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Our Objectives

By the end of the session students should be able to: Define computer networking Mention what can be stored in a network Mention what can be shared in a network Mention three advantages of network Mention three disadvantages of network Mention three types of computer networking Give features of types of computer networking State two classification of computer by connection State two advantages and one disadvantages of peer to peer and client to server networking Explain the term transmission media Describe physical connection of computers in network by cable or wire Mention three types of wired transmission media Differentiate between types of wired transmission media Give features of wired transmission media Explain the term wireless transmission media Give three examples of wireless transmission media Differentiate between bounded and unbounded media Differentiate between guided and unguided media Mention three types of radio wave List six factors that determine data transmission capabilities 1. Explain the term transmission mode. Mention types of data transmission mode. Give examples of application of data transmission mode. Differentiate between simplex, half duplex and full duplex transmission direction. Define network topology

Mention and explain types of network topology Give advantages and disadvantages of bus, star, ring and mesh topology

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Dream Date - About Us

home about us privacy Lessons Video Forum Our Objectives By the end of the session students should be able to: Define computer networking Mention...

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