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06/12/17: Warrantee vs. Warranty Essay Writing Exercises Learning Lessons Nouns Prepositions Pronouns Proofreading

04/12/17: Would, Used To Or Simple Past 03/12/17: Future Tenses Exercise 02/12/17: Sentence Completion Exercise 01/12/17: Wrote vs. Rote 29/11/17: Right vs. Rite vs. Write

29/11/17: Infinitives With Or Without To

December 5, 2017

28/11/17: Intermediate Level Grammar Exercise

Would, Used To Or Simple Past December 4,

28/11/17: Phrasal Verbs Exercise


27/11/17: Need And Dare


26/11/17: Too, Too Many, Too Much

Terms Verbs


Right vs. Rite vs. Write November 29, 2017 Gerund Or Infinitive November 29, 2017

24/11/17: Vial vs. Vile 23/11/17: Possessives Exercise

Infinitives With Or Without To November 29,

21/11/17: Waiver vs. Waver


21/11/17: Simple Present Or Present Continuous Tense Exercise

17/11/17: Determiners Exercise QUIZ

17/11/17: Gap Fills Exercise

Can you correct

15/11/17: Gap Filling Exercise

these 14 basic

14/11/17: Phrasal Verbs With Put 14/11/17: Can, Could Or Be Able To 14/11/17: Definite Article Or No Article

What kind of writer are you?


24/11/17: Present Perfect Or Simple Past Tense Exercise

19/11/17: Verbs With And Without Prepositions


Sentence Completion Exercise December 2,

Wrote vs. Rote December 1, 2017

20/11/17: Indirect Questions Exercise


Future Tenses Exercise December 3, 2017

25/11/17: Commonly Confused Words Exercise

21/11/17: Prepositions Exercise Words

Warrantee vs. Warranty December 6, 2017 Commonly Confused Words And Phrases

27/11/17: Vice vs. Vise



29/11/17: Gerund Or Infinitive

27/11/17: Tort vs. Torte

Style Guide


05/12/17: Commonly Confused Words And Phrases



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12/11/17: Phrasal Verbs With Turn And Take 10/11/17: Editing Exercise 09/11/17: Conjunctions Exercise 08/11/17: Modal Auxiliary Verbs Exercise 07/11/17: For, Since, From, In 06/11/17: General Grammar Exercise 05/11/17: Identifying Conditional 04/11/17: Sentence Correction Exercise 03/11/17: Tenses Exercise 01/11/17: Phrasal Verbs With Set 31/10/17: Words Confused Exercise 31/10/17: Taken Aback vs. Taken Back 30/10/17: Sew vs. So vs. Sow 29/10/17: Articles With Countable And Uncountable Nouns 27/10/17: Grammar Exercise (Intermediate Level) 26/10/17: Prepositions Or Conjunctions Exercise 25/10/17: General Grammar Exercise 25/10/17: Transitive Or Intransitive 23/10/17: Articles Exercise 22/10/17: Common Phrasal Verbs Exercise Load More

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Download English grammar lessons, for free, in the PDF format

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