How to create an E-mail Merge using Microsoft Outlook


How to create an E-mail Merge using Microsoft Outlook 2007 *Note: Unlike earlier versions of Outlook, Word is the only editor in Outlook 2007 (by default). 1. Open up Word 2007. Create a new e-mail message in Word. Now you are ready to begin the merge by selecting the “Mailings” tab in the ribbon.

2. In the “Start Mail Merge” grouping, click on the “Start Mail Merge” button. It will show a list of mail merge options available. You can choose Letters, E-Mail Messages, Envelopes, Labels or Directory. In this case as we want to send an email… click on “E-Mail Messages”

3. Next you need to select the recipients of your email merge. These names could come from any number or sources… maybe an Excel 2007 spreadsheet or your Outlook 2007 Contacts. To do that, click on the “Select Recipients” box in the “Start Mail Merge” group. Either find your data source, your outlook contacts, or create a new list. If you want to edit any of the recipients in the list, now is the time to click on “Edit Recipient List” in the “Start Mail Merge” group.

4. The next step is to add the appropriate fields to personalize the greeting, the recipient’s name, or to add any other piece of data you might have on the contact anywhere throughout your recipient list. You can find the appropriate fields in the “Write & Insert Fields” group (still on the “Mailings” tab). More than likely you will want to add at least a greeting line (Dear Bill… or something like that). To do that, click on the “Greeting Line” button in the “Write & Insert Fields” group. The following dialog box appears:

5. Once you are happy with your greeting line format, click “OK”. Word 2007 will now drop the field into your document. Now you can preview your results to ensure that everyone’s name is coming up correctly. Click the “Preview Results” button in the “Preview Results” group… then use the forward and back arrows beside it to run through your recipient list.

6. If you are happy with the preview, not is the time to finish things off and complete the merge. In the “Finish” group on the “Mailings tab” you will see a button called “Finish & Merge”. Click on it, and then click “Send E-mail Messages.”

7. Now Word 2007 automatically generates all the individual emails, and sends them to your Outlook 2007 outbox (or your default email client). Your email merges will be recorded in your sent items folder (just as they were in previous email merges with OL 03).

NOTE: Attachments are not an option in an email merge. All data must be within the body of the email message.

If you have further questions please contact the Help Desk at x4357.


How to create an E-mail Merge using Microsoft Outlook

How to create an E-mail Merge using Microsoft Outlook 2007 *Note: Unlike earlier versions of Outlook, Word is the only editor in Outlook 2007 (by defa...

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