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Attending a Wedding When is the date for wedding? Where has the barat come from? Please accept this small/little gift. Do you have the dowry system? The wedding/party was very good. Where will the beret be going? I want to/would like to see the bride and groom.

On the Playground Which teams are playing the match? What games do you like? Who is that player? When will the match start? Who won the match yesterday? I want to see a cricket match today.

In the Cinema Please give me a ticket for the balcony. Which film/movie is running in this cinema hall? At what time/when will the film start? Who are all acting in this movie? What is the cast in this movie? Is this a good movie?

In the Tourist Office I want a tourist guide. Where will I get one? Where should I stay in Lahore? Which are the worth seeing places in this city? I liked Lahore a lot. I would like to see/visit the Khawara cave. What's the best transport to Karachi- train or bus?

With the Doctor


I have some temperature/fever and also cough. Cut down on sugar and salt.

Learn English online from native English Speakers English speaking lesson 1

Your blood pressure is normal. How many times a day should I take this medicine? You should keep a monthly record of your weight.

English speaking lesson 2 Online English test

What all can I eat? You should eat lots of green vegetables. There is no consultation fee./ We don't charge the patients anything. This is a free dispensary./ Medical care is free here/in this hospital./ Where should/does one go for X-ray? Where is the X-ray department?

English speaking lesson 3 English speaking lesson 9 Conversation on Topics English language lessons English speaking lesson 4

In the Hotel

English speaking lesson 5

Is there any room available in this hotel? Please send my visitors to my room .

English speaking lesson 12 English Video Lessons

I am going out for an hour (or so). What do you charge for a single/double bedroom? Please send my breakfast/lunch/dinner in my room.


Take my baggage/luggage to room no 6 please.

Study with fun quizes

The laundry-man hasn't come yet.

Polite Expressions in English

Was there a call for me?

Use of Does and Do by Muhammad Naeem

Is there any letter for me? Get me some hot/cold water.

Present simple/ indefinite tense

With the servant

Use of As soon as

Wake me up at live o'clock. Are the clothes back from the laundry? Get some vegetables from the market. Is the food/lunch/dinner ready? Go and post this letter. Get the stuff/things from the Co-operative store. Make me a cup of tea.

General Topics

Can I borrow a pen from you? You cannot correct the mistakes. They will study German besides English.

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Who is taller of the two girls? Most of the people would agree with it. She goes to church on Sunday. Will you speak to her if she comes? I'll attend the meeting. We will collect/get/gather more information. It is very hot here in the summer. The unfortunate/poor man was shot dead. He resembles his mother. Has the one who won the match. I bought this book for three hundered rupees. The murderer was caught and hanged. I got/received nine hundred rupees. I go for a walk in the morning. I m determined to go. You came home later than I. I have made up my mind to send him. Will you please lend me your pen for a while? Karachi is farther than Lahore. The meeting will start early. I went to bed early last night but couldn't sleep. When do you go to bed? Does she keep her money in the bank? It is too hot here to play hockey. We hung the picture on the wall. His work was quite disappointing. I'll be glad to get rid of hire. Your coat is not like mine. The number of students is decreasing. Lend me a hand. He will always honour his word. This lawyer has many clients. Silver is a precious metal. This book took me one hour and a half./ I read this book in one and a half hour. My mother gave me a good piece of advice. Her wages are low. Are you spying on me? We will eat fish/chicken at dinner tomorrow. This keyboard is not functioning well. Rani has long hair. I don't have enough fruit. Do you want to buy two dozen bananas? Many students are absent today. She is a touch-roe-not. Here is a sheep and there is a deer. The shepherd has twenty sheep and two deer. Why don't you listen to me? Salma and Zanib are coming here. The latter is situated by the sea. This grocer has goad business. Lahore and Karachi are big cities. This floppy is virus-infected. You have done wonders/marvels. I asked her whether she was going the market or not.

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Easy English conversation with Urdu | Learn English Language online


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