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Just like the majority of large companies, Grekodom uses alphanumeric recognition files, so-called cookies. Session cookies are only used to recognize you entering our website, so you are not asked to enter your personal details again. This information is deleted as soon as you leave the website., as well as all of its sub-pages uses session cookies.

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WHATARE COOKIES? Cookies are bits of information, in a form of a tiny text, usually consisting of letters and numbers, are stored in the browser you are using (Internet


Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox,etc), helping us to operate our website more efficiently. Cookies in no way damage the users’ computers or the files that are stored on them. The information that is stored in cookies, is used for identification purposes. This allows us to operate our website in an efficient way, the service we offer and to monitor the behavior of the visitors. uses three different types of cookies indicated



below: • Preference Cookies: these cookies “memorize” your preferences while you are browsing through our website

Geniş arama • Advertising Cookies: with ad cookies, we aim at showing you ads relevant to your interests, so as not to bother you with spam. Koda göre arama

• Analytics Cookies: give us an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of various features on our website, in order to constantly improve the user experience we offer.




Third-party vendors, including Google, may display ads of Grekodom on other websites. Third-party vendors, including Google, may use cookies, update, optimize and display ads, based on the previous visit of the user on and its sub-pages.


Grekodom may also use cookies from a previous website visit, for remarketing purposes. Users may choose to be excluded from such use of cookies by Google, here (

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hl=en&sig=ACi0TCiNa06S_s1Jmao7DEnzbD9KMyfiaS6W2sRl4i_HSQialqu9202rOqwQ_QagzEw9zDE42m0GMn5DGuY3zYd5L5W8oUA5NMeoyLZp-09XRAn4NZ2C68 ) .

Mezonet (/realtyobjects?multiType=3)

itibaren 15 000 € Villa (/realtyobjects?multiType=7)

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case, kindly note, that you may not be able to take advantage of all of the features it offers. Grekodom may use Google Analytics features, in order to display ads (e.g. remarketing, Google Display Network reports, DoubleClick Campaign Manager integration and demographic data and interests reports). Grekodom complies with the ads policy, based on Google AdWords interest ( ) and restrictions on sensitive categories ( Use remarketing with Google Analytics, for online advertising. Grekodom and third-party vendors, including Google, use the original manufacturer’s cookies together (such as Google Analytics cookies) with

itibaren 3 000 €

third-party cookie (such as DoubleClick cookies), for updating, optimizing and displaying ads, according to the previous website visits of some of its users.

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Grekodom and third-party vendors, including Google, use the original manufacturer’s cookies together (such as Google Analytics cookies) with third-party cookie (such as DoubleClick cookies), to run reports regarding the Grekodom’s ad impressions, other uses of marketing services and interactions with these ad impressions and marketing services, based on the visits on the website. Grekodom may use the data from interest-based advertising by Google or third-party audience data (such as age, gender and interests), with Google Analytics. Under no circumstance will we reveal your personal information.

Bank (/realtyobjects?multiType=22) Tüm teklifler (/realtyobjects)

You can set up your browser, to be notified each time before a cookie is taken, so you can decide whether you want to accept or decline it. In this

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(/RealtyObjects/RealtyInvestment) Özel teklifler (/RealtyExclusiveObjects?


type=0&exc=1) Düşüncelerinizi paylaşın

20/halkidikide_dukkanlar_tatil_evlerine_donusuyor) 20.10.2017

Web sitemizde size en iyi deneyimi sunmak için kurabiye kullanırız. Bu siteyi kullanmaya devam ederseniz, memnun olduğunuz varsayılacaktır. Daha fazla burada (/article/cookie-policy) Tüm haberler (/news)


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Cookie Policy - Grekodom

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