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On Co-op News [[email protected]] Thursday, July 08, 2010 2:24 PM Mark Ventry The On Co-op e-newsletter July 7, 2010

Information for and about Ontario's co-operative & Credit Union sectors, stakeholders and champions.


The On Co-op e-newsletter VOLUME 5 ISSUE 7 July 7, 2010 This message is being sent to

A 1.5-acre site in Barrie, Ontario will contain an 18,000-square-foot Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) store - the 14th in Canada, the fourth in Ontario and the most [email protected] (change/unsubscribe details below). environmentally friendly yet. From an invisible site-contained storm water management system, to the saw-toothed roof allowing the store to be naturally lit while also collecting up to 100 kilowatts of solar power, Barrie's Mountain Equipment Unable to read this document? View a PDF Co-op is intended to be held up as a model of environmental efficiency.

version at

The building itself is designed for end of life, so its parts can be recycled when its use has expired. Instead of welding, steel will be bolted and screwed. Building components IN THIS ISSUE... are chosen based, in part, on how they can be later re-used. And while it's being built, a manual on how to disassemble the building will be developed. 1. MEC's Most Environmentally Friendly Store Yet At the same time, points out Sandy Treagus, its chief financial officer who is overseeing the $6.5-million construction project, the store itself must prove to be sustainable from 2. Video Series Answers Questions on a business perspective. Full article at the Barrie Examiner: 1


Governance Issues


3. Starnews Becomes Community-based Credit Union


4. How Local Can You Go? 5. HST and Housing Co-op Shares

Brown Governance has released a number of practical and easily understandable issues 6. Government Relations Committee to on a number of board and governance issues. Refocus Efforts Topics include 'We have a rubber stamp board, what do we do?' 'What can we do with a 7. The Path to Shorter Hyperlinks director that doesn't fit?' 'What is executive and board coaching?' and 'Why conduct a 8. As Featured at the On Co-op Facebook board evaluation? Check them out Page at · 9. Canadian Press to Demutualize



10. CYL Changes Lives


Starnews Credit Union, which recently acquired the King York Newsmen Credit Union, THE CO-OP JOB BANK has opened its bond to the community. SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE AND OTHER "For a credit union, it is definitely true that there is strength in numbers. The addition INFORMATION of King York Newsmen gives us a broader membership base. We plan to build on that as an open-bond credit union," said George De La Rosa, CEO. If any external links or web addresses do not click through, please cut and paste The expansion comes at a time when the newspaper industry has been faced with directly into your web browser. layoffs and uncertainty. "That's when we shine brightest as a credit union," said board chair Mike Mozewsky. "After all, we're employees ourselves. It's our credit union. That's why we offer financial planning seminars, special loan and mortgage conditions MEETINGS and HAPPENINGS for members on strike or who are laid off, and just a more sympathetic culture in general". ·


4. HOW LOCAL CAN YOU GO? Eat Local Sudbury Co-operative wants to know, “How LOCAL can you go?!?” 2

 June 26-Aug 21. Co-operative Young Leaders camp. Lake St. George ON.  July 27-30. ACE Conference: Crossroads, Choosing Cooperation. Cleveland OH.  October 20. The 10th annual Co-operative Conference and Gala. Royal

The co-op is issuing a 9-week challenge for everyone in its community to create and enjoy a dinner made up entirely of Ontario ingredients, with an emphasis on those that are produced within 150 miles of Sudbury. The co-op hopes that on every Thursday in July and August people in the community will connect with local farmers and producers. Eat Local Sudbury has created a Facebook event page for its challenge.

Botanical Gardens, Burlington ON  November 4-5. The 26th annual Directors' Forum. Hilton Hotel, Toronto.



Is your co-op/credit union or sector-related event listed here? Send us the details! TOP



A Canada Revenue Agency info sheet discusses how an individual who buys a share in a Place your co-op and credit union job openings housing co-op may be entitled to claim an Ontario new housing rebate in respect of the on the On Co-op job bank. Send us the provincial part of the HST. There are a number of conditions and qualifications, details! including that the co-op paid HST on the acquisition of the new housing, or had to account for the HST on the fair market value of the new housing (building and land). TOP Check out the HST housing Info sheet ·





Because you are part of the co-operative and credit union sectors, or have expressed an interest in the co-operative movement, you are On Co-op’s Government Relations Committee has been re-evaluating its advocacy one of more than 6,000 people receiving the On strategy over the past 6 years. While the co-op sector in Ontario has come a long way in Co-op e-newsletter. All information in this eraising much-needed awareness for Ontario’s co-operatives and credit unions in newsletter has been received from sources general, the true value of having a more collaborative relationship with the province has not been understood or accepted; little has happened since the Resolution calling believed to be reliable. On Co-op cannot be for the establishment of a provincial Co-operatives Secretariat was unanimously passed held responsible for the accuracy of submitted in the legislature on December 14th, 2006. material, or the content of external websites or redirections.

A recently developed sub-committee will help reframe the key messaging and focus of co-op advocacy efforts. While the push for a Co-op Secretariat will continue as the ultimate goal, we will request that the province work with us to create an environment UNSUBSCRIBE. To discontinue receiving that is more favourable to co-operatives and credit unions. We will ask that co-ops be the On Co-op e-newsletter, click here. put on an equal footing as other forms of business enterprise, through initiatives such as improving the current regulatory environment and creating financial measures to SUBSCRIBE. Co-op information is best when encourage investment in co-ops. 3

The sub-committee has devised a province-wide petition, asking all employees and members of Ontario’s 1,300 co-operatives to sign and support these initiatives. They will also work on devising a pre-election campaign strategy, with the hope that all Ontario co-ops and credit unions will become actively engaged in advocating their local MPPs to consider such a collaboration – whether by attending an all-candidates meeting, or by inviting their MPP to tour their co-op and take a photo op, for example.

shared! If this message didn't come directly from On Co-op, click here to be added to our distribution list, or send your contact information to [email protected] with SUBSCRIBE NEWSLETTER in the subject line. You are encouraged to forward the On Co-op eWhile the sub-committee will help to steer this momentum, the real work must be done newsletter to others!

by the co-op sector – MPPs want to talk to their constituents, so let’s work cooperatively to get government to listen More about On Co-op's government relations work at ·


7. THE PATH TO SHORTER HYPERLINKS On Co-op's website contains a huge amount of information, some of which may be difficult to access quickly. Our site (like many others) often publicizes direct links to some of our pages. These links - also called URLs - such as are long and difficult to type.

CHANGE OR UPDATE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION. Click here to tell us of changes to your electronic or postal addresses. We also appreciate knowing if you receive duplicates or if your name, title or other contact information needs to be corrected. On Co-op does not lend, rent or sell e-mail addresses or contact information.

SUBMISSIONS. Add On Co-op to your print and electronic mailing lists. Send us your coHERE'S A SOLUTION: Go to where you can shorten web addresses into op/ credit union/sector information and news, neat, tiny and customizable URLs to be used on the web ( or Twitter, Facebook, including your job postings, annual reports, etc) or sent to friends. newsletters, media releases, conferences, etc. is a free service of the Cooperative Press, the UK publishers of the weekly news We reserve the right to select and edit from the magazine Co-operative News, which itself can be found online at information we receive. Oh, and that previously long On Co-op URL? We shortened it to [Thanks to the New Zealand Co-operatives Association for the tip.] ·



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Check our Facebook page for more news on Ontario, Canadian and international co-op ABOUT THE ONTARIO CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION. On Co-op develops, unites news. Items recently featured include:

and promotes co-operatives throughout the

Dumpster Rental Co-operative and Kawartha Lakes Co-operative Auction 4

    

Markets each demonstrate the versatility of the co-op business model; Tell us about your co-op anniversary so we can help promote it; Broaden your co-op knowledge through the Co-op Management Certificate Program; Learn how housing co-ops differ from other types of housing; Bill 168,the preventing workplace violence and harassment bill is now in effect; The On Co-op AGM was exciting (no, really!) with a tie vote during the election and a presentation by Guelph's mayor on the city as a centre of co-op excellence

Scroll through these and other postings at Become a FAN of our Facebook page and get breaking co-op news with an On Co-op perspective. Our goal is to reach 1300 Fans -- one for every co-op in Ontario. ·



province of Ontario. We are a co-op. Our mission is to lead, cultivate and connect the cooperative sector. We achieve our mission and support our membership by providing programs and services in four strategic areas: Lifelong Co-op Learning; Government Relations; Communications and Member Relations; and Co-op Development. Learn more at INTERESTED IN JOINING THE ON CO-OP MEMBERSHIP? There are definite benefits to organizations and individuals being part of our Association. On Co-op represents and supports existing, newly-formed or in-development cooperatives in all sectors of the economy, as well as sector stakeholders and supporters. Contact Mark Ventry.

After nearly a century, The Canadian Press wire service will cease to function as a notfor-profit co-operative under a tentative new deal that will place the media organization TOP under private ownership. According to an internal human resources memo obtained by Canwest NewsService, CP’s three biggest current members — CTVglobemedia, which owns the Globe and Mail, Torstar Corp., which runs the Toronto Star and Gesca, which owns La Presse — would become equal partners in a new for-profit entity. It would be called Canadian Press Enterprises. Read the complete National Post article here. ·


10. CYL CHANGES LIVES The skills taught through the Co-operative Young Leaders program (CYL) benefit both participants and the co-op sector. The youth leadership and personal development camp (now in its 43rd year) teaches skills that can be used at school, in the community and during employment. On Co-op recently hired CYL graduate Allie Speers as CYL Youth Program Administrator -- based, in part, on the skills and accomplishments she has amassed as a result of attending camp. Congratulations, Allie! Education Manager Kerr Smith, just back from facilitating CYL Junior A, reports 5

ONTARIO CO-OP SECTOR INFORMATION. Ontario has more than 1,300 co-ops, credit unions and caisses populaires, with 1,900 locations in more than 400 Ontario communities. The sector has $30 billion in assets; 15,500 employees; 1.4 million members; and is governed by 10,000 volunteer board members. For other co-op sector facts, contact On Co-op. Search the online co-op directory to learn more about the co-ops in your area. JOIN OUR ONLINE COMMUNITY - Facebook:; Twitter: Blog:

that, "We had an amazing and successful first week of CYL, and are excited to announce QUICK CO-OP NUGGETS: that Ontario Natural Food Co-op staff are going to be attending CYL this summer as (1) QUOTE: "You are a very big part of what presenters." He extends an invitation to other organizations to become part of the CYL magic by presenting to our group of young leaders over the seven-week camp. There aremakes agriculture a big success, what makes agriculture the second largest economic driver in still some openings for presenters this summer. E-mail Kerr Smith or call 1.888.745.5521. · Ontario. You stand as a beacon for others in the

industry." - Rural Affairs Minister Leona Dombrowsky, as she toured St. Albert Cheese co-op in November 2009.



(2) Having a co-op anniversary in 2010? All of Ontario (and the world!!) should know. Whether you're 1, 2, 5, 10 or 47 years old, let On Co-op know so we can help share in the celebrations.

Send On Co-op your co-op/ credit union/sector information and news -- including your (3) International Youth Internship seeks recruits job opportunities, annual reports, newsletters, media releases, professional The Canadian Co-operative Association is development sessions and so on. You know your co-op the best. Don't assume recruiting for the 2010 International Youth we magically get news about your organization from some other source! E-mail us your information or fax to 519.763.7239. For important tips about sending submissions to On Co-op, click here.

Thanks for permitting us to send this information to you. Feel free to forward to others in your networks. Mark Ventry, Membership and Communications Manager, Ontario Co-operative Association [email protected] 519.763.8271 x30 or 1.888.745.5521. Please consider the environment before printing this document.

Internship Program. This is an excellent opportunity for recent graduates aged 19 to 30 who are interested in working overseas. Each intern receives a stipend to cover travel and living expenses for the six-month overseas placement. For more information visit the CCA website.

(4) Order Co-op Week Promo Materials by August 13. Co-op Week 2010 takes place October 17-23, with International Credit Union Day on Thursday, October 21. This year's theme is Experience the Co-operative Difference. Promote your co-op through attractive posters, leaflets and buttons. Learn more and order form here.

The On Co-op e-newsletter provides a snapshot of the Ontario co-  TOP operative sector. TO GET YOUR NATIONAL CO-OPERATIVE PERSPECTIVE CLICK HERE for the current issue of the Canadian Co-operative Association's News Briefs. Ontario Co-operative Association 6

450 Speedvale Avenue West, Suite 101, Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Phone: 519.763.8271 Fax: 519.763.7239 E-mail: [email protected] Visit us online at: and



Microsoft Office Outlook - Memo Style - The Ontario Co-operative

Mark Ventry From: Sent: To: Subject: On Co-op News [[email protected]] Thursday, July 08, 2010 2:24 PM Mark Ventry The On Co-op e-newsletter Jul...

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