Socio-Economic and Cultural History of India [1858-1947] M. Phil. Special Paper Unit I Colonial Economy Drain of Wealth - Deindustrialization - Commercialization of Agriculture - Stages of Colonialism - Indian Capitalist Development - Trade Unions Unit II Peasant and Tribal Movements Indigo Revolt - Deccan riots - Punjab Peasant Discontent – Champaran - Kheda - Moplah crisis - Kisan Sabhas - Bardoli Satyagraha - All Indian Kisan Congress - Tebhaga Movement - Punnapra Vayalar - Telengana Movement Unit III Socio-Cultural Reform Movem ents Brahmo Samaj - Arya Samaj - Ramakrishna Movement - Theosophical Movement Aligarh Movement - Deobandh School - Sathya Shodhak Samaj - SNDP - Self Respect Movement Unit IV Growth of Communalism Sir Syed Ahmed khan - idea of Pakistan - Muslim League - Muhammad Ali Jinnah League vs Congress - Vir Savarkar - Golwalkar - Communal riots - Partition of India Unit V Press in India Development of Press in India up to 1857 - Licensing Act - Registration Act, 1867 Vernacular Press Act, 1878 - Newspapers [Incitement to Offence] Act, 1908 - Indian Press Act, 1910 - Indian Press [Emergency Powers] Act, 1931 - Press Laws Enquiry Committee, 1948 - Press and Nationalism Unit VI Growth of Education Education commissions - Growth of Universities - Role of Missionaries - Emergence of Middle class Reading list Sumit Sarkar Bipin Chandra Bipin Chandra Bipin Chandra Tara chand B. L. Grover & S. Grover Aparna Basu Aparna Basu C.H. Heimsath Kenneth Jones A.R. Desai R.P. Dutt Journals

: Modern India, 1885-1947 : India’s struggle for Independence : Rise and Growth of Economic Nationalism in India : Communalism in India : History of Freedom Movement in India (IV Vols) : A New Look at Modern Indian History : Essays in the History of Indian Education : Growth of Education and Political Development in India, 1898-1920 : Indian Nationalism and Hindu Social Reform : Socio-Religious Reform Movements in British India : Social Background of Indian Nationalism : India Today

The Indian Historical Review Indian Economic and Social History Review Studies in History Social scientist Journal of Indian History and Culture History of Contemporary Tamilnadu [1947-2000] M. Phil.

Content Paper

Unit I Formation of Tamilnadu Madras Presidency - States Reorganization Act, 1953 – Integration of Tamil Districts Renaming of Madras State as Tamilnadu Unit II Congress InTamilnadu [1947-1967] 1947-1952: Congress Ministries – Rajaji’s Second Ministry, 1952-54 - Kamaraj Era, 1954-63 –Bhaktavatsalam, 1963-1967 Unit III Evolution and the Work of Regional Parties Formation of DMK - Rise of AIADMK – PMK Unit IV General Elections 1957, 1962, 1967, 1971, 1977 Unit V Power Factors in Tamilnadu Politics Caste - Films and Television - Press Unit VI Issues Anti-Hindi Agitation - Centre-State Relations - Sethusamudhram Project - Srilankan Tamil Issue - Cauvery Water Dispute Unit VII Socio- Economic Condition Education – Health - Women & Law - Industries & Employment - Agriculture &Rural development Reading list Muthusamy, M.S. Barnett, M.R. Copley, A.R. Narasimhan, V.K. Ramanujam, K.S. Ramanujam, K.S. Spratt Mohandas, K. Viswanathan, E.Sa. Rajayyan, K. Thandavan, R.

: K.Kamaraj: A Socio-Political Study : Politics and Cultural Nationalism in South India : Political Career of C.Rajagopalachari, 1937-1954 : Kamaraj - A Study : The Big Change : Challenge and Response : DMK in Power : MGR: The Man and the Myth : The Political Career of E.V. Ramaswami Naicker : History of Tamilnadu 1565-1982 : All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazagham

Aggarwal, J.C. : Election in India 1952-96 & Choudry, N.K. Ganesan, P.C. : Builders of Modern India - C.N. Annadurai Ganesan, P.C. : Daughter of South – Biography of Jayalalitha Nagaraj, K. : Tamilnadu Economy, (Mimeo) Tamilnadu Human Development Report, (Government of Tamilnadu&, Social Science Press: New Delhi, 2003) Historiography and Research Methodology M. Phil. Unit I Meaning – Nature – Scope and Varieties of History Unit II Philosophy of History – St. Augustine – Hegel – Marx – Collingwood and Toynbee Unit III Dating the Past – Traditional and Scientific Methods – Quantitative Methods Unit IV Internal and External Criticism – Problems and Solutions Unit V Documentation – Footnote and its uses – Bibliography, its kind and uses Unit VI Sources of History – Government and Private Records – Government and Writing of History Unit VII Biographies of western and Indian Historians – Their approaches to history – Thucydides, James Mill, Vincent A. Smith, Collingwood, and Toynbee – D.D. Kosambi, Nilakanta Sastri, R.C. Majumdar, Krishnaswami Ayyanger Reading list Fritz Stern John Webster, C.B. Sen, S.P. Sheik Ali, B. Subramanian, N. Philips, C.H. Carr, E.H. Dray, W.H.

: Varieties of History : Studying History : Historians and Historiography in Modern India : History: Its Theory and Methods : Historiography : Historians of India, Pakistan and Ceylon : What is History? : Philosophy of History

Shafer, R.J. Barzun and Graff Hock H. Hammer Barrowclough, G. Malickel, ed. Sreedharan, E. 

: A Guide to Historical Methods : Modern Researcher : The Critical Method in Historical Writing : Main Trends in History : The Struggle for the Past: Historiography Today : A Textbook of Historiography



M.PHIL HISTORY Socio-Economic and Cultural History of India [1858-1947] M. Phil. Special Paper Unit I Colonial Economy Drain of Wealth - Deindustria...

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