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Health Care Delivery System Reform Current Issues (#)


High-Need, High-Cost Patients (/topics/current-issues/high-need-high-cost-patients)


Medical Homes (/topics/current-issues/medical-homes)


Accountable Care Organizations (/topics/current-issues/accountable-care-organizations)




Data-Driven Diffusion of Innovations: Successes and Challenges in 3 Large-Scale Innovative Delivery Models (/publications/in-the-literature/2018/feb/data-driven-diffusion-innovations) February 7, 2018 | In the Literature


The Hidden Roles That Management Partners Play in Accountable Care Organizations (/publications/in-theliterature/2018/feb/hidden-roles-management-partners-acos) February 7, 2018 | In the Literature


Enabling Sustainable Investment in Social Interventions: A Review of Medicaid Managed Care Rate-Setting Tools (/publications/fund-reports/2018/jan/social-inteventions-medicaid-managed-care-rate-setting) January 31, 2018 | Fund Report


Listening to Low-Income Patients: Where We Live Matters to Our Health (/publications/features/2018/listening-to-low-incomepatients-where-we-live-matters-to-our-health) January 19, 2018 | Features


Sick and Alone: High-Need, Socially Isolated Adults Have More Problems, but Less Support (/publications/blog/2018/jan/sickand-alone-socially-isolated-adults) January 12, 2018 | Blog Post


Supporting Patients Through Serious Illness and the End of Life: Sutter Health’s AIM Model (/publications/casestudies/2018/jan/sutter-health-aim) January 8, 2018 | Case Study


Using Community Partnerships to Integrate Health and Social Services for High-Need, High-Cost Patients (/publications/issuebriefs/2018/jan/integrating-health-social-services-high-need-high-cost-patients) January 5, 2018 | Issue Brief


10 Ways Health Care in America Changed in 2017 (/publications/blog/2018/jan/10-ways-health-care-in-america-changed-in2017) January 2, 2018 | Blog Post


The Commonwealth Fund's Top 10 for 2017 (/publications/lists/2017/top-10-publications) December 27, 2017 | eAlert


Care for Millions at Risk as Community Health Centers Lose Billions in Funding (/publications/blog/2017/dec/communityhealth-centers-funding-at-risk) December 21, 2017 | Blog Post


Health Care Delivery System Reform Program (/grants-and-fellowships/programs/health-care-delivery-system-reform)



Expert Spotlight (/about-us/staff-contact-information/program-staff/senior-program-research-staff/abrams-melinda-k)

(/about-us/staff-contactinformation/programstaff/senior-programresearch-staff/abramsmelinda-k) Melinda K. Abrams (/about-us/staff-contact-information/program-staff/senior-program-research-staff/abrams-melinda-k) Vice President, Delivery System Reform, The Commonwealth Fund



New York's Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program (/interactives-and-data/infographics/2016/new-york-delivery-system-reform)


Doing Health Care Differently: An Overview (/interactives-and-data/multimedia/videos/2015/doing-health-care-different-an-overview)

Podcasts (/interactives-and-data/multimedia/podcasts) India’s Narayana Health: A Model of Efficient, High-Tech Care (/interactives-and-data/multimedia/podcasts/new-directions-in-health-care/efficient-hospital-care-in-india) A Health Hotline in Mexico (/interactives-and-data/multimedia/podcasts/new-directions-in-health-care/health-hotline-in-mexico) Brazil's Family Health Strategy (/interactives-and-data/multimedia/podcasts/new-directions-in-health-care/brazils-family-health-strategy)


Health Care Delivery System Reform - The Commonwealth Fund

Health Care Delivery System Reform Current Issues (#) (/topics/current-issues/high-need-high-cost-patients) High-Need, High-Cost Patients (/topics/...

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