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Submitted by: Amy Duffer Greetings fellow members of the Greater Nashville Chapter of American Payroll Association! IMPORTANT!! It’s time to study! Sign up now! Cost is $60 for members and $75 for non-members. Click http:// to sign up. Certification exams are held twice a year for those interested in advancing their career opportunities. Our Chapter will be offering study groups for the Fall exam period, which is September 16 through October 1, 2017, to help prepare for that exam. CEU’s can also be earned by attending and/or teaching these sessions. The sessions, as well as the test, covers predominantly the 14 chapters, in the Payroll Source. Classes begin June 22nd! Planning is underway for our Greater Nashville Chapter full day seminar. I’m excited to announce that we will be holding this full day event on Thursday, September 28th. Agent Scott Augenbaum of the FBI will be speaking on payroll fraud! Mark Roberts from Dale Carnegie will be speaking on Planning to Achieve Goals and Managing Across Generations. Remember that this event is FOR YOU, so please share your voice in the planning of this event! I’m very excited about this opportunity! More details to come! Our mid-year membership drive continues in June, with the prize of a free APA webinar registration! You will receive an entry for each meeting you attend (between now and July), for each new member who joins and lists you as their referral, and for each guest you bring to a meeting.

Upcoming Events See page 12 or visit the GNC website under chapter calendar.

Our Mid-Year Membership special continues through June. Non-members can join the chapter for only $30.00. This is a great value, as members save $65.00 on statewide registration alone, so it is definitely worth the cost of membership! Continue to recommend chapter membership to colleagues or friends who work in payroll or human resources. This membership will be good for the remainder of the membership year which ends September 30, 2017. Please join, like, and share Facebook our page for an opportunity to win a webinar from APA! The drawing will be held soon!

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Pay Smart

JUNE 2017

President’s Corner Continued….. There are several major projects this year in addition to the study sessions which we need YOUR help and input to make them successful! This year the Tennessee Statewide Conference will be held in Murfreesboro this year at the Embassy Suites on August 9th through the 11th and is “Casino” themed “Pay Rolling on the River”. There is still time to register and remember that chapter members get a discount! The registration material is on our Tennessee Statewide website ( and there is additional information in the newsletter. National Payroll Week (known best as NPW) is another big even for the chapter. How about a Sounds game? Watch for the survey and be sure to respond if you might be interested in going to a game in late August. More details will be announced next month. Share with us what you are planning at your workplace! This is celebrated nationally the first week of September. This is the week that we try to let America know that without payroll professionals, this country would come to a halt. Our Chapter celebration is usually linked to our Community Service Project. The Hope Lodge has historically been our selected charity to serve in honor of this event. If you have other charities that we could be involved in, please get those suggestions in to us. Some of our members will also be going to high schools in the area to train students how to understand the deductions on their paycheck. Please encourage participation in this event at your company and if you would like to help with planning our NPW celebration, please let us know. Also, National APA helps you celebrate, by giving you a chance to win an average American’s weekly paycheck and a trip for two to Las Vegas. All that you have to do is go to and look under the sub-page for NPW or go to and take the five-minute NPW on-line survey called “Getting Paid in America”. This will automatically enter you in the drawing.

2017 Congress Awards:

3rd Place—Best Statewide Honorable Mention—COTY Honorable Mention—Chapter Pictorial

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Pay Smart

JUNE 2017

TSWB—TN Statewide Payroll Conference—August 9—11 REGISTER TODAY

13 RCH Credits!

TSWB along with all TN local APA chapters, Greater Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, and Chattanooga sincerely appreciate the generosity & support of our Sponsors!

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Pay Smart

JUNE 2017

MARK YOUR CALENDAR—TN STATEWIDE AUGUST 9—11 Are you gambling with your payroll?…... Don’t Miss Out On this incredible Learning opportunity!

Breakout Sessions General Session Key Note Speakers Vendor Hall Networking Great Food DJ & Dancing

Check out the TSWB website to register for the conference and select your breakout sessions! Embassy Suites:

DOOR PRIZES: If your company is willing to donate something please email Suzanne at : [email protected]

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Pay Smart

JUNE 2017

How to Find the Best Workplace for your Payroll Career

Finding a new payroll job is not unlike dating. To make the relationship work, you and your new company should be well matched in areas such as style and personality. Whether you’re an active or passive job candidate, here are seven factors to look for when assessing potential employers and planning your next steps in your payroll career: 1. An engaged communication style If you’ve ever worked for a company where information seldom trickles down to the staff level, you understand how frustrating a poor or nonexistent communication style can be. When evaluating potential workplaces, note how responsive they are to your messages. Do you have to wait days or weeks to hear back, or do your emails and phone calls get returned within a few hours? How’s their tone — curt and hurried, or friendly and respectful? An organization’s poor communication style can lead to low morale among staff and a high turnover rate. 2. A good work-life balance To attract top talent, companies are offering an assortment of perks that encourage employees to take care of themselves and spend more time with their families. And that makes perfect sense: The happier workers are, the more productive, creative and loyal they’re likely to be. As you research potential workplaces, take a good look at their job postings and website. Are they proud of their generous vacation policy and flexible scheduling? During the interview, ask hiring managers how the company helps employees balance work and personal life with policies such as telecommuting and flextime. 3. The right opportunities You want to be part of an organization that will invest in your future as a payroll professional. When speaking with hiring managers, ask what they offer in terms of professional training. Do they help pay for certification exams and payroll association fees? Will they allow you to take continuing professional education (CPE) courses on company time? Do they provide mentoring opportunities? Employers that value their workers typically put strong emphasis on professional development. 4. A suitable city Sometimes landing a top payroll job requires moving to another area. Finding the right city depends on your priorities. To help you weigh your options, Robert Half has put together a comprehensive list of all U.S. major cities — ranked by factors such as career prospects, quality of life, cost of living and cultural diversity. If you’re in a position to relocate, doing so could give your professional and personal life a boost.


5. A compatible culture Do you like fast-paced and challenging assignments, or do you prefer predictable and steady work? Is your preference to hang out after hours with colleagues, or are you more comfortable with well-defined professional boundaries? The best workplace is the one where you can feel at home each day, and where you’re a respected part of the team. 6. Similar values Robert Half’s recent study on working happy finds that organizational pride is one of the most powerful drivers of job satisfaction. People feel good about their role when they believe in what their employer is doing, such as improving the lives of their customers and making their community a better place. If you don’t believe in the mission of your company, you will have a hard time supporting it with your best efforts. 7. Above-average wages Of course, money can’t buy happiness, but not having enough leads to stress, disgruntlement and eventually your departure for greener pastures. The best workplace for your payroll career is one that recognizes your payroll skills and compensates you fairly for it. Check out our Salary Guide and Salary Calculator for starting salaries in various payroll positions. Then don’t be afraid to negotiate your starting salary. The job market is healthy for payroll professionals, so you can afford to be selective about your next employer. Don’t settle for so-so when you can land the job — and workplace — of your choice.


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Pay Smart

JUNE 2017

Congress Pictures —Orlando, TN—May 16-20

Congress ROCKS the WORLD! Orlando 2017

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Pay Smart

JUNE 2017

Congress Pictures —Orlando, TN—May 16-20

“Chia” and the Iconics faced off in the Battle of the Bands on the main stage Friday evening with our very own Bonetta Bond, FPC leading the Paymaniacs! Great Job Paymaniacs on 2nd Place!

Name that Tune! Tell Us Your Payroll Story in 5 Seconds… Audience Selected the Final Winner.

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Pay Smart

More Congress Pictures!

JUNE 2017

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Pay Smart

More Congress Pictures!

JUNE 2017

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Pay Smart

JUNE 2017

2017 NPW — It’s Not To Early to Start Planning!

Check out this amazing NPW artwork! The artist for 2017 is Eduardo Ramirez. He is a graphic artist and filmmaker in the San Antonio area. He is the Graphic Artist for Flight Safety Services Corporation at Lockland Air Force Base. We are looking for ideas for the chapter to celebrate NPW. Please take a few moments to participate in the Survey Money below: (if the link below does not open automatically, just copy and paste the link to your internet browser)

Lisa Odom, FPC, ADP-CPS Client Learning Specialist III, ADP Director NPW [email protected]

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Pay Smart

JUNE 2017

NATIONAL PAYROLL WEEK IS SEPTEMBER 4TH—8TH The 2017 NPW (National Payroll Week) survey is open! Please complete the short survey and send Lisa Odom ([email protected]) confirmation that you completed the survey. Please take a screen shot of the completion page It will look like the screen cap below. Your name will e entered into a drawing for a $25.00 gift card. The gift card drawings will happen at our June and July lunch meetings. You can win one time. In addition, the APA will put your name into a drawing for a free paycheck.(est. value $2000.00) and a free trip for 2 to Las Vegas! Please advertise the link to your friends & family. Must be 18 years of age. Link for the Survey: (if the link does not open, just copy and paste to your internet browser)

NPW Event Calendar! August 5th – NPW booth @ Bonetta Bond’s Church 11am – 6pm. August 10, 17th, 24th and Labor Day weekend - Hand out NPW Fans at the LIVE on the Green concerts August 26th – Group Outing – Sounds Game (more information to come) September 6th - Hope Lodge Community Service Dinner – (prepare a meal for residents Our NPW luncheon will be September 21st (Cool give away items! Bring ITEMS for Open Tablecommunity service) **NEED prize donations – check with your company!!

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Pay Smart

JUNE 2017

TAX UPDATES— Jan Taylor, CPP—Government Liaison **New on Pub. 1586, Reasonable Cause Regulations and Requirements for Missing and Incorrect Name/TINs (including instructions for reading CD/ DVDs) Pub. 4436, General Rules and Specifications for Substitute Form 941, Schedule B (Form 941), Schedule D (Form 941), and Schedule R (Form 941) Form 941-X (PR), Adjusted Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return or Claim for Refund (Puerto Rico Version) Form 941-X, Adjusted Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return or Claim for Refund Inst. 941-X, Instructions for Form 941-X, Adjusted Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return or Claim for Refund Form 12339-B, Information Reporting Program Advisory Committee Membership Application Pub. 5146, Employment Tax Returns: Examinations and Appeal Rights

** The IRS wants to remind taxpayers to prepare for hurricanes and other natural disasters now. By taking a few steps before disaster strikes, taxpayers can reduce their stress when it comes time to file claims or rebuild after the catastrophic event. **SSA Announces AccuWage Downloadable Not Available for TY 2017 W-2s. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has announced that after September 22, 2017, employers will not be able to use the AccuWage Downloadable application and will need to use AccuWage Online to check their tax year 2017 W-2 and W-2c files. **State and Local News. • Arizona – EFT filing threshold reduced • Arkansas – UI taxable wage base decreased • California – Milpitas minimum wage increased • District of Columbia – paid family leave law enacted • Idaho – creditor garnishment administrative fee allowed • Illinois – child support agency maximum withholding amount updated • Kentucky – computer and printer access for electronic pay statements required; payroll card law enacted • Nevada – minimum wage and daily overtime rates adjusted • New Jersey – Newark payroll tax change conditionally approved by legislature • New York – tax levies, service without warrant allowed • Utah – unclaimed wages, law amended • Virginia – data breach notification required • West Virginia – Madison city service fee initiated

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JUNE 2017

TAX UPDATES Continued — Jan Taylor, CPP—Government Liaison Tennessee Wage Payment Requirements Private employers must compensate employees at least one a mnth under a measure (H.B. 419) signed May 11 by Gov. Bill Haslam ® and effective immediately. Previously, employers had to pay wages at least semimonthly. Under the measure: Employers that pay wages monthly must pay all wages earned and unpaid in one month by the 5th day of the next month. Employers that pay wages at least twice a month must pay all wages earned and unpaid before the 16th day of a month by the fifth day of the next month.. All wages or compensation earned and unpaid before the first day of any month are to be paid no later than the 20th day of the next month. Vacation pay and any compensatory time owed under company policy a labor agreement must be included in the final wages of employees who quit or are discharged. Vermont Out of State Child Support Withholding Order Remittance Effective 7-1-17, employers must remit payment of child support withholding for out of state orders to the State Disbursement Unit or tribal agency designated on the order, rather than the Vermont Office of Child Support. This change to state law brings VT into compliance with the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, which requires an employer to implement a child support withholding order it receives directly from another state’s child support enforcement agency, so long as the order appears “regular on it’s face” meaning that any reaonale person would think the order is valid (see The Payroll Source, P. 9-21). Georgia Kin Care Law Enacted Effective 7-1-17, employers with 25 or more employees that already provide paid sick leave (PSL) to employees must allow employees who work at least 30 hours a week to use up to five days of already accrued PSL to care for an immediate family member.. Qualifying family members include an employee’s: child, spouse, grandchild, grandparent, parent, or dependents on the employee’s most recent tax return. Importantly, the law does not require an employer that does not already offer PSL to provide it. Minnesota Online Tax Business Center for Employers The Dept of Revenue recently announced its new online Business Center that enables companies to register for a state tax ID number, file and pay taxes, including withholding tax, at:

NEW: Region 7—APA Board of Advisor Jon Schausten, CPP / 317-248-6587 / [email protected] APA local chapters are divided into 8 regious across the US. Board of Advisors are selected by the APA President to serve a 2 year term. Their responsibilities including being an ambassador for the APA and a key resource and mentor for chapters located within their area of responsibility. Advisors represent and present ideas brought forth from the local chapters at the Summer Board meeting. Many of these ideas are incorporated into the APA organization to further enhance APA member benefits. This critical mid-year update, including the latest payroll compliance changes coming from Congress and federal agencies such as the IRS, SSA, DOL, and the Homeland Security Department. It's a comprehensive program that will prepare you to deal proactively with the details of these changes and keep your organization in compliance.

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Pay Smart

JUNE 2017

CPP & FPC Study Group Ekaterina Manning, CPP Dear Payroll Professionals, Nashville Chapter is excited to announce that we begin the Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) and Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) Study Group to assist in preparing for these tests in September-October 2017 window. Also, it is a great opportunity for people to receive additional RCH credits with existing certification. Classes will be held every Thursday from 6-8 PM beginning June 22 to September 14 at 404 BNA DR, Nashville TN 37217. Each class will be led by an Experienced Payroll Professional. The cost for Chapter Members is $60.00 and for Non Chapter Members is $75.00. Group will be sharing study materials and The Payrolls Source, however, it is recommended to purchase this book on your own. Please Click Here to order Payroll Source. If you are interested please sign up on our Chapters website using the link below. Please share this email if you may know anyone who is interested in attending the Study Group. For more information, please contact [email protected]

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Pay Smart

JUNE 2017

Officer Spotlight— Kathy Pack, CPP APA Liaison How long have you been a member of APA? 20 years in the GNC Chapter and 17 years at the National level

What are some of the benefits you have received through APA membership both National and Local? I was introduced

to the GNC by Leta Canfield and the rest is history. Through my association with the local chapter members and after my first trip to Congress, I joined the national APA. My first Congress I made the comment that someday I was going to be on that stage. That dream has come true. The GNC has received many recognitions and awards, and as member I have been in the spotlight as well. I serve on several committees at the national level ,and have received recognition for my service. It is amazing how your network grows both at the local and national level, and you know you can go to anyone in your network and they will be glad to answer questions and do anything they can to help you with your career as a payroll professional

How long have you been working in the payroll industry, and how did you get started? I have worked in payroll for over 20 years. My first payroll job was with Cracker Barrel as a processor, and I have been blessed to progress in my career to be a payroll supervisor, payroll manager, implementation specialist, and a payroll tax manager.

Tell me about the key people that have influenced you or made a strong impact on your career success? One of the key

people that has influenced me in my career is Leta Canfield. She encouraged me to study and sit for the CPP exam. She was an awesome teacher, mentor and friend. I have had several members of the GNC Chapter that have encouraged me to be the best that I can be and have taught me that you can do anything you set your mind to. Thank you chapter members and officers for always being there for me.

How often do you process your payroll, and what system do you use? LKQ has weekly and bi-weekly payrolls and we are currently on Kronos.

What has been your greatest accomplishment? My greatest professional accomplishment would have to be get-

ting my CPP certification. Having my CPP has opened up many doors for me. I have had several mentors from the GNC and the national APA that have encouraged me, and I hope that I am able to give back by being a help and inspiration to other payroll professionals.

If you weren’t in payroll, what career could you see yourself working? I enjoy teaching and training so probably a teacher.

What are your hobbies and/or personal interests? I love doing arts and crafts and dabble a little bit in painting and sketching. I love casino trips, football, hiking, and just starting to get into photography.

What payroll trends do you see growing in the future? The technology in payroll has gotten so ad-

vanced that it is hard to keep up. The advancement of the mobile workforce is amazing. Who would have thought you would be able to clock in on your cell phone. You can do all your banking on your phone, and it is going to get to the point you don’t have to go to an office or go to the bank. Everything can be handled remotely.

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Pay Smart

JUNE 2017

Events Schedule

Virtual Congress Free to APA members 15 RCH credits Visit for complete event details.

June 15 GNC Chapter Meeting

TN Statewide Payroll Conference


August 9—11, 2017


Theme: Pay Rolling on the River Are you Gambling with your Payroll? Location: Murfreesboro, TN

Payroll Tax Forum June 16, 2017 Nashville, TN

APA - 35th Annual Congress May 16—20, 2017 Garnishment Forum

Orlando, FL

August 9, 2017 Nashville, TN

National Payroll Week September 4-8, 2017

2017 Monthly GNC Chapter Meetings

Preparing for Year End and 2018

Millennium Maxwell House Hotel

October 20, 2017

February 16

August—statewide only

Nashville, TN

March 16

September 21

April 20

October 19

GNC One Day Seminar

May 11

November 16

September 28., 2017

June 15

December 14

Willis Conference Center

July 20

January—no meeting

Nashville, TN

Links (you can copy and paste links to your internet browser) TSWB TN Statewide Board

National APA

Greater Nashville Chapter


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Pay Smart

Pay Smart JUNE 2017

Greater Nashville Chapter Officer’s Title



Amy Duffer

President Elect:

Lisa Wachter, CPP


Bonetta Bond, FPC


Janet McReynolds, CPP

Director Of Membership:

Valerie Phillips, CPP

Director Of Education:

Jay Sharp, ADP-CPS

Director Of Public Relations:

Melinda Stewart, CPP

APA Liaison:

Kathy Pack, CPP

Government Liaison:

Jan Taylor, CPP

Director of NPW:

Lisa Odom, FPC, ADP-CPS

Director of Fundraising /Community Service:

Ekaterina Manning, CPP

Website Administrator:

Amy Duffer

Help Desk Administrator:

Valerie Phillips, CPP

News Letter Editor:

Lisa Wachter, CPP

Chapter Mission Statement: To PROVIDE economical, quality education and networking opportunities to Middle Tennessee Payroll Professionals. PROMOTE excellence within our profession. MOTIVATE and EMPOWER our members by providing the tools to be knowledgeable concerning the constantly changing and complex federal, state, and local regulatory issues.

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JUNE 2017

Pay Smart

Greater Nashville Chapter of The American Payroll Association P. O. Box 292937 Nashville, TN 37227-2937

TN APA Chapters Region 7. Regional Advisor: Jon Schausten, CPP

Newsletter Published by Lisa Wachter, CPP Phone: 615-855-4000 Cell: 615-308-3957 E-mail: [email protected]

June Birthdays Jun 4

Tine Pursley

Jun 4

Sanja Udovicic

Jun 7

Jay Sharp, ADP-CHRS

Jun 13 Michelle Hall, CPP Jun 13 William (Butch) Dwyer Jun 21 Linda Winders, CPP Jun 24 Kimberly Shoop, CPP Jun 27 Kathy Pack, CPP Jun 27 Melinda Wiley, CPP Jun 28 Michael Richardson, SHRM-CP Jun 29 Wanda McClendon

[email protected] 317-248-6587


pay smart - Nashville, Tennessee

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