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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Saturday, May 26, 2018

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DAMAN & DIU DISTRICT INDUSTRIES CENTRE OF DAMAN & DIU AND DADRA & NAGAR HAVELI Information source: General Manager, District Industries Centre, Moti Daman 396220

FAST DEVELOPING BEAUTIFUL BELT: The Union Territories (UTs) of Daman Diu & Dardra Nagar Haveli are fast developing into a modern and beautiful belt for Industry and Tourism. Besides being ideally located and well connected, these UTs offer entrepreneurs and industrialists excellent incentives and motivation to set up their base here. WELL CONNECTED BY RAIL, ROAD & AIR: Daman is situated on the southern border of Gujarat State just off N.H.8 and is about 193 Kms. from Bombay and 11 Kms. from Vapi - the nearest Railway Station on the Western Railway. Diu is on the Saurashtra Coast, about 90 Kms. south of Veraval and 200 Kms. from Rajkot. Diu is also connected by air from Bombay. Dadra & Nagar Haveli is also situated on the southern border of Gujarat just off N.H.8 on the eastern side and is about 190 Kms. from Bombay and 19 Kms. from Vapi - the nearest Railway Station on the Western Railway. NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT: At these centres, you get the best of everything, a conducive ambience, fast approvals, tax holidays and other benefits. Visit with your proposals. This is the ideal time for entrepreneurs and industrialists to come and discuss about all the incentives available to set up industries. TAX CONCESSIONS: . Sales Tax Facilities: All category of units i.e.SSI, MSI and LSI in Dadra & Nagar Haveli are exempted from payment of Sales Tax for a period of 15 years from the date of commencement ofproduction. In Daman & Diu this facility is available for 15 years to SSI, for 15 years to MSI and for 15 years to LSI. . Octroi Duty: There is no Octroi Duty in these UTs. . Exemption from Stamp Duty: In Daman and Diu 50% Exemption is available on Stamp Duty to SSI units for executing legal documents like lease/mortgage agreements etc. . Tax Holiday: 100% Income Tax benefit under section 80-IA of Income Tax Act, recently introduced, for initial 5 assessment years. HAVEN FOR ALL - EXCELLENT FACILITIES: . Communication: Telephone facilities through STD and ISD to every important place, national and international. Also, Telex and Fax facilities are easily available. . Labour: Peaceful and harmonious labour climate. Fine weather conditions, good hotels and beach resorts for greater production and leisure activities. . Transport: Excellent transport links by road and rail as well as a widespread internal network of all weather roads. Proximity to the business centres of Bombay, Surat, Baroda & Ahmedabad are an added attraction. . Housing: DIDC proposes to undertake housing projects to make available residential plots at reasonable rates for weaker sections, particularly industrial labour. . Education: Well established educational facilities such as English medium schools as well as technical institutions like Polytechnics, ITI & TTI. . Environment: The air is clean and fresh.No polluting industry of any kind is permitted. . Health: All facilities with well equipped Government and privately owned clinics and hospitals. LOW POWER TARIFF: The power tariff for High tension and Low tension consumers for industrial purpose is very low in the UTs. YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURHOOD CORPORATION: Omnibus Industrial Development Corporation (OIDC) is at hand to provide all the help and information that you may need. You just have to ask. No waiting. No red tape. M/s. Omnibus Industrial Development Corporation (OIDC) of Daman & Diu and Dadra& Nagar Haveli has been incorporated by the Government of India specifically to aid, assist, finance, promote, expedite and accelerate the economic development of these UTs in various areas covering industries, Fisheries, Mining, Tourism, Agro-Industries, Communication, Transport, Housing and related activities. ACTIVITIES OF OIDC: . Financing: OIDC has been notified as Financial Institution (FI) under the IDBI Act by the Government of India for refinancing schemes of IDBI and SIDBI. Some important schemes of IDBI/SIDBI likely to be undertaken by OIDC are: . Term loan to Industry- maximum limit Rs.90 Lakhs (Cottage, Village and Tiny Ind., SSI, MSI &LSI) . Financial Assistanceto Hotels/Tourism related projects. . Financial Assistance for Small Transport Operators. . Development of Industrial Estates: OIDC is taking over existing industrial Estate/Areas at Daman & Diu previously developed by Goa, Daman & Diu Industrial Development Corporation (GDDIDC). Action to acquire additional land for development of Industrial Estate at Daman has begun. Plan is underway to develop an Industrial Estate in Dadra & Nagar Haveli. These Estates will be well planned with all basic infrastructural facilities like internal roads, water supply, arrangements for power, streetlights & other common facilities like Canteen, Banks, Meeting Halls etc. Plots which would be allottedon long lease basis to the entrepreneurs are of the following sizes: . 500 to 1000 Sq.Mts. . 1000 to 1500 Sq.Mts. . 1500 to 2000 Sq. Mts. . 2000 to 2500 Sq. Mts. The standard terms and conditions for leasing of plots, payments etc. would be decided at the time of allotment. . Procurement and Distribution of Raw Materials: Recognising the need for easy availability of raw materials at reasonable prices, OIDC has acquired distributorship of Plastic raw materials of IPCL. Daman has emerged as an important centre for plastic industries. . Tourism: OIDC has initiated a project to set up an international class Beach Resort at Diu as a joint venture. The Corporation invites joint venture proposals which are feasible and viable in the Tourism Sector. A proposal has been submitted by the Administration of Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli to Government of India to declare tourism as an Industry. When approved, all the benefits available to industries will automatically be applicable to tourism sector also. OIDC offers you a heaven for your future plans. FAST FORWARD FOR QUICK DISPOSAL OF APPLICATIONS: OIDC exists to help youto quickly get approvals. In keeping with the letter and spirit of the liberalised economic and industrial policies of Government of India, the Administration of Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli has simplified procedures for SSI registration and other clearances like Pollution Control Committee, power connections etc. for eligible units. OIDC will assist in whatever way it can to expedite these clearances.

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Daman & Diu - Dc Msme

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