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Frequently Asked Questions Medical Coding Certificate Series//Medical Billing Certificate Series What is the difference between Medical Coding and Medical Billing? In many healthcare settings medical coding and medical billing are two separate jobs. For example, in hospitals, medical coders are generally employed by the medical records department, while medical billers generally work for the business office. A Medical Coder’s primary task is to convert patient information from a medical record into codes prescribed by the national coding books, such as the CPT, ICD-9 or HCPCS. The books are published annually and contain codes for all the different diagnoses, procedures, medical supplies, etc. Medical Billers main duties are to ensure electronic insurance forms are completed properly, submit forms to insurance or other payors, follow up with any discrepancies or rejections, post payments to accounts, and follow up with patients on any billing matters. What are the courses in the Medical Coding Certificate Series? There are two prerequisites: Medical Terminology and Basic Anatomy & Physiology Six additional courses make up the certificate series: Pathophysiology Healthcare Ethics & HIPAA Compliance Computers in the Medical Office Introduction to Medical Coding & Billing Medical Coding I Medical Coding II Is state or national certification available for Medical Coders? Yes. National certification upon completion of coursework is highly recommended for coding students. Many employers now require certification. There are two widely recognized national organizations that provide certification for coders. American Academy of Professional Coders – most coding students choose to take the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam upon completion of coursework. The Richardson Chapter of the AAPC proctors the national exam four times a year at the Courtyard Center Campus. For additional information, visit American Health Information Management Association – is the most widely recognized national organization for Health Information and offers the Certified Coding Associate (CCA) and the Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) for medical coders.

What are the courses in the Medical Billing Certificate Series? Medical Terminology Computers in the Medical Office Electronic Health Records Medical Billing & Reimbursement Communication Skills for Healthcare Workers Claims Cycle in the Central Billing Office Healthcare Ethics & HIPAA Compliance There are no prerequisites for medical billing

Is state or national certification available for medical billers? Currently there is no widely recognized certification or organization for medical billers.

Why do some of the courses overlap between the two certificate series? Healthcare workers need basic knowledge, regardless of what role they are filling. That is why you see some courses overlap between the two certificates. Many students choose to complete both the medical coding and the medical billing. This increases a student’s knowledge base and makes them more marketable for many employers. Completion of one prior to starting the other is recommended. How much will I get paid? Most entry level healthcare jobs get paid between $10.00-$12.00 per hour depending on where you go to work and your previous work history. There is potential to make much more as you gain more knowledge, experience and certification. Additional salary information can be found in a variety of online resources, such as: Do I receive a certificate after each class? No. You may request a transcript from admissions upon completion of each class. You will receive a certification of completion once you have finished the entire certificate series. To request a certificate of completion, e-mail [email protected] with your full name and CWID.

Where will I be able to get a job? Physician offices, clinics, surgery centers, hospitals, insurance companies and medical billing companies all hire professional medical coders and medical billers. Alerts are sent out to students when employers contact the college about potential job opportunities and/or externships. While there is no guarantee of a job or an externship, Collin works hard to provide information about these opportunities to students. Continuing education offers a free resume writing and interview workshop twice per semester which is strongly recommended for all students. Career services at our credit campuses offers limited services to CE students as well. In addition, there is an online job posting on your CougarWeb student page. These are all valuable resources for students. Will you accept classes taken at other schools? Transcripts and/or certificates for coursework from other accredited school will be considered. The Healthcare Program Director will make the final approval. Will I receive college credit for these classes? No. If you are interested in taking courses for college credit, contact academic advising at 972548-6779. You can also view the information online at Where can I get information on course schedules? Information and course schedules are available in our print catalog or our website at Who can I contact for more information? Please contact the Healthcare Hotline at 972-599-3117 with additional questions or you can attend one of our FREE Healthcare Information Sessions, scheduled throughout the semester for your convenience.


Frequently Asked Questions Medical Coding - Collin College

Frequently Asked Questions Medical Coding Certificate Series//Medical Billing Certificate Series What is the difference between Medical Coding and Med...

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