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4202, Aspin Commercial Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road PO Box 123 383 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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OUTSOURCING OF ACCOUNTING, AUDITING & CONSULTING It’s important that your accounts are accurate and up to date so you can draw up ‘true and fair’ annual accounts.

If you are starting a new business it is essential that you get a proper record keeping system in place immediately.

Your accounts should be backed up with full and detailed records of all business income and expenditure, such as receipts, invoices and purchase orders, payments in and out, etc.

You can use various software’s for the maintenance of the books of accounts.

Why you should keep records and documents : Following careful record keeping procedures can also help you in prevent fraud or theft. Using a good record keeping system will keep you up to date and help you to: track income, expenses, debts and creditors, apply for additional funding – a bank loan or overdraft facility, save time and accountancy costs.

Gupta Accountants is there to outsource you all need of the accounting, auditing and consulting on your business accounting needs and will report to you on time to time on the financial affairs of your business.

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Gupta Accountants is a Dubai based Accounting firm that has been serving our clients since 2011, offering top quality services and consultancy in accounting, auditing, financing, international taxation and business planning for individuals and corporate clients. We work with our wide range of clientele to establish and achieve their financial goals and preserve the financial security that they work hard to attain. Our clients include individuals who require accounting, financial management, international tax planning and other related support services, as well as small, mid-sized and large businesses.

Gupta Accountants is a member firm of the Gupta Group International.

Ramesh Kumar Gupta

Gupta Accountants was founded by Ramesh Gupta an Indian Chartered Accountant (CA) and incorporated in 2011 essentially to focus on accounting, auditing & consulting in Dubai United Arab Emirates.

Qualified as Chartered Accountant from Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in 2001. Also achieved 27th rank in Intermediate examination of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Our highly accomplished staff have the experience and knowledge to go above and beyond your expectations and provide the absolute best value you can get from an accounting firm. We built our firm through constant dedication to our clients' success, and growing from a one person company in 2011 to a firm with over ten accounting and finance professionals, based on shore and off shore who help our diverse GCC based clients as well as multinational clients based in Singapore, London, Hong-kong and Europe.

Mr. Ramesh Kumar Gupta has over eighteen years of experience in financial accounting, auditing and business financial consulting.

Our expertise comes from years of experience helping clients with accounting services, which include accounting services auditing services, international taxation services, and management advisory services.

(Managing Director)

He has worked for Standard Chartered Bank, NSE, HPCL, NABARD, Reserve Bank of India, Unit Trust of India in various different capacities and assignments. His experience includes accounting, auditing, financial arrangements, syndication of bank and financial institution loans, debt equity restructuring, setting of management information systems, financial and internal audit.

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Our Philosophy Our philosophy is to help clients achieve success by providing prompt, personalized attention that addresses not only today's needs but tomorrow's plans. We are committed to offering our clients a thorough understanding of the latest tax and financial developments. Our goal is to provide advise and guidance to our clients to enable them to make informed financial decisions. In order to provide our clients the best service, we continually educate ourselves to improve our technical expertise and financial knowledge.

Client Satisfaction Our reputation is built upon a foundation of satisfied clients. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. We are here to help you achieve your personal and business objectives. We look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Registrations and Memberships Gupta Accountants is registered with Dubai Economic Department. Dubai License No. 663489 Firm Director Mr. Ramesh Gupta is member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Member Ship No. 110611 Since Year 2001

OUR SERVICES Accounting Business Accounting Accounting Supervision Payroll

Auditing Internal Audit External Audit Facilitation

Consulting CFO Service International Taxation Accounting Software

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We offer the full range of accounting services for both individuals and businesses. Our accounting professionals have vast experience and ensure that our clients’ accounting is done in the best way possible.

As a business owner you have more important things to do than to keep your own books yourselves. We take care of your books for you, so you can get back to the job of running your business and generating profits. Regardless of the size of your business or accounts, you need to ensure that you are following accounting best-practices in order to avoid miscalculations that could lead to problems in the future. At Gupta Accountants we work with our clients in a number of ways to ensure that their accounting needs are met. We are here to help whether you want us to handle all of your accounting needs so you do not need to hire your own accounting staff. Our expert team of accountants is available to take care of accounting and financial reporting functions of your organisation. We would provide you with every month management financial reports containing Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account and Cash flow Statements, which are necessary for all the business owners and managers to track the profitability and the financial position of the organisation. Depending upon the nature and volume of your business size we agree upon the number of visits needed to complete and maintain your business books of accounts and generate the monthly reports.

Our business accounting services are cost effective and bring in the instant saving and effective financial reporting benefits to the organisation at the best price. Balance Sheet A balance sheet gives you a snapshot of your business' financial condition at a specific moment in time. Profit And Loss Account A profit and loss Account otherwise known as an income statement, profit and loss statement, basically adds an itemised list of all your revenues and subtracts an itemised list of all your expenses to come up with a profit or loss for the period. Cash Flow Statement A cash flow statement, also known as statement of cash flows, is a financial statement that shows how changes in balance sheet accounts and income affect cash and cash equivalents, and breaks the analysis down to operating, investing and financing activities. At Gupta Accountants, we offer a variety of services and each service can be customised to meet your needs and comfort level and your Organisation could focus on core business, reduce operating costs and increase profitability. This service is mostly offered on monthly basis.

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The accounting supervision service is similar to the function performed by a company’s Chief Accountant. 
 accounting supervision allows to benefit from partial outsourcing of the accounting functions while keeping the accounting books in the company

In this type of service arrangements we take care of development, modification and implementation of a company chart of accounts, development of a company accounting policy, verification of accounting books, assistance in preparation or preparation of reporting documentation, declarations and financial statements, consultations and accounting advisory, providing assistance and explanations for the employees of the client’s accounting department. This service is mostly offered on monthly basis.

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Our Accounting firm provides top quality professional payroll services to help make managing your payroll hassle free.

Our payroll services for business are customised to make sure we are meeting the particular needs of your business. We understand that no two companies are the same, and customised payroll processing solutions are required to ensure your business’ needs are met. Whether you want us to manage all or part of your payroll, or require payroll consulting services for your accounting staff, our goal is to make sure your payroll is handled in the best way possible. Whatever your needs, we will work with you to make sure your business’ payroll needs are taken care of. Our mission is to give each client the care and attention they deserve to ensure they get the highest quality payroll services. This service is mostly offered on monthly basis.

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Internal auditing is an objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organisation's operations. It can help an organisation accomplish its strategic objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

Benefits of Internal Audit

Internal Audit provides management with objective analyses, appraisals, recommendations, counsel and information about the quality of Enterprise Risk Management and internal controls. Internal Audit understands the organisation’s key business processes provides the opportunity for continuous improvement. Internal Audit helps the board of directors effectively discharge their responsibilities to all the stakeholders. Internal Audit provides management with objective analyses, appraisals, recommendations, counsel and information about the quality of Enterprise Risk Management and internal controls.

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An Internal Audit undertaken to confirm whether a firm is following the terms of an agreement (such as a bond indenture), or the rules and regulations applicable to an activity or practice prescribed by an external agency or authority. Compliance audit is a comprehensive review of an organization's adherence to regulatory guidelines. What, precisely, is examined in a compliance audit will vary depending upon whether an organization is a public or private company, what kind of data it handles and if it transmits or stores sensitive financial data.



An Internal Audit undertaken to review of how an organization's management and its operating procedures are functioning with respect to their effectiveness and efficiency in meeting stated objectives. For example, a business might perform an operational audit if its senior management has become convinced that operational improvements can be made and need to be identified.

An Internal Audit undertaken to confirm and evaluate a firm's or individual's financial information for use as evidence in court. A forensic audit can be conducted in order to prosecute a party for fraud, embezzlement or other financial claims

The purpose of an operational audit is to improve the efficiency of day-to-day operations. In other words, managers review the routine processes and procedures of those employees, such as production workers, who do the primary work of the company. Managers use the operational audit to evaluate and analyze the current effectiveness of a company's operations while identifying areas of potential improvement. The identification of areas requiring improvement is a key aspect, as the fundamental purpose of the operational audit is to improve effectiveness.

The application of accounting methods to the tracking and collection of forensic evidence, usually for investigation and prosecution of criminal acts such as embezzlement or fraud. Also called forensic accounting. Forensic Auditing Demonstrate the integrity of your organization by performing forensic procedures. Our forensic audit focuses on high risk areas and helps you strengthen your internal controls. Whether your goal is to investigate a specific allegation, proactively manage risk, or perform fraud audit procedures, we can help you avoid the financial, regulatory, and reputational costs of fraud. How we can help, we could gather and analyze evidence and Integrate interview information with queries from databases, emails, and hard drives and Report our findings, review internal controls, and provide remediation options and Expert testimony.

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Gupta Accountants has expertise in facilitation of the external audits.

Our teams are armed with practical audit engagement experience enabling them to deliver high quality audit deliverables while navigating efficiently through the challenges of an audit.

Proper preparations ensure that a company’s accounting staff is not bogged down by the rigours of audit inquiries and minimise the disruption to the ‘day to day’ accounting function. Our association with the auditing firms who are listed with banks, financial institutions, government bodies and free trade zones helps in getting the annual financial audits done faster and at the reasonable cost. Gupta Accountants could also assist you in finding and appointing the audit firm needed for the audit. It should be noted that depending upon the need different audit firms might be needed for the audit report.

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CFO SERVICE Every business owner needs an experienced ‘wing-man’… Somebody to help you keep an eye on the money side of your business while you focus on doing the things that make you successful. Somebody to help you make the important decisions that cross your desk week after week. Somebody for you to bounce investment ideas off and to play in the ‘Financial Zone’ so you can focus on playing to your strengths. And that’s where our outsourced CFO Service can help you.

Benefit from our CFO Services

When you work with us in the role of CFO, you’ll get all the benefits of a CFO that’s focused on your success, but you’ll only pay for what you need as your business grows. There are five essential elements of a CFO’s role and we can help you manage all of them: 1. Controllership:

Accurate and timely financial statements are critical for business success because the quality of the decisions you make is totally dependent on the quality of the information you rely on. As your CFO, we’ll ensure you have access to the quality financial and non-financial information you need to make well-informed business decisions. 2. Risk Management:

As your CFO, we’ll ensure you have proper internal controls in place to safeguard your assets – especially your cash! Fraud is common in small businesses because they have very poor internal control systems and too few people in key cash-handling and bookkeeping roles. Risk management means ensuring you have appropriate insurance coverage for things like, environmental disaster planning and key-man insurance. Other issues like buy-sell agreements need to be taken care of, as does compliance with regulatory requirements such as financial reporting, taxation law, labor law, environmental law and more. As your CFO, we’ll help you raise funds and will be your point person for your banking and investor relationships. We’ll help you get maximum leverage from the financial resources you have, including the investment of surplus funds.

3. Financial Planning and Control:

In your role as CEO of your business, you’re responsible for developing and implementing a strategic operating plan. You need a capable CFO to advise you on the financial outcomes associated with your plan. As your CFO, we’ll prepare cash flow and profit projections that link to your sales and expense projections. We’ll work with you to monitor and modify these every month just like the “big guys.” We’ll take on the role of financial coach to help you keep you on target. 4. Business Financial Health:

The financial condition of your business is a matter of life and death. As your CFO, one of our roles is to keep your business in good financial health. This is not just about being profitable. It’s about having enough cash to pay your bills when they’re due and having the financial resources to grow as fast as you can. Most small businesses don’t give attention to this critical function— and that’s why most fail. 5. Succession Planning,
 Mergers & Acquisitions:

Successful business owners are always thinking about “the final transaction,” asking questions like: What is your business worth? Who is likely to want to acquire it either through a merger or straight acquisition? What do you need to do strategically and operationally to ensure that your business will stand rigorous due diligence by a potential acquirer? How can a sale be structured so that the least amount of tax is due? Even if you aren’t planning to sell your business in the foreseeable future, what management development and succession plan do you have in place for your employees (including your children)? What would happen to your family’s financial position if you or other key employees are unable to continue working for health reasons? What advice do you need if you are considering expansion through a merger or acquisition?

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If you are an individual or business with offshore accounts or operations, you need an international tax advisor to assist you with international tax consulting

This is essential to ensure you are maximising the tax benefits and advantages available to you. Having an Accounting firm that understands the intricacies of international tax laws will help you plan and implement a tax strategy that fits your needs is important, and that is what we do for our clients. We have been helping clients with international tax consulting since 2011 and know how to help you best take advantage international tax laws to reach your financial goals.

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Tally.ERP 9 - the latest evolution of the Tally series-took 3 years and the dedicated efforts of 200 developers to create. It has grown from a basic accounting software package into a simple-yetsophisticated business management software product. Comprehensive capabilities allow Tally.ERP 9 to meet the needs of small to large businesses with dispersed operations. We are Tally Partner Accounting Firm Tally.ERP 9

Though Tally ERP.9 is a very user-friendly product, you might still require a Tally ERP.9 expert to train your staff or to implement Tally ERP.9 as per the needs of your organisation in order to enable you to make use of Tally ERP.9 most effectively. The implementation includes understanding the needs of your organisation and configuring Tally ERP.9 accordingly.

The Complete Business Management Solution

BUSY offers a range of accounting software’s to cater to the needs of different business segments. The primary editions offered by BUSY are Basic, Standard & Enterprise.

We are Busy Accredited Accounting Firm

Though BUSY is a very user-friendly product, you might still require a BUSY expert to train your staff or to implement BUSY as per the needs of your organisation in order to enable you to make use of BUSY most effectively. The implementation includes understanding the needs of your organisation and configuring BUSY accordingly.

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If you'd like to receive a consultation on our Services, please get in touch

4202, Aspin Commercial Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road PO Box 123 383 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Telephone No. : +971 4 552 7746 Mobile No : +971 55 989 3299 Email : [email protected] Website: Group website :


Gupta profile1 - Gupta Accountants

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 CORPORATE PROFILE 4202, Aspin Commercial Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road PO Box 123 383 Dubai, United Arab Emirates ! of 15 2 ! 

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