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Project Management and Public Health Informatics Public Health Informatics and Information Systems pp 211-231 | Cite as James Aspevig (1) Email author ([email protected]) 1. Health Care Informatics, Montana Tech of the University of Montana, Butte, USA Chapter First Online: 25 October 2013 1 Readers 4.2k Downloads Part of the Health Informatics book series (HI)

Abstract The chapter provides a high-level overview of the discipline of project management, serving as a brief introduction to the Project Management Institute’s widely used methodology as it is often practiced in the field of public health informatics. The use of the project management process groups is described and explored from the perspective of the management of public health informatics projects. Key issues in the management of public health informatics projects are also highlighted in the project context. Specific tools and techniques likely to improve opportunities for public health informatics project success are identified and discussed. An understanding of project management techniques is essential for the public health manager, as informatics activities are often implemented as projects.

Keywords Project Management Information Systems Competencies Project Management Institute Project Management Body of Knowledge Process Group Public Health Informatics Institute

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