxy-smartphone#comment-2703,0)

Caroline · about 10 months ago

I have an S7 Edge and it suddenly quit measuring distance. I did the steps listed above, and it didn't correct the problem. I also can't use the ear buds that came with the phone because they make the volume do all kinds of crazy things. And... Read More Reply · #2635 (http://www.solvemix.com/index.php/android-smartphones/44-s-health-no-longercounts-steps-on-my-samsung-galaxy-smartphone#comment-2635,0)

Elizabeth Caroline (http://www.solvemix.com/index.php/android-smartphones/44-shealth-no-longer-counts-steps-on-my-samsung-galaxy-smartphone#comment-2635,0) · about 9 months ago

Caroline, mine too. One day it worked and the next it did not. No longer works on my Gear 2 either. Very frustrated. Reply · #2730 (http://www.solvemix.com/index.php/android-smartphones/44-s-health-nolonger-counts-steps-on-my-samsung-galaxy-smartphone#comment-2730,2635)

Val Kenney · about 10 months ago

My Galaxy S5, which I am stuck with until October 2017 no longer counts my steps using the Samsung Health App. This is important to me because my health insurance gives us money for reaching goals. It has become so bad that I have to restart my... Read More Reply · #2627 (http://www.solvemix.com/index.php/android-smartphones/44-s-health-no-longercounts-steps-on-my-samsung-galaxy-smartphone#comment-2627,0)

Avi kashyap · about 10 months ago

Hi the s health app is not runing properly it's says my device is compromised because of new security policy introduced in version 5.0, knox is not available on compromised devices (0x1100E0521) how to run this app plz help me out Reply · #2614 (http://www.solvemix.com/index.php/android-smartphones/44-s-health-no-longercounts-steps-on-my-samsung-galaxy-smartphone#comment-2614,0)

Dee · about 11 months ago

Hi there. This is a bit different but maybe you guys can help.... the app is not syncing my workouts from my watch properly! Any suggestions please? Thanx so much Reply · #2533 (http://www.solvemix.com/index.php/android-smartphones/44-s-health-no-longercounts-steps-on-my-samsung-galaxy-smartphone#comment-2533,0)

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S-Health no longer counts steps on my Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

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