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Electronic Medical Records & Primary Health Care What is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)?


An electronic medical record (EMR) is a digital version of a paper chart that contains all of a patient’s medical history from one practice. An


EMR is mostly used by providers for diagnosis and treatment.

What are the benefits of an Electronic Medical Record? An EMR is more beneficial than paper records because it allows providers to:

HIPA Poster EMR Privacy Fact Sheet

Track data over time Identify patients who are due for preventive visits and screenings Monitor how patients measure up to certain parameters, such as vaccinations and blood pressure readings Improve overall quality of care in a practice The information stored in EMRs is not easily shared with providers outside of a practice. A patient’s record might even have to be printed out and delivered by mail to specialists and other members of the care team.

What personal health information is collected? The same information routinely entered in medical chart. such as,: Registration information Name, address, date of birth, health services number Medical information, treatment notes, prescriptions, lab test results, etc.

Is my personal information safe and confidential? Your personal health information will only be shared with another Health Provider if they are approved to use your information to provide care. All staff sign confidentiality agreements & will take great care to protect your personal health information.

Access to health information is tracked in EMR. A permanent record is created with time, date & who accessed the chart.

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Primary Health Care - Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

PRIMARY HEALTH CARE Electronic Medical Records & Primary Health Care What is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)? HEALTH INFORMATION An electronic m...

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