Mecklenburg County Miscellaneous Records, 1759-1959 5 Fibredex


Mecklenburg County Miscellaneous Records, 1759-1959 5 Fibredex Boxes C.R.065.928.5 act to incorporate North Carolina Powder Manufacturing Co. agreement between Radio Corporation of America and Dixie Theatre Supply Co. agreement re manufacture of horse collar pads Alexander Hamilton Institute - "Financial and Trade Review" and newsletter annulment of adoption apprentice bonds and records architectural drawing of basement of Southern Life [Insurance?] Co. building at Charlotte articles of agreement for construction of building (1850), county jail (1874), railroad bridge (1901) and railroad track (1902) articles of agreement for sale of office equipment articles of incorporation of the Fidelity Bonded Warehouse Co. (1914) and the Madame C. J. Walker Manufacturing Co. of Indiana (1911) assignments of letters patent on machine for steaming and renovating feathers attorneys oaths auction place - architectural sketch auctioneer's bond bankruptcy proceedings in re William N. McKee (1868) and Robert Simpson (1873) bastardy bonds and records bastardy fines received certifications re authenticity of judges' signatures on South Carolina documents Charlotte city ordinances regulating traffic Charlotte Fire Department rules and regulations Charlotte - vital statistics, meteorological summary, and sanitary and plumbing reports

1861 1944 1907 1921 1923 1772 - 1904 n.d. 1850-1902 1909

1911, 1914 1838 - 1839 1911 - 1937, n.d. 1862 1866 1868, 1873 1795 - 1935, n.d. 1807, 1818 1842, 1860 1913, 1940 1929 1916

C.R.065.928.6 chattel mortgages "Chemical Coldwater Soap" - directions

1883 - 1910 1858

commissioners for building courthouse - note of indebtedness to William W. Elms constitution and by-laws of the Mecklenburg Building and Loan Association and the First Building and Loan Association of Statesville contract for carrying U.S. mail (screen wagon service) coroners' inquests correspondence correspondence re South Carolina family likely to become wards of the county cotton broker's receipts and correspondence cotton manufacturing - pamphlet describing a revolving flat card manufactured by Whitin Machine Works cotton prices county accounts and claims court orders dispatch riders - receipts election records fence law - extracts from minutes of Board of County Commissioners free persons of color freedmen labor agreements gold mine records grand jury presentments re orphans Grand United Order of Odd Fellows in America - general laws Handy Guide to Premium Rates, Applications and Policies of American Life Insurance Companies in re Frank N. Littlejohn, a member of the Charlotte Police Department jury lists list of judgments in favor of Commercial National Bank list of names


1871 1900 1803, 1830, 1868, 1959 1825 - 1940, n.d. 1821 1827 - 1829 n.d. 1827, 1829 1767 - 1838 1908 - 1923, n.d. 1783, n.d. 1794 - 1864 1874 - 1876 1787, 1828, 1858 1867 1833 - 1879 1817, 1827, 1829 1915 1895 1940 1783 - 1937 1879 - 1889 n.d.

C.R.065.928.7 lunacy proceedings marriage certificate marriage contract marriage licenses marriage record - articles of agreement for division of property military records

1813 - 1891 1954 1857 1868, 1920 1805 1759 - 1867

minute docket, Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, [July term, 1774] minutes, Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions (rough) minutes, Superior Court (rough) Murphey, Archibald D. - court case and related correspondence North Carolina Building and Loan Association - statement of financial condition

1774 1784 1897 - 1903, 1912, n.d. 1826 n.d.

C.R.065.928.8 ordinary bond petition to change name petition for license to retail liquor petitions for writs of habeas corpus plan for the reorganization of Independence Trust Co. and Merchants and Farmers National Bank poor house crop powers of attorney report on the dividing line between Mecklenburg and Anson counties resolution of appreciation for Judge Allen H. Gwyn resolutions of respect to the memory of Supreme Court Justice Nathaniel Boyden (1873), Colonel Hamilton Chamberlain Jones (1904), Robert Baxter Pharr (1906), William Preston Bynum (1909), Armistead Burwell (1913), Neill Ray Graham (1915), W. C. Maxwell (1915), James W. Scroggs (1915), Chief Justice Walter Clark (1924), Deputy Sheriff E. O. Johnson (1930), Captain Walter Clark (1933), Supreme Court Justice William J. Adams (1934), Rose Kennedy Currie, court reporter (1934), Edgar Pharr (1936), and Judge W. R. Allen (n.d.)

1817 1946 n.d. 1922 - 1933 1933 1874 1769 - 1896 1830 1939

n.d., 1873-1936

C.R.065.928.9 slave records: bills of sale civil actions re slaves criminal actions re slaves forthcoming bond hiring of slaves inventory of slaves lease of slaves by Wilmington, Charlotte and Rutherford Railroad Co.

1785 - 1841 1812 - 1876 1774 - 1864 1842 1827 - 1854 1797 1861

receipt for purchase of slave receipt for taxes paid on slaves sale of slaves and land by trustee valuation of slaves for direct tax writs of replevin for return of slaves stay of execution stockholders agreement - New York Newspaper Union stockholders minutes of annual meeting - Atlantic, Tennessee and Ohio Railroad Co. strays tax list - Town Company tax records voter registration challenges

1820 1803 1832 ca. 1862 1862, 1864 1874 1885 1873 1821 1850 1777 - 1900 1898


Mecklenburg County Miscellaneous Records, 1759-1959 5 Fibredex

Mecklenburg County Miscellaneous Records, 1759-1959 5 Fibredex Boxes C.R.065.928.5 act to incorporate North Carolina Powder Manufacturing Co. agreemen...

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