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Field Event Handbook Welcome to the Brooklyn Council 2018 Camporee -“Cooking Weekend” You are invited to participate in the Brooklyn Council’s Camporee in camp Alpine. Whether you are attending as a new scout on the trail to First Class, or an experienced Scout looking to share your knowledge and leadership to others; please help us in providing cheerful service, outstanding leadership, and FUN! ********************************************************* Please read this entire Handbook! It will explain the rules and logistics for the 2018 Brooklyn Cook-O-Ree. ********************************************************** The most successful Troop’s at this year’s Camporee will have thoroughly read and attained a complete understanding of all the information covered in this handbook. This Camporee is primarily an activity to enhance the Patrol Method within your Troop. It is also a chance for your scouts to show off their skills at camp making, cooking, teamwork, and cooperative methods of taking on tasks. All activities are run with the Patrol Method in mind. Camping may be done as a Troop; however, each Patrol (as registered) will be judged in their ability to camp, complete scout skills, and compete as a team (Patrol). Each Patrol should maintain an individual campsite within the larger Troop area. If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact the following people: Cook-o-ree Chair: Matt Bartels Asst. Chair: Eric Hanrehan

phone: 347-838-1940 phone: 917-620-3732

e-mail: [email protected] e-mail: [email protected]

Dear Scouts and Scouters, Your Troop, Webelos and Crew is invited to attend this year’s Winter Cook-o-Ree. The theme this year is cooking and exploring dishes beyond the simple hamburgers and hotdog ideas that usually come up in typical menus. This event handbook should help you understand what is happening at the Camporee so you can better explain what will be happening over the weekend to your Troop. Activities will include Hard Boiled Egg Races, Cantaloupe Scoutmaster Carving Competition, Types of Stoves, Cooking Fire Demonstration, The Dutch Oven and it’s many uses, Food Handling and Menu Prep, Soups and Stews, Backpack cooking, Troop Chili Cook Off, an ‘Cut” Challenge for scouts, a deep friend contest, where you will have to make the best version of that food, a dessert competition and to top it all off; THE BANQUET!!! The Banquet will consist of fine foods that the Scouts have help prepare throughout the day. This means that Troops DO NOT have to plan for their own dinner. We will all be preparing dinner throughout the afternoon. The Banquet will basically be a potluck of many, many different types of foods. We are requesting that each troop come prepared to give a demonstration for a specific dish. This means they should have one specialty type item, which is easy to make (no more than 30 minutes of prep) and that each scout can help prepare. Our staff will also be preparing specialty foods as well. Our goal is to teach the Scouts something about every one of them. We want them to come away not only thoroughly stuffed with good food, but stuffed with knowledge about how easy it is to make really good food on a campout. We want them to relish, cooking good food on every campout, not just doing the mac & cheese routine. Hopefully next fall your Troop will be eating much better at its campouts. In addition to teaching them how to do cooking the right way (we will also cover essentials such as sanitation, food spoilage, etc), we will be having FUN doing it!

In addition to the exciting events we have planned this year we are also going to have a Troop Chili Cook-off. Each Troop can submit one entry. Troops must notify the staff that they are planning on entering at Friday’s Cracker-barrel. The entry must be ready prior to 5:30pm Saturday. A panel of judges will be picked to do a blind taste test to determine the winner. We are currently planning to have our Saturday evening Banquet and Campfire in the Activities Center (Formerly known as Orbach). Now I know we can’t actually have a fire in there, but we can definitely bring the scouting spirit of a campfire with us inside. Please note that this location may change due to availability. One of the most important parts of this or any Camp-o-ree is planning, but especially this one. I will be asking those troops who are participating in this event to meet with myself and some of the staff to coordinate on the food that will be prepared in the afternoon to make sure everyone is on the same page, as well as accommodations are made for people with allergies and vegetarians. We will meet at the Round Tables, one in February, and one in March to work out the details. Finally, this year we are looking to do thematic cooking hours in the afternoon from 2-5. Think of them as like a hands on cooking class in which your scouts will get to prepare things for meals, taste test their own creations and put to use the skills from the morning classes. We are of course looking for some stars to showcase their skills in a area of cooking. We want to give our scouts the chance to taste plenty of foods and make some new and interesting things. I look forward to seeing all of you at this event, and I hope it becomes one of the best Camp-ORees yet. If you have any questions or you would like to volunteer in any capacity please feel free to contact me. Yours in Scouting, Matt Bartels

CAMPOREE GENERAL INFORMATION Check-In: Check-in is from 7:00-9:00pm on Friday night. Please do not show up any earlier than 7pm unless you are on staff for the weekend. This allows the staff a chance to prepare everything before check-in begins without interruption. Scoutmasters will need to check their Troops in immediately upon arrival at camp. Each Troop will need to present a roster of who is in camp for this weekend at check-in. It is imperative that each Troop arrives together. Immediately after check-in, the staff will hold a cracker barrel for the SPLs and the Scoutmasters to cover the events of the weekend.

Camporee Fees: Fees will be $15 per person (scouts and leaders that attend). This will include a patch, material costs, and the cost for all activities thru the weekend. Please complete the registration form and turn in to Council office by Friday, March 2nd at 5:00pm. This will allow the staff adequate time to gather materials and appropriate time to calculate how much food will be needed and then purchase that food for staff demonstrations. WE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING LATE REGISTRATIONS OR EXTRA PEOPLE THE DAY OF THE EVENT!

Camporee Patches: One Camporee patch will be given to each paid participant, this includes scouts and adults. They will be distributed at checkout and will only be given out to troops who have handed back their evaluation forms. Additional patches will be available at the Staff area at a cost of $3.00 per patch beginning on Sunday at check-out. Will be a first come first serve basis.

Materials Needed Provided by each Unit for Camporee: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

A complete chef’s kit, as described by the Scout Handbook A complete cook kit of pots and pans. Matches A propane stove, with adequate propane for the day. (Every cabin will have a stove) Heavy Duty Aluminum foil. Supplies for the Troop cooking demonstration.

*Please provide these items, and let us know in advance if you have trouble supplying these items. We will work our hardest to help accommodate your needs, but only if they are submitted beforehand.

Materials Needed To Make This A Successful Event Cake pans/pie tins/Aluminum Foil – We are going to be making oodles (technical term) of desserts, and we are going to need lots of these. Extra cook kits – This is difficult because we don’t want any Troop losing any gear, but the District does not possess enough pots & pans to do all of the cooking we are planning. If you have any gear that you wouldn’t mind us borrowing, please let us know. Large Coolers – not the little lunchbox types, but the really large white ones. We are going to need a LOT of ice for keeping all of the meat cooled. It will be cold outside, but we also want to ensure the meat does not freeze. Dutch ovens – Ones that can be used all day to make any number of things. Hand & Dish washing stations - Since we are doing group cooking for a large group sanitation is going to be paramount. If you have something like little plastic tubs that we could borrow to use to both wash hands and dishes throughout the day that could possibly make the whole event turn out much nicer for everyone. Turkey deep fat fryers – We would like to deep fry a few turkeys, which means we will need the equipment for it. If you have this setup and are willing to come up and put on a demonstration using it, we would love to have you. We haven’t decided how many turkeys we are going to do yet (it will probably come down to how many fryers we can borrow), so please let us know if you have one we can use. The downside to admitting that you have one is that we would really

appreciate it if you could help man the thing as well. We are trying to do this again this year, and we hope that someone can help us out! Please make sure that everything is well labeled with your Troop/Crew # on it. Another reminder is that EVERY Scout must have his own fork, knife and spoon; as well as a cup and bowl for this Camporee. As Scouts go from one event to the next there will be opportunities to test the food, and without their own bowl, spoon, etc. they WILL NOT be allowed to have any. Sanitation is going to be strictly enforced for this event, and they will be required to wash their items before tasting new food.

Awards / Scoring System: Awards will be given to the top three Troops overall and the top three Patrols by raw score. The best Cantaloupe lookalike will be judged by three staff members and awarded to the top troop. Best Scoutmaster Chili will also be scored by three staff members and awarded to the top troop. The scores for the Cantaloupe lookalike and Pie eating contest will be incorporated into the overall troop award. The overall Troop will be scored as followed. For example: If Troop A has one patrol and Troop B has 4 patrols competing. Troop accumulates 95 possible points overall and Troop B accumulates (96, 90, 91, 92) 92.25 possible points. Troop A would win. Troops will be done by averages by the number of Patrols they have representing themselves. We hope this will encourage Patrols to come as they are on a regular scout basis and not load one patrol with all the older scouts and leave the younger scouts hoping to defend on their own. This should be viewed as a positive learning experience and helping one another grow through scouting activities.

Events: The events of the day will be run as class session, in 30 minute classes, encouraging each patrol to take part in the instructions as well as the games being given by the staff. Each of these events will be set up for specific times, and may have more than one class during the day.

Schedules will be available at the SPL meeting on Friday night. These events are set up as refreshers, instruction and skill builders which will help for the food preparation later on in the day, as well as skill builders towards better cooking methods. We encourage more experienced scouts to participate in the demonstration of these skills. If any of your scouts are interested in helping out, please let us know at the SPL meeting. Tenderfoot-Frist Class Requirements: During this class, scouts will be able to complete the cooking requirements for each of these ranks. This class will run twice, for an hour and a half each time. We will cover the following requirements: T2 A,B,C S 2A-G. FC 2A-E. The perfect Burger: The quintessential meal for most of our young scouts is to have some burgers. They love them, but we often think of them as too simple for a meal. In this class, the scouts will get the chance to make the perfect burger. We’re taking cooking it and creating all the things that go on a great burger. Think caramelized onions, cheddar cheese… maybe a fried egg? Cooking Fire Demonstrations (Class) – How to build a cooking fire, what type of flames/coals are used for what type of food/meal. Cooking on an open fire: What’s more outdoorsy than cooking on an open fire. Our ancestors did it, and we sometimes must do it because we forgot the propane… or maybe we feel a little daring. Our scouts will learn how to prep a meal on an open campfire. They will learn how to regulate hear, and when is the best time to cook. Cooking in a Bag: This Webelos activity will show how our younger scouts can cook easy meals inside of a bag. Less mess, more fun! Food Handling and Menu prep – This class will demonstrate the proper way of handling the various types of food you will take with you on a camping trip, and how to keep them fresh. The second half will explain the ins and outs of putting together a well-balanced menu, as well as the variety which can be explored within that menu. Backpack cooking: Scouts will have the opportunity to learn how to prepare for a backpacking trip and get the nutrients their body needs. This class will include what foods to pick, and how to prepare them. It goes beyond just the simple freeze-dried meals.

Preparing hiking MREs – This demonstration will show scouts how to prepared dried foods into small packets which can be used during backpacking trips. These Meals Ready to Eat will focus on dried and dehydrated foods and things which are light and versatile. One Pot Meals: Our chef will demonstrate who to make a few one pot meals for our scouts to create and enjoy. The Dutch Oven - If you have ever used a Dutch oven on a camping trip, you know that, while they’re heavy, they make some of the best meals. Here, we are going to show the scouts how to properly care for that cooking tool and cook a number of dishes. We will have a simple demonstration, as well as a little cook book handy for the youths that attend. Tinfoil Cooking: Scouts will get the chance to build their own tinfoil packets using some supplies

we will provide. This experience will allow scouts to see how useful and easy it is to make tinfoil packets… and how easy it is to clean up after. Camp Desserts: This year we will be exploring camp desserts and how we can end our day with some of those special and often sweet treats that really round out our meals. Vegetarian Cooking: This class will focus on using some of our favorite veggies as substitutes for other things, like zoodles, or cauliflower rice It will give some of our scouts a look into healthier cooking and eating.

More events may be added as volunteers are added

Other Events Troop Chili Cook Off - An opportunity for every troop to show off their secret recipe. There aren’t many rules on this one. We just ask that if you make it super spicy that you label it as such. (And in case you haven’t realized it, this is a clever ploy to have a little extra food at the banquet just in case there isn’t as much as we had hoped for). Cut Challenge: We want your top troop chief (youth only) to come down and test their culinary skills. Each troop to participate in this challenge must bring the following items: Propane stove with propane, a medium pot, a frying pan, a mixing bowl, a cutting board and a knife. We will supply the ingredients and have a pantry available for our contestants The challenge will start with all scouts crafting a dish in a set period of time. We will then narrow down the contestants to four, who will advance to the three round competition. At the end of each round, one chef will be “cut” from the competition, until there are only two left. They will compete in the final Cut challenge. We will declare a winner at the banquet.

Cantaloupe Scoutmaster Carving Competition – Each Patrol will be given a cantaloupe at the Cracker barrel. They will then have until the Banquet to carve their Scoutmaster’s likeness into

the gourd. Modeling and judging will take place at the Banquet. Troops are asked to enforce proper carving safety policies. SPL Pie eating contest – After the Banquet, all troops will be asked to send their SPL’s on stage for the pie eating contest. The rules are simple, fastest eater wins. One-handed PB&J Relay – Right before lunch, each unit will gather and send five representatives to line up for a relay. One will stand behind the table and help guide the other four, as they try to make the most amount of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as they can, with just one hand. Afterwards, the sandwiches will be given out to each unit. Deep Fry Competition: The rules are simple, we want to taste your best deep fried something! It could be Oreos, pickles, ice cream if you’re daring enough. You have to deep fry an item, at your campsite and present it to the judges at the banquet later that evening. Dessert Competition: You make the best dessert you can, and we will gobble them down. It could be pie, cake, cookies, or whatever… The only catch is, it has to be made by you. It can’t be something store bought and brought to camp. You can use mixes, like cake mix, but that’s the closest you should get to “pre-made.” THE BANQUET!!! – Dinner Saturday night is going to consist of foods that have been cooked throughout the day by the Scouts. We are trying to come up with every kind of food we can think of that A) tastes good, B) the Scouts can learn something from cooking it that day, & C) we can do mass quantities of. Letter C is going to be an issue that we will deal with as best as we can. Most food items can be done in mass, but desserts are special. If you have some ideas that you think would be good here, feel free to contact us.

Themed Hours This year we are working to expand our program and make sure your scouts get the most out of their experience in camp, By presenting at least an hour long cooking class in a thematic field of cooking, our scouts can get a feel for some foods that they may not have thought of cooking before. Our themes will be:     

• • • • • •

Home-style (roasted chicken, pot roast, gravy, mashed potatoes and more) BBQ Mexican Italian Desserts/Baking And more as we gather volunteers.

Some quick notes for adult leaders: Due to the nature of this event, we are going to have to ask Troop leaders to work with us on this one. This will be a messy event and there may be some confusion during the day due to the nature of the event itself. Please bear with us, as everyone will be running around trying to make sure food doesn’t burn and everyone is staying safe. Things are going to be VERY fluid on this Camporee, and things might change rapidly based on how things are going. We will do our best to communicate changes to everyone, but we all have to “Be Prepared” to accept bumps in the road to the banquet. If we realize that one thing just is not working right, we might switch it over to something else. We will have a couple backup ideas in place that will be easily done on the fly, but the transition might not be easy. The only reason I am pointing this out is that this is a very unusual Camporee, and things might not go as planned. We are also going to need assistance with doing dishes as well. We have not yet come up with a plan on how to do this, (once again, suggestions are welcome), so we are asking Scoutmasters to be ready to help ‘encourage’ Scouts to volunteer to help with the dishes, (how many dozen pie pans??). Please, Please, Please pre-register your Troop. I honestly have no idea how many Scouts we are going to have for this event, and that is making it extremely difficult to plan. Am I going to have 20 Patrols with 90 Scouts, or am I going to have 35 Patrols of 150 Scouts? I honestly need to know, and the sooner I know the better. I want to ensure we have enough food for everyone. Also we need people to register before the event to ensure we have the budget to buy and supply all the materials for this event. Since we are going to be so close to home there might be a few Troops who elect to come out Saturday morning, and go home Saturday evening. If your Troop is going to do this please contact me so that I can plan for it. Each troop will be buying food for the banquet beforehand based on how many people have preregistered. If your Troop decides to come out Saturday morning and we don’t know about it in advance, we might come up short on the food.

Agenda: Friday ● 5:00pm -7:00pm: Setup Field ● 7:15pm - 8:45pm: Check-in ● 9:15pm: SPL Cracker barrel meeting (introducing the events planned for the following day) ● 11:00pm: Lights out

Saturday ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

7:00 - 8:30am: troop time/ breakfast/ Saturday Check-ins 9:00 Opening ceremony/ Flags 9:30 – 12 PM: Morning events 12:15 : PB&J Relay 12:30 pm - 1:30pm: Lunch 2:00 – 5:00pm: Afternoon Classes 5:00 – 6:00 pm: Troop Time 6:00 - 7:30pm: Banquet 8:00pm: Closing camp fire 9:15pm: Meeting with SPL and SM for final thoughts.

Sunday ● 7:00 - 8:45am: Breakfast ● 9:00am: Flags/ Closing

Commonly Asked Questions What is a Cook-O-Ree? A Camp-O-Ree or in this case a “Cook-O-Ree” is a camping event with youth from many Troops or Crews. Each youth camps with its Boy Scout Troop or Venture Crew and competes in different events using their scout skills, but joins together for flag ceremonies and campfire.

What is a Cracker Barrel? The Cracker Barrel is a meeting of the leaders from each Troop/Crew especially Scoutmasters and Senior Patrol Leaders--that is held the Friday evening of Camp-O-Ree. Updated Camp-ORee information and questions are answered. Please share this information with your unit.

How does the competition work? Scouts should be prepared to participate as a unit. Troops or Crews with few members can be combined into competition units, but they must notify the directors so the scoring is adjusted.

Each Unit will be asked to participate in each of the stations set up along the camp-o-ree field. They are not required to visit each station in a specific order, but they are required to complete the station before moving on to the next one. If another unit is engaged in a station, please try to be respectful and wait your turn or move on to another station.

When do we check in? Check in is Friday night between 7:15pm and 9:00 PM or Saturday morning until 8:30 am.

Do we have to camp? No. We recommend that boys camp at least one night to learn about scout camping, but it is not required. The fee however is the same for all participants. It should be noted that any units that wish to leave Saturday night may do so, but please notify the Directors ahead of time so that we can check out your unit. Please note, if your unit chooses to reserve their own campsite, separate from the Camp-o-ree field, they fee for the site will be the responsibility of the unit, and the camp-o-ree fee remains the same.

How do we handle food? Each Unit brings its own food. Your gear won’t need to be carried very far. You may need to make several trips if you’re not set up for backpacking. You may use hand-trucks, carts, etc. for transporting gear.

Further Questions? If you have other questions, please ask


Field Event Handbook

Field Event Handbook Welcome to the Brooklyn Council 2018 Camporee -“Cooking Weekend” You are invited to participate in the Brooklyn Council’s Campore...

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