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Mail Merge is a process used to create personalized letters from a form letter or fixed text document. The output can be customized by adding variables, which act as placeholders that are replaced by text from a data source.

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The data source is usually a spreadsheet or a database which has a field or column for each variable in the template. When the mail merge is executed, the word processor creates an output document for

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each row in the data source, using the fixed text exactly as it appears in the template, but substituting the data placeholders in the template with the values from the corresponding columns.

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Mail merging has five main steps:

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1. Creation of a Data Source (spreadsheet or database)

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2. Creation of a main document.(template) 3. Insertion of the merge fields into main document. 4. Merging the data source values with the main document 5. Creation of output media (email, letters, envelopes)

The tip sheet below contains instructions for creating a customized email message merge project using Novell Groupwise and Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word/Novell Groupwise Mail Merge Quick Reference

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Mail Merge with Groupwise | Information Technology Services

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