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Classic Overworld Expansion Pack Overview Creator: Lightwulf

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Tags: Overworld, Collection, Original, Edited, Structure, Water, Walls, Ground, Greenery Information Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby present to you... the Classic Overworld Expansion Pack, for all your Classic overworld needs! Want swamp tiles? Snowy tiles? Lava tiles? Bridge tiles? Find all these and more right here!




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Description These were all made by special request from blackbishop89 (now known as Palpaleos) for his upcoming Zelda's Awakening quest, an adaptation of Zelda 2 for ZC. First of all, please note that, on all enclosed tile page exports, the first 2 columns of tiles were not made by me; they are all either from the original Classic tileset or imported from Zelda 2 screenshots (the latter of which was mainly for the house tiles). Here's a rundown of what's enclosed: ovwld_tiles01.png - Large Tree stump - Alternate Large Tree (both pixelated and enhanced) - Marshland - Sign with "text" - Arrow Signs - Alternate Tree (smaller version of the Alt. Large Tree) - Dirt Road (designed for overworld CSet 3) - Houses: 3 different wall textures; 2 different roof textures (all adapted from Zelda 2) - Stone Pillars (vertical, horizontal, and single tile version; designed for CSet 0 (as shown)) - Bush/Tree, Zelda-2-style - Lotus/Lilypads - Floating Lilies (both single and double per tile) - Bulrushes (a.k.a. cattails; large cluster and group of 3) ovwld_tiles02.png - Bridge tiles (designed for overworld CSet 3) - Lava tiles (also designed for overworld CSet 3) - Animated Lava ( " ; bubbling) - Skeleton Bones (of an ox; designed for overworld CSet 4) ovwld_tiles03.png (Note: This is not a full tile page export, but it's the only pic I had with my logs in it.) - Floating Logs, both Large and Small (shown in CSet 3) - Skeleton Bones (shown in CSet 4) - Cactus, Succulents, and Palm Tree (shown in CSet 2) ovwld_tiles04.png - Cactus (with and without arms) - Succulents, 2 varieties (i.e. desert plants that are not nearly as thick as a cactus) - Large Palm Tree - Empty Fountain - Full Fountain (w/out spouting water) - Run-Down/Ruined Houses (both lightly damaged and heavily damaged versions) - Spouting Fountain w/ animation - Snowy Hill (i.e. whatever you call that Classic rock-thing; I don't know it's official name) - Snowy Armos - Snowy Armos in Deep Snow - Snowy Tree - Tree Stump w/ snow around it - Snowy Tree in Deep Snow - Large Snowy Trees (the 2 kinds from Classic) - Large Snowy Trees in Deep Snow Credits blackbishop89 (a.k.a. Palpaleos) - for requesting these (I wouldn't have thought to make them if it weren't for him!) Creators of Zelda Classic - the entire Classic tileset, from which tiles were selected as a base to start from Nintendo - original graphics from The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link which these tiles were based off of

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Classic Overworld Expansion Pack - Tiles | PureZC

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