Restaurant Design Project - Georgia Standards


Restaurant Design Project Name: _________________________________

Date: __________

Helpful Websites Design Your Own Restaurant Helpful Websites: Blueprints: - /?pid=493174 Restaurant Furniture and Supplies: Uniforms for Wait Staff: Menu Templates: iMovie How-To for Commercial:

Restaurant Design Project Blueprint and Restaurant Design:

Floor Planner

Room Sketcher

Concept Draw

Restaurant Furniture and Supplies:

Webstaurant Store

Restaurant Source

Wait Staff Uniforms

Food Warehouse

Central Restaurant


Menu Planner

iMovie How-To for Commercial

Restaurant Design Project Restaurant Commercials on SafeShare.TV: Longhorn Steakhouse Panera Bread Chick-fil-a Dunkin Donuts Outback Steakhouse McDonalds Cracker Barrel Panda Express


Restaurant Design Project - Georgia Standards

Restaurant Design Project Name: _________________________________ Date: __________ Helpful Websites Design Your Own Restaurant Helpful Websites: Blu...

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