Boy Scout Roundtable - Twin Valley Council


WHAT TOPICS DO YOU WANT AT ROUNDTABLE? Help us out! We want to know what topics you would like to learn about at Roundtable. Please number the below list 1 Ͳ 10 with your top choices for Roundtable topics. Mark other desired topics (that didn’’t make the top 10 list) with an X. ScouƟng in General _____ ScouƟng Overview

Camping _____ Campout LocaƟon

_____ Poisonous Plants, Animals And Insects

_____ Single Day Programs

_____ Knot Tying And Lashing

_____ Using The PATROL Method

_____ SelecƟng A Scout Camp

_____ Teaching With Food

_____ RecruiƟng Scouts

_____ Close Hiking Trails

_____ Teaching First Aid

_____ Building Troop TradiƟons

_____ Hikers Ͳ Keeping Control

_____ First Aid Kits (Individual & Unit)

Ͳ Where do you t in?

_____ What ScouƟng Does That Other Youth Programs Do Not

_____ Camp Menu Ideas

_____ Something Is Fishy Ͳ Fish Info

_____ Trip Planning Canoe, Backpack etc.

_____ Orienteering AcƟviƟes

_____ ScouƟng And The Family

_____ Campre Programs

_____ Astronomy And ConstellaƟons

_____ Scout Ethics And Discipline

_____ Winter Survival Campouts

_____ Scout Patrol Kitchen

_____ Scout History Training _____ Training Ͳ What Is Available _____ Troop Leadership Training _____ Training Breakouts Ͳ Basic Leader Training

Ͳ Icicle, Polar Bear And Blue Foot Patches

_____ Fire Starters And Building Fires

_____ Using Campout To Teach Scout Skills

_____ Climbing And Rappelling

_____ Camp Tools Ͳ How To Use Without Accidents

_____ Whipping, Spicing And Rope Making

_____ Camp Equipment Ͳ What Works And Doesn’’t

_____ Survival Cooking Skills

_____ Camp Gadgets

_____ Weather Spoƫng

_____ Camp Games

_____ Individual Merit Badges

_____ Campout Cracker Barrel

Older Scouts & High Adventure

Ͳ Safe Swim Defense CerƟcate

_____ Leave No Trace Camping

_____ NaƟonal Jamboree

Ͳ Safety Aoat CerƟcate


_____ Order of the Arrow

Ͳ Youth ProtecƟon

_____ Religious Awards

Ͳ Hazardous Weather

_____ Honor Unit Award

Ͳ What Is It And How It Can Help _____ Venturing Ͳ The Next Step

Scout Resources

_____ NaƟonal Awards; Trails, ConservaƟon


_____ Good Books For ScouƟng

_____ Youth Awards; Knots

_____ Service Projects Ͳ Eagle, Troop And Indiv.

_____ Using Our Website Ͳ Using The Troop Website Pages

_____ The Ideal Eagle Scout

For Adults

_____ TriͲCamp Award

_____ Parent MeeƟngs/Involvement

_____ Using The Scout Handbook

_____ Scout Strong PALA Challenge

_____ RecruiƟng Adults

_____ Using The Scoutmaster Handbook

_____ Messenger Of Peace

_____ ResponsibiliƟes Of Scout CommiƩee

_____ Outside Sources

_____ Cyber Chip

_____ Running An EīecƟve CommiƩee

_____ William T. Hornaday

_____ WriƟng Troop Guidelines

Ͳ DNR District Resources

_____ NOVA (STEM)

_____ Tour Plans

_____ Who’’s Who In Ihe District

_____ Ready & Prepared

_____ Guide To Safe ScouƟng

_____ How Can The District/Council Help

_____ Congressional Award On Physical Fitness

_____ Geƫng And Using Merit Badge Counselors

_____ What Can Your Commissioner Do For You?

Scout Leadership

_____ Adult Awards Ͳ Knots

Troop MeeƟngs

_____ Den Chief Ͳ What You Should Know

_____ Friends Of ScouƟng Drive

_____ Running A Court Of Honor

_____ Planning The Yearly Calendar

_____ Troop Fund Raisers

_____ Using Games To Teach

_____ Geƫng Your Youth Leader To Really FuncƟon

Scoutmasters Only

_____ Troop MeeƟng Games

_____ Running A New Scout Patrol

_____ How To Save A Failing MeeƟng

_____ Flag EƟqueƩe

_____ Duty Rosters Ͳ Making Them Work


Scout Advancement

_____ Agendas For Campouts & MeeƟngs

_____ Senior Patrol Night At The Roundtable

_____ Scout Advancement Tracking

Ͳ Teach Youth Leaders To Make Use Of Them

_____ Troop NewsleƩer

_____ Troop Guides & Instructors

_____ Trail of Tears Ͳ When Things Go Wrong

_____ Webelos To Scout TransiƟon

_____ PLC MeeƟng How To’’s

_____ ReͲChartering

_____ Scout To First Class In One Year

Scout Skills

_____ MeeƟng Another Troop

_____ Road From Life To Eagle

_____ Second And First Class Skills

Write In Your Own Ideas

_____ Troop/Camping Program For

_____ Story Telling And Skits

_____ ___________________________________

Scout Advancement

_____ Outdoor Cooking Skills

_____ ___________________________________

_____ Dutch Oven Cooking

_____ ___________________________________

Ͳ On Line Advancement

_____ How To Run A Merit Badge Program


Boy Scout Roundtable - Twin Valley Council

WHAT TOPICS DO YOU WANT AT ROUNDTABLE? Help us out! We want to know what topics you would like to learn about at Roundtable. Please number the below l...

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