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Reset or change your password Have you forgotten or do you want to change your password? Enter your details below and identify yourself with your ING bank card and card reader in order to reset your password. For security reasons, you will not be able to use Home’Bank or Business’Bank for a period of 24 hours after resetting your password. After this period of 24 hours, log in again with your ING ID and card number and click on the link “New password”. You will automatically be redirected to the page where you can create a new password. ING is committed to ensuring maximum security in Home’Bank and Business’Bank. Nevertheless, there are certain steps you can take to boost the security of your internet banking. Be sure to change your password regularly and read our tips for secure internet banking.

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Card lost or stolen? Call Card Stop on +32 70 344 344

2. Identification

Learn about online security 1. Insert your ING bank card into the ING Card Reader and press:

No ING Card Reader yet? Need a new card reader? Request it online!

2. Enter the pin of your ING bank card and press: 3. Enter the number appearing on the ING Card Reader screen, without spaces.

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Open a free current account online, receive your bank card, use Home'Bank, manage your transactions and so on. 4 easy steps!


Online banking | Reset your ING Home'Bank password - ING Belgium

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