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Tommy Moy 4 месяца назад Thank you U, it works. Yourmaster C 5 месяцев назад It works very well! Thank you. nelson liu 7 месяцев назад Hi Philip, My HTV3 power on only have top blue light and front red on. And nothing on TV! What wrong was it? nelson liu 5 месяцев назад jfg637 yes thanks, I have been try 2 times. But still not work! jfg637 5 месяцев назад +1 If you still have your box reflowing is easy. I just repaired by neighbors htv3 box. Take the rubber footing off the bottom of the box. There will be for small phillips head screws. Take them out. You may need a small flat head screwdriver to pry the board from the housing. Do it softly then remove the white wire from the board, then remove the flat wifi ribbon cable from the housing. Doing this will allow you to work on the board without the housing attached. Next you will need a hot air gun. On the top of the board you will see 3 black chips. While heating the board with a heat gun on high, using circular motion heat the board. ALways keep the gun moving to avoid desoldering or melting a component. While heating the board I like to you a pencil or something to lightly press down on the chips. This to me help resolder any loose contacts in the board. When finished let the board cool for about 30 to 40 minutes at room temperature. Then reinstall everything. The process took me about an hour. After everything I had to do the restore process from the video above. Now everything is back working. I've reflowed many ps3's in my day so this was a breeze. If someone is familiar with the process in your area that maybe the person to reach out too. nelson liu 7 месяцев назад How to reflow the main chips? TVPAD Phoneunlock 7 месяцев назад +1 nelson liu Your htv3 have a hardware problem, is to do with the chips onboard, can try reflow the main chips AnDrEwzxD 8 месяцев назад Hello, my HTV 3 box does not seem to be displaying anything but pixels after I shut it off and turned it back on later. I cannot see the menu at all, and I tried a different hdmi wire. Can you help me out? TVPAD Phoneunlock 7 месяцев назад AnDrEwzxD Try reset the box AnDrEwzxD 8 месяцев назад Yeah, i was thinking the same thing. Thanks for the help! TVPAD Phoneunlock 8 месяцев назад In your case could be a hardware problem with the video chip or the HDMI port. You may be able to use the box via the AV cable ( low video resolution ) AnDrEwzxD 8 месяцев назад Thank you for responding back so quickly, I was able to get into the bios and reset the box but the display is still scrambled with pixels. TVPAD Phoneunlock 8 месяцев назад Try follow this video to enter the bios mode, if you can get in and reset your box, this may be the only solution. Jack L 9 месяцев назад Thank you so much for this video. After I reset it, I missed the Cantonese, HK icons. How do I restore those Cantonese icons or channels. Please, kindly help. Many thanks! Jack L 9 месяцев назад Thanks Phil! I will try to set it to Chinese and go back to store app and try it again. Many thanks! TVPAD Phoneunlock 9 месяцев назад Put your htv in chinese language, goto htv app store Grace Brooks 10 месяцев назад Hi, i did a factory reset, but when turned on , all the cantonese/ mandarin drama show icons have gone missing. I tried using a USB to download from the document/ file folder, but the only one available was for TVpad, not for Htv. I have HTV3. please help. Wing S Год назад Thanks for this video. I have a htv3 and my remote has been unresponsive. I did a factory reset and the remote sometimes work and sometimes not, I'm not sure if this is the unit itself or the remote..should I bother replacing the remote? Thanks TVPAD Phoneunlock Год назад The first thing to do is to borrow a HTV remote control to check the problem is not simply a faulty remote control. You can connect a Usb mouse and Usb keyboard to use for now. GrenadR Год назад Hey, My HTV 3 box keeps restarting every 5 minutes or so, what should I do? TVPAD Phoneunlock Год назад GrenadR download from our website GrenadR Год назад How do I update the firmware? TVPAD Phoneunlock Год назад Try follow this video to reset the box and update the firmware Mango Год назад My HTV BOX 2 is red light and will not turn ON. My controller is working. How to fix? TVPAD Phoneunlock Год назад Your box have faulty chips. You can try use hot air to flow the motherboard. Mango Год назад Already tried that, the light stays red and unable to see the boot menu. TVPAD Phoneunlock Год назад You can try the factory restore your HTV2 Follow this method brian lam Год назад Hi Philip, is this restore and reset to factory setting method working on htv2? I tried but seems not working, could you please teach me how to reset the htv2. Thanks in advance. Brian TVPAD Phoneunlock Год назад +brian lam if you can get into the android robot screen, you can update the firmware and reset. brian lam Год назад I tried but no response, everytime when I turn on the htv2 now, it directs to the safe mode(blue screen with the time only), can't go into the normal interface, please help. TVPAD Phoneunlock Год назад Htv2 reset via the push button under the Htv box. Info here: Taro Yu Год назад When I turn on my HTV, the display is all scrambled. I thought the HDMI was broken, but using your method I was able to get to the Android maintenance screen without the display being scrambled. I suspect the HTV box is outputting the wrong display resolution or frequency. Do you know a way to reset the resolution or frequency using the remote? TVPAD Phoneunlock Год назад Just follow my video to reset and wipe all data in the android menu, everything will be back to factory setting. Cassiejenjen Год назад Hi, after i reset all my chinese apps are gone and there are no hk & china apps in htv the app store. is there i way that i can get it back? TVPAD Phoneunlock Год назад Yes just follow my other HTV YouTube video. Install video Michael Yung Год назад Thanks for the video but i try it did not work for my tvpad4... Herculano Felipe Год назад Please,How can i control my htv 3 from my cell phone? Thanks. Lawrence L Год назад Hi, I did a factory reset and have all the apps restored. However I am still getting pictures freezing and and showing a blue circle showing loading most of the time. Its very annoying. Is this a problem from their sever ? Are you getting the same problem often like me ? I did not encounter this problem until about 2 months ago when HTV3 started updating the apps to a newer version. Please let me know if there is a way to fix it because I can hardly watch anything without the annoying circle and freezing of the pictures. Lawrence L Год назад Hi, I am still having problem with both playbacks and streaming. Do you have the same problem this past 2 months after the unit downloaded update of the apps automatically ? I did not have this issue before that. Lawrence L Год назад +TVPAD Phoneunlock thanks for the tips. i will give it a try. TVPAD Phoneunlock Год назад +Lawrence L for live channel, use the other live app. For vod, pause the program to let the video built up more buffer before watching. Lawrence L Год назад +TVPAD Phoneunlock i am having problems problem on mostly the vod chinese dramas. sometimes i notice problem with the live tv shows as well. this problems happen more often after the auto updates since 2 months ago. TVPAD Phoneunlock Год назад +Lawrence L are you having problem with the live TV apps or the 7 days replay app ? The live TV have 2 apps running on 2 different server, for example: the HK TvB is on the ch2 and ch62 Lawrence L Год назад hi. i click on the manual button but now i am getting a message saying "update the message list" it does not bring me to where the screen you show on the video. i also notice on the bottom left corner of the screen said "safe mode" What can i do to restate the factory setting from here ? Lawrence L Год назад +TVPAD Phoneunlock for some reason i dont see the chinese apps on htv apps. i watched your other vidoe where you download the chinese apps from a usb memory stick. i do not have that stick. is there a link on your website for the apps? TVPAD Phoneunlock Год назад Great. Most apps are in the Htv apps store, see my other YouTube video. Please click LIKE Lawrence L Год назад +TVPAD Phoneunlock thanks. that did the trick. where can i get chinese apps back since all the apps are wipe out as well. do you have a link where i can get all the apps restored ? TVPAD Phoneunlock Год назад 1) Check your box is HTV3 2) You must start repeatedly press the MENU before connect power to the HTV3 box TVPAD Phoneunlock Год назад +1 All the HTV apps should be in the Htv App Store. You can also install third party apps using my method. Lawrence L Год назад hi. thanks for the upload. will the same apps be restored after the reset?


HTV3 H.TV3 HTV2 Restore Factory Setting TVPAD via Menu (/video/CIG1dD7dFK4/htv3Phoneunlock htv3-htv2-restore8 месяцев назад (/video/CIG1dD7dFK4/htv3factory-setting-viahtv3-htv2menurestore-factoryphoneunlockcom.html) setting-viamenuphoneunlockcom.html) Connecting TVPAD 3 to TV (/video/aKXQYBjxZEE/connect Wilfree tvpad-3-to(/video/aKXQYBjxZEE/connecting3 года назад tv.html) tvpad-3-to-tv.html)

2017 How to Fix TVPAD4 M418 V5.054 TVPAD V5.060 V5.066 (/video/ZtY_qdYzmPs/2017Phoneunlock Stuck Logo how-to-fix-tvpad410 месяцев назад Restore m418-v5054-v5060- Factory Update v5066-stuck-logoFirmware TF restore-factoryCard update-firmware-tf(/video/ZtY_qdYzmPs/2017card.html) how-to-fixtvpad4-m418v5054-v5060What's In The v5066-stuckBox Challenge logo-restoreWith Amber factory-updateRefinery29 Scholl | (/video/VHXPFrOfndg/whats4 дня назад firmware-tfYouTube in-the-box-challenge- card.html) Challenges | with-amber-schollRefinery29 youtube-challenges- (/video/VHXPFrOfndg/whatsrefinery29.html) in-the-boxchallenge-withamber-schollGingerbread youtubeCookies - You challengesSuck at You Suck At refinery29.html) Cooking (/video/t9GNMVfEiG4/gingerbreadCooking (episode 70) cookies-you-suck-at- 7 дней назад (/video/t9GNMVfEiG4/gingerbr cooking-episodecookies-you70.html) suck-atcookingepisodeTvpad4 service 70.html) closing down What to do ? TVPAD (July 2017 ) (/video/m0RKUaQ12VQ/tvpad4Phoneunlock (/video/m0RKUaQ12VQ/tvpad4 service-closing-down- 6 месяцев назад service-closingwhat-to-do-julydown-what-to2017.html) do-july2017.html) Delete and Install Apps on HTV5 HTV3 TVPAD HTV2 ( In (/video/bwfY9pzbPcc/deletePhoneunlock English and-install-apps-onМесяц назад Speaking ) english-speaking(/video/bwfY9pzbPcc/deletephoneunlockcom.html) and-installapps-on-htv5htv3-htv2-inHow to Rest englishyour Android speakingbox using phoneunlockcom.html) Peter Carcione Android (/video/1qL1tIDKzLg/how8 месяцев назад Recovery to-rest-your-android- Mode box-using-android(/video/1qL1tIDKzLg/howrecovery-mode.html) to-rest-yourandroid-boxusing-androidHTV3 HTV2 recoveryInstall other mode.html) apps direct on TVPAD H.TV HTV (/video/bgJl4Kk6JKo/htv3Phoneunlock HomeTv Tvpad htv2-install-other2 года назад htv-hometv-tvpad(/video/bgJl4Kk6JKo/htv3phoneunlockcom.html) htv2-installother-appsdirect-on-htvTVBAnywhere htv-hometvapps - How to tvpadinstall into phoneunlockcom.html) TVPAD TVPAD 4 M418 (/video/u4MMYt858FM/tvbanywherePhoneunlock by apps-how-to-installГод назад into-tvpad-4-m418-by- (/video/u4MMYt858FM/tvbanyw phoneunlockcom.html) apps-how-toinstall-intotvpad-4-m418Mi tv box 3 byrecovery phoneunlockcom.html) (/video/mrtEw97yIpk/miNishtiaki ot Georga tv-box-3(/video/mrtEw97yIpk/mi-Год назад recovery.html) tv-box-3recovery.html)

HTV5 H.TV5 How to change box language TVPAD setting and (/video/1aGQ1MJ9M- Phoneunlock breathing Light E/htv5-htv5-how-toГод назад by language-setting-and- (/video/1aGQ1MJ9Mbreathing-light-byE/htv5-htv5phoneunlockcom.html) how-tochange-boxlanguageTV Doesn"t setting-andrespond to breathing-lightremote, Here's Grants Pass TV bywhy. (/video/QmCwSA5u2H8/tvphoneunlockcom.html) Repair (/video/QmCwSA5u2H8/tvdoesnt-respond-to2 года назад doesntremote-heresrespond-towhy.html) remote-hereswhy.html) HTV5 H.TV5 Intro and Unbox video - TVPAD HTV5 (/video/6WztH7zmunc/htv5Phoneunlock (/video/6WztH7zmunc/htv5htv5-intro-and-unbox- Год назад htv5-intro-andvideounbox-video%E6%9C%80%E6%96%B0htv5%E9%9B%BB%E8%A6%96%E %E6%9C%80%E6%96%B0htv5

How To Restore Android Tv Reviewed On Gbox, MX2, (/video/9VKAaaQeK2Y/howYouTube MXQ Toothpick to-restore-android-tv- 3 года назад Method gbox-mx2-mxq(/video/9VKAaaQeK2Y/howtoothpickto-restoremethod.html) android-tvgbox-mx2mxq-toothpickTVpad3 M358 method.html) Unboxing TVpad Zone TVpad Zone (/video/bWiCVhTqmDs/tvpad3(/video/bWiCVhTqmDs/tvpad33 года назад m358m358-unboxingunboxingtvpad-zone.html) tvpadzone.html) TVPAD2 Installing Apps from USB kingofthekings device (/video/Z4UrvNshg4 года назад (/video/Z4UrvNshgI/tvpad2-installingI/tvpad2apps-from-usbinstalling-appsdevice.html) from-usbdevice.html) How to Reset a Router | Internet Setup Howcast (/video/e9CEk08Hac4/how(/video/e9CEk08Hac4/how5 лет назад to-reset-ato-reset-a-routerrouter-internetinternet-setup.html) setup.html) Tv pad 2 settings(1) (/video/sXzcr49BAmI/tvcameron chung pad-2(/video/sXzcr49BAmI/tv-4 года назад settings1.html) pad-2-settings1.html)

How to install app on your TVPad4 | TvPadTalk YueTV apk (/video/COU2IcHCUlg/how2 года назад (/video/COU2IcHCUlg/howto-install-app-on-your- to-install-apptvpad4-yuetvon-yourapk.html) tvpad4-yuetvapk.html) TVPAD Tvpad2 m233 Inside view of apps TVPAD and menus (/video/O6rUIxjluBw/tvpadPhoneunlock 07979888282 tvpad2-m233-inside- 5 лет назад view-of-apps-and(/video/O6rUIxjluBw/tvpadmenus-07979888282- tvpad2-m233phoneunlockcom.html) inside-view-ofapps-andmenusHow to Flash 07979888282Firmware of phoneunlockcom.html) any Android Tech Master Box (/video/Kxiy3sRyLV8/how2 месяца назад (/video/Kxiy3sRyLV8/howto-flash-firmware-of- to-flashany-android-box.html) firmware-ofany-androidbox.html) How to change DNS on TVPad 4 ~ Make your TvPadTalk TVPad work (/video/WSnwtgLlX0c/how2 года назад again ! to-change-dns-on(/video/WSnwtgLlX0c/howtvpad-4-make-your- to-change-dnstvpad-workon-tvpad-4again.html) make-yourtvpad-workagain.html) How to change Language on H.TV2 HTV2 TVPAD Home TV PAD (/video/dlkGOeXExlQ/howPhoneunlock to-change-language- 2 года назад on-htv2-htv2-home(/video/dlkGOeXExlQ/howtv-padto-changephoneunlockcom.html) language-onhtv2-htv2home-tv-padHOW TO phoneunlockcom.html) RESET ANDROID Solo Man MX/GBOX TO (/video/bgwLToeotj0/how2 года назад FACTORY to-reset-androidSETTINGS mxgbox-to-factory(/video/bgwLToeotj0/howsettings.html) to-resetandroidmxgbox-toHTV3 H.TV factoryenable settings.html) Breathing Light TVPAD Setting (/video/JMl6WHNH0E8/htv3Phoneunlock (/video/JMl6WHNH0E8/htv3htv2 года назад htv%E5%91%BC%E5%90%B8%E7%87%88%E8%A8%AD%E7% %E5%91%BC%E5%90%B8%E enable-breathing-light- enablesetting.html) breathing-lightsetting.html) Unboxing TVPad3 TVPad 3 TVP3 MiTV TheUnixCube TV Streaming (/video/hRjxHf6o4a4/unboxing3 года назад Items Overview tvpad3-tvpad-3-tvp3- Online Stream mitv-tv-streaming(/video/hRjxHf6o4a4/unboxingitems-overviewtvpad3-tvpadonline-stream.html) 3-tvp3-mitv-tvstreamingitemshow to upgrade overviewfirmware onlineandroid tv box stream.html) Lee Topleo MXQ pro (/video/yLUITlkQ83E/how4 месяца назад (/video/yLUITlkQ83E/howto-upgrade-firmware- to-upgradeandroid-tv-box-mxq- firmwarepro.html) android-tv-boxmxq-pro.html) HOW TO FACTORY RESET/RESTORE Aidan Carmody ANDROID TV (/video/gTp8r_hApsM/how10 месяцев назад BOX to-factory(/video/gTp8r_hApsM/howresetrestore-android- to-factorytv-box.html) resetrestoreandroid-tvbox.html)

Chinatv101 A2 Tvbox wifi setup wei lu (/video/tyhcS9pd3iM/chinatv10 (/video/tyhcS9pd3iM/chinatv1019 месяцев назад a2-tvbox-wifia2-tvbox-wifisetup.html) setup.html)

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Setting up VPN Unlimited for TVPad 1 / TvPadTalk TVPad 2 / (/video/YzmdrZ0mbiY/setting2 года назад TVPad 3 / up-vpn-unlimited-for- TVPad 4 tvpad-1-tvpad-2(/video/YzmdrZ0mbiY/settingtvpad-3-tvpad-4.html) up-vpnunlimited-fortvpad-1-tvpadProblem with 2-tvpad-3brand new tvpad-4.html) TVPAD 3 M358 Aha Hah - part 1 of 2 (/video/u4Yvb53 года назад (/video/u4Yvb5pqJY/problem-withpqJY/problembrand-new-tvpad-3with-brandm358-part-1-ofnew-tvpad-32.html) m358-part-1of-2.html) TVPad 4 + TV China Installation TvPadTalk Guide (/video/si9PQrLhaNc/tvpad5 месяцев назад (/video/si9PQrLhaNc/tvpad4-tv-china-installation- 4-tv-chinaguide.html) installationguide.html) The Best Android TV Box Remote Roberto Jorge Control App (/video/SpXr8SMKhNk/the10 месяцев назад 2017 | Cetus best-android-tv-box- Play remote-control-app(/video/SpXr8SMKhNk/the2017-cetus-play.html) best-androidtv-box-remotecontrol-appNew Version of 2017-cetusTVPAD 5 play.html) ARRIVED , aiaistoreinc TEL: 312-493(/video/QgYr0eYQaxk/new2 года назад 5550 version-of-tvpad-5(/video/QgYr0eYQaxk/newarrived-tel-312-493version-of5550.html) tvpad-5arrived-tel-312493-5550.html) How To Reset or Restore Kodi On Android TV TROYPOINT Box (/video/dK7tm1eNU4E/howГод назад (/video/dK7tm1eNU4E/howto-reset-or-restoreto-reset-orkodi-on-android-tvrestore-kodibox.html) on-android-tvbox.html) TVPAD TVPAD2 M233 Installation TVPAD Instruction (/video/IcvvBpjpsrk/tvpadPhoneunlock tvpad2-m2334 года назад UK Official installation-instruction- Dealer phoneunlockcom-uk- 07979888282 official-dealer(/video/IcvvBpjpsrk/tvpad07979888282.html) tvpad2-m233installationinstructionphoneunlockcomuk-officialdealer07979888282.html)


HTV 3 TVPAD - How to Restore and Reset to Factory

Следующие видео HTV 3 TVPAD - How to Restore and Reset to Factory Просмотров 15 036 28 TVPAD Phoneunlock (

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