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This multimedia video/slide presentation from the 2008 class is a good topic overview. John Glaser, PhD, Vice President and CIO, Partners Health Care. "The Future of Enterprise Computing in Healthcare." This table presents selected lecture and tutorial files, courtesy of the speakers and used with permission. SES #



Welcome and course introduction Evolution of cybermedicine


Industry overview: the future of healthcare

LECTURES AND TUTORIALS Dr. Steven Locke: Course Introduction (PDF) Dr. Warner Slack: Evolution of Cybermedicine (PDF - 1.0MB)

Craig Schneider: The Massachusetts Health Data Consortium in 2009 (PDF) (Courtesy of Craig Schneider. Used with permission.) Dr. Danny Sands: eHR's, pHR's, xHR's! (PDF - 1.2MB) Tutorial: Uniqueness and Complimentary Assets (PDF)


eHRs, pHRs & xHRs!

Tutorial: Makings of a Team (PDF) Tutorial: Project Management Timeline (PDF)

Dr. John Glaser: The Future of HealthCare Information Technology (PDF - 1.1MB) 5

The role of innovation in enterprise computing


From disease management to population health management


An investor's view of startups

Eugene Hill: How Venture Capitalists Assess Healthcare Information Technology Business Plans (PDF)


Starting up: funding sources for for-profit and social entrepreneurship

Panel: Starting up: Funding Sources for For-Profit and Social Entrepreneurship (PDF)


Global perspective on health informatics business

Keith Strier (Deloitte LLP): Rise of the Data Tiger: Will Asia Assume Global Leadership in Health Informatics? (PDF - 1.5MB)

Tutorial: Business Plans (PDF)

Dr. David Judge: Ambulatory Practice of the Future (PDF) Tutorial: Preparing your Elevator Pitch (PDF)

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Lecture Notes | Information Technology in the Health Care System of

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