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Food and Beverage Service

Note on Food and Beverage Control

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Things to remember

Food and beverage control is an important process that monitors the movement of food and beverage products from the time they are purchased to the time they are consumed by guests. It is the system by which the management reviews and evaluates the result of entire activities of the food and beverage operation. Need and Importance of Food and Beverage Control To ensure that misappropriation of food and beverage doesn’t take place. To identify those points where food and beverage cost goes beyond expectation. To take necessary corrective measures that bring the costs with a standard set by the establishment. To make an ideal budget and plan about food and beverage expenditure for next or following years. To monitor the income and profit. To minimize spoilage, pilferage, and wastage of materials. Food and Beverage Operation Control Cycle

Step 1: Purchasing Develop purchase specification Supplier selection Purchasing correct quantities No collusion between property and supplier Evaluation of purchasing process

Step 2: Receiving Quality and quantity inspection clerical procedure Development of receiving procedures Completion of necessary receiving reports (e.g., addressing financial and security concerns)

Step 3: Storage Effective use of perpetual & physical inventory systems Control of product quality Securing products from theft Location of products within storage areas

Step 4: Issuing Product rotation concerns Matching issues (issue & usage) Purchasing as inventory is depleted

Step 5: Preparation and control Minimizing food waste / maximizing nutrient retention Pre-costing Portion control Standard portion size and amount\ Requirements for food and employee safety

Step 6: Service Timing of incoming F&B orders Delivering Presenting Removing

Step 7: Sales Checking Control of cash and accounting procedure Revenue management concerns

Step 8: Accounting Food and beverage control report Food cost analysis and comparison Correction Gross and net profit Food and Beverage Control Format / Forms (Control Measures)

There are a variety of control forms/ formats and sheets that are widely used for smooth and systematic operation in the hotel organization. They are: 1. KOT and BOT 2. Portion control 3. Store room requisition form 4. Standard recipe 5. Stock card 6. Bin card 7. Daily sales statement 8. Daily bar inventory and consumption sheet 1. KOT/ BOT


KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) is a form, used by the senior captain or waiter to take the order of food items from the guest. It is usually made up of three copies in different colors for identification purpose, which helps to control and manage. First copy (green color) goes to the kitchen to place the order for cooking food. Second copy (yellow color) goes to the cashier or counter to prepare the bill of the guest Third copy (white color) remains with the senior captain or waiter.

BOT (Bar Order Ticket) is a form, used by the senior captain or waiter to take the order of beverages from the guest. Like KOT it is also usually made up of three copies in different colors for identification purpose, which helps to control and manage. First copy (red color) goes to the bar counter to place the order of beverage Second copy white color) goes to the cashier or counter to prepare the bill of the guest Third copy (pink color) remains with the senior captain or waiter.

Purpose of KOT/BOT KOT helps the kitchen to prepare food in sequence according to the guest order. BOT helps the bar to prepare the beverage in sequence. It helps in preventing wastage of food and beverages and enhances accountability. It helps in serving right food and beverage to the right guest at the right table. It helps the cashier or accountant to prepare the bill of the guest. It helps the management in planning and control of food and beverage. 2. Portion Control

The amount or size of food to be served to a customer is known as “Portion”. It is used to determine the quantity or size of food to be served to the guest. In catering industry, portion control is one of the greatest factors that contribute to a successful business. Purpose of Portion Control: To ensure fair portion for each customer. To control the wastage of food and beverage items. To ensure the standard costing are as accurate as possible. To maximize the profit of catering establishment. To provide maximum satisfaction to the guest. To provide “value for money” paid by guest. 3. Store room requisition form

requisition form (

Requisition is an official written request or demand for the use of goods or commodities in any hotel or catering establishment. A requisition form is issued from kitchen or bar to draw required items from the food and beverage store. Requisition forms are color coded having 3 copies. The first copy goes to the store, a second duplicate copy goes to the food and beverage control and a third duplicate copy remains in the department itself for reference of product received from the store. 4. Standard recipe

standard recipe card (

The recipe is a set of instruction that gives key information about food to be prepared in terms of taste, flavor, color, texture/ consistency and at each time it is prepared. The recipe provides various information, such as the name of the dish, number of the portion, size, plating system, various utensils used and the time was taken to prepare. It also informs about the garnish and accompaniments which go along the principal dish simultaneously. Importance of Standard Recipe: It gives an exact idea of purchasing commodities and producing of food. It helps to use right quantities and qualities of ingredients every time. It helps to develop the dining standard of food items to be prepared in the kitchen. It helps in cooking and preparing food obtaining the complete procedure of methods. It helps to produce food in the right quantity and quality in dining.

References: Joshi, Basant Prasad, Fundamentals of Hotel Management-XII, Sukunda Pustak Bhandar, Kathmandu Bhandari, Saroj Sing, Principle of Hotel Management-XII, Asmita Publication, Kathmandu Oli, Gopal Singh, Hotel Management Principle and practices-XII, Buddha Prakashan, Kathmandu



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