Primary Health Care: Definition, Elements and Principles

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Primary health care (PHC) is essential health ( care made universally accessible to individuals and acceptable to them, through full participation and at a cost the community ( and country can afford. It is an approach to health beyond the traditional health care system that focuses on health equity-producing social policy. Primary health-care (PHC) has basic essential elements and objectives that help to attain better health services for all.

Primary health care elements

There are 8 elements of primary-health care (PHC). That listed below1. E– Education concerning prevailing health problems and the methods of identifying, preventing and controlling them. 2. L– Locally endemic disease prevention and control. 3. E– Expanded programme of immunization ( against major infectious diseases. 4. M– Maternal and child health care including family planning. 5. E– Essential drugs arrangement. 6. N– Nutritional food supplement, an adequate supply of safe and basic nutrition. 7. T– Treatment of communicable and non-communicable disease and promotion of mental health. 8. S– Safe water and sanitation.

1. Expended options of immunizations. 2. Reproductive health needs. 3. Provision of essential technologies for health. 4. Health ( promotion. 5. Prevention and control of non-communicable diseases. 6. Food safety and provision of selected food supplements.


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Behind these elements lies a series of basic objectives that should be formulated in national policies in order to launch and sustain primary healthcare (PHC) as part of a comprehensive health system and coordination with other sectors. 1. Improvement in the level of health care of the community ( 2. Favorable population growth structure. 3. Reduction in the prevalence of preventable, communicable and other disease. 4. Reduction in morbidity and mortality rates especially among infants and children. 5. Extension of essential health services with priority given to the undeserved sectors. 6. Improvement in basic sanitation. 7. Development of the capability of the community aimed at self-reliance. 8. Maximizing the contribution of the other sectors for the social and economic development of the community. 9. Equitable distribution of health care (– according to this principle, primary care and other services to meet the main health problems in a community must be provided equally to all individuals irrespective of their gender, age, and caste, urban/rural and social class. 10. Community participation-comprehensive healthcare relies on adequate number and distribution of trained physicians, nurses, allied health professions, community health workers and others working as a health team and supported at the local and referral levels. 11. Multi-sectional approach-recognition that health ( cannot be improved by intervention within just the formal health sector; other sectors are equally important in promoting the health and self- reliance of communities. 12. Use of appropriate technology- medical technology should be provided that accessible, affordable, feasible and culturally acceptable to the community. More questions related this topic: 1. What is primary health care system? 2. Discuss about 8 essential elements of primary health-care. 3. Primary Health Care Definition, Goal, Principles and Strategies. 4. Components of primary health care world health organization. 5. Health education in primary health care a perspective. 6. Pillars of primary health care. 7. Primary health care concepts and principles. 8. Principles and elements of primary health-care.

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I am glad that primary health care is universally accessible to everyone. I would like to be able to heal my kinds whenever they get sick. It looks like from all of these elements that they are really reliable. Reply (

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Primary Health Care: Definition, Elements and Principles

Nursing Exercise June 11, 2016 By Maria Mona ( Helping the nursing students Primary health care (PHC) is e...

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