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A named object of the String class

(d) String variable

A variable can hold more than one value at a


time. (a) True (b) False

Multiplication, division and remainder always


take place after addition or subtraction in an expression. (a) True (b) False

The term parse means to break into


component parts. (a) True (b) False

Once a variable has been declared and


initialized, new values may not be assigned to the variable. (a) True (b) False

The expression boolean isTenLarger = (10 <


5) will produce a value of true. (a) True (b) False

In Java, you use variables of type ____ to

(d) int

store integers, or whole numbers. (a) num (b) var (c) double (d) int

A(n) ____ variable can hold only one of two

(c) boolean

values: true or false. (a) integer (b) true (c) boolean (d) comparison

In Java, when a numeric variable is

(a) plus sign

concatenated to a String using the ____ , the entire expression becomes a String. (a) plus sign (b) concatenate statement (c) equal sign (d) string statement

What is the value of result after the following

(b) 14

statement is executed? int result = 2 + 3 * 4; (a) 9 (b) 14 (c) 10 (d) 20

Which of the following is NOT the name of a

(d) String

Java primitive data type? (a) int (b) float (c) double (d) String





(13) A programming term for an unknown



true or false


The operator that is represented by an equal


sign (=)

Rules for the order in which parts of a

Operator Precedence

mathematical expression are evaluated

Java consistently specifies their size and



A value that can be used on either side of an



A floating - point data type


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100 = salesAmount;

This assignment operator has a right-to-left associativity. Associativity is the order in which values are used with operators. Since 100 is a numeric constant, it is an rvalue, which is an item that can

In terms of assignment operators, why is the

appear only on the right side of the assignment operator. An identifier that can appear on the left

above statement illegal?

side of an assignment operator is referred to as an lvalue (left-to-right associativity).

Write the statement that will declare and

int salesAmt = 100, costAmt = 15;

assign two integer variables, salesAmt and costAmt, in a single statement. Assign values of your choice to the variables.

Write the statement that will declare a char

char testScore = 'A';

data type named testScore that will hold a letter grade of your choice.

public class YourGrade

Output will be as follows:


Your grade for this class is 89%

public static void main(String[] args)

A blank line will follow the output.

{ int projectPoints = 89; System.out.print("Your grade for this class is "); System.out.print(projectPoints); System.out.println("%"); } } Given the above code, what will be the output at the command prompt?

A(n) ____ consists of written steps in

(c) flowchart

diagram form, as a series of shapes connected by arrows. (a) pseudocode chart (b) sequence structure (c) flowchart (d) decision structure

A logical structure called a(n) ____ structure

(b) Sequence

is when one step follows another unconditionally. (a) straight (b) sequence (c) decision (d) unconditional

The simplest statement you can use to make

(d) if

a decision is the ____ statement. (a) this (b) true / false (c) Boolean (d) if

When an expression containing a ____ is

(a) single equal sign

part of an if statement, the assignment is illegal. (a) single equal sign (b) double equal sign (c) greater than sign (d) Boolean value

A(n) ____ statement is the decision structure

(c) dual - alternative if

you use when you need to take one or the other of two possible courses of action. (a) Boolean (b) single - alternative if (c) dual - alternative if (d) if . . . else

When you execute an if . . . else statement,

(a) Boolean expression

only one of the resulting actions takes place depending on the evaluation of the ____ following the if . (a) Boolean expression (b) else statement (c) keyword (d) independent statement

When you place a block within an if

(d) curly braces

statement, it is crucial to place the ____ correctly. (a) periods (b) commas (c) angle brackets (d) curly braces

The AND operator is written as two ____ .

(b) ampersands

(a) plus signs (b) ampersands (c) equal signs (d) asterisks

You can use the ____ , which is written as || ,

(a) conditional OR operator

if you want some action to occur when at least one of two conditions is true. (a) conditional OR operator (b) range check (c) logical AND operator (d) switch statement

if (quotaAmt > 100 || sales > 100 &&

(a) &&

productCode == "C") bonusAmt = 50; When the above code is executed, which operator is evaluated first? (a) && (b) || (c) == (d) =

Created by placing the desired result type in

Cast Operator


Begins with a backslash followed by a

Escape Sequence


true and false

Boolean Values

A double equal sign


Two possible courses of action

Dual Alternative

(a) (16) > or <

Relational Operator

Two ampersands

And Operator

An alternative to using a series of nested if

(e) switch statement


Separated with a question mark and a colon

conditional operator

What is wrong with the following statement?

As a single variable, no payRate value can ever be both below 5.85 and over 60 at the same time.

How could you correct it?

Therefore, the output statement can never execute, no matter what value the payRate has. In this case, you must write the following code to print the error message under the correct circumstances:

if(payRate < 5.85 && payRate > 60) System.out.println("Error in pay rate");

if(payRate < 5.85 || payRate > 60) System.out.println("Error in pay rate");

Create an if statement that will check if the

if(salesAmt > SALES_QUOTA) {

variable salesAmt is greater than the

bonusPay = salesAmt * BONUS_PERCENT

constant SALES_QUOTA . If true, create a

totalPay = salesAmt + bonusPay

block statement that will calculate salesAmt *


BONUS_PERCENT and store the result in a

System.out.println("Total pay is " + totalPay);

variable named bonusPay . The block statement will then compute totalPay by adding salesAmt to bonusPay . Outside of the if structure, add a println statement that will output the totalPay value.

Create an if statement that checks if the

if(salesAmt >= QUOTA_AMT || salesAmt >= HIGH_SALES)

variable salesAmt is greater than or equal to

bonusAmt = LARGE_QUOTA;

the QUOTA_AMT constant. Use the logical OR operator to also check if salesAmt is greater than or equal to the HIGH_SALES constant. If either expression is true, assign the value of the LARGE_QUOTA constant to the variable bonusAmt .

You write pseudocode in everyday

(a) True

language, not the syntax used in a programming language. (a) True (b) False

An alternative to using a Boolean

(a) True

expression, such as someVariable == 10, is to store the Boolean expression's value in a Boolean variable. (a) True (b) False

When you create a block, you must place

(b) False

multiple statements within it. (a) True (b) False

When you use nested if statements, you

(a) True

must pay careful attention to placement of any else clauses. (a) True (b) False

In the switch structure, break is followed by

(b) False

one of the possible values for the test expression and a colon. (a) True (b) False

Computers contain switches that are set to

(a) True

on or off. (a) True (b) False

When writing a statement with the two - line

(b) False

format, you must be sure to type a semicolon at the end of the first line in order to ensure accurate results. (a) True (b) False

Although it is possible to block statements

(b) False

that depend on an if, you cannot likewise block statements that depend on an else. (a) True (b) False

Although not required, it is common

(a) True

procedure to align the keyword if with the keyword else. (a) True (b) False

Range checking and the switch statement

(a) True

are tools programmers can use for effective decision making. (a) True (b) False

Describe how a sequence structure works.

In a sequence structure, one step follows another unconditionally. A sequence structure might contain any number of steps; but when one task follows another with no chance to branch away or skip a step, you are using a sequence.

An alternative to using a Boolean

For example, if isPerfectScore is a Boolean variable, then the following statement compares

expression, such as quizScore == 10 , is to

quizScore to 10 and stores true or false in isPerfectScore :

store the Boolean expression's value in a Boolean variable. How could you express

isPerfectScore = (quizScore == 10);

this in Java? Then, you can write the if as: if(isPerfectScore) System.out.println("The value is 10");

Explain the use of the NOT operator.

You use the NOT operator, which is written as the exclamation point ( ! ) , to negate the result of any Boolean expression. Any expression that evaluates as true becomes false when preceded by the NOT operator; and accordingly, any false expression preceded by the NOT operator becomes true.

public class Student

if(num <= MAX_NUM)


studentNum = num;

private int studentNum;


private int studentScore;

studentNum = MAX_NUM;

public int MAX_NUM = 500;

if(score <= MAX_SCORE)

public int MAX_SCORE = 100;

studentScore = score;

Student(int num, int score)



studentScore = 0;

} } Decision making can be used to control the allowed values in an object's fields. In the above code, the Student class contains two fields that hold a student number and a score. A constructor accepts values for these fields as parameters. Write the code between the curly brackets that will determine whether the value of num is less than the MAX_NUM constant. If true, assign the value of num to studentNum . Otherwise, assign the value of MAX_NUM to the studentNum . Then check if the value of score is less than or equal to MAX_SCORE . If true, assign the value of score to studentScore . Otherwise, assign 0 to studentScore .

Write a single - alternative if statement that

if (maxValue == 100)

will check if a variable named maxValue is

System.out.println ("You have reached the limit");

equal to 100 . If true, use a println statement to output " You have reached the limit " .

( Be sure there is no semicolon at the end of the first line. )

The logical NOT operator


Create an if . . . else statement that will check

if(maxValue == 100)

if the maxValue variable is equal to 100 . If

System.out.println("Max reached");

true, create a println statement that will


output " Max reached " . If false, create a

System.out.println("Keep trying");

println statement to output " Keep trying " . When you execute an if . . . else statement, only one of the resulting actions takes place depending on the evaluation of the Boolean expression. Each statement, the one following the if and the one following the else, is a complete statement, so each ends with a semicolon.

if(qtySold > QUOTA)

When you place a block within an if statement, it is crucial to place the curly braces correctly. In the

bonusPay = 50;

above code, the curly braces have been omitted. When qtySold > QUOTA is true, bonusPay is

totalPay = regPay + bonusPay;

calculated and the if expression ends. The next statement that computes totalPay executes every

System.out.println("Your totalPay amount is

time the program runs, no matter what value is stored in qtySold . This last statement does not

" + totalPay);

depend on the if statement; it is an independent, stand-alone statement. The indentation might be deceiving; it looks as though two statements depend on the if statement, but indentation does not

Why is the above code incorrect? What

cause statements following an if statement to be dependent. Rather, curly braces are required if

would be required to make the code execute

multiple statements must be treated as a block.


A ____ is a structure that allows repeated

(b) loop

execution of a block of statements. (a) body (b) loop (c) Boolean expression (d) loop control

A loop controlled by the user is a type of

(a) indefinite

____ loop. (a) indefinite (b) counter - controlled (c) definite (d) incrementing

A(n) ____ loop is a special loop that is used

(c) for

when a definite number of loop iterations is required. (a) while (b) else (c) for (d) do . . . while

A for loop provides a convenient way to

(a) counter - controlled

create a(n) ____ loop. (a) counter - controlled (b) while (c) posttest (d) infinite

How many times will outputLabel be called?

(d) 60

for(customer = 1; customer <= 20; ++customer) for(color = 1; color <= 3; ++color) outputLabel(); (a) 0 (b) 20 (b) 3 (d) 60

The order of the conditional expressions in

(a) nested

the following is most important within a(n) ____ loop. while(requestedNum > LIMIT || requestedNum < 0) . . . (a) nested (b) pretest (c) posttest (d) indefinite

In the expressions b = 8 and c = --b , what

(c) 7

value will be assigned to the variable c ? (a) 8 (b) 9 (c) 7 (d) 10

When creating a for loop, which statement

(b) for(a = 1, b = 2)

will correctly initialize more than one variable? (a) for a = 1, b = 2 (b) for(a = 1, b = 2) (c) for(a = 1; b = 2) (d) for(a = 1 && b = 2)

As long as methods do not depend on one

(a) loop fusion

another, ____ is a technique that can improve loop performance by combining two loops into one. (a) loop fusion (b) short - circuit evaluation (c) prefix incrementing (d) do - nothing looping

Which of the following is NOT a valid method

(b) ++score = score + 1

to increase a variable named score by 1 ? (a) ++score (b) ++score = score + 1 (c) score++ (d) score = score + 1

Multiple statements within curly braces

(b) block

The value that determines whether loop

(d) loop control variable

execution continues

Subtracting 1 from a variable

(g) decrementing

A counter - controlled loop

(c) definite loop

A shortcut for incrementing and

(a) prefix ++


(b) (18) Separated with a question mark and

(b) conditional operator (h) !

a colon (d) equality (i) AND operator (h) (19) The logical NOT operator

The technique of combining two loops into

(f) loop fusion


Part of the Thread class in the java.lang

(i) sleep() method

package by exactly two semicolons

(h) (19) Within parentheses are three

(h) for loop

sections separated by exactly two semicolons

public class DoWhileExample {


public static void main(String[] args) {


int currentValue;

System.out.println("The value of currentValue is " + currentValue);




}while(response > 0);

____ ____

( Other incrementing options are possible. )

____ } } Complete the code above by writing a do . . . while posttest loop that will output the value of the variable currentValue in a println statement. After the output statement, add a decrement statement to decrease the value of currentValue by 1 . Continue the loop until currentValue is equal to 0 .

Write a definite while loop that initializes a

decreaseOne = 10;

loop control variable named decreaseOne to

while(decreaseOne > 0)

10 and continues until decreaseOne > 0 .


Decrement the loop control variable by 1 and

System.out.println("Keep going");

include the println output " keep going "

decreaseOne = decreaseOne - 1;

within the loop.


Loop control variables can be evaluated at

In a pretest loop, the loop control variable is evaluated at the top of the loop before the body has a

the start or the end of the loop. Describe

chance to execute. Both while loops and for loops are pretest loops in that the loop control variable

both pretest loops and posttest loops. How

is tested before the loop body executes.

are do . . . while loops execute? A posttest loop is used if you need to ensure that a loop body executes at least one time. In this case, you write a loop that checks at the bottom of the loop after the first iteration. The do . . . while loop is a posttest loop that tests the loop control variable after the loop body executes.

A(n) ____ is a variable that holds a memory

(a) reference

address. (a) reference (b) buffer (c) Character (d) immutable

(2) The String class ____ method evaluates

(a) equals()

the contents of two String objects to determine if they are equivalent. (a) equals() (b) charAt() (c) toString() (d) replace()

(3) When the String class ____ method is

(c) compareTo()

used to compare two Strings, it provides additional information to the user in the form of an integer value. (a) toString() (b) equals() (c) compareTo() (d) equalsIgnoreCase()

The ____ method returns the length of a

(d) length()

String . (a) getSize() (b) size() (c) getLength() (d) length()

The ____ method allows you to replace all

(d) replace()

occurrences of some character within a String . (a) substring() (b) replaceCharacter() (c) toString() (d) replace()

The ____ method converts any object to a

(c) toString()

String. (a) convertString() (b) replace() (c) toString() (d) substring()

To convert a String to an integer, you use

(b) Integer

the valueOf() method of the ____ class. (a) StringBuilder (b) Integer (c) String (d) Convert

The ____ method takes a String argument

(b) parseDouble()

and returns its double value. (a) parseString() (b) parseDouble() (c) parseInt() (d) returnDouble()

You can tell that the equals() method takes a

(a) String

____ argument because parentheses are used in the method call. (a) String (b) Double (c) Null (d) Boolean

Which of the following correctly declares

(a) String greeting = "Hello";

and initializes a String object? (a) String greeting = "Hello"; (b) new String = Hello (c) String greeting == "Hello"; (d) String new = "Hello"

System.out.println("Your name is " +

(a) concatenation

yourName); The above statement is an example of ____ , which is used to join Strings. (a) concatenation (b) parsing (c) referencing (d) buffering

StringBuilder greeting = new

The charAt() method will return a "J", which is the seventh character in the String "Hello, John".

StringBuilder("Hello, John"); char initial = greeting.charAt(7); Using the above code and the charAt() method, what value will be assigned to the variable initial?

String greeting = "Welcome back";

int greetingLength = greeting.length();

Using the above statement, write the length() method that will return the length of the greeting String . Store the length in an integer named greetingLength .

StringBuilder greeting = new

greeting.append(" home");

StringBuilder("Welcome"); ( Be sure that the String in double quotes has a blank space at the start. Otherwise, the Strings Create the append() method to add the

"Welcome" and "home" will be appended without a blank space. )

characters "home" to the end of the StringBuilder object created above.

Returns the lowercase equivalent of the

(b) toLowerCase()


Change the length of a string in a

(g) setLength()

StringBuilder object

A named object of the String class

(d) String variable

Determines whether a specific character

(h) indexOf()

occurs within a String

Takes two integer arguments: a start

(c) substring()

position and an end position

A memory block

(f) buffer

Operate on two values


Add characters to the end of a StringBuilder

(e) append()


Add characters at a specific location within a

(i) insert()

StringBuilder object

Takes a String argument and returns its

(a) parseDouble()

double value

A(n) ____ is a variable that holds a memory


address. (a) reference (b) buffer (c) Character (d) immutable (2) The String class ____ method evaluates the contents of two String objects to determine if they are equivalent. (a) equals() (b) charAt() (c) toString() (d) replace() (3) When the String class ____ method is used to compare two Strings, it provides additional information to the user in the form of an integer value. (a) toString() (b) equals() (c) compareTo() (d) equalsIgnoreCase()

Used in the OR operator


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