BitLocker How to enable Network Unlock (Windows 10) | Microsoft Docs


Install-WindowsFeature WDS-Deployment

Get-Service WDSServer

Install-WindowsFeature BitLocker-NetworkUnlock

New-SelfSignedCertificate -CertStoreLocation Cert:\LocalMachine\My -Subject "CN=BitLocker Network Unlock certi

[NewRequest] Subject="CN=BitLocker Network Unlock certificate" ProviderType=0 MachineKeySet=True Exportable=true RequestType=Cert KeyUsage="CERT_KEY_ENCIPHERMENT_KEY_USAGE" KeyUsageProperty="NCRYPT_ALLOW_DECRYPT_FLAG | NCRYPT_ALLOW_SIGNING_FLAG" KeyLength=2048 SMIME=FALSE HashAlgorithm=sha512 [Extensions] = "{text}" _continue_ = "OID=" = "{text}" _continue_ = ""

certreq -new BitLocker-NetworkUnlock.inf BitLocker-NetworkUnlock.cer

[SUBNETS] SUBNET1= ; comment about this subrange could be here, after the semi-colon SUBNET2= SUBNET3= 2001:4898:a:2::/64 ; an IPv6 subnet SUBNET4=2001:4898:a:3::/64; in production, the admin would likely give more useful names, like BUILDING9-EXCEP ``` Following the \[SUBNETS\] section, there can be sections for each Network Unlock certificate, identified by th

>**Note:** When specifying the certificate thumbprint, do not include any spaces. If spaces are included in t

Subnet restrictions are defined within each certificate section by denoting the allowed list of permitted subn Subnet lists are created by putting the name of a subnet from the \[SUBNETS\] section on its own line below th [2158a767e1c14e88e27a4c0aee111d2de2eafe60] ;Comments could be added here to indicate when the cert was issued, which Group Policy should get it, and so o ;This list shows this cert is only allowed to unlock clients on SUBNET1 and SUBNET3 subnets. In this example, SUBNET1 ;SUBNET2 SUBNET3

Manage-bde –protectors –get C:

wevtutil sl Microsoft-Windows-Deployment-Services-Diagnostics/Debug /e:true


BitLocker How to enable Network Unlock (Windows 10) | Microsoft Docs

Install-WindowsFeature WDS-Deployment Get-Service WDSServer Install-WindowsFeature BitLocker-NetworkUnlock New-SelfSignedCertificate -CertStoreLoca...

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