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A aardvark abandonment abyss academy accelerator accident accordion accounting accusation achiever aching acid acorn acquaintance acrobat acting acupuncture adam adder addiction adding admiration adoption adultery advancement adventure adversary adversity advertising advice advocacy affair affectionate affluence afraid afternoon age agony agreement agressive agriculture ague aids air air conditioner air force airplane airplane crash airport alabaster alarm bell albatross albino album alchemy alcohol alien alimony allergies allergy alley alligator alloy almanac almond alum alumunium amber ambulance ambush amethyst ammonia ammunition amorous amputate amputation amusement park anaconda anal sex ancestor anchor ancient andiron androgynous anecdote anemone anesthesia angel anger angling animal animosity ankle annoyed annulment anorexic answering machine ant anteater antelope antenna antidote antique antlers anvil anxiety apartment ape apocalypse apollo apology apparition appearing applause apple apple tree apprentice apricot april apron aquarium aqueduct arcade arch archaeology archbishop archery architect argument ark arm armadillo armageddon armor armpit army aroma assassin attack attic aurora borealis automobile autopsy avalanche axe

B Return to Top baboon baby baby carriage baby shower babysitter bachelor back back-biting backflip backgammon backpack backpacking backward backyard bacon badge badger badminton bag bagel baggage bagpipe bail bailiff bait bake-house bakery baking balcony bald ball ballerina ballet balloon bamboo banana band bandage banjo bank bankrupt banquet baptism bar bar mitzvah barbarian barbed wire barbie doll barefoot bargain bark barn barricade barrier baseball basement basket basketball bat bath bathrobe bathroom bathtub bats battery battle battlefield bay bay tree beach beads beans bear beard beast beating beauty contest beauty parlor beaver bed bedroom bedspread bee beehive beer bees beetle beggar begin behead behind belch bell belly belt bench bending betrayal bewilderment bible bicycle big bikini billboard billiard binoculars bird birdcage birdhouse birdseed birth birth control birthday birthday cake birthmark bisexual bison bites bitter black widow blackberries blackbird blackboard blackmail blacksmith blade blanket bleach bleachers blender blind blinking blister blizzard blond blood blossom blow dry blue jay blueberries blueberry bluebird blueprint blurry blush boar boat bobcat body boiling bolt bomb bondage bone bonfire bonnet bonsai tree boogie board booing book book bag bookkeeper bookshelf boomerang boot border boss bottle boulder boundary bouquet bow bow and arrow bowel movement bowing bowl bowling box boxcar boxing boy boy scout boyfriend bra bracelet braces bragging braid brain brakes branch branches brass bread break breakdown breakfast break-up breast breast feeding breathe breeze bribery brick bride bridge briefcase bright bronze broom brothel brother bruise brunette brush bubble bubble bath bucket buddha budgie buffalo bug building bulb bull bulldozer bullet bullfight bully bum bumblebees bunjee jumping bunk bed buoy burglar burial burning burp burst bus bus driver bush butcher butter butterfly buttocks buttons buying buzzard

C Return to Top cab cabbage cabin cabinet cable cackle cactus cafeteria cage cake calculator calendar calf calm calomel calves camcorder camel camera camouflage camper campfire camping campus can can opener canary cancer candle candle wax candy cane cannibalism cannon canoe canopy canteen canyon cap cape capsize captain car card cardinal carnation carnival carp carpenter carpet carriage carrot carry cartoon cartwheel carving cash register casino casket castle castration cat caterpillar cathedral cattle cauldron cauliflower cave caveman cd cd player ceiling celebration celebrities celebrity celery celibacy cell phone cellar cello cellular cellular phone cement cemetery centaur centipedes cereal ceremony certificate chain chainsaw chair chalice chalk chalkboard chameleon champagne chandelier charcoal chariot charleston charm bracelet chase cheap cheat cheating check checkerboard cheek cheerleader cheese cheetah chef chemical cherry cherub chess chest chew chickadee chicken chihuahua childhood children chimera chimney chiropractor chocolate choir choking christ christian christmas christmas card christmas tree chrome chrysalis chrysanthemums church cicadas cigar cigarettes cinema circle circumcise circus citrine city clam clapping class classmates classroom claustrophobia claw clay cleaners cleaning cliff climate climb cloak clock closed closet cloth clothes clothesline clothing cloud clover clown club clumsy coach coal coast coat coat of arms cobra cobweb cocaine cockroach coconut cocoon coffee coffin coin cold collapse collar colleague college collision colorless colors colt column coma comb comedian comet commercial compact disc compass competition compliment composer computer concentration camp concern concert conch shell concrete concussion condom conductor cone confession confetti confusion constellation constipation construction contact lens contest contraceptive contract convent convention conversion convertible convict cookie cooking cop copier copper coral cork cormorant corn corner cornucopia corpse corridor corsage corset cosmetics costume cottage cotton cotton candy couch cougar coughing counselor counterfeit court cousin cow coward cowboy coworker coyote crab crackers cradle crane crash crater crawling crayon crazy cream creature credit card creek cremation crescent crib cricket crime cripple crocodile crop cross crossroad crossword puzzle crow crowd crown crucifix cruel cruise crush crutches cry crystal cub cube cuckoo cucumber cuddle cult cultivate cup cupboard cupid curlers current curry curse curtain curtsy cut cuticle cutting cyclops cypress

D Return to Top daffodil dagger dahlias dairy daisy dalmatian dam damask rose damson dance dance recital dandelion dandruff danger darkness dartboard darts date dates daughter daughter-in-law dawn day daybreak dead deaf death debt decapitation decay deceased|dead december deck decorate deed deer defecate deformed delight demons den dentist deodorant depression derrick desert desk despair dessert destruction detective detergent determination detour devil devotion dew diadem diamonds diaper diarrhea diary dice dictator dictionary die diet difficulty digging dinner dinosaur diploma directions dirt dirty disability disappear disappointment disaster discovery disease disgrace disguise disgust dish disinherited diskette dislike dismemberment disown dispute distress ditch dive diving divorce dizzy dna docks doctor dog dog house doll dollhouse dolphin dome domino dominoes donkey door door knocker doorbell dormitory doughnut dove down downtown dowry drafted dragon dragonfly drain drainer drama drapes drawbridge drawers drawing dream dress dressing drill drinking dripping driver's license driveway driving dromedary drooling drop drowning drug drum drunk dryer duck duel dulcimer dumb dummy dump truck dungeon dunghill dusk dust dwarf dye dynamite

E Return to Top eagle ear earphone earring earth earthquake earwig east easter eat eating ebony echo eclipse ecstasy education eel egg egypt elbow elderberries elderberry elderly election electric guitar electricity electrocution elephant elevator eleventh hour elf elk elopement eloquent email embankment embarrassment embrace embroidery embryo emerald emotionless emotions emperor employment empress emptiness enchantment enclosure encyclopedia enemy engagement engine engineer entertainment entrail envelope envy epaulet epicure epidemic epilepsy equator eraser erection ermine errand eruption escalator escape estate eucalyptus europe evacuation eve evening evening gown evergreen eviction evil ex exam ex-boyfriend exchange excrement execution exercise exhausted exile exit exorcism experiment explosion extension cord exterminator eye eyebrow eyeglasses eyelash

F Return to Top fable face faceless facelift factory failure fainting fair fairy fairy tale faithless fakir falcon fall fame family famine famish fan fang farewell farm farmer farting fat father father-in-law fatigue faucet favor fawn fax machine fear feast feather february feces feeble feet fellatio fence fern ferret ferris wheel ferry fertilizer festival fetus fever fiddle field fiend fife fig fig leaf fighting figure figurine filbert nut file file cabinet filer film find finger fingernail fire fire engine fire fighter firebrand firecracker fired firefly fireplace fireplace damper firework fish fish market fisherman fishhook fishing fishing rod fishnet fishpond fist fit fix flag flame flamingo flasher flashlight flax fleas fleet flies flight flirt flirting float floating flock flog flogging flood floodlight floor flour flower flute fly fly paper fly trap flying flying fish flying machine flying saucer foal fog folder follow food fool foot football footprints footstool forehead foreigner forest forget forgetting fork fork in the road forklift formaldehyde fort fortress fortune telling fossils found foundation fountain fowl fox frame framework fraud freckle freeway freezer french french fries fridge friend frightened fringe frisbee frog frosting frozen fruit frustration funeral fungus funhouse fur furnace furniture future

G Return to Top gag galaxy gale gallows gambling game gang gangrene gap garage garage sale garbage garden gargoyle garland garlic garret garter gas gas station gasoline gate gauze gavel gay gazelle gear gecko geese geisha gelatin gem genie genitals geography geranium germ german shepherd geyser ghost ghoul giant gift gig ginger ginseng giraffe girdle girl girlfriend glacier gladiola glass glass house glass slipper glass-blower glasses gleaner glider globe gloomy glove glow glue gnome goat goblet god godzilla goggles gold gold leaf gold leaves goldfish golf gondola gong gooseberries gooseberry goosebump gopher gorilla gossip gourd gout government gown grade graduation grafting grain grammar grandchild grandmother grandparents grapefruit grapes grass grasshopper grave gravel gravestone graveyard gravy grease greek greeting card greyhound griffon grim reaper grinch grindstone groans groceries grocery cart grocery store groin groom grotto ground group grout guard guardian guest guide guillotine guilt guinea pig guitar gull gum gun guru guts gutter guy gymnasium gymnast gypsy

H Return to Top hag haggard hail hair haircut hairdresser hairpiece half halloween hallucination hallway halo halter ham hamburger hammer hammock hamper hamster hand handcuffs handicap handkerchief handle handwriting hang gliding hanger hanging happy harbor hardware store hare harmonica harp harvesting hat hate haunted hawaii hawk hay head headache headphones headstone healing hear hearing aid hearse heart heart attack heartbeat hearth heat heater heaven heavy hedge hedgehog heel height helicopter hell helmet help helpless hem hemorrhage hen herb hercules herd hermaphrodite hermit hero heron herpes hex hexagram hiccup hickey hiding hieroglyphics high heels high school highway hiking hill hip hippie hippopotamus hit hitchhiking hive hives hockey hoe hog hole holiday hollow holly hologram home homeless homosexual honey honeycomb hood hoof hook hookah hooker hopscotch horizon horn hornet horse horserace horseradish horseshoe hose hospital hospitality hostage hot hot air balloon hot dog hot pepper hot tub hotel hour hourglass house howling hugging humid humidicrib hummingbird hunger hunting hurdle hurricane hurry husband hut hyacinth hyena hypnotize hysterectomy

I Return to Top ice ice cream ice pick ice skating iceberg icicle ideal identification idiot idle idol ignition ignore iguana illness illumination imitation immobility immortal impale impeach impotence inauguration incense incest incoherent incubator independent indian indigestion indigo infant infection infertile infidelity inheritance injection injury ink in-law inn insanity inscription insect insurance intercom intercourse intermarriage internet interrupt intersection interstate interview intestine intoxicated intruder invasion inventor investigator invisible invitation iris iron ironing island itch ivory ivy

J Return to Top jab jack jackal jackdaw jacket jackhammer jade jaguar jail jailer jam janitor january jar jasmine jasper jaundice javelin jaw jawbreaker jaybird jealousy jelly jellyfish jester jesus jet jet ski jewel jewelry jewelry box jigsaw puzzle job jockey jogging joint joke joshua tree journal journey joy jubilee judge jug juggling juice jukebox july jump rope jumping june jungle juniper junk junkyard jupiter jury justice

K Return to Top kaleidoscope kangaroo karate keg kelp kettle key keyhole khakis kid kidnapper kidney killer killing king kiss kitchen kite kitten knapsack knee knife knife grinder knight knitting knob knocker knocking knot knuckles koala krishna kumquat

L Return to Top label labor laboratory labyrinth lace ladder ladle ladybug lagoon lake lamb lame lament lamp lamppost lampshade lanai lance land landau landing landlord landscape landslide language lantern lap lapis laptop lard large lark las vegas laser lasso latch late latin laudanum laughing laundry laurel lava lavender lawn lawn mower lawsuit lawyer laxative lazy lead leader leak leaping learn leash leather leaves lecture ledge ledger leeches leek leeward left leg legislature legume lei lemon lemonade lending lens lentil

leopard leprosy lesbian letter letters lettuce levitation liar library lice license plate lick lie life jacket lifeguard lift light light bulb lighthouse lightning lilac lily lime limousine limping line lingerie lion lip liposuction lipstick list listen litter little liver living room lizard llama loan lobby lobster lock locked locker locker room locust log lollipop loneliness long loon lose lost lotion lottery lotus louse love lover lsd luggage lumber lunatic lung lust lute lynching lynx lyre

M Return to Top macadamize macaroni mace machinery mad dog madness madonna mafia magazine maggot magic magic carpet magician magistrate magnet magnifying glass magnolia magnolia tree magpie maid mail mailbox mailman makeup making out malice mall mallet malpractice malt man man of war manager mandala mango manicure mannequin manners mansion manslaughter mantilla manure manuscript map maple marble march marching mardi gras mare marigold marijuana mariner market marmalade marmot marriage mars marsh marshmallow martyr mascara mask mason masquerade massacre massage mast mastectomy master masturbation mat matador match matches mattress mausoleum may mayonnaise maypole dance maze meadow meadowlark meal measles measurement meat mechanic medal media medicine medicine man medieval meditate medium medusa meeting megaphone melancholy melon melting memorandum memorial memory menagerie mendicant mending menopause menorah menstruation mental institution mercury mermaid merry merry-go-round meshes message metal metamorphosis meteor mice microphone microscope microwave midget midwife mildew military milk milking mill miller mime mine mineral mineral water mining minister mink minotaur minstrel minuet minx miracle mirage mire mirror miscarriage miser misshapen missile missing mist mistake mistletoe mistress mitten mixing moat mob mocassin mocking mockingbird model modest molasses mold mole monastery money monk monkey monster monument moon moose mop morgue morning morocco morose morph mortgage mortify mortuary mosaic moses mosquito moss motel moth mother mother-in-law motor home motorcycle mountain mountain lion mourning mouse mouse trap mouth movement movie movie theater moving mud muff muffin mulberries mulberry mule mummy mumps murder muscle museum mushroom music musical instrument musk mussel mustache mustard mute mutilate myrrh myrtle

N Return to Top nail naked name nap napkin narcissus narcotic narrow native american nativity nature nausea navel navy nazi nearsighted neck necklace necktie necromancer need needle negligee neighbor neighborhood nephew neptune nerd nervous nervous breakdown nest net nettle new new year news newspaper newspaper reporter nickname niece night nightclub nightgown nightingale nightmare ninepins nipple nobility noise noodles noose north north pole northern lights nose notary notebook november nuclear bomb nude number numbness nun nuptial nurse nursing nut nymph

O Return to Top oak tree oar oasis oath oatmeal oats obedience obelisk obese obituary obligation obscene observatory obsidian occultist ocean octagon october octopus odor offense offering office offspring ogre oil oil spill ointment old olives omelet one-eyed onions onyx opal opening opera operation opium opossum opponent oral sex oranges orangutan orca orchard orchestra orchids organ organist orgasm orgy orient oriole ornament orphan ostrich otter ottoman ouija board outer space oval oven overall overcoat owl ox oxygen

P Return to Top pacifier pacify package packing paddle page pageant pager pagoda pail pain paintbrush painting pajama palace pall pallbearer pallet palm palm reading palm tree pan pancake pandora's box panic pansy panther panties pants paper paper clip papyrus parachute parade paradise parakeet paralyzed paranoia parasite parents paris park parking lot parking meter parking ticket parrot parsley partner partridge party passenger passport pastel pastry path patient patio pauper pavement paw paying peace peach peacock peak peanut peanut butter pear pearl peas pebble pedestal peel pelican pelvis pen pencil pendant pendulum penguin penis penny pentagram penthouse peony people pepper percolator perfume period perm perpetual motion perspire pet pet store petal petticoat pewter phantom pharaoh pharmacy pheasant philanthropist phobia phoenix phone phone number photo album photograph photographer physician piano pickaxe pickle pick-up truck picnic picture pie pier piercing pig pigeon pilgrim pill pillow pilot pimples pin pin cushion pine tree pineapple pinky finger pioneer pipe piranha pirate pistol pit pitcher pixie pizza place mat placenta plague plaid plain planet plant plastic plastic surgery plate plateau platinum platter platypus play playground playpen pliers plough plum plumbing plunge pluto pocket pocketknife poetry poison poison ivy poker pole police politician pollen pollution polo poltergeist polyester pomegranate pond pony pool pool table poor popcorn pope poplar porch porcupine pornography porpoise port possessed possum post office postcard postman pot potato potato chip pothole potion power power lines prawn praying praying mantis preacher pregnancy test pregnant presents president press pretzel prickerbush pride priest primrose prince princess printer prism prison,jail prisoner privacy prize procession professor prom proposal prostitute protection prune psychic psychokinesis pubic hair puddle puke pulling pumpkin punch punishment puppet puppeteer puppy purse pursuit pus push pushpins putty puzzle pyramid python

Q Return to Top quack doctor quack medicine quadrille quadruplets quagmire quail quake quaker quarantine quarrel quarry quartet quartz quay queen question queue quicksand quill quilt quinine quinsy quintuplets quoits

R Return to Top rabbits rabies raccoon race race car racism rack racket radio radish raffle raft rag rage railing railroad rain rainbow raincoat raisin rake ram ramp ranch ransom rape rapids rash raspberries raspberry rat rattle rattlesnake raven razor reading reaper rebirth receipt reception recipe reconcilement record rectangle redhead reed reef referee reflection refrigerator refugee register rehabilitation rehearsal reindeer rejection relationships relative relief religion remodeling remote control renovate rent repair reprieve reptile rescue reservoir resign resort restaurant restrained resume resurrection resuscitate retarded reunion revelation revenge reverend revolt revolver revolving door rheumatism rhinestone rhinoceros rhubarb rib ribbon rice riches riddles ride right ring ringworms riot rising rival river roaches road road sign roadblock roadrunner roast robbery robe robin robot rock rocket rocking chair rodeo rogue roller blades roller coaster rolling pin roof rook room rooster root rope rosary rose rosebush rosemary rosette rotten rouge rowboat rowing rubber rubber band ruby rudder ruin ruler rum runaway running rust rv rye

S Return to Top sabotage sacrifice sad saddle safari safe safety pin saffron sage sailboat sailing sailor saint salad salamander salami sale salesperson saliva salmon salon salt saltpeter salve sample samurai sand sand dune sandal sandbox sandpaper sandwich santa claus sap sapphires satan satellite dish saturn satyr sauce sauna sausage savanna saw sawdust saxophone scale scallop scar scarab scarecrow scared scarf scent scepter school school bus scientist scissors scooter scorpion scratch scream screw screwdriver sculptor sculpture sea sea gull sea horse sea lion sea urchin seafood seal seance search seashell seasick seat belt seaweed secret secretary security sedate seduction seed seizure selling semen seminar senile separation serpent settle sewer sewing sewing machine sex sexuality shack shadows shaking shaman shampoo shark sharpen shave shed sheep sheet music shell shelter shepherd shield ship shipwreck shirt shit shock shoes shooting shooting star shopping shopping cart shore shorts shot shoulders shovel shower shrimp shrine shrink sibling sick sickle sidewalk sideways sign signature silk silo silver singer singing sink sinking sirens sister sister-in-law sitting size skateboard skating skeleton sketch skiing skillet skin skinless skipping skirts skull skunk sky skydiving skyscraper skywriting slap slaughterhouse slave slavery sled sledgehammer sleeping sleeping bag slide slime slip slippers sloth slow motion slugs slums small smell smile smog smoke smoke stacks smoking smuggling snails snake sneakers sneeze sniper snorkeling snow snowboarding snowflake snowman snowstorm soap soaring soccer socks softball soil soldier son song sorcerer sore soul soup south south america spa space spaceship spades spaghetti spanking sparrow spear spectacles speech speeding sperm sphinx spice spider spill spindle spine spiral spirit spit splash spleen splinter sponge spoon sport spring sprinkler spy square squeeze squid squirrel stab stadium stag stage stain stained glass staircase stairs stalk stallion stamp standing staples star star of david starfish staring starvation static station wagon statue statue of liberty stealing steam steel steer step sticker stigmata stiletto stillborn stilts stitch stock market stockings stomach stone stop sign stoplight store stork storm stove straddle stranded stranger strangle straw strawberry stream street stress stretch mark stretcher string stripe stripping stroke structure stuck studying stuffed animal stutter styrofoam submarine subway suck sucking suffocating sugar sugar cane suicide suit suitcase sulfur summer sun sunburn sunflower sunglasses sunrise sunset sunshine suntan superhero surfing surgery surprise surrender suspended swab swallow swamp swan swastika swearing sweat sweater sweeping sweet potato sweets swimming swing sword symbol symphony syringe syrup

T Return to Top t table tablecloth tack tadpoles tail tailor talisman talking tall tallow tambourine tank tannery tape tapestry tapeworm tar tarantula target tarot card tassels tattoo tax taxes tea teacher teacup teakettle tear gas tears tease teasing teddy bear teenager teeth telegram telekinesis telepathy telephone telescope television tempest temple temptation tenant tennis tent termite terrarium terror terrorist testicle testify thank thanks thanksgiving thatch thaw the supremes theater theme park thermometer thief thigh thimble thirst thistle thorns thread threaten threshing throat throne thumb thunder tick ticket tickle tidal wave tie tiger tightrope tights timber time time travel tin tipsy tiptoe tired tires toad toaster tobacco tocsin toddy toe toilet tomatoes tomb tongue tonsils tool toothbrush toothless toothpick top topaz topless torch tornado torrent torso tortoise torture touching toupee tourist tourniquet towel tower toy box toys track tractor trade traffic tragedy trailer trailer home train training traitor trampoline trance transformation transmission transplant transsexual trap trapeze traveling tray treasure treasure chest tree trench trespass trial triangle trickster tricycle trident tripe triplets tripod trophy trousers trout trowel truck truck stop trumpet trunk trust t-shirt tsunami tug of war tulip tumble tumor tunnel turban turf turkey turnip turquoise turtle tuxedo tweezers twigs twilight twin twine typewriter typhoid typing

U Return to Top u. s. mail box u. s. visa ufo ugly ulcer umbilical cord umbrella uncle underground underwater underwear undress unemployed unfortunate unicorn unicycle uniform university unknown up uproot upside down uranus urinal urination urn utensils u-turn

V Return to Top vacation vaccination vacuum vagina vagrant valentine valley vampire van vanilla vanish varnishing vase vat vatican vault vcr vegetables vehicle veil vein velvet veneer venom ventriloquist venus veranda verdict vermin vertigo vessels vest veterinarian victim video camera video game village vinegar vines vineyard violated violence violets violin viper virgin virgin mary vise vision visitor vitamin voiceless voices volcano volleyball volunteer vomiting voodoo vote voucher voyage voyeurism vulture

W Return to Top wadding wading wafer wager wages wagon wagtail waif wail waist waiter waiting wake walking walking stick wall wallet wallpaper walnut walrus waltz wand wander want war wardrobe warehouse warrant warrior wart wash bowl washboard washer woman washing wasp watch watching water water carrier water lily water skiing waterbed waterfall watermelon watermill waterslide wave waving wax way weak wealth weapon weasel weather weather vane weaving web wedding wedding clothes wedding ring wedge wedlock weeds weeping weevil weight welcome well werewolf west wet wet nurse wet suit whale wheat wheel wheelbarrow wheelchair whip whipping boy whirlpool whirlwind whisky whispering whistle white moth whitewash whore widow wife wig wilderness willow win wind windmill window window washer wine wine cellar wine glass wing winter wire wish witch witchcraft wizard woke wolf woman women wood wood pile wooden shoe woodpecker woods wool work workman workshop world worm wound wreath wreck wrestling wrinkle wrist writing

X Return to Top x x-ray xylophone

Y Return to Top y yacht yak yam yankee yard yard sale yard stick yarn yawning yearn yeast yelling yellow bird yeti yew tree yield yoga yogurt yoke young yourself yule log

Z Return to Top zebra zenith zephyr zero zig-zag zinc zinnias zipper zodiac zombie zoo zoological garden

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Free Dream Dictionary - Match a Dream th e w o r l d 's d r e a m l o g Welc ome H O ME : : L o g O u t Dream Dictionary What does it mean when I dream about... A B...

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