Communication Technology Update and Fundamentals, Eleventh





Communication Technology Update and Fundamentals, Eleventh Edition



Communication Technology Update and Fundamentals, Eleventh Edition Publisher: Focal Press | English | July 8, 2008 | ISBN: 0240810627 | PDF | 368 pages | 2Mb New communication technologies are being introduced at an astonishing rate. Making sense of these technologies is increasingly difficult. Communication Technology Update is the single best source for the latest developments, trends, and issues in communication technology. Now in its 11th edition, Communication Technology Update has become an indispensable information resource for business, government, and academia. As always, every chapter has been completely rewritten to reflect the latest developments and market statistics, and now covers mobile computing, digital photography, personal computers, digital television, and electronic games, in addition to the two dozen technologies explored in the previous edition. The book has also been expanded to cover inustry structure and regulation, history, and theory along with full coverage of the latest technologies! The book's companion website ( offers updated information submitted by chapter authors and offers links to other Internet resources. * Gives students and professionals THE latest information in all areas of communication technologies * The companion website offers updated information to this text, plus links to related industry resources * New focus on global technologies & and coverage of other emerging technologies, as well as fully updated statistics for all technologies Download disini atau disini Sumber dari sini

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Communication Technology Update and Fundamentals, Eleventh

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