December 8-10, 2017 Camp Brorein Calling all Chefs! WEBELOS


Fort Brooke District Camporee

December 8-10, 2017 Camp Brorein

Calling all Chefs!


Sponsored by the District Commissioners & Committee District Chairman – Jon Smith District Activities Chairman – Jenifer Corral District Commissioner Chairman- Charlie Pritchard The Camporee Committee Ron Bodnar, Joe Weber

Camporee Events Relay Race Will need 7 scouts to participate – (1) runner, (3) canoe, (3) stretcher race

Patrol Challenges BSA History –(Swed Hall) – First BSA Handbook First Aid –(Cavitan) – First Aid Kit Burn the String –(Fire Ring) – Fire Starter Plant Identification – (Cavitan) – Nature Book Orienteering – (Main Stage-Activity Field) – Compass/Bracelet Knots/Lashings – (Cheyenne) Rope

Free Time Activities Gaga Ball, Basketball, Soccer, Football

Special Events Taste of Fort Brooke Dutch Oven Cooking Contest and Demo Pie eating contest Mad Scientists: How Cotton Candy is Made Drum Circle:

Camp Brorein Map

EMERGENCY CONTACT LIST Jenifer Corral, 813-817-8051

THE CAMPOREE SCHEDULE Friday Dec 8, 2017 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM 9:30 PM 9:00 PM 11:00 PM

The Camporee attendees Check-In Senior Patrol Leader and Scout Master Meeting (Swed Hall) (Cracker barrel) Movie – Follow me boys Lights out

Saturday Dec 9, 2017 6:00 AM – 8:00 8:30 AM 9:00 AM - noon 12 – 1:30 PM 1:30-2:30 PM 1:30-4:30 PM 2:00 PM 3:00 PM 5:00pm-7:00 PM 6:00 PM

Reveille, Breakfast at Campsite Troops assemble in front of Main Stage for Opening Ceremony Patrol Challenges Lunch at Campsite Relay Race (timed) Taste of Fort Brooke Food Demo – Mad Scientists – Swed Hall Cooking Demos () Cavitan Dinner at Campsite Dutch Oven Cook Off (Bring desserts to Swed Hall )

7:00 PM 9:00 PM 11:00 PM

Drum Circle/Camporee campfire presentation by The Order of the Arrow Astronomy lesson in Activity Field Lights out

Sunday Dec 10, 2017 6:30-9:00 AM 8:00 AM Noon

Reveille, Breakfast, pack up camp Inter Faith Worship Pack up camp – time to leave!

BSA MISSION STATEMENT The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

The Fort Brooke CAMPOREE Registration We strongly encourage Troops to pre-register for this event. Troops that pre-register will be guaranteed to receive the patches. Extras may or may not be available on the day of the CAMPOREE, so register now! Scouts and Adults need to register.

Registration and Payment are due by December 1, 2017 All registrations must be submitted with payment by this date. Check in Time: Friday evening from 4:00 pm until 9:00pm REGISTRATION PROCESS 1. Find a volunteer to act as the Troop Coordinator for this event. This person should be attending the event and will be required to check-in at the event before any other Troop member will be allowed to check-in. 2. The Troop Coordinator should review the Leader Guide available on the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council website ( for this event for complete information regarding registration, payments, items required for the event, check-in details, each camp will have their own Leaders Guide and registration forms. 3. The Troop Registration form and all payments are due via online registration by the date stated above. If choosing to pay at the office, please submit one check for all fees made payable to “Greater Tampa Bay Area Council”. Complete the registration for your unit online. Online payment at time of registration is preferred. Payment may be mailed or brought in person to: Greater Tampa Bay Area Council, Fort Brooke December 2017 Camporee Attn: Jason Borton 13228 North Central Blvd, Tampa, FL 33612 Camping & Program Fees: Registration & Payment Due: December 1, 2017





Scouts- Saturday Only


Registration questions? Contact Jason Borton [email protected] Office: 813-872-2691

CAR DASH BOARD INFORMATION Place this on your dash board facing out. Write large and legible.

NAME: ______________________________________ UNIT: _______________________________________ PHONE: (______) ____________________________ OTHER CONTACT PHONE: (____) _______________

A GREETING FROM THE FORT BROOKE CAMPOREE STAFF Greetings to all Scouters: I hope that you and your scouts are as excited about the upcoming The Camporee as we are. A key ingredient to an exciting and productive The Camporee is planning. This manual and the companion program guide will assist in your planning and help ensure your troop has FUN. To get off to a good start, please review the following items. Arrival Times – Early arrivals will have to wait until 4 p.m. to check-in as the staff completes preparations for the CAMPOREE. Late arrivals will have to rush through the check-in process, which creates stress for staff members and the CAMPOREEers alike. Please plan on arriving between 4:00pm and 9:00 pm. First-time troops should try to arrive no later than this time. Medications –National CAMPOREE Standards require all medications be under lock and key in the care of a responsible adult. We simply cannot compromise or bend the rules on this issue. Required Paperwork – Have copies of your troop roster, physical forms, and medication cards. Many troops have a parent in charge of getting the paperwork together in advance. Dress Requirements – Everyone in the CAMPOREE must wear closed-toe/heel shoes. If a scout is not wearing shoes, his buddy will have to return to the campsite to retrieve them. Class A will be required for the Opening Ceremony. If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact the any one on the contact list in this packet. We’ll all do our best to help your troop have the best time possible at the CAMPOREE. JENIFER CORRAL, District Activities Chairman

CAMPOREE BASIC INFORMATION Overview – The CAMPOREE is intended to be friendly competition in basic scouting skills, and a physical obstacle course. It is an opportunity for scouts and scouters to come together and share with each other their units the camping traditions and advice. Theme This year’s theme is Food/Cooking. Competition and events will be based around basic scout skills and the scout oath and law. We are asking each Troop to contribute a dish for the TASTE of FORT BROOKE. The CAMPOREE Fees: The structure for fees is: Youth pay $15.00 /each and the Leaders and family pay $10.00/each. The cost is to pay for rental and camping fees along with others costs for the Camporee. All leaders, and youth will receive a patch upon ‘successful” inspection at the end of the CAMPOREE checkout. Those coming out for Sat. only the fee will be $5.00 per youth. Registration deadline is December 1st. Those troops that register before November 1st will get a special surprise for the troop! Patches: Patches for those camping, Yes The CAMPOREE Camp Fire – This year the Order of the Arrow ceremony will take place on Saturday evening. There will still be a large all troop the Camp Fire on Saturday evening. Units are encouraged to add to this event by performing a skit, lead a song, or tell a story. Please signup prior to the camp fire to be put on the agenda. Order of the Arrow – The order of the arrow will be present at The CAMPOREE. There will be an order of the arrow site in which only OA members will be allowed. The OA site will only be opened to those arrow men approved to be in the site, and they will be informed of that during the OA meetings. Since the majority of the OA members will be staying with their own troops and not in the OA site, there will be a cracker-barrel for all those who are in the OA. Visitors – Visitors are encouraged at The CAMPOREE. If you have Webelos that want to attend, they can with a scout troop or they may come up during the day on Saturday and participate in the activities. The Camp Sites – The CAMPOREE sites will be assigned based on the size of expected attendance and will be assigned by the size of your unit that you NOTE on the registration. Any changes in your size must be addressed so that we do not have a bottleneck at registration. Visiting other the CAMPOREE sites is encouraged as long as you have permission from the other troops. Parking All cars must park in the designated parking area and display their pass. NO EXCEPTIONS UNLESS MEDICALLY NECESSARY (BY PHYSICIAN NOTE) WILL CARS BE ALLOWED IN THE SITE Checking In – When you arrive at The Camp the first thing you need to do is register with the Camp staff. Vehicles are not allowed in the campsites except to unload (one at a time) and to bring in the troop trailer. The vehicle pulling the trailer may stay in the campsite only if it is hooked to the trailer. You will be assigned a member to escort your campsite. Scoutmasters check in will have information on site location, vehicle instructions, and confirming head count. Please have head count information ready upon arrival, as well as medical forms to be checked and verified once you arrive at CAMPLOREE. Please have a check with the amount due ready to go when you arrive. Checking Out – There will be a checking out procedure at the CAMPOREE. If you are planning to check out Saturday evening please notify the Camp Staff before the CAMPOREE. The check out procedure will involve an exit survey from for input on future the CAMPOREE’s. There will be a packet with information from events complete. This is to provide input to the patrols on how well they did at each event. The check out will also let the staff know that you are leaving the CAMPOREE. It is very important that units check out with Camporee Staff before leaving. . If you are leaving on Saturday afternoon please let us know in advance so that we may park you in a place that is easy for you to get out.

Equipment – Each unit will be responsible for their own the equipment, cooking and survival equipment. There will be a flagpole for our flag ceremonies which will include the American, State and Scouting flags. Water Potable drinking water will be provided by the park, it will be in designated areas. So it is important that you bring enough water for the weekend if you don’t mind water from a garden hose. If you are lacking in any gear while at the CAMPOREE there will be none to borrow from the staff. We apologize but we don’t have the resources to provide for everyone. Safety – First Aid Since units are the camping individually and will have their own responsibilities, there is a possibility for accidents can occur. However, by abiding by common sense for safety, these accidents can be minimized. Please use caution with any and all wood tools, and use the buddy system at all times. We ask that you use common sense when you and your scouts are out in the woods so that no one gets hurt. The Camp will have a first aid station (FAS) site at all time (Go to Trading Post to ask for assistance). We ask that doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel please register with headquarters. The FAS on site will be for all emergencies, however the practice of first aid skills is very important and we ask scouts to try to provide any minor first aid that is needed, so not to overload the FAS. The Fire Department will be notified of our location and will be ready to respond to any emergency should the need arise. Discipline – Discipline at CAMPOREE will be the job of the individual unit leaders. If there is a problem found it will be brought to the unit for you to deal with. If the problem is of a greater variety, District Leadership will be on hand to deal with such problems. If you have any questions, contact the staff. Fire Regulations NO GROUND FIRES ALLOWED The Camp fires will be determined by the park ranger prior to the event. In order to have a campfire in your site, you must have permission by the Program Chair and Park Ranger, then a fire barrel or fire pit must be used (half barrel, piece of sheet metal on block … etc.). The staff must approve your fire location and that you have the necessary precautions. Water, Sand, Shovel and Rake must be provided by the troop. Please follow all safety rules when fueling a stove, having flames near tents, and please NO FIREWORKS. The Camp Sites Maintenance Day-to-day cleaning and maintenance of the Camp Sites is a troop responsibility. The site should be policed regularly. Papers and other litter should be removed from forest, trails, and the Camp Sites. Please be sure to watch lakefronts carefully. The latrine and wash-stand should be cleaned after each meal. Any repair needs should be reported to the ranger or a commissioner. Recycling & Garbage Disposal In an effort to protect the environment and meet state law, Campers practice recycling whenever possible. Recyclables are not accepted in regular trash containers at the CAMPOREE. Recyclables will be separated and handled in the following manner: Glass, plastic bottles, aluminum, and tin: Glass, plastic bottles, aluminum, and tin are recycled. Caps on bottles are garbage and need to be thrown in the garbage bags provided. Place recyclable items in the Blue Cans provided for collection. Garbage will be collected at the sites. Collection may begin as early, so please have your trash set out by that time. If your troop or patrol must store garbage or food, secure it in a bear bag or your troop trailer. We are charged for all garbage, so thank you for your consideration and cooperation in this matter. Cutting Of Trees No standing trees, alive or dead, are to be cut down, pushed over, or affected in any other way. Anything lying on the ground is open for your use. No bark is to be stripped from any tree, especially birch. Stripped bark, or similar damage, will result in a fine, starting at five dollars per inch up to the market value of the tree.

LIQUID FUEL AND FIREWORKS Fireworks are not permitted in the CAMPOREE. The use of liquid fuel will be permitted in the Camp Sites only under direct adult supervision. Extra liquid fuels must be stored in a locked cabinet under adult control. Units that do not have adequate storage may

use the CAMPOREE lockbox at the ranger’s shop. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES Possession, consumption, or being under the influence of alcohol, including beer, will not be tolerated by anyone on the properties of the Boy Scouts of America. This is a “zero tolerance” policy and those in violation will be asked to leave. TOBACCO PRODUCTS National policy states that adult leaders must support the attitude that youth and young adults are better off without tobacco and may not allow the use of tobacco products at any B.S.A. activity involving youth participants. There is only one designated smoking area in the CAMPOREE. Adults caught smoking or using other tobacco products outside of this area may be asked to leave the CAMPOREE. Youth will be asked to leave the CAMPOREE and may be remanded to the authorities. ANIMALS/PETS There is an abundance of wildlife at the CAMPOREE, which often puts nature and people in close quarters. To avoid injury to scouts and harm to the animals, please do not feed or handle the wildlife. Do not remove baby birds from nests. Do your best to let nature take its course without interference. RESTRICTED AREAS The following areas should be avoided by scouts and leaders: staff housing areas, ranger’s house and shop area, and all waterfront and program areas after hours, especially after dark. DRESS CODE The scout uniform is appropriate attire for the CAMPOREE. Casual wear should not include advertisements or slogans inappropriate to youth or the B.S.A. Personal appearance should always be in keeping with the Scout Oath and Law. Everyone in the CAMPOREE must wear closed-toe/heel shoes. Scouts will be asked to wear Class B for the events and Class A for the campfire program. TOTIN’ CHIP (Knife & Axe Safety) Totin’ Chip cards will be required for all scouts who wish to use a knife or axe and may be spot-checked by staff members. Scouts must also have a Totin’ Chip card to check out or use wood tools. We suggest you teach all your scouts Totin’ Chip before arrival at the CAMPOREE, or send them to the Eagle Trail program or Foxfire Logging The CAMPOREE for training. We also recommend a yearly review of these skills for all scouts, regardless of age or experience and would be happy to assist units in meeting this goal. All the Camp Sites should have a well-defined, spacious axe yard with an established entrance.

PATROL CHALLENGE REGISTRATION FORM POINT OF CONTACT IN UNIT: ____________________________Cell # ____________________ Troop ______________

Number of Scouts ____________

Number of Adults _________



Assistant ScoutMaster Assistant ScoutMaster Assistant ScoutMaster Assistant ScoutMaster Assistant ScoutMaster Assistant ScoutMaster Junior Assistant ScoutMaster Senior Patrol Leader Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

PATROL NAME: _______________________________________ POSITION Patrol Leader Assistant Patrol Leader SCOUT SCOUT SCOUT SCOUT SCOUT SCOUT


PATROL REGISTRATION FORM (cont.) PATROL NAME: _______________________________________ POSITION Patrol Leader


Assistant Patrol Leader SCOUT SCOUT SCOUT SCOUT SCOUT SCOUT PATROL NAME: _______________________________________ POSITION Patrol Leader


Assistant Patrol Leader SCOUT SCOUT SCOUT SCOUT SCOUT SCOUT PATROL NAME: _______________________________________ POSITION Patrol Leader Assistant Patrol Leader SCOUT SCOUT SCOUT SCOUT SCOUT SCOUT


THE CAMPOREEER’S EQUIPMENT LIST (Make copies of this page for each boy.) Can refer to Chapter 9, pages 292-295 of the Boy Scout Handbook q Medical Form & permission forms q Medication q Complete

Scout Uniform or Sweatshirt q Swim Trunks q Notebook & Pencil q Merit Badge Pamphlets q Pack or Duffel Bag q Flashlight q Ground Cloth q Pocket Knife (no sheathed straight knives) q Extra Shirts q Underwear q Wet Shoes* q Hiking Shoes with Heels q Tennis Shoes q Toilet Kit (soap, comb, shampoo, toothbrush, q Sweater

toothpaste) q Scout Handbook q Insect Repellent q Sunscreen q OA Sash q Mess Kit (if troop requires) q Extra Pants q Socks q Pajamas or Sweats q Jacket q Towel q Sleeping bag/sheets/ blankets q Postcards & Stamps q Rain Gear q Watch q Spending Money

We suggest that each item be labeled to help in returning lost and found. Cell phones, radios, video games, and other electronics should be left at home. Phone: A frequent question from parents is how to reach their child. Please write; don’t call unless it is an emergency (phone calls encourage homesickness). Remember, there is no telephone next to your scout’s tent, and the phone in the CAMPOREE is for emergencies only. Optional or Prayer Book q Sewing Kit q Gloves q Totin’ Chip q Small Pillow q Personal First Aid Kit q Fishing Gear q Bible

q Nose

or Ear Plugs Chit q Compass q Camera q Canteen q Sleeping Pad q Scout Field Book q Firem’n

DUTCH OVEN DESSERT COOK-OFF CONTEST The following is a listing of rules and regulations for the individual teams. This competition will be between Patrols. Those entering in the competition should bring their entries to Swed Hall by 5pm Saturday. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers will be awarded prizes. This event does not count in the overall patrol competition. Contestants are expected to provide their own Dutch ovens, ingredients, cooking utensils, and preparation items. Gas or propane stoves are not allowed, but may be used to start charcoal and heat water for clean up. Minimum Dutch oven size is 10 inches for all judged dishes. Ingredients may not be precooked or prepared for cooking prior to the beginning of the cook-off. All preparation must take place during the competition and only Dutch ovens may be used for cooking. Your patrol may elect to prepare an entire meal (which we encourage), but only a dessert may be presented for judging. DUTCH OVEN COOK-OFF SCORECARD Area

Score 1 2 3 4 5

Presentation Taste Technique Total Score _____________________________________ COOK-OFF CONTEST RULES PRESENTATION The food should include appropriate garnish, serving containers, color contrasts, harmony and edible decorations. Light and dark color contrast is often very pleasing. The pots should be very clean and well seasoned inside and outside. Contestants will be rewarded for a pleasant emphasis on the desirability of the food. Extra decor will not result in additional points or a higher placement. Other areas that may be judged are promptness of registration, team dress, and timely presentation to the judges. TASTE The ideal dish is food that that tastes delicious. Contestants will be rewarded for pleasant use of spices, natural food flavor, evenness of cooking, chew ability and aroma. Contestants will be penalized for toughness, off flavors, rancid oil flavor from improperly seasoned cast iron, burned food, foreign objects, ash, flatness, unwanted lumps, spotty cooking, cold spots, raw spots, missing ingredients, unnatural food colors, and soggy crusts. TECHNIQUE Contestants will be judged on the showing of the proper use of ovens, heat source, tools, and utensils. Contestants will be rewarded for proper use of tools, heat source, and ovens. Team members should know how to start charcoal briquettes. They should also be able to show proper fire use. Dutch oven techniques showing proper use of ovens, heat source, tools, and utensils should be judged. Reward proper use of tools, heat source, and ovens. Team members should know how to start charcoal briquettes. They should also be able to show proper fire use.


December 8-10, 2017 Camp Brorein Calling all Chefs! WEBELOS

Fort Brooke District Camporee December 8-10, 2017 Camp Brorein Calling all Chefs! WEBELOS, BOY SCOUTS, VENTURING CREWS Sponsored by the District ...

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