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CAMPOREE/CUBOREE 2016 Prepared for F UN! Friday-Sunday, April 29-May 1, 2016 Veterans Memorial Park ☼ Sylmar, California 91342 All Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts are Welcome!

For Camporee/Cuboree Updates, go to:

Cuboree 2016 Chair

Camporee 2016 Chair

Kathy James

Mark Bodine

818-261-2924 [email protected]

818-497-6776 [email protected]

Cahuenga District Camporee/Cuboree 2016 Booklet (Version 2016-04-25) - Page 1

HOW TO GET THERE: Take the 210 Freeway to the Hubbard St. exit in Sylmar. Follow Hubbard uphill to the northeast. Turn left on Simshaw Ave. Turn right on Sayre St. At the entrance to the park turn right and look for the Registration table. Google Map: Cahuenga District Camporee/Cuboree 2016 Booklet (Version 2016-04-25) - Page 2

Cahuenga District Camporee/Cuboree 2016 Booklet (Version 2016-04-25) - Page 3


Prepared for FUN!

Friday, April 29    

5:00 P.M. 7:30 P.M. 9:00 P.M. 10:00 P.M.

Check-in Begins – See Registration Checklist on website Check-in Ends – Park Entrance Closed at Sunset Cubmaster/Scoutmaster/SPL Cracker Barrel at Headquarters All Quiet in Camp

Saturday, April 30                  

6:04 A.M. 6:30 A.M. 7:30 A.M. 7:30 A.M. 8:30 A.M. 9:15 A.M. 9:30 A.M. 10:00 A.M. 12:00 Noon 1:30 P.M. 1:45 P.M. 4:30 P.M. 5:00 P.M. 6:00 P.M. 7:30 P.M. 7:30 P.M. 8:45 P.M. 10:00 P.M.

Park Gates Open at Sunrise Reveille CUBOREE Saturday-only Registration Breakfast in Campsite Uniform Inspection at Staff Headquarters Patrol Flag Competition at Staff Headquarters Assembly, Flags and Announcements Morning Competitions Begin Hot Dog Lunch (By Order of the Arrow) or in Campsite Competitions Continue/Afternoon Events Begin Campsite Inspection by Unit Commissioners Afternoon Competitions/Events Conclude CUBOREE Early Check Out at Headquarters Dinner in Campsite Park Gates Closed at Sunset Campfire Begins: Skits, Songs, Awards & Other Fun Order of the Arrow Call Outs All Quiet in Camp

Sunday, May 1      

6:03 A.M. 6:30 A.M. 7:00 A.M. 8:30 A.M. 10:00 A.M. 11:30 A.M.

Park Gates Open at Sunrise Reveille Breakfast in Campsite Scouts' Own, Spirit Awards and Ribbon Ceremony Final Campsite Inspection and Check-out Everybody gone. Leave no trace.

Cahuenga District Camporee/Cuboree 2016 Booklet (Version 2016-04-25) - Page 4


Prepared for FUN!

Health Forms - All troops and packs must have completed health forms for every scout and adult participating in the Camporee. These forms must be in the troop’s possession and shown at check-in. Please follow National Guidelines. Use the new BSA Health Form #680-001 available from Put a copy of all medical forms in a sealed envelope with unit number and contact name written on the outside. They will be held at the First Aid tent and returned at checkout. Tour Plan - All troops and packs must have a completed tour plan in their possession at the time of check-in. You must have the latest form with Youth Protection Training as part of your leadership. BSA Youth Protection Guidelines can be found here: Tour Plan must then be posted in campsite. Uniforms - All scouts and adult leaders should wear official Scout Field Uniforms (Class A) for Friday travel to the Camporee/Cuboree, Saturday uniform inspection and opening assembly, and Sunday Scouts’ Own, Spirit awards and travel home. Troop/pack t-shirts (Class B) are good for Saturday competitions, campfire and general campsite usage. Parking - Vehicles must park in designated parking spaces only. This is enforced by the LA County Sheriff’s Department and they do write citations. Once your troop/pack has been registered, the vehicles may then be unloaded and camps set up. When vehicles have been unloaded, they must then move to the permanent parking lot, where they will stay until checkout on Sunday. Vehicles must absolutely remain on paved surfaces - no driving on the grass at any time. There may be a short walk across the grass from your vehicle to your campsite so Be Prepared. Parking is at a premium so CARPOOL if you can and Be Prepared for a hike from the parking lot back to camp. Park Gates - Veterans Memorial Park gates are open from sunrise (6:10 am) until sunset (7:30 pm). Camporee/Cuboree staff will have a gate key for emergencies. If you are leaving the park after the Saturday night campfire, please leave promptly to reduce the number of gate openings. Food - Camporee/Cuboree is not supplying any meals this year. The Order of the Arrow will be selling a hot dog lunch on Saturday for $5 per person. The OA will also have snacks and drinks available for purchase near the Staff Headquarters.

Cahuenga District Camporee/Cuboree 2016 Booklet (Version 2016-04-25) - Page 5

Webelos Scouts - Webelos may visit on Saturday or camp both nights. Webelos campers will be organized by dens, separately from the Boy Scout troops. One parent or guardian must camp with each Webelos. Webelos will participate in separate, age-appropriate versions of all Camporee activities. Webelos Scouts will compete by dens against each other, not against Boy Scout patrols. No Cub Scouts or siblings are allowed to sleep in the Boy Scout camp area. Campsites - Campsites will be assigned at check-in. All scouts will be camping by troops or packs. Spirit points are awarded during campsite inspection to campsites that are neatly arranged and clearly marked by patrol. See the campsite inspection form for more information. Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts will have separate camping areas. Competition - Scouts will be competing by patrols. Patrols should be no smaller than 4 but cannot be larger than 8 persons. Patrols larger than 8 scouts must sub-divide. An ideal patrol is a mix of older and younger scouts, but “all same age” patrols will not be discouraged. Patrol divisions will be calculated on the rank of the Scouts in each patrol. See the Patrol Roster for rankings information. Competition Scoring and Awards - The top three patrols in each division of the formal events will win 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each event. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Overall Winner ribbons will be awarded to the top three patrols in each division. Cuboree Games - Cub Scouts will not be competing for points or against each other. The Cuboree games are designed to improve individual and patrol skills and to have fun. Adult Competitions - Adult leaders and parents can join the competition on Saturday afternoon as long as there are no scouts waiting to compete. Saturday Afternoon Demonstrations - Check the Cahuenga District website for last minute details of Saturday afternoon activities. Emergency Evacuation Assembly Area - Will be inside the parking circle near the Cub Scout camping section and Registration Check-in area. Campfire - Campfire will be one of the high points of the Camporee/Cuboree with songs, skits, stories and fun followed by OA callouts. Individual patrols wishing to perform a skit must clear their skits with the Campfire Boss no later than 1pm Saturday for length and content, to participate in the Saturday evening event. Remember, you will be performing in front of several hundred of your friends so the best skits are visual and you need to speak up. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to have a fire in Veterans Memorial Park. The campfire will be a SESIC (Special Effects Simulated or Imagined Campfire). Weather - Veterans Park is located in an area of the foothills that can be very windy. Make sure tents are securely staked down and everything in camp is weather-ready. Easy ups are especially prone to wind. Be prepared for rain, wind, sunshine, dark, excitement and fun!

Cahuenga District Camporee/Cuboree 2016 Booklet (Version 2016-04-25) - Page 6

Order of the Arrow - Following the campfire the OA will conduct the call outs of new members. Bugler - If you are a bugler, bring your "bugle" and report to Headquarters. Spirit bonus points may be awarded. Flag Retirement - There will be no flag retirement ceremony this year because of the fire rules at the park. First Aid/Emergency - The Camporee/Cuboree First Aid Post will be near the camping areas. The nearest emergency room is less than three miles away at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center, 14445 Olive View Dr., Sylmar, CA 91342 Fire Policy - No open fires will be permitted in Veterans Memorial Park. All cooking must therefore be done via Leave No Trace guidelines on gas or propane stoves, or in completely enclosed (Weber-type) BBQs. All cooking areas must have a fire bucket and shovel present. Smoking Policy - There is no smoking allowed in Los Angeles County parks. Garbage - No garbage bins will be available in the park. You must take out all your own garbage. "Pack it in - pack it out." Follow Leave No Trace rules. We are Boy Scouts, after all. Campsites must pass final inspection before leaving. Equipment - Troop flags and flag stands are required for campsite inspection Spirit points. Compasses (flat base plates, adjustable dials) are required for the Compass Competition. Cracker Barrel - Cracker Barrel is a meeting for Cubmasters, Scoutmasters and SPLs to get last minute or updated information and to have questions answered. The meeting is at 9:00 pm Friday night in the Staff Headquarters area. Crackers will be provided. Other Information - Camping facilities will be rustic, with no tables or chairs provided. Troops may bring their own folding tables and chairs if desired. Water will be available but limited - Each troop should bring at least one water cooler for each patrol. Each scout should bring a canteen, which can be refilled as necessary. No flush toilets will be available to scouts - portable outhouses will be supplied, but please be certain to bring your own toilet paper. Handicapped-accessible outhouses will be provided. The park restrooms are for adults only.


Cahuenga District Camporee/Cuboree 2016 Booklet (Version 2016-04-25) - Page 7


Prepared for FUN!

The Spirit Award (Spirit Stick) will be given to the Boy Scout troop and Webelos den that has the greatest number of Spirit Points earned in a number of things, including uniform inspection, campsite inspection (Over and Above bonus points), patrol yell, campfire, etc. Event runners can give Spirit Points for displaying the Spirit of Scouting at the competition events. And staff members can give Spirit Points to patrols that do things like picking up trash, letting another patrol go first, mentoring younger scouts when they think nobody is watching or just having a good time. The Spirit Stick is passed from last year's winner to the new winner at the awards ceremony on Sunday morning. (If you won the Spirit Stick last year don't forget to bring it this year.) The winners will then add a token to the Spirit Stick for next year. There are two Spirit Sticks - one for Boy Scouts and one for Webelos. Following are the maximum Spirit Points awarded to each patrol: Uniform Inspection - 10 points max Campsite Inspection (Above and Beyond) - 20 points max Competition Events - 10 points max at each event Staff Bonus Cards - 10 points each Running competition events - 10 points per event, 30 points max. Turning in a JTE form before March 1, 2016

COMMISSIONERS' AWARDS The Commissioners' ribbons are awarded by the Cahuenga District Unit Commissioners. The ribbons are based on points earned in the uniform inspection, patrol flag competition, campsite inspection and gateway competition. See the separate score sheets for details of how points are earned. At the Saturday night campfire, one ribbon will be awarded to the winning patrol in each of the four events. Scores for all events will be available at Camporee Headquarters. Cahuenga District Camporee/Cuboree 2016 Booklet (Version 2016-04-25) - Page 8

FORMS The following forms are not included here. They may be obtained from the Scout office or online at 1. Registration Checklist 2. Adult Roster 3. Patrol Roster 4. Den Roster 5. Vehicle Roster 6. Unit Contact Info (optional) 7. Scout Campsite Inspection (for your reference) 8. Cub Campsite Inspection (for your reference) 9. Uniform Inspection (for your reference) 10. Offline Registration (if online registration is not used) 11. Check-out The Tour Plan may be obtained from the Scout office or from: The Annual Health and Medical Record may be downloaded here: Other helpful forms are available from National website:

COMPETITION EVENT RULES This section is now available as separate documents to facilitate updates and reduce the need to download and/or reprint this entire booklet. Check the Cahuenga District website for the latest version.

Cahuenga District Camporee/Cuboree 2016 Booklet (Version 2016-04-25) - Page 9


cahuenga district camporee - Western Los Angeles County Council

BSA - Western Los Angeles County Council (WLACC) Cahuenga District CAMPOREE/CUBOREE 2016 Prepared for F UN! Friday-Sunday, April 29-May 1, 2016 Vete...

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