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16 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=16)

17 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=17)

18 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=18)

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21 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=21)

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23 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=23)

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30 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=30)

31 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=31)

32 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=32)

33 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=33)

34 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=34)

35 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=35)

36 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=36)

37 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=37)

38 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=38)

39 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=39)

40 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=40)

41 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=41)

42 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=42)

43 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=43)

44 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=44)

45 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=45)

46 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=46)

47 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=47)

48 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=48)

49 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=49)

50 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=50)

51 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=51)

52 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=52)

53 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=53)

54 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=54)

55 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=55)

56 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=56)

57 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=57)

58 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=58)

59 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=59)

60 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=60)

61 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=61)

62 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=62)

63 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=63)

64 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=64)

65 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=65)

66 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=66)

67 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=67)

68 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=68)

69 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=69)

70 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=70)

71 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=71)

72 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=72)

73 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=73)

74 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=74)

75 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=75)

76 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=76)

77 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=77)

78 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=78)

79 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=79)

80 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=80)

81 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=81)

82 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=82)

83 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=83)

84 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=84)

85 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=85)

86 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=86)

87 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=87)

88 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=88)

89 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=89)

90 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=90)

91 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=91)

92 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=92)

93 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=93)

94 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=94)

95 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=95)

96 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=96)

97 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=97)

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99 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=99)

100 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=100)

101 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=101)

102 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=102)

103 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=103)

104 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=104)

105 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=105)

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107 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=107)

108 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=108)

109 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=109)

110 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=110)

111 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=111)

112 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=112)

113 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=113)

114 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=114)

115 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=115)

116 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=116)

117 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=117)

118 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=118)

119 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=119)

120 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=120)

121 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=121)

122 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=122)

123 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=123)

124 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=124)

125 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=125)

126 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=126)

127 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=127)

128 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=128)

129 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=129)

130 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=130)

131 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=131)

132 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=132)

133 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=133)

134 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=134)

135 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=135)

136 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=136)

137 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=137)

138 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=138)

139 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=139)

140 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=140)

141 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=141)

142 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=142)

143 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=143)

144 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=144)

145 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=145)

146 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=146)

147 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=147)

148 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=148)

149 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=149)

150 (/bible/book.php?id=23&bible_chapter=150)

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1 [For the choirmaster On the . . . of Gath Of the sons of Korah Psalm] How lovely are your dwelling-places, Yahweh

( Sabaoth. 2 My whole being yearns and pines for Yahweh's courts, My heart and my body cry out for joy to the living God.

3 Even the sparrow has found a home, the swallow a nest to place its young: your altars, Yahweh

( Sabaoth, my King and my God. 4 How blessed are those who live in your house; they shall praise you continually.

5 Blessed those who find their strength ( in you, whose hearts

are set on pilgrimage. 6 As they pass through the Valley of the Balsam, they make there a water-hole, and -- a further blessing

( -- early rain fills it. 7 They make their way from height to height, God ( shows

himself to them in Zion. 8 Yahweh, God ( Sabaoth, hear my prayer, listen, God

( of Jacob. 9 God, our shield, look, and see the face of your anointed.

10 Better one day in your courts than a thousand at my own devices, to stand on the threshold of God's house than

to live in the tents of the wicked. 11 For Yahweh ( God

( is a rampart and shield, he gives grace ( and glory; Yahweh ( refuses nothing good ( to those whose life ( is blameless. 12 Yahweh Sabaoth, blessed is he who trusts in you.

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Psalms - Chapter 84 - Bible - Catholic Online

Trending: Today's Reading ( Daily Reading for April 20th, 2018 (

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