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[email protected] on behalf of [email protected] Wednesday, May 29, 2013 3:37 PM Steve Glazner Inside APPA, Vol. 13, No. 11

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May 29, 2013 Vol. 13, No. 11

APPA Events May 30, 2013 APPA Drive-In Workshop (spons. by Heapy Engineering & Technical Assurance) Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH May 31, 2013 Early Bird Registration Deadline Extended for APPA 2013 Minneapolis, MN

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CONTENTS Headline News APPA News Professional Development and Credentialing APPA Information & Research Industry News

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Jun 11, 2013 APPA Drive-In Workshop (spons. by Grainger) Edgewood College, Madison, WI Jun 26, 2013 APPA Drive-In Workshop (spons. by Eaton) Metropolitan Community College Penn Valley, Kansas City, MO

HEALTHY CAMPUS. HEALTHY STUDENTS.® From dining halls to lecture halls and all buildings in between – xpedx Facility Solutions Advisors combine product distribution and institutional cleaning expertise to improve efficiency, reduce total costs and meet sustainability objectives. Cleaning supplies, personal care, floor care and more. Watch our video at

Jun 28, 2013 1

Credentialing Prep Course & Exam (CEFP & EFP) Cambridge, MA

HEADLINE NEWS Aug 1, 2013 APPA's SFO Summit Minneapolis, MN Aug 1, 2013 APPA's Emerging Professionals Summit Minneapolis, MN Aug 2-4, 2013 APPA 2013: Annual Conference & Exhibition Minneapolis, MN Aug 5, 2013 Credentialing Prep Course & Exam (CEFP & EFP) Minneapolis, MN (in conjunction with APPA 2013) Sep 8-12, 2013 APPA U: Institute for Facilities Management Fort Lauderdale, FL Sep 8-12, 2013 APPA U: Leadership Academy Fort Lauderdale, FL Sep 13, 2013 Credentialing Prep Course & Exam (CEFP & EFP) Ft. Lauderdale, FL Sep 19, 2013 Credentialing Prep Course & Exam (CEFP & EFP) San Diego, CA Sep 26, 2013 Credentialing Prep Course & Exam (CEFP & EFP) Colorado Springs, CO Sep 28, 2013

The Latest Issue of Facilities Manager Magazine: What You Need to Know on Sustaining Leadership How does sustainability fit into your organization's strategic goals? How can you sustain excellence in our field through mentoring? How can we best define "sustainability" to know if our efforts are indeed "sustainable." The May/June issue of APPA's Facilities Manager magazine helps you answer these questions. Check out these feature articles: Facility Management's Role in Organizational Sustainability By Gregory K. Adams Mentoring Programs: An Opportunity to "Pay it Forward" by Darcy Loy Sustainability and Higher Education, a (Hypothetical) Love Story By Lindsay Eva Wagner Access the issue today!

APPA NEWS APPA's Online Membership Directory Links You to a Network of Knowledgeable Peers If you haven't accessed APPA's online Membership Directory lately, you're missing out on a valuable resource for linking you to the solutions you need. Whether it's for specific guidance, a peer's opinion, informal knowledge sharing, or other purposes, you'll find the Membership Directory a great way to connect with APPA's vast membership—your colleagues who share the same challenges that you do and are creating our field's most innovative solutions. The Directory is only accessible by APPA members. Access it today in one of two ways: through your myAPPA login and also through Many thanks to our business partners for their support of the Directory: Distech Controls, Inc. Olympus Building Services, Inc. Temp-Air, Inc.

Renew Your APPA Membership Today APPA's Online Body of Knowledge (BOK) Now an Automatic Benefit of Membership In addition to its many advantages in terms of helping you be a better leader and helping your organization perform its best, APPA membership now has another major benefit. Beginning this year, the digital Body of Knowledge (BOK) is included as a member benefit when you pay your annual dues. The BOK is a database of 60+ chapters that will assist you in your search for professional guidance, best practices, policies and 2

Credentialing Prep Course & Exam (CEFP & EFP) Galveston, TX Sep 30-Oct 4, 2013 Supervisors Toolkit Bowling Green, KY Oct 15-18, 2013 ACUHO-I/APPA Housing Facilities Conference Providence, RI Oct 31, 2013 Credentialing Prep Course & Exam (CEFP & EFP) Grand Rapids, MI Feb 2-6, 2014 APPA U: Institute for Facilities Management Dallas, TX Feb 2-6, 2014 APPA U: Leadership Academy Dallas, TX Apr 12, 2014 Credentialing Prep Course & Exam (CEFP & EFP) El Paso, TX

APPA Region & Chapter Events Jun 27-28, 2013 MD/DC APPA Annual Educational Program McHenry, MD Sep 14-18, 2013 PCAPPA Annual Conference San Diego, CA Sep 23-25, 2013 RMA Annual Conference Colorado Springs, CO

procedures, and solutions to your leading facilities management challenges. Peer-reviewed and comprehensive, the BOK contains the knowledge and insight you need to lead. Renewal notices for APPA membership have been mailed to all member and business partner institution primary representatives. You may pay online and manage your membership by logging into myAPPA, or pay by check via mail. THANK YOU to those who have already renewed their APPA membership. If you haven't yet, please pay promptly to retain the many benefits of membership.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND CREDENTIALING APPA 2013 Annual Meeting & Exhibition Register early and save! Early bird registration discounts end June 3. Celebrating Innovation & Preparing for the Next Horizon August 2-4, 2013 Minneapolis, Minnesota APPA 2013 is the premier event for the facilities professionals offering the ultimate networking and learning experience for facilities officers, directors, and management personnel at every level and from around the world. At APPA 2013 you will explore the latest trends, challenges, and solutions facing facilities organizations within colleges and universities, K-12 public and private schools, and other institutions of learning. Enjoy over 50 conference sessions with diverse perspectives from today’s leading facilities officers, campus administrators, college presidents, students, and education experts. Meet and network with educational facilities professionals throughout the United States, Canada, and from around the world. Come to APPA 2013 to learn from and be part of the group of professionals shaping campus facilities excellence. Register now to save! Early-bird discounts end June 3.

Don't Miss APPA 2013's Dynamic Headline Events Two not-to-be-missed sessions headline this year's APPA 2013 conference. If you haven't already, make sure to register for APPA 2013 today. We know you'll agree that learning more about two of our profession's most critical issues will be invaluable to both you and your institution. Reimagining the Future of Higher Education Higher education plays a vital role in supporting the economy, and professionals in this sector need to innovate to keep pace. Becoming a savvy user of technology is now a requirement, regardless of your career path. The Reimagining the Future panel will review the impact of forces such as massive open online courses, big data, predictive analytics, and the "Internet of Everything" on higher education. Attend to learn about the new challenges and opportunities these forces hold for our profession. This session is sponsored by:

Sep 29-Oct 2, 2013 CAPPA Annual Our Asset, Our Burden—The Future of Campus Space 3

Conference Galveston, TX Sep 29-Oct 2, 2013 ERAPPA Annual Conference Rochester, NY Oct 12-15, 2013 SRAPPA Annual Conference Lake Lanier Islands, GA

While the value of buildings and grounds can be calculated, college and university spaces have a greater intrinsic value far beyond the calculable. They hold memories and emotional significance for students, faculty, alumni, staff and the community. In sum, they represent an institution's ethos. Yet, in this era of constrained budgets, declining state support, and increasing tuition fees, institutions are assessing their limited resources and realizing that their space needs an effective management strategy. The experts in this highly charged session will discuss the challenges of space management, coming advancements, and best practices to embrace. Sponsored by:

Register for APPA 2013 today!

Oct 27-31, 2013 MAPPA Annual Conference Grand Rapids, MI

APPA 2013 — Celebrating Innovation & Preparing for the Next Horizon

Other Events

SPECIAL PROGRAM OFFERINGS at APPA 2013 Celebrate our Emerging Professionals and Senior Facilities Officers

Jun 12, 2013 Metering and Industrial Fluids Allentown, PA Sep 12, 2013 Metering and Industrial Fluids Chicago, IL Sep 28, 2013 Green Apple Day of Service Your campus & community Oct 23, 2013 Campus Sustainability Day Your campus Oct 23-26, 2013 PGMS School of Grounds Management & GIE+Expo Louisville, KY Nov 14, 2013 Metering and Industrial Fluids Allentown, PA

Emerging Professionals Summit August 1, 2013 Recognizing the importance of expanding our Emerging Professionals ranks and allowing their ideas to flourish, APPA is thrilled to announce its first Emerging Professionals Summit, to take place August 1 at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis in Minneapolis, MN. The 2013 Summit will provide a unique opportunity for emerging facilities professionals and students to engage with senior leaders in the educational facilities field. You'll be able to explore what the future of higher education will be in 2015 and beyond, share a conversation with past APPA Presidents in a fireside chat, and much more. If you consider yourself an emerging professional, this is an event not to miss. If you are one of our “more seasoned” educational facilities professionals, you can’t afford not to send your emerging professionals to this summit. Our future rests on their shoulders and the opportunities we afford them today. Learn more. Senior Facilities Officers Summit August 1, 2013 APPA’s Senior Facilities Officers Summit is back by popular demand. The program provides a unique opportunity to engage with leaders in the educational facilities field, one in which you will share information and develop critical strategies that will serve your institution for years to come. Programming for this year’s summit will deliver sessions from invited experts on the importance of space management; massive open online courses, what are they and what impact will they have on facilities; and much more. This highly rated and thoughtfully constructed program is designed with input from leading facilities officers from learning institutions within APPA’s own membership. Learn more. Choose the event that best suits you or your staff, and register today!


Get Your Career on Track for Success—Become APPA Certified! Register today and receive a discount of $200 off your exam fee! Upcoming Credentialing Prep Courses and Exams: Friday, June 28, 2013 - MIT University, Cambridge, MA Managing a campus is like managing a small city. It requires vision and comprehensive understanding of structures and their environments. Gaining an APPA certificate shows that you get it: you are familiar with standards and best practices, have the ability to perform research-backed stewardship, and know the facts and principles that contribute to creative and sound decision making. Learn more about what APPA’s Educational Facilities Professional (EFP) credential and the Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP) designation can do for your career. Register for an upcoming prep course and exam today!

Supervisor's Toolkit Training Announced Western Kentucky University Bowling Green, KY September 30 - October 4, 2013 Cost: $549 Register before September 13, 2013 Western Kentucky University turns into a campus facilities management training center this fall as it hosts APPA's Supervisor's Toolkit program. The Toolkit training, supported by SRAPPA, provides what you need to lead in a facilities workplace that is being transformed by intense competition, advancing technology, changing values, and the global economy. Learn more and register today!

APPA INFORMATION & RESEARCH Thought Leaders Report 2012: Campus Space...An Asset and a Burden The 2012 Thought Leaders Symposium, sponsored in part by DTZ, a UGL company, and Jacobs, identified major issues, trends, and recommendations related to the topic of space management and utilization in higher education. The report developed from the event presents opportunities to improve your space allocation and management strategy. It will help you:     

Align space management to the mission of the institution Make space one of your institution's top assets Change the culture of space Develop effective policies, processes, and organizational structures to manage space Implement a space inventory system to understand resources 5

and identify needs Address space utilization by assembling credible data and adopting best practices

Access the insights of Campus Space...An Asset and a Burden. The report is free to APPA members; $15 for nonmembers.

Benchmarking & Organizational Change, second edition Fully revised and updated from the classic best-seller of 2000, Benchmarking & Organizational Change will assist you in integrating your organization's technical, human, and economic aspects to help optimize your business and planning results. Author Mo Qayoumi, APPA Fellow and president of San Jose State University, helps organizations embrace rapid and perpetual change and practice the principles of effective benchmarking. Benchmarking will help you:      

Stimulate creativity across the enterprise Minimize or eliminate complacency and the superficial mindset Expand horizons beyond your industry Enhance sensitivity to external factors Align your business strategies to action plans Create an ongoing sense of urgency to remain competitive and, possibly, outpace your competition

Order from the APPA Bookstore!

APPA Publishes New Facilities Performance Indicators Report! The 2011-12 Facilities Performance Indicators (FPI) report has been published and is ready for access. All participating institutions have free access to the entire report. Others may purchase the Web-based report and database at the following rates: APPA member/survey participant: Free APPA member/survey non-participant: $500 Nonmember/survey participant: $895 Nonmember/survey non-participant: $1,000 Learn more and order the report at

INDUSTRY NEWS Save the Date for Campus Sustainability Day 2013 11th Annual Campus Sustainability Day Climate Adaptation: Resilient Campuses & Communities Wednesday October 23, 2013 Campus Sustainability Day is a time to recognize the successes, challenges, and innovation of sustainability in higher education on each campus. How will your campus integrate this year’s theme into projects and programs to celebrate? Submit your campus events to have them posted to the AASHE website. Visit to learn more.

Research on Learning Space Design: Present State, Future Directions | First Perry M. Chapman Prize Report Now 6

Available The Society for College and University Planning's (SCUP's) first Chapman Prize Report is available for SCUP nonmembers to download through May for free, as part of the Call for the 2013 prize, which ends with the month of May. The Report is a comprehensive literature search covering research about the effects of physical space on learning, It contains the insights gained from the call for responses to a research proposals to answer the question: "How does the physical campus support institutional missions of learning and engagement?" Go here to download this report in PDF, EPUB (iPad, Nook, etc.), and MOBI (Kindle).

University of Utah Residence Hall Receives LEED Gold The University of Utah’s newest residence hall recently received gold certification using Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards, making it the first LEED-certified university residence hall in Utah. The 167,000-square-foot Donna Garff Marriott Honors Residential Scholars Community exceeded minimum efficiency standards by more than 30 percent, resulting in $55,000 annual energy savings. Learn more.

UC Davis Earns 5th LEED Platinum Certification The University of California Davis' new Student Community Center features low-flow water fixtures, hydration stations, highefficiency lighting, a lawn-less landscape of drought-tolerant plants and permeable paving, and computers powered partly by solar energy. During construction, students from the campus Waste Reduction and Recycling program developed a job-site composting program, and builders also donated scrap materials to the university’s student-run Aggie ReUse Store. Learn more.

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Microsoft Office Outlook - Memo Style

Steve Glazner From: Sent: To: Subject: [email protected] on behalf of [email protected] Wednesday, May 29, 2013 3:37 PM Steve Glazner Inside APPA, V...

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