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By Em from Chat Board Q: (by Em) I recently received a booklet in the mail on this concept (seems the same as holding a second or promisary note). Have seen it in the past but really don't know much about it.

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Is there anyone who can give me any information or advise on this area? Like where do you find people who have the notes?

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Also there are many courses on this. Any feed back on them? Don't

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want to waste money.

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A: (by Eleni) I have been working in the cash flow business for just a few months, but its really interesting. I started with America's Note Network by Russ




To start out, you have to purchase the Winning In The Cashflow

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Business system. It costs like $140.00. Basically they teach you how


to become a broker of cash flow notes and then work your way into become an investor yourself. Personally, the best place to be is as a broker - your money is


guaranteed and you don't have to worry about people not making their payments and stuff - but that's just my opinion. Then, once you find it, you just list the note on the network and hope that an investor buys. What I've found is that, even if they are not interested in buying, an investor will contact you after you've posted a few on the network. They ask you to basically become their personal broker so they don't have to read every note posted on the network. That's what I'm doing right now. They need people like to me work for them only so that it eliminates most of the competition. It's proven to be very beneficial. I would suggest at least logging on to their website ( and read up on what they do and what they can offer you if you're interested in this business. As for where to find them - the America's Note Network website has an area where you can actually find notes across America. The only thing is you have to contact county assessors and have them find the notes at their county courthouse for you and they usually charge a fee. Plus, you have to buy the Winning In The Cashflow Business system to become a member and access that information. The absolute best way to find notes is to buy a list of noteholders (you can purchase those at the website too) or to actually contact attorneys, CPA, real estate agents, etc. and see if they can use you as a referral when they come across people who are trying to get rid of cash flow notes. Average Visitor Rating: 5.0 (out of 5) Number of Ratings: 12 votes

Comments (7) By Sheri from Cleveland, Ohio on 06/19/06 I have looked into America's NoteNetwork, and read up on negative feedback. I almost bought the course, and still thinking about it. ([email protected]) By Tom from Upper Darby, PA on 04/23/07 I took advantage of Note Network's 30 day trial offer, and am presently giving it two to three weeks. Have read pro and con reviews, so I'm proceeding with caution/hope. By Sabrina from New York, NY on 05/04/07 I purchased the charternotes prgm... If anyone would like to follow along with my progress or help, contact me at [email protected] By James Muir from Sequim, WA on 06/16/07 Very objective. By Will from Birmingham AL on 10/24/07 Does any one have any updates on how they are doing with any of this cash note business? By DeLos from Lincoln, NE on 11/09/07 I've gotten very intersted in the cash flow business. Lots of studying up online. (How I found this) A good source I've found is By louis from pensacola, florida on 12/23/07 i am thinking about working the cash flow note sytem but do not have fund to invest Click here to learn How To Lease 2 Purchase Click here to print this page

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Cash flow notes questions and answers -

Go To: Home > Knowledge Base QUICK TOUR The Basics Benefits How To Lease 2 Purchase Knowledge Base Welcome to the Lease 2 Purchase Knowledge Base. ...

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