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Inspection ( Repair ( ( We're dedicated to helping you inspect, track, and locate your fire extinguisher in an emergency. 0 item , $0.00 ( Price ( Unfortunately, we assume our fire extinguishers will always work when we need them, but they need Fire Extinguisher ( $7.95 until free shipping. maintenance as well. • Over 90% of extinguishers aren't inspected monthly, and over 75% were not in the right location. 01:04 • Browse our library of tags to find the right design and material. From easy-to-follow checklists (/fireextinguisher-inspection-record-tags) to yearly inspection tags (/monthly-extinguisher-inspectiontags), we have what you need to improve safety at your facility. Fire Extinguisher

Tags • Or, design your own tags. Just add your fire extinguisher's service company and their contact Make sure that your fire information. We'll make a personalized tag and place your name front and center.

extinguisher will work well in an emergency.

(/custom-fire-extinguisher-tags) ( Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tags Inspection Record Tags (/fire-


Monthly Inspection Tags







Fire Sprinkler Tags (/fire-


State Specific Tags (/state-


4/5 Year Record Tags (/4-yearrecord-fire-extinguisher-tags)





Extinguisher Inspection Labels

Custom Fire Extinguisher Tags




Tag-on-a-Roll® (/fire-extinguisherrecord-tag-in-a-box)






Fire Extinguisher Recharge Tags

Fire Extinguisher Labels (/fod/fire-



Fire Hose Inspection Tags (/firehose-inspection-tags)






Debossable Fire Extinguisher Inspection Labels (/debossablefire-extinguisher-labels)



extinguisher-labels) (/debossable-fire-extinguisher-labels)

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tags - Best Sellers








extinguisher-recharge-tag/sku-t343-c-100) tags/recharge-and-inspection/sku-tg0223.aspx)

Zoom Buy ( Price(/xp/quickviewws.aspx? Zoom Buy Zoom Zoom Buy extinguisher-cardstock-tag-t343-c-100.png) sku=T343-C-100) ( Price(/xp/quickviewws.aspx? ( Personalize (/fire-extinguisher-tags/custom-standard-recharge-tag/sku-tg-3002.aspx) ( Price(/xp/quickviewws.aspx? Extinguisher-Inspection-Tag-5514-C-100.gif) sku=5514-C-100) 2-Sided Cardstock Tag extinguisher-recharge-tag-tg-3002.png) Fire-Inspection-Tag-TG-0223.gif) sku=TG-0223) 2-Sided Fire Extinguisher Tag

Standard Tag#6

2-Sided Vinyl Fire Inspection Tag

Custom Fire Extinguisher Tag #6





Tags/Inspection-Record-Tag/SKU-5510-Cannual-maintenance-tag-2018/sku-T337-C100) 100-18) Zoom Buy Zoom Zoom ( Price Zoom (/xp/quickviewws.aspx? Buy ( Price(/xp/quickviewws ( Price extinguisher-inspection-tag-t-box-088.png) (/xp/quickviewws.aspx? ( Price(/xp/quickviewws.aspx? Record-Tag-5510-C-100.gif) sku=5510Extinguisher-Cardstock-Tag-T338-C-100.gif) sku=T338-C-100) annual-maintenance-tag-t337-c-100-18.png) sku=T337-C-100-18) 2-Sided Fire Extinguisher Tag-on-a-Roll Cardstock Inspection Tag 30-Day Record Tag 5-Year Annual Maintenance Cardstock Tags, 100 pack Cardstock Fire Extinguisher Tag



Customer Reviews

Size: 5.75" x 3"

Jason Apr 19, 2018

Material Type: Colored 13pt Cardstock

Good card stock and hole protection. Works for what we needed them for. Good card stock and hole protection.

Material Type: Polyolefin Tag

Verified Purchase

Material Type: Colored 13pt Cardstock

Verified Purchase

Material Type: Fluorescent 10pt Cardstock Tag

Verified Purchase

Size: 6.25" x 3"

Dave Mar 19, 2018

The Box The box dispenser is genius, keeps them all in one place, neat and clean.

Size: 5.75" x 3"

randy Feb 26, 2018

fast delivery fast delivery

Size: 5.25" x 2.625"

Steve Jan 26, 2018

Will definitely recommend to others You guys are great! I had to look at a few different proofs but you worked willing with me every step of the way! thank you so very much!

Size: 5.25" x 2.625"


Verified Purchase

Low Volt / Fire Tech.

Material Type: Colored 13pt Cardstock Tag


Verified Purchase 4.8

Jan 05, 2018

Great product.

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Fire Extinguisher Tags | Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tags

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