Important Information for Parents Information Regarding uniforms


11th Annual

Important Information for Parents Please note that parents and WEBELOS will not be permitted to share tents. We are trying to introduce the boys to Boy Scout style camping. Two leaders from each unit will be permitted to camp with the youth. All other adults should camp in the family area if available. All WEBELOS will be practicing the buddy system over the weekend. Parents are permitted to get involved in instructional periods as students only. Only assigned instructors will be permitted to teach skills to WEBELOS. Before You Arrive Ensure that each WEBELOS patrol has a Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol Leader and a Scribe to take notes.

Information Regarding uniforms All WEBELOS are expected to wear their Field Uniform (Class A) upon arrival to camp. Boy Scouts should always arrive and leave camp in Class A. Activity Uniform (Class B) are to be worn for activities at camp. For those who do not know what a Class B uniform consists of: Class B consists of all regular uniform essentials (socks, shorts, belt & hat) except for the uniform shirt. The Class B shirt can be worn under the Class A shirt. Your son will be given a special custom designed WEBELOS BOOT CAMP Class B t-shirt to wear.

Lou's soda shop We will have a meal deal available Friday night to help scouts & families deal with time & budget constraints. $5 for a Hamburger/Chicken sandwich, chips, cookie & water $1 extra for a 12 oz. Gatorade instead of water

Back In The Future In 1985

To fully understand Scouting, we must look to our past and Scouting’s roots which were introduced by Baden-Powell. The aim of Webelos Boot Camp is to introduce the Scouting skills that are more than 100 years old. Scouting began with 20 boys and an experimental camp in 1907. It was held during the first nine days of August in 1907 at Brown Sea Island, near Poole in Dorset, England. The camp was a great success and proved to its organizer, Robert Baden Powell that his training and methods appealed to young people and really worked. In January 1908, Baden-Powell published the first edition of "Scouting for Boys" which was an immediate success. Scouting skills are just as relevant now as they were in the days of BadenPowell. Skills include orienteering, first aid, scout knowledge, fire building, knots/lashings, and team building. Scouts learn through the patrol method and work as a group to achieve success. Annual Scout camps expose our youth to a week long journey that builds upon the skills that will be learned at Webelos Boot Camp.

Registration Fees: Webelos: $35 (IncludesSat/Sun food, T-Shirt) Adults: $25.00 w/o T-Shirt *

* Add $10.00 for adult T-Shirt. Caloosahatchee has $5.00 per vehicle a day parking fee. (See Registration form)


Caloosahatchee Regional Park 19130 N. River Road Alva, FL 33920 OCTOBER 9-11 2015 Space is Limited to 15 patrols Please Reserve Your Spot Soon For a Reservation Form Please contact: [email protected] INQUIRIES [email protected] 239-850-5990

WEBELOS BOOT CAMP Back To The Future A challenging and fun introduction to Boy Scouts is waiting for all First and Second Year Webelos at th the 11 Annual WEBELOS BOOT CAMP Hosted by your friends at Troop 4 and Troop 3300. After completing the weekend activities, the scout will have a better understanding of the Patrol Method of Boy Scouting, and will gain more confidence in his outdoor skills. WEBELOS will have the opportunity to learn new skills that they will need and use at Broke Back Dog Challenge in December and later on in Boy Scouts.

Patrol size: 4-8 scouts (<4 will be merged with another patrol) Each WEBELOS PATROL will be

EXPECTED to have the following equipment: (Please do not forget any of these essentials): 1 small notebook & mechanical pencil 1 Patrol First Aid Kit 1 Patrol Flag ( Please ensure that the patrol flag includes: patrol name, and your pack # ) 1 Watch 1 Flat Compass 1 Whistle 1 Blanket 1 Magnesium Fire Starter Good Teamwork Each Patrol Member will be expected to have:

WEBELOS will do portions of the Outdoorsman P7,11 and Readyman 2,7,11 Activity Badges – if they have not yet earned these. Instruction will be given by Boy Scouts and trained/experienced adult leaders. Knots & Lashings – Escape from the gallows First Aid – Doc brown's clinic Fire Building –1.21 gigawatt’s needed Orienteering – Lost in time Team Building – Mcfly's team building Scout Knowledge – Grey's scout almanac

FuN! FuN! FuN!

Sunscreen Poncho/Raingear Hat Rope 6-8 feet long by ¼” diameter (natural rope strongly recommended – manila rope would be sufficient) Whittling Chit’ and Pocket Knife 1 cup for drinking 1 hard shell Frisbee (this will be both your plate and a toy) + Bowl Knife/Fork/Spoon 1 Boy Scout Handbook 1 WEBELOS Handbook Positive attitude SCORING: An information sheet will be sent out to e-mail listed on registration form, to assist the leaders in preparing their scouts for the scoring of Camp site / Patrol Flag

WEEKEND SCHEDULE FRIDAY 10/9/15 4:30-8:00PM Check-in 9:00PM Opening - Campfire-Skits 10:00PM Camp Quite time & Patrol / Den Leader Meeting 10:30PM Staff Meeting 11:00PM Lights Out

SATURDAY 10/10/15 6:30AM Reveille 7:00AM Breakfast 8:00AM Flags/Opening 8:30-11:55 Scout Training 10:00AM Parent/Troop Orientation 12:10PM Boot Camp Picture 12:30PM Lunch 1:30-3:00PM Competition 3:30-4:30PM Going Back To The Future 5:00-6:00PM FreeTime 6:00PM Supper 7:00PM Flags/Campfire 08:30PM Movie & Cracker Barrel 10:00PM Quite Time /Lights Out

SUNDAY 10/11/15 6:30AM Rise and Shine 7:00AM Breakfast; CLASS “A” UNIFORM 8:00AM Interfaith Worship; CLASS “A” UNIFORM 8:30AM Awards Ceremony/Closing Ceremony 9:00AM CHANGE INTO CLASS “B” TSHIRT Pack up Personal Gear 9:30AM Campsite Inspections – Troop Guides 11:00 AM Check Out & make plans for WEBELOS BOOT CAMP 2016!


Important Information for Parents Information Regarding uniforms

11th Annual Important Information for Parents Please note that parents and WEBELOS will not be permitted to share tents. We are trying to introduce t...

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