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A Natural History of São Paulo 1. [BRAZIL]. ACADEMIA DAS CIÊNCIAS DE LISBOA. ANCHIETA, JOSÉ DE. "Epistola quamplurimarum rerum naturalium, quae S. Vincentii (nunc S. Paulí) provinciam incolunt, sistens descriptionem" [in] Collecção de noticias para a historia e geografia das nações ultramarinas... tomo I, Num. I. II. e III. Lisboa: Na Typ. da Academia, 1812. vi, 178 pp. 8vo. Modern three quarter morocco over marbled boards. First edition. Sabin 14362. Leclerc 126. Innocencio V.2 (p.87-88): 353. Rodrigues 658. Borba de Moraes 164. Greenlee 524. Near fine, small period stamp on title page. [38511] $500 Epistola quamplurimarum rerum naturalium... [Communication of the very many natural things which dwell in the province of St. Vincent (now São Paulo) systematically described] pp. 127-178. The Spanish Jesuit missionary José de Anchieta (1534 -1597) was one of the founders of São Paulo (1554) and Rio de Janeiro a decade later. Best known for his book "The Art of Grammar" on the indigenous Old Tupi language, he was also an accomplished naturalist as revealed in this work. Also bound in the first two sections of this volume are 1. Breve relação dos escrituras dos gentios da India Oriental, e dos seus costumes (pp. 1-59) [A short account of the gentios of India and their customs] and 2. Noticia summaria do gentilismo da Asia (pp. 61-126) [A short account of paganism in Asia]; these have been attributed by Francisco Maria Esteves Pereria to Fernão de Queiroz, a 17th c. Jesuit, whose translation of the Bhagavad-Gita was only first published in 1922, and may have been the first translation into a western language of that work. Esteves Pereria considered it a sequel to the two pieces contained in this volume (see Ethel Pope: India in Portuguese Literature, (Bastorá: Tipografia Rangel, 1937; pp. 166-168). The "Collecção" would eventually run to seven volumes published over 30 years. Quite uncommon. Last partial or complete set at auction in 1948. 2. [BRAZIL]. CAMPOS PORTO, M.E. [MANUEL ERNESTO DE]. Apontamentos para a Historia da Republica dos Estados Unidos do Brazil. Rio de Janeiro: Imprensa Nacional, 1890. xxxvi, 1020 pp. Illus. with 1 color folding plate. 8vo. Brown buckram with gilt title. First edition. Phillips. Brazil p.32. A very good+ crisp, institutional copy, gilt accession numbers on foot of spine, faint stamp of NYHist. Soc. on rear pastedown. [35456] $300 Only one at auction since 1978. Liberation of Brazilian Amazonia's Indigenous People 3. [BRAZIL]. COMPANHIA GERAL DO GRÃO PARÁ E MARANHÃO. JOSÉ I, KING OF PORTUGAL. Ley, porque V. Magestade ha por bem restituir aos Indios do Graõ Pará, e Maranhaõ a liberdade das suas pessoas, e bens, e commercio: na fórma que nella se declara. [text begins]... Dom Joseph por graça de Deos Rey de Portugal ... Faço saber aos

que esta ley virem, que mandando examinar pelas pessoas do meu conselho, e por outros ministros doutos, e zelosos do serviço de Deos e meu, e do bem commum dos meus vassallos, que me pareceo consultar, as verdadeiras causas com que desde o descubrimento do Graõ Pará, e Maranhaõ, até agora naõ só se naõ tem multiplicado, e civilizado os Indios daquelle estado ... [Lisboa]: Na officina de Miguel Rodrigues, impressor do Eminentissimo Senhor Cardeal Patriarca, 1755. 12 pp. Folio (30 x 20.5 cm.). Removed. First edition. Gauz: Portuguese and Brazilian Books in the John Carter Brown Library 755/22. Not in Rodrigues, Borba de Moraes, or Sabin. A near fine copy, pinprick to top margin, minor browning at edges. [42961] $900 Dated in text: June 6, 1755. A most crucial and important decree introduced by Sebastiao Jose de Carvalho e Mello, Marques de Pombal to abolish Indian slavery in Portuguese Amazonia and restore Indian rights. It also ended up favoring the newly formed Companhia Geral do GrãoPará e Maranhão, established the same year by the Marquis of Pombal as a monopolistic trading company, which would use African slaves rather than have a need for indigenous peoples and thus undercut the power of the Jesuits; when the Jesuits tried to avoid the emancipation law by transferring the titles of their aldeias to the Pope, the Crown took away their temporal power over the mission villages: the Jesuits would be expelled from Brazil four years later. "Unfortunately for the Jesuits, complaints made by Paulo de Silva Nunes over a period of many years now began to bear fruit. Pombal was determined to spare no effort to humble the missionaries who seemed to be defying his authority. To Pombal the temporal authority and resources of the missions were an anachronism. It was his wish that priests confine themselves purely to spiritual labors. This would naturally preclude the operation of missions by the missionaries... Pombal decided to develop the commercial resources of the Maranhão through a plan which involved the liberation of the Indians, the secularization of the administration of the aldeias, and the establishment of a commercial company, the Companhia de Grão Pará e Maranhão. The Indians, instead of being limited to work on the missions and certain private plantations, would now be free to hire themselves for work anywhere they wished. They would continue to live in their villages, near the white settlements, but under secular authority. The Company would take care of the needs of the colony, receiving a monopoly of shipping, external commerce and Negro slaves. In furtherance of the plan, Pombal decreed the liberation of the Indians on June 6, 1755... Reference is made to the misery of the people, white and Indian, in the state of Maranhao. The purpose of the law was to free the Indians, to give them full liberty advocated in the past by the Supreme Pontiffs and by the Portuguese kings, which the cupidity of men had hitherto prevented," Mathias C. Kiemen, The Indian Policy of Portugal in America, in The Americas, Vol. 5, No. 4 (Apr., 1949), pp. 451-452). OCLC locates five copies: Newberry, NYPL, Univ. Minn., BL, and JCB. Copies are also located at the BN Portugal and the BN Brasil.

4. [BRAZIL]. COMPANHIA NACIONAL DE NAVEGAÇÃO A VAPOR. Tabella da Linha do Sul. [Brazil]: 1878. 20 3/4x29 inches. Broadside. A few small holes affecting a few letters, some folds reinforced on verso, additions in manuscript. [38742] $250 The Companhia Nacional de Navegação a Vapor replaced the Companhia Brasileira de Navegação a Vapor as the government sponsored line along the southern route in 1872. Montevidio was the furthest stop of this important Brazilian shipping company from which it also provided river service to upper Brazil. The broadside contains a listing of the rates of passage from Rio de Janeiro to Montevideo, as well as the limitations and restrictions for passengers, which included a prohibition on weapons and flammable materials. 5. [BRAZIL]. DENIS, FERDINAND. Résumé de l'Histoire du Brésil, suivi du Résumé de l'Histoire de la Guyane. Paris: Tillois, 1848. ii, 288 pp. 24mo. Brown buckram with gilt title. Later printing. Sabin 19552. Rodrigues 849. Borba de Moraes I, 217. Garraux 84 (all 2nd eds). Gilt accession numbers on spine else a very good copy. [34009] $75 Mss. Table des matteres in a contemporary hand inserted at p. 281. Ferdinand Denis (1798-1890) was an early observer of Brazilian history, and first published this work in 1822, with enhanced editions appearing later. 6. [BRAZIL]. DUNDONALD, THOMAS COCHRANE, EARL OF; (CONDE DE DUNDONALD). TRAD.: A. R. SARAIVA. Narrativa de serviços no libertar-se o Brazil da dominação portugueza. Londrés: James Ridgway, 1859. xv, 321 pp. 8vo. (23 cm). Blue pebbled cloth paneled in blind, gilt titles on spine, yellow endpapers. First edition. See Sabin 21274 (English Version). Phillips p. 34. Borba de Moraes I, 235. Boards lightly rubbed, nick to rear edge, else a very good+ unopened (uncut) copy, scattered foxing, bookseller label on rear pastedown, one removed from front pastedown. A beautiful bright copy. [34935] $750 The Portuguese translation of the second volume of "Narrative of services on the liberation of Chili, Peru and Brazil" by Thomas Cochrane, Earl of Dundonald (17751860), the commander of the Chilean navy from 18181823, and of the Brazilian navy from 1823-1825. "Arrogant, ill-tempered, cantankerous, bellicose, Cochrane was one of the most daring and successful front-line frigate captains of his day.... [and he] and other British naval officers, entirely unofficially, had made a not inconsiderable contribution to the cause of Brazilian independence and, more important, Brazilian unity," Leslie Bethell, Brazil: Empire and Republic 1822-1930 (Cambridge Univ Press, 1989) p. 35-36. 7. [BRAZIL]. EXPILLY, CHARLES. La Traite L'émigration et la Colonisation au Brésil. Paris: A. LaCroix, Verboeckhoven et Cie, 1865. ix, 336, 2 pp. 8vo. Green buckram with original yellow wrappers bound in, gilt ti-

tles. First edition thus. Borba de Moraes I, 253. Leclerc 3203. Garraux p.103. Conrad: Brazilian Slavery 116. A very good or better copy, gilt accession numbers on spine, otherwise no further external or internal markings, original wrappers lightly soiled, small chip on corner of front wrapper professionally repaired, scattered foxing, new binding fine. [33969] $1000 "Extrait de la Revue du monde colonial, asiatique et americain." Expilly, who explains the details of emigration, was very critical of Brazil's treatment of slaves especially away from the major population centers. Quite uncommon. Last at auction in 1978. From the Jesuit Frying Pan into the Brazilian Colonists Fire 8. [BRAZIL]. FURTADO, FRANCISCO XAVIER DE MENDONÇA; POMBAL, SEBASTIÃO JOSÉ DE CARVALHO E MELO, MARQUÊS DE. Directorio, que se deve observar nas povoaçoens dos indios do Pará, e Maranhaõ Em quanto Sua Magestade naõ mandar o contrario. [Lisboa]: Na officina de Miguel Rodrigues, impressor do Eminentissimo Senhor Cardeal Patriarca, 1758. [2], 41, [1] pp. Illus. with Portuguese coat of arms on title page. Folio. Removed. First edition. Rodrigues 883. Borba de Moraes I, p 226. Gauz: Portuguese and Brazilian Books in the John Carter Brown Library 758/4. Lilly Library: Brazil from Discovery to Independence 14. Near fine, inked page numbers in upper right corner, lower corner of first leaf with a faint crease. [43044] $1250 "A rare and interesting document which outlines the regulations for the administration of Indian missions in Para and Maranhaõ following the secularization of the missions by the Portuguese Crown" (Lilly Library). Dated 3 de Mayo de 1757 and signed: Francisco Xavier de Mendoça Furtado [governador], followed by the Alvará dated 17 de Agosto de 1758 and signed: Sebastiaõ Joseph de Carvalho e Mello. The original law to abolish Indian slavery in Pará and Maranhaõ was passed June 6, 1755, but Pombal, who had seen to its passing, and his halfbrother, Furtado, "immediately began to worry... that the Indians would revert to their primitive laziness." Instead of working for the colonists or the state they would be more concerned with their families. Thus Governor Furtado did not bother to published the law until two years later in this document in 1757 where he added this new system, Directorio de Indios, which placed a white director into each native village, directors who would supposedly teach the Indians to be civilized and encourage commerce, promote intermarriage between Indians and Portuguese, and lead them to become rich Christians. "In return for supposed teaching the Indians the Portuguese language, European methods of farming and trade, and domestic skills, the directors were to handle all the commercial transactions of their charges and were to receive 17 per cent of any gross income...[in addition to a 10 percent state tax... and furthermore]... all Indian males aged between thirteen and 60 were still required to work on

'public works' and to spend half of each year working for the colonists... Observers in Brazil immediately warned that such appalling legislation would lead to disaster," Leslie Bethel, "Colonial Brazil" (Cambridge, 1987; pp., 187-8). The provisions were later extended to all Amerindians in Brazil. Only one at auction since 1980. 9. [BRAZIL]. GANDAVO, PERO DE. MAGALHÃES, The Histories of Brazil: now translated into English for the first time and annotated by John B. Stetson, Jr., with a facsimile of the Portuguese original, 1576 [Two Volumes]. New York: Cortes Society, 1922. 60 pp., 48 leaves; 266 pp. Illus. with b/w reproductions and facsimiles. 8vo. Cloth. First English Language edition. Cox II: 1922. Conrad: 438. Borba de Moraes I, 295. Faint soiling on boards, else very good bright copies. [36329] $200 Documents and Narratives concerning the Discovery and Conquest of Latin America: Number Five. Vol. I and Vol. II out-of-sequence of 250 copies. "This edition is the best one extant," (Borba de Moraes). 10. [BRAZIL]. HANKE, LEWIS. Gilberto Freyre vida y obra - bibliografía - antología. New York: Instituto de las Españas, 1939. 30 pp. Illus. with b/w drawings. Sm. 4to. Stapled paper wrappers. First edition. Wrappers soiled else a very good copy. [36321] $50 Inscribed by the author to Enrich Parreno [Martinez], the Colombian consul in Boston. Gilbert de Melee Fryer (1900-1987) was a Brazilian sociologist and cultural anthropologist. 11. [BRAZIL]. HOLMES, RUTH E.V., ED. CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF AMERICA LIBRARY. Bibliographical and Historical Description of the Rarest Books in the Oliveira Lima Collection at the Catholic University of America. Washington [D.C.]: Catholic University of America, 1926. vi, 367 pp. 12mo. Later cloth with gilt titles, all edges marbled, marbled endpapers. First edition. Griffin 155. A very good copy, spine sunned, front endpapers scuffed. [42415] $100 Only book length guide to this important collection focusing deeply on Brazil and amassed by Dr. Manoel de Oliveira Lima in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 12. [BRAZIL]. LA CONDAMINE, [CHARLES-MARIE] DE. Relation abrégée d'un voyage fait dans l'intérieur de l'Amerique méridionale, depuis la côte de la Mer du Sud, jusqu'aux côtes du Brésil & de la Guyane en descendant la riviere des Amazones. [Jean] Godin des Odonais, une lettre. Maestricht: Chez Jean-Edme Dufour & Philippe Roux, imprimeurs-libraires, associés, 1778. [4], xvji, 379, [1] pp., [2] folded leaves of plates. Illus. with folding plate and folding map. 8vo. Reinforced with contemporary cloth and paper wrappers. Nouvelle édition. Augmentée de la relation de l'emeute populaire de Cuença au Pérou et d'une Lettre de M. Godin des Odonais, contenant la relation du voyage de Madame, Godin, son epouse, &c. Sabin 38485. Palau

129374. Quérard 4:368. JCB III: 2456. Borba de Moraes I: 380. Rodriguez 701. Cox II: p. 272. Brunet III: 729. Moreno, Biblioteca peruana II: 3231. Unopened (uncut) and untrimmed copy, bound in leaves from 1795 edition of Norden's Voyage, covered in cloth, split to front cloth at joint, small tears to the temporary binding, plates and first and last signatures detached, soiling along fore edge as expected, [41703] $750 First published in Paris in 1745. Also includes the author's account of a riot against the French scientists in Cuenca (The folding engraved frontispiece is a scene from the second work, of the “tumult” in the bull fighting arena where the surgeon of the group was murdered) and the first edition tale of the wife of the expedition's cartographer, Jean Godin des Odonais' extraordinary journey from Peru across the Amazon Basin to French Guiana to reunite with him after a 20-year separation. La Condamine was one of those chosen by the Academie des Sciences to participate in an expedition to Peru to measure several degrees of meridian at the equator hoping to settle the Newtonian / Cartesian controversy over the shape of the poles. La Condamine was accompanied by his fellow Academiciens Godin and Bouguer and the naturalist Joseph de Jussieu; after completing their measurements, they returned by separate routes and La Condamine, who chose to return by way of the Amazon, ended up making the first scientific exploration of that river and the first map (included here) of the Amazon in which the latitudes were observed. "Written in a very lively and picturesque style, the Relation is full of interesting and curious observations. One of La Condamine's preoccupations was to verify the existence of women known as Amazons... This Maestricht edition is more difficult to find than the Paris edition," Borba de Moraes, Bibliographia Brasiliana, p. 380. Perhaps the First Brazilian Novel 13. [BRAZIL]. MARQUES PEREIRA, NUNO. Compendio Narrativo do Peregrino da America em que se tratam varios discursos espirituaes, e moraes, com muitas advertencias, e documentos contra os abusos, que se achaõ introduzidos, pela malicia diabolica no Estado do Brasil. Lisboa: Francisco Borges de Sousa, 1765. [16 leaves], 474 (i. e. 476) pp. Woodcut printer's ornament on title page; head and tail pieces; initials Sm. 8vo. Contemporary mottle sheep, four raised bands, gilt decorations, red morocco lettering piece. Fifth edition. Sabin 60891. Borba de Moraes 660. Rodrigues 1545. Innocêncio VI, 315. Ford:Tentative Bibliography of Brazilian Belles-Lettres, p. 104. Silva 123. A very good copy, possibly rejointed, extremities worn with minor loss at head of spine, faint dampstain to rear pastedown and top edge of a few leaves, lacking rear free endpaper. [42911] $850 Nuno Marques Pereira (1652?-1728?) was born at Cairu, near Bahia, then the capital of Portuguese America, and spent considerable time in the mining areas before traveling to Lisbon. It was considered by some scholars to be

the first Brazilian novel. "A book by a Brazilian about Brazil which was widely read in the eighteenth century and which is of great importance today for the portrait it gives of social life, manners and customs at that time of the common people in Bahia and Minas Geraes" (Borba de Moraes, page 660). Rodrigues "e de grande merito e importancia para as cousas do brasil." It went through five editions by 1765, but the second part was not published until 1939, in Rio de Janeiro. "Pereira's text is an allegorical dialogue in which two characters, The Old Man and The Pilgrim, moralize about the generally sorry state of morals in Brazil. It includes a number of interesting notes on colonial society, but it was not meant to be realistic; Pereira designed it, rather, as the response of the Iberian Counter- Reformation to John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress," Cambridge History of Latin American Literature, Volume 3, p. 61. All editions are uncommon. No copies of any edition known at auction since 1963. Of this edition, OCLC locates 6 copies: Stanford, Univ. Iowa, Univ. Kansas, Univ. Minn., JCB, Stastsbib. Berlin. Also BN Portugal.

copy, shadow of old tape removal along spine, sunned wrappers, contents sharp. [37860] $100

14. [BRAZIL]. MONTENEGRO, J. ARTHUR. Notas para a Carta Geographica do Rio Grande do Sul. Rio Grande: Officinas a Vapor da Livraria Americana, 1895. 59 pp. 8vo. Paper wrappers. First edition. A very good copy with chips on the lightly soiled wrappers. [36120] $150

19. [BRAZIL]. PEREIRA DA SILVA, J. M. (JOÃO MANUEL). Curso de Historia dos descobrimentos, colonisação, instituições, civilisação, independencia e progressos até nossos dias dos differentes Estados Americanos. Rio de Janeiro: Eduardo & Henrique Laemmert, 1876. 260 pp. 8vo. Quarter brown morocco over marbled boards , five raised bands, gilt title. First edition. Innocencio 11: 6788-169. Blake 3: p.484. Rodrigues 1871. A very good copy, spine rubbed, scattered foxing, browning, mainly to the last leaves. [35393] $150

Inscribed by the author. 15. [BRAZIL]. MOURE, AMEDEE. La Rivière Paraguay depuis ses Sources. Jusqu'a son Embouchure dans le Parana (1851 a 1854). Paris: (Impr. de L. Martinet), (1861). 90 pp. 8vo. Cloth. Offprint. Sabin 51197. Decoud 22. OCLC: 23444226. Garraux 203. A fine copy. [33891] $175 Extrait du Bulletin de la Societe de Geographie (Avril et mai 1864). The Paraguay River from its source to the Parana. The Paraguay River is the primary waterway of the Pantanal Wetlands which is actually the world's largest tropical wetlands ecosystem. Scarce. OCLC shows a separate copy only at Yale. 16. [BRAZIL]. MÜNCH, ERNST [HERMANN JOSEPH]. Geschichte von Brasilien. [Two Volumes in one]. Dresden: P. G. Hilschersche Buchhandlung, 1829. viii, 103; vi, 114 pp. 16mo. Navy buckram. First edition. Sabin 51303. Borba de Moraes II, p. 90. Rodrigues 1723. A very good ex-library copy, accession numbers on spine, faint NY Historical Society stamp on rear endpaper. [37101] $125 Though originally announced that there would be 3 volumes, the work is complete in 2. It is a compilation of Ferdinand Denis' "Resume de l'histoire du Bresil." 17. [BRAZIL]. PALMATARY, HELEN C. Tapajó Pottery. Walter Kaudern, ed. Göteborg: Gothenburg Ethnographical Museum, 1939. 136 pp. Illus. with 58 b/w photos and in-text figures. 8vo. Paper wrappers. Reprint. A very good

Inscribed by the author. Reprinted from Ethnological Studies, 8, 1939 from the Gothenburg Ethnographical Museum. 18. [BRAZIL]. PAN AMERICAN UNION ET AL. Brazil. Latest reports from Brazilian Official Sources. Foreign Trade of Brazil for 1931 [with] 1932 [with] 1933 [with] 1938 [with] 1939 and 1940 [with] Mining Laws of Brazil. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1930-1941. 10 pp., 11 pp., 5 pp., 16 pp., 16 pp., 10 pp. 8vo. & 4to. Paper wrappers. First edition. Very good copies. [41843] $50 Comprising Foreign Trade Series #107 (1932); #114 (1933); 1933 (typed copy prepared by Statistical Division of PAU); #177 (1940); #188, (1941) and Garman, A.D., "Mining Laws of Brazil", Information Circular, (Department of Commerce, I.C. 6298, July 1930).

A series of twelve lectures by João Manuel Pereira da Silva (1819-1898), Brazilian novelist, historian, and politician. Uncommon. OCLC shows only nine holdings. 20. [BRAZIL]. RACINE, JEAN BAPTISTE. LEITÃO, ANTONIO JOSÉ DE LIMA, TRANS. Iphigènia. Tragèdia de João Racine. Rio de Janeiro: Na Impressão Règia, 1816. [4 lvs], 53, [1] pp. Sm. 8vo. Quarter morocco over marbled boards, four raised bands. First edition. Camargo & Moraes I: 496. Rodrigues 1413. A very good copy, spine scuffed, boards edgeworn, contents crisp. [37099] $450 "Traduzida em verso portuguez, e offerecida como uma prova da mais sincera gratidão. Ao e senhor Cypriano Ribeiro Freire, do Conselho de S. M. o rey nosso senhor, seu ministro plenipotenciario em Londres, &c. &c. &c. Pêlo Dr. Antonio Josè de Lima Leitão, mèdico da Escola de Paris, e Physico Mòr da Capitania de Moçambique." The translator was an eminent Brazilian physician, who also translated another work of Racine, "Andromaca" which was published in Bahia, 1817-18. Racine was tremendously popular in Brazil, nevertheless there was no other translation of this masterpiece of tragedy for popular reading or presentation. OCLC shows only 7 copies. 21. [BRAZIL]. ROBINSON, GEORGE W., ED. (COUTINHO, JOSÉ JOAQUIM DA CUNHA DE AZEREDO). Brazil and Portugal in 1809. Manuscript Marginalia on a

copy of the English Translation of Bishop Jozé Joaquim da Cunha de Azeredo Coutinho's Ensaio Economico sobre o comercio de Portugal e suas Colonias. Cambridge: Privately printed, 1913. 83 pp. Sm. 4to. Cloth. First edition. Borba de Moraes I, 193. A very good+ unopened (uncut) copy with minor soiling on the boards. [36254] $225 One of only 250 copies printed. Much on slavery. 22. [BRAZIL]. SOCIEDADE FINANCEIRA DO BRASIL. Finabrás. Monthly Financial Comments. A survey of Brazilian financial and economic conditions, and a guide for Foreign investments in Brazil. [Forty Issues]. São Paulo: Sociedade Financeira do Brasil, 1951-1955. 3 pp. each. 8vo. Self wrappers. First edition. Very good copies, mail fold, penciled numerals and docketing stamp to wrappers. [41962] $250 Finabras was formed by U.S. and Brazilian capital and its board was well connected: it provided research as well as financing for foreign investments in Brazil and the reports provide a detailed picture of investments and foreign business activities in Brazil in the 1950s, almost all of it from the United States. Includes 40 issues of "Finabrás. Monthly Financial Comments. A survey of Brazilian financial and economic conditions, and a guide for Foreign investments in Brazil" 3 pp. each (Sociedade Financeira do Brasil): 1951 (Aug. - Dec.); 1952 (Jan.-Dec.); 1953 (Jan.-July); 1954 (Jan.-Dec., lacking May); 1955 (Jan., Feb., May-Aug.). We could locate no issues of the Finabras publication at any online library catalogues. Also included are (1) a sales brochure for the services of Technobras (Sociedade Technica de Investimentos Brasileiros). A Landmark of Cartography 23. [BRAZIL]. VANDERMAELEN, PHILIPPE. [Complete Map of Brazil]. Amer. Merid. Partie du Bresil... [17 Maps]. [Bruxelles]: [Ph. Vandermaelen], 1827 17 sheets. Hand-colored lithographic maps. 47 x 57 cm. First edition. Phillips, 749. Amer. Geol. Soc., Catalogue of Maps of Hispanic America: III, p. 172. Sabin 43762. A very good sharp set, housed in a clamshell box. [40380] $3000 The Empire of Brazil on a grand scale, printed shortly after Pedro declared the independence of Brazil, but before the conclusion of the Cisplatine War against the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata (Argentina) which cost her Uruguay. Sheets from Phillipe Vandermaelen, Atlas universel de geographie physique, politique, statistique et mineralogique.. a magnificent and ground breaking six volume atlas of the entire world, which was the first Atlas to use lithography, to show the entire world using such a large uniform scale, approximately 26 miles to the inch, and which was designed to be joined together into a three-dimensional globe with a diameter of aboout 25 feet. Includes all of Brazil with some surrounding areas: 1. Amer. Merid. no. 9. Partie de la Colombie et du Bresil. Parts of Peru, Colombia, and Brazil. 2. Amer. Merid.

10. Partie du Bresil. Amazonas region, Brazil. 3. Amer. Merid. 11. Partie du Bresil. Parts of Amazonas, Para and Amapa. 4. Amer. Merid. 12. Partie du Bresil. Covers parts of Para and Maranhao. 5. Amer. Merid. 13. Partie du Bresil. Parts of Piaui, Ceara and Rio Grande do Norte. Text: Note sur le Bresil ... Pour la suite voyez la carte no. 32. 6. Amer. Merid. 15. Partie du Perou et du Bresil. Parts of Peru, Brazil and northern Bolivia. 7. Amer. Merid. 16. Partie du Bresil. Parts of Brazil and northern Bolivia. 8. Amer. Merid. 17. Partie du Bresil. Parts of Mato Grosso, Tocantins, Amazonas, and Para. 9. Amer. Merid. 18. Partie du Bresil... Parts Tocantins, Bahia, Maranhao, and Piaui. 10. Amer. Merid. 19. Partie du Bresil. Parts of northeastern Brazil. 11. Amer. Merid. 22. Partie du Bresil. Part of Santa Cruz, Bolivia and Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. 12. Amer. Merid. 23. Partie du Bresil. Parts of Goias, Federal District, Minas Gerais, and Tocantins. 13. Amer. Merid. 24. Partie du Bresil. Parts of Bahia and Minas Gerais with coast soundings. 14. Amer. Merid. 27. Partie du Bresil. Part of southern Brazil. 15. Amer. Merid. 28. Partie du Bresil. Parts of Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo, and Rio de Janeiro states. 16. Amer. Merid. 32. Partie du Bresil. Part of southern Brazil. Text box: Note sur le Bresil. Pour le commencement voyez la carte no. 13. 17. Amer. Merid. 35. Partie du Bresil. Parts of Uruguay, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and Buenos Aires province, Argentina (an eighteenth sheet, No.36, was labeled 'Partie du Bresil, but in fact only included parts of Argentina and Chile). If joined together the map would measure approximately 9 x 7 feet. A Thorough Study of the Portuguese/Dutch Struggle in America 24. [BRAZIL]. VARNHAGEN, FRANCISCO ADOLFO DE, VISCONDE DE PORTO SEGURO. Historia das Lutas com os Hollandezes no Brazil desde 1624 a 1654. Pelo autor da Historia Geral do Brazil. Barão de Porto Seguro. Lisboa: Typographia de Castro Irmão, 1872. xxxi, xv, 401, xiii, [4] pp. 8vo. Original green printed paper wrappers with plain spine (paperback). Nova edição melhorada e acrescentada. Borba de Moraes II: p.327. Rodrigues 2435. Blake II: p. 377. Cox 3381. Palau 352868 (1871 ed). A very good unopened (uncut) copy; head of spine worn, a few tears to rear wrapper; light foxing mostly along fore edge. [37097] $750 A much enlarged edition which includes the Post Facio. Though the work is dated 1872 on the title page and wrapper, the Postfacio is dated 1874, when apparently the book was finally printed. An important work on the Portuguese in America and a "thorough study of their struggle with the Dutch." Uncommon in this unaltered, original condition. 25. [BRAZIL]. VARNHAGEN, FRANCISCO ADOLFO DE, VISCONDE DE PORTO SEGURO. Jo. Schöner e P. Apianus (Benewitz): Influencia de um e outro e de varios de seus contemporaneos na adopçào do nome America: primeiros globos e primeiros mappas-mundi com este nome: globo de Walzee-

müller, e plaquette acerca do de Schöner. Vienna: Typographia I. e R. do Estado e da Côrte. 1872. 61 pp. Sm. 8vo. Cloth. First edition. Borba de Moraes II, 328. Blake II, 378. Spine worn with fraying at head and heel, hinges split but binding solid, bookseller's description tipped on to front endpaper, library duplicate stamp on verso of title page, but overall still a very good wide-margined copy. [36997] $400 No. 6 of 100 copies. Originally published in Instituto Histórico e Geográfico Brasileiro. Revista do Instituto Histórico e Geográfico Brasileiro. Rio de Janeiro, 1872. v. 35, pt. 2, p. [171]-202. "Very rare," Borba de Moraes. 26. [BRAZIL]. VARNHAGEN, FRANCISCO ADOLFO DE, VISCONDE DE PORTO SEGURO. Le premier voyage de Amerigo Vespucci définitivement expliqué dans ses détails ... [with]... Ainda Amerigo Vespucci: novos estudos e achegas ... em favor da interpretaçâo dada á sua 1a viagem, em 1497-98, ás costas do Yucatan e Golfo Mexicano... Vienne: C. Gerold fils, 1869, 1870, & 1874. [v], [1], 50, [52-53], [5657], [1] pp, map; 8 pp., map. Illus. with 1 folding map; and 1 map. 4to. Three quarter morocco over marbled boards, raised bands, gilt titles and decorations in compartments. First edition. Premier Voyage: Palau 352858. Borba de Moraes II, 330. Leclerc 591. Ainda Amerigo Vespucci: Palau 352859. Borba de Moraes II, 331. Leclerc 590. A very good copy, extremities rubbed, owners' bookplates on front pastedown, Lenox Library duplicate release stamp on verso of title page. [36996] $450 Presentation copy inscribed by the author to George Bancroft. Also signed by Bancroft. This is the second publication of this series beginning with "Amerígo Vespucci son caractere, ses ecrits," Lima, 1865 and ending with this "Nouvelles recherches" (1870)... of which this copy contains pp. 53-54 and the Post Face (pp. 56-57) plus the large folding map. "Ainda Amerigo Vespucci" was the last work by Varnhagen on Vespucci. "Very rare," (Borba de Moraes). Provenance: Lenox Library Bancroft Collection Bookplate (1893), George Bancroft Bookplate with his signature. 27. [BRAZIL]. VELLOSO, JOSÉ MARIANO DA CONCEIÇÃO [OR VELLOZO]. Florae Fluminensis seu Descriptionum Plantarum Praefectura Fluminensi Sponte Nascentium liber primus ad systema sexuale concinnatus. Flumine Januario / Rio de Janeiro: Typ. Economica, 1881. xii, [vii], 467, [1] pp. 4to. Cloth. First complete edition. Rodrigues 2473. Sabin 98833n. For the shorter version of 1825 see: Barba de Moraes II, p. 343. Pritzel 468. Jackson 377. Innocencio V.5 4258; V.13, p.122. A very good copy, rear board rubbed, edges foxed, binder's stamp and bookplate of Glasgow Archaeological Society on front pastedown. [35522] $850 Published in Archivos do Museu Nacional do Rio De Janeiro. Volume V. 1880. Added title page: Petro nomine ac imperio primo Brasiliensis imperii perpetuo defensore ... jubente, Flora fluminensis a' fr. Josepho Mariano a Conceptione Vellozo Ordinis monorum collecta, descrip-

ta, et elaborata anno M.D. CC. XC. Ex M.S. cod. Imperialis bibliothecæ eruta nunc primo etitur. Flumine Januario, A.D.M. DCCC. XXV, imperii IV. José Xavier Veloso (17421811), born in what is now Minas Gerais, Brazil, was ordained in 1766 in the convent of St. Anthony in Rio de Janeiro, where he studied philosophy and theology, later geometry in San Paulo, and finally natural history. He collected plants, animals, and minerals in the Rio de Janeiro area from 1783 to 1790 at which time he moved to Lisbon where he worked at the Royal Academy of Sciences while preparing Florae Fluminensis, his greatest work, for publication. Using the Linnaeus’ system of sexual classification of plants, he prepared very highly detailed texts and 1700 prints, many of them of new species. But the publication of the work was beset by problems. First sent to Venice, the plates were never completed. Later the French invasion of the Iberian peninsular, sent the Portuguese government, then Veloso and his manuscripts, into exile in Brazil, where he died in 1811. In 1825 an abbreviated version of the text was published, followed by the eleven volumes of the Icones in 1827, of which few copies survive. The complete text was not published until this edition in 1881. 28. [BRAZIL]. VIANNA, ARTHUR. BIBLIOTHECA E ARCHIVO PUBLICO DO PARÁ. "As fortificações da Amazonia. I- As fortificações da Pará," [in] Annaes da Bibliotheca e Archivo Publico do Pará. Tomo Quarto. Pará: Typ. e Encadernação do Instituto Lauro Sodré, 1905. 389, [1] pp. Illus. with 7 b/w plates, (6 folding). 8vo. Brown buckram with gilt title and original wrappers bound in. First edition. A very good+ copy, original wrappers somewhat soiled, New York Historical Society stamp on rear pastedown. [35459] $150 Vianna's important history of the fortifications of Para (p. 227-392) is illustrated with 6 folding plates. Also includes: Antiguidade da navegação do oceano. Viagens dos navios de Salomão ao rio das Amazonas, Orphir, Tardschisch e Parvaim, by D. Henrique Onffroy de Thoron; Alvarás, cartas régias e decisões. Continuação. Documentos n.os 283 a 332; Catalogo das plantas, mappas e desenhos manuscriptos, existentes na primeira secção de manuscriptos da Bibliotheca e Archivo Publico do Pará; Correspondencia dos governadores do Pará com a metropole. Primeiro serie 1752-1757. Continuação. Documentos n.os 134 a 164; Catalogo da correspondencia dos governadores e capitães generaes do Pará com o governo da metropole 1752-1823; more. 29. [BRAZIL]. WALLE, PAUL. Au Brésil de L'Uruguay au Rio Saõ Francisco. Levasseur, Émile, preface. Paris: E. Guilmoto, n.d. (ca 1910). xx, 444 pp. Illus. with 95 b/w photos and 1 folding map. 8vo. Quarter mottled green morocco decorated in gilt over green cloth boards, marbled endpapers. A very good or better copy, light wear to spine ends, scattered foxing, mostly to first and last few leaves. [33967] $100 A popular, much respected, well-written early 2oth c. travel guide.

30. [BRAZIL]. WARDEN, DAVID BAILE. Histoire de l'empire du Bresil, depuis sa decouverte jusqu'a nos jours, composee par M. David B. Warden ... Extraite de L'art de verifier les dates, publie par M. le Marquis de Fortia ... [Two Volumes]. Paris: Chez l'Editeur [Impremierie de A. Moreau ], 1832-3. pp. (4), 462, folded table; (4), 464. 8vo. Cloth. Sabin 101359. Garraux 312. Borba de Moraes II, 369. Very good untrimmed copies with original wrappers, bound in library buckram with gilt accession numbers on spines, very faint stamp on rear board. [34936] $500 Warden served as American consul in Paris for 40 years, amassing two large collections of books, the first now at Harvard, the second sold to N.Y. State. He was asked to collaborate in the 'Art de Verifier les dates', and his Histoire appeared as the 13th and 14th volumes of the third part of that famous universal history. Provenance: New York Historical Society, their stamp on rear endpaper . 31. [BRAZIL]. WARREN, JOHN ESAIAS. Para; or, Scenes and Adventures on the Banks of the Amazon. New York: G. P. Putnam, 1851. 271 pp. Sm. 8vo. Cloth. First edition. Palau 374053. Borba de Moraes II, 307. Allibone 2588. Naylor 171. Spine ends worn, spine sunned, boards soiled, gift inscription on first blank, foxed throughout, binding tight, overall still good to very good. [33984] $200 Used by Thoreau in his Fact Book. OCLC shows only 3 copies of the first edition: Huntington, Dartmouth, AAS. ***** 32. AMUNÁTEGUI REYES, MIGUEL LUÍS. La Cuestion de Limites entre Chile i Bolivia. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta Nacional, 1863. 234 pp. 8vo. Green paper wrappers. First edition. Palau 11520. Lacking the rear wrapper and much of the spine, front wrapper soiled with small chips and tears, small closed tear to title (not affecting text), fore-edges soiled on the first few leaves, otherwise an unopened (uncut) and untrimmed copy. [34114] $150 Chilean view of the territorial dispute. Since its independence, Bolivia claimed territories down to latitude 26° South but the Chilean Government in 1842 declared the northern frontier of Chile as latitude 23° South. The Chilean government by 1863 was secretly prepared to go to war. The boundary treaty between Bolivia and Chile was signed in 1866. 33. [ARGENTINE WAR OF INDEPENDENCE] (BOLIVIA). El Amigo de los Hombres, y de la justicia increpa la conducta del brigadier D. Jose Manuel de Goyeneche general en xefe del exercito del virey de Lima, en el desaguadero; por la siguiente carta que le ha dirigido de Arequipa: belativa a otra, que sobre lo mismo le escribio el ciudadano imparcial de Chuquisaca. Buenos Aires: Imprenta de Niños Expósitos, 1811. 12 pp. Sm. 8vo. Paper-covered boards. First edition. Furlong IV: 2470. Zinny: Bibliografía histórica p.59: No. 8. Fors: Imprenta de los Niños p. 38. Small

chips to spine ends, lacking half of the free front endpaper, catalogue listing tipped-in to verso; contents trimmed, scattered wormholes affecting a few letters of text, else clean. [37071] $300 29 March 1811. Furlong cites two editions. This is the "virey de Lima" issue. Attacks General José Manuel de Goyeneche y Barreda, 1st Count of Guaqui, Grandee of Spain, Arequipa, Viceroyalty of Peru (1776-1846), who was the commander of the Spanish troops in Bolivia and who had defeated the Revolutionary forces at La Paz in 1809. Two months after this document was issued, he signed an armistice with the political leader of the independentist army, Juan José Castelli, though it was soon broken and Goyeneche went on to occupy all of upper Peru. 34. [ARGENTINE WAR OF INDEPENDENCE]. [ORTIZ DE OCAMPO, FRANCISCO ANTONIO]. El Comandante General de la Expedicion Auxiliadora para las Provincias Interiores, á su exercito. Proclama.: Generosos y esforzados compañeros (First line of text). Buenos Ayres: En la Real Imprenta de Niños Expósitos, 1810. 3 pp. Sm. 8vo. Unbound. First edition. Furlong III, 1776. Zinny: Bibliografía histórica p.53: No. 25. Medina: Vireinato Río de la Plata 784. Not in Fors. A very good copy, small numerals in upper corners. [37073] $325 General Francisco Antonio Ortiz de Ocampo (1771-1840) was the first general of the war for independence and given the command of what would later be the Army of the North; here he calls on his army to uphold the rule of the king, Fernando VII, and ends with this exhortation: "volveis triunfantes al seno de vuestro, subirá su gloria hasta las nuves y vuestro heroico nombre se escribirá en la historia entre el de los heroes inmortales.” No other copies known at auction since the Oscar Carbone sale of 1968 (lot 355). Rare. OCLC shows only two copies: JCB and Berkeley. 35. [ARGENTINE WAR OF INDEPENDENCE]. CABILDO DE BUENOS AIRES. ALVAREZ THOMAS, IGNACIO. El Director Interino del Estado a los Habitantes de la Provincia de Buenos-Ayres. Ciudadanos: Aceptando el Gobierno á que me destinaron en calidad de suplente vuestros sufragios; venciendo toda la repugnancia que me inspira el íntimo conocimiento de la debilidad de mis fuerzas.... Buenos Ayres: Imprenta de Niños Expòsitos, 1815. 2 pp. 4to. Unbound. First edition. Furlong IV, 3185. Zinny: Bibliografía histórica p.140, No. 38. Fors: p. 53. A very good+ copy, leaf browned. [37083] $200 Dated Mayo 30 de 1815. "Proclama del director interino Alvarez á los habitantes de la provincia de Buenos Aires, sobre las circunstancías difíciles del pais, por insubordinacion y desobediencia," Zinny. José Ignacio Álvarez Thomas (1787-1857) led the faction which achieved the resignation of de Alvear, and he was sworn in as interim Supreme Director on 6 May 1815. OCLC shows only one copy : BN Chile.

36. [ARGENTINE WAR OF INDEPENDENCE]. CABILDO DE BUENOS AIRES. GODOY, JOSÉ MANUEL. En La Muy Noble y Leal Ciudad de la Santísima Trinidad Puerto de Santa María de Buenos-Ayres á diez y seis de Abril de mil ochocientos quince los Señores del Excmo. Ayuntamiento, á saber D. Miguel Estanislao Soler Comandante General de Armas, D. Francisco Antonio Escalada, y D. Francisco Belgrano Alcaldes de primero y segundo Voto y Regidores D. Manuel Oliden, D. José Clemente Cueto, D. Mariano Vidal, D. Laureano Ruf1no, D. Diego Barros, D. Gaspar de Ugarte, D. Juan de Alsina, D. Romualdo Segurola, D. Manuel Zamudio, D. Manuel Bustamante, y el Dr D. Mariano Tagle Síndico Personero del Comun. Por quanto en las apuradas circunstancias.... Buenos Ayres: [Imprenta de Niños Expòsitos], 1815. 1 pp. 4to. 1 sheet (Broadside). First edition. Furlong IV, 3170a. Zinny: Bibliografía histórica p. 129, No. 19. Fors: p.55-6. About very good, with chipped edges barely touching first letter of text on a few lines, leaf browned. [37088] $420 The Cabildo retook control, as stated in this document, which Zinny dates to 16 April 1815. On the prior day, Carlos María de Alvear, who'd been appointed to replace his uncle Posadas as Supreme Director on January 9, 1815, at the age of 25, resigned under pressure due to a mutiny among his troops, Alvear never had much support from the countryside nor from his troops, his negotations with Artigas failed, and his eventual attempt at seeking British intervention led to his exile. Thus the Cabildo "por la disolucion absoluta de las [autoridades] que la ejercian, ha vendio en declarario asi, reasumiendo provisoriamente por la premura de las circunstancias la Autoridad Soberana del Peublo, con la extension de la facultades que le son propias y con la calidad de nombrar immediatamente un Gobierno Provisorio..." Signed José Manuel Godoy in type. Rare. OCLC shows copies at BN Chile and JCB. Election Laws 37. [ARGENTINE WAR OF INDEPENDENCE]. CABILDO DE BUENOS AIRES. RIGLOS, FRANCISCO XAVIER DE., ET AL. Oficio del Excmo. Cabildo al Excmo. Superior Gobierno. Excmo. Sr. Acercandose ya el tiempo de las elecciones capitulares ... [With] Contestacion del Superior Gobierno. Nada sería mas conforme á los sentimientos del Gobierno, y á los principios que ha proclamado... Buenos Ayres: [Niños Expósitos], 1812. 2 pp. 4to. I leaf. First edition. Furlong IV, 2712. Zinny, Bibliografía histórica p.83: No. 37. Fors: Imprenta de los Niños p. 45. Edges chipped, browned, one corner marginally darkened, still a good copy. [37076] $600 Dated at the end: Sala Capitular de Buenos-Ayres diciembre 10 de 1812. Dated at end of contestation: BuenosAyres diciembre 19 de 1812. Concerns the procedures to be followed in the next election. Rare. OCLC shows two copies: JCB and BN Chile. ABPC shows none at auction in the last 50 years.

38. [ARGENTINE WAR OF INDEPENDENCE]. CIUDADANO, EL. [PSEUD.]. La Voz de la Libertad Levantada por un Patriota con Ocasion de la Victoria Ganada por las Armas de la Patria contra las tropas del parricida Goyeneche en las cercanías de Salta. Buenos Ayres: Imprenta de Niños Expòsitos, 1813. 4 pp. 4to. Unbound. First edition. Furlong, IV: 2893; Zinny, Bibliografía histórica p.90, No. 8. Zinny: Efemeridografia argirometropolitana 423. Sabin 100848. Fors: Imprenta de los Niños p. 48. A very good untrimmed copy, ink spot on margin, minor edgewear, leaves browned. [37077] $650 Signed and dated: “El Ciudadano. Buenos-Ayres marzo 29 de 1813.” Though Zinny and others attributed this to the newspaper editor Funes, Furlong makes a reasonable case that someone else penned this cry of victory over Goyeneche near Salta: "Que podamos expirar los ultrajes de trescientos anos! Que podamos con una legislacion sabia hacer ver a nuestros antiguos duenos y a todos los pueblos de la tierra, el medio de perpetuar la felicidad individual, y la prosperidad constante del estado! Esto es que os desea, compatriotas." OCLC shows 4 copies: JCB, Berkeley, NYPL, BN Chile Anti-Artigas Broadsheet Signed in Manuscript 39. [ARGENTINE WAR OF INDEPENDENCE]. HERRERA, NICOLAS. Circular. Desde que D. José Artigas vió recompensados pródigamente sus primeros trabajos y apenas llego al ultimo grado con que podia ser distinguido... Buenos Ayres: Imprenta de Niños Expòsitos, 1815. 2 pp. 4to. 1 leaf. First edition. Furlong IV, 3166. Zinny: Bibliografía histórica p.127, No. 12. Faint marginal stain in one corner else a very good copy with a horizontal crease, light edgewear. [37082] $750 Signed in ink by the author, with his rubric; dated Marzo 30 de 1815. Furlong provides an image of the second page. Buenos Ayres was worried as respect for Artigas and his ideas grew and desertion and discontent were spreading. OCLC shows two copies: JCB and BN Chile. Unsigned Montevideo Proclamation Printed in Buenos-Ayres 40. [ARGENTINE W AR OF INDEPENDENCE]. MONTEVIDEO (URUGUA Y). Manifiesto del Gobierno y Municipalidad de Montevideo a sus Habitantes. Buenos Ayres: En la Real Imprenta de Niños Expósitos, 1810. 3 pp. 20 cm. 1 folded sheet. First edition. Furlong: III, 1917. Zinny: Bibliografía histórica p.41: No. 9. Medina: Vireinato Río de la Plata 767. Not in Fors. Margins repaired, a good copy. [37068] $750 Dated Montevideo, May 25, 1810. Zinny calls the lack of a signature at the bottom of the proclamation remarkable, as is its printing in Buenos Aires, but issued by the City Administration of Montevideo to calm its citizens at the time of the formation of the provisional junta in Bue-

nos Aires. OCLC shows only two copies: JCB and Berkeley. Also at BN Espana and BL. Artigas Wanted Dead or Alive 41. [ARGENTINE WAR OF INDEPENDENCE]. POSADAS, GERVASIO ANTONIO. El Supremo Director de las Provincias Unides del Rio de la Plata. El rigor de la justicia que es el ultimo de los recursos de un gobierno bien constituido, viene à hacerse necesario quando apuradas ya las consideraciones de la moderacion y la prudencia, ... [Decreto del director Posadas, declarando á don José Artigas, traidor á la patria y fuera de la ley]. [Buenos Aires], La Real Imprenta de Niños Expósitos, 1814. 2 pp. on one sheet. 12 1/2 x 7 1/4 inches; 19.5 x 31.5 cm. Modern quarter morocco portfolio over marbled boards, gilt title and decoration. First edition. Furlong IV: 3039. Zinny: Bibliografía histórica, No. 3, p.110-12. Fors: Imprenta de los Niños p.51. Registro Argentina, Vol. 1: 642. Not in Palau. A very good copy, minor foxing and soiling, 2 marginal tape repairs not affecting text, in a near fine portfolio. [38764] $1000 Posadas, who was the first Supreme Director of the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata, accused Colonel Jose Artigas (1764-1850) of treason for which he was sentenced to death. A reward of 6000 pesos is offered for his capture, dead or alive. Those of his troops and officers who did not surrender were to be declared traitors, judged by a military commission, and shot within 24 hours if found carrying weapons. Artigas was the leader of an independent band of rebels during the conflict with Spain, but his independence caused problems for the United Provinces leading to this call for his capture and execution, neither of which occurred due to his widespread popularity. Later Artigas would lead the war for Uruguayan independence against Argentina and became its first president. Scarce. OCLC locates only one copy at UC Berkeley. Kill All The Dogs 42. [ARGENTINE WAR OF INDEPENDENCE]. SAAVEDRA, CORNELIO, ET AL. JUNTA GUBERNATIVA. BUENOS AIRES. La Junta Provisional Gubernativa de las Provincias del Rio de la Plata, por el Sr. D. Fernando VII. Por quanto esta Junta tiene por conveniente recordar a los habitantes de esta Capital, las disposiciones concernientes, a la policia de ella... Buenos Ayres: En la Real Imprenta de Niños Expósitos, [1810]. 3 pp. 8vo. Unbound. First edition. Furlong III, 1905; Zinny: Bibliografía histórica p.55: No. 30. Medina: Vireinato Río de la Plata 789. Fors: Imprenta de los Niños p. 35. Tiny tear at top margin else a near fine unbound, untrimmed copy. [37075] $600 9 August 1810. The articles call for the improvement and cleaning of the streeets, both large and narrow, as well as the removal of garbage, prohibits throwing debris or dead animals in public walkways or parks, and calls for the killing of all dogs within the city ("que se maten todos

los perros de la ciudad y sus arrabales,") etc. No other copies known at auction since the Oscar Carbone sale of 1968 (lot 358). OCLC shows only one copy at JCB. Two by the Arteaga Alemparte Brothers 43. ARTEAGA ALEMPARTE, DOMINGO. Obras Completas. Tomo I. Poesías. [All published]. Santiago: Imprenta de "Los Tiempos", 1880. Frontis, xxxxvii, [1],192 pp. 8vo. Cloth. First edition. Not in Palau. A very good copy, faint soiling on boards, endpapers browning, very light scattered foxing. [35832] $200 Domingo Arteaga Alemparte (1835-1880) was a Chilean classical poet, and along with his brother, Justo, a journalist. 44. ARTEAGA ALEMPARTE, JUSTO. El Charco. Santiago: Imprenta de la Libertad, 1871. 32 pp. 16mo. Later marbled paper wrappers. First edition. Briseño, Estadística bibliográfica de la literatura chilena p. 363 (46). A very good copy with light soiling on title, a few leaves creased. [39617] $100 Political pamphlet by Justo Arteaga Alemparte (18341882), journalist, pamphleteer, and founder of La Semana and La Libertad. A Powerful Homage to the 43 Disappeared 45. [ARTIST'S BOOK]. VELAZQUEZ M, LORENA; VINCENTE GUIJOSA. 43: Cuarenta y Tres. Mexico: Lorena Velazquez M. 2015. 20 dbl. sided panels. Illus. with photographs, serigraphs, cloth, paint. media. 21.5 x 21.5 cm. Accordion fold black cardboard with cloth edges, top panel stitched in red. First edition. A fine copy. As new. [43067] $1250 No. 4 of 43 copies signed and numbered by the author. Tribute to the 43 students from the Raúl Isidro Burgos Rural Teachers' College of Ayotzinapa who were disappeared on September 26, 2014, in Guerrero, Mexico as they traveled to Iguala to hold a protest at a conference led by the mayor's wife. Intercepted by the local police on the orders of Iguala's mayor, they were handed over to a local crime syndicate and murdered according to an official investigation. The incident led to mass demonstrations which continue to this day to protest the violence and corruption that has plagued Mexico since the rise of the drug cartels. An exceptionally powerful book with the 43 students honored not only by the striking images cut through so effectively by the paint threads of red, and stark white textual elements against the brutal black of the leaves, but even down to the physical size (the sum of the each two sides being 43 cm) and limitation of the work. Lorena Velazquez is a visual artist of MexicanFrench descent who has worked in printmaking, installation art, craft bookbinding, and the creation of artist's books, always using photography as a primary element.

46. BANCO DE ITALIA Y RIO DE LA PLATA. 100 años al servicio del pais 1872-1972 (Banco de Italia y rio de la Plata decano de los bancos privados Argentinos). Buenos Aires: Banco de Italia y rio de la Plata, [1972]. 333 pp. Sm. 4to. Cloth. First edition. A very good+ copy. [34894] $75 47. BARROS ARANA, DIEGO. Un Decenio de la historia de Chile (1841-1851). [Two Volumes]. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta y Encuadernación Universitaria; Imprenta, Litografía y Encuadernación Barcelona, 1905, 1913. xv, 538 pp.; 620 pp. 8vo. Half mottled brown morocco over alligatored boards, four raised bands, tan title label, green volume label, gilt titles. First edition and later. Palau 24960. Griffin 5714. Spain & Spanish America I, 71. Chiappa: Bibliografia Barros Arana 246. Very good copies, spine ends scuffed, Vol. I with faint dampstain on first few leaves, Vol. II last leaf repaired, owner's name and stamp on title. [35474] $150 Mixed editions uniformly bound, with Volume I a first edition and Volume II from Obras Completas de Diego Barros Arana, Vol. XV. Diego Jacinto Agustín Barros Arana (1830-1907) is perhaps Chile's most important nineteenth century historian. "A sound, detailed narrative presenting a great deal of factual information on Chile's political, financial, administrative, and cultural development during a decade that the author considered 'one of the most instructive sections of national history.' Based upon official documents and the periodical press," Griffin, p.533. 48. [BIGGS, JAMES]. The History of Don Francisco de Miranda's attempt to effect a Revolution in South America, in a series of letters. By a Gentleman who was an Officer under that General, to his Friend in the United States. Boston: Oliver and Munroe, 1809. vii, 300 pp. 12mo. Cloth. Second edition. Sabin 5333. Howes B442. Spain & Spanish America I: 87. Griffin 3686. Amer. Imprints 17031. Larned 4000. Boards soiled, hinges just starting, though binding tight, title and endpapers offset from news clippings tipped-in to endpapers, scattered foxing and staining, owner's bookplate on front pastedown, still a good or better copy. [35013] $100 To which are Annexed, Sketches of the Life of Miranda, and Geographical Notices of Caraccas. "An important narrative of Miranda's abortive 1806 expedition to Venezuela, by a North American volunteer," Griffin, p. 338. "A good summary of events, written while they were in progress, and the standard source of information in English regarding this important episode in the struggle for the liberation of the Spanish- American colonies," (Larned p. 451). Provenance: Library of James Torr Harmer, with his bookplate. 49. BLANCHARD CHESSI, ENRIQUE. Noticias Biográficas del Jeneral don Manuel Búlnes Pinto. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta de la Ilustracion Militar, 1899. 74 pp. Sm. 8vo. Stitched paper wrappers. First edition. Palau 30415. Anrique y Silva: 530. An unopened (un-

cut) and untrimmed copy, small tears on the spine, soiling on wrappers, leaves browned, contents very good. [35685] $100 Manuel Bulnes Pinto (1842-1899) was a Chilean military leader who fought for many years against the Arucanian Indians in the south and, after returning from a number of years in exile, ended his career as Minister of War. OCLC shows only two copies: BN Chile and Univ. Conn. 50. BOGARDUS, GUILLERMO. La compañia nacional y Thompson Bonar y Ca, Consignatarios del Guano en Inglaterra y Agentes financieros del Peru en Londres. Dedicado al público y muy especialmente a los diputados al congreso de la restauración. Lima: Imprenta Liberal, 1866. 37 pp. 12mo. Paper wrappers. First edition. Moreno, Biblioteca peruana II: 2048. A very good bright copy, later silver cloth spine (most likely extracted from a pamphlet binder), owner's stamp on title. [42234] $200 Guillermo Bogardus, a businessman and politician, protested the awarding of a contract for Guano to the newly formed Compania Nacional, charging that the contract was illegal and "that congress should void it and prosecute the new contractors for abuses against the state's interests. Moreover [he] argued that these national contractors formed a greedy circle that had betrayed the spirit of an 1849 legal principle granting preference to Peruvian nationals..." (Quiroz: "Corrupt Circles, John Hopkins, 2008, p. 121.) He would go on to haunt the national capitalists for another decade. Provenance: Francisco Pérez de Velasco, his stamp, former Peruvian Consul to New York, a dealer, who sold to Hiram Bingham an "unprecedented cache of... [very early colonial Peruvian]... documents and whose remaining collection on Peru was in "Cátalogo de la Biblioteca Peruana Propiedad de Dn. Francisco Perez de Velasco" Lima, 1918. OCLC locates three copies: Yale, Wayne State, and Inst. Hauste Etudes Amer. Latine; also one at BN Peru. 51. BOLÍVAR, SIMÓN; ACADEMIA NACIONAL DE LA HISTORIA (VENEZUELA). Correo del Orinoco 18181821. Angostura (Venezuela) 1818-1821. Paris: Desclée, de Brouwer & cie, 1939. XV, [522] pp. The coat of arms of Venezuela in colors on verso of half-title. Folio. Paper wrappers. First edition. A very good unopened (uncut) copy with small chips and tears to spine ends, lightly soiled wrappers, small institutional bookplate on verso of front wrapper. [41724] $350 Facsimile reproduction of the periodical Correo del Orinoco, in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the National Academy of History including all 128 issues and which actually ran until March 23, 1822. The Correo del Orinoco was an influential periodical, not only in Venezuela, but in all the Americas and Spain, serving as a propaganda source for the revolutionary forces. 52. BOLIVIA. MINISTERIO DE HACIENDA E INDUSTRIA. Arancel de aforos de la República de Bolivia. 1882. La Paz: Imprenta de la Libertad, 1882. [i], 97, [1],

iii pp. 4to. Cloth. First edition. Parreño sale 70. Title page with chip to top inner edge and neat label with name inked out, shallow rough area on fore edge of last few leaves, otherwise a very good copy [34833] $125 Bolivian tariffs. Scarce. OCLC shows no copies for this year, but Univ. Texas holds similar volumes for 1879 and 1890, and Univ. Illinois has 1894. 53. [BOLIVIA. MURDER]. BAYA, EULOGIO. Voto verbal Del Ministro. Eulogio Bayá, en el proceso de asesinato de María Montaño. Cochabamba [Bolivia]: Imprenta de el Haraldo, 1887. 38 pp. Sm. 8vo. Disbound. First edition. Biblioteca Boliviana. Segundo suplmento: 5285. Removed from a larger volume, lacking the wrappers, top edge trimmed obscuring inked notations, two inked mailing tamps on rear leaf, contents quite good. [39727] $100 "El sistema de la prueba legal subyuga la conciencia del juez. El sistema de la prueba moral fundado en la convicción íntima, establece la dictadura judicial. El sistema mixto que constituye la convicción intima motivada, garantiza la justicia de la decisión." Rare. Not in OCLC nor any European or Latin American catalogues. 54. [BOLIVIA]. CAMPERO, NARCISO. Proyecto de revolución. Sucre, [Bolivia]: Imprenta de Beeche, 1857. [6], 105 pp. Sm. 8vo. Paper wrappers. First edition. A near fine copy, small notations on front wrapper. [42236] $200 A grand design for education in Bolivia, including Native Americans, written by Narciso Campero Leyes (18131896), later president of Bolivia, after his early career in the military and just prior to the rise of his political career. An important work. "Es muy interesante," Zinny (Catálogo General razonado de las obras adquiridas en las provincias Argentinas, 1887, p.213). 55. BONNYCASTLE, R.H. Spanish America; or a Descriptive, Historical, and Geographical Account of the Dominions of Spain in the Western Hemisphere, Continental & Insular. Philadelphia: Abraham Small, 1819. XX, [21] -482 pp. + adv. [2 pp]. Illus. with a map and color engraving (both folding). 8vo. Rebacked in style with tan paper spine over original bluegray paper covered boards. First American edition. Sabin 6333. Palau 32836. Spain & Spanish America I: 100. Lowndes I: 235. Larned 3909. Hill p. 53. A very good copy, fore and bottom edges untrimmed, small marginal tear to map expertly repaired. [34449] $750 "Illustrated by a Map of North and South America, and the West India Islands; and an Engraving, Representing the Comparative Altitudes of the Mountains of those Regions." Richard Henry Bonnycastle (1791-1847), an officer of the British army, "compiled his work with considerable care from the writings of Humboldt, and from the standard early Spanish books upon the American colonies. His volumes present a very useful summary of the condition of old Spanish America at the time when the several colonies began their career as independent states"

(Larned, p. 443). This first American edition in one volume was preceded in 1818 by the English two volume edition. Humanistic View of the Discovery of the New World. In Verse 56. BOTELLO DE MORAES Y VASCONCELOS, FRANCISCO. [ALSO BOTELHO]. El Nuevo Mundo. Poemma Heroyco de D. Francisco Botello de Moraes y Vasconcelos; con las Alegorias de Don Pedro de Castro, Cavallero Andaluz. Dedicalo su autor a la Catholica Magestad de Philippo Quinto, Augusto, Piadoso,Feliz Rey de las Españas, y Indias. Por mano del ilustrissimo señor D. Manuel de Toledo General de Batalla en los Exercitos de su Magestad, &c. Barcelona: Imprenta de Ivan Pablo Marti, por Francisco Barnola Impressor, 1701. 14 lvs, [1]-10, 938, 1 lv., [2] pp., 39 -268, 257-476 pp. Sm. 8vo. Contemporary vellum, title lettered in manuscript. First edition. Palau 33684. Sabin 6797. Medina, BHA 2027. Leclerc 75. Ticknor p.42. Inncencio II: 642. Boards soiled, hinges and small tears neatly repaired, owner's bookplate on front pastedown, corner chip to front endpaper, later inscription on verso of half-title, occasional browning, overall a very good copy. [35982] $1500 Numerous errors in pagination. A heroic poem on the discovery of America by Columbus and the Spanish conquests -influenced most likely by Bacon's view of conquest as philosophical, rather than just military- written in Spanish by the Portuguese born writer Francisco Botello de Moraes (1670-1747) who lived most of his life in Spain and Italy. Composed in his youth and never completed, with gaps left blank at a number of stanzas (libro i, stanza 78-107; ii. 60-80 ; iii. 103-143; vi. 88-228; vii. 54-73, 87-128, 157-176; viii. 17-77, 102-301, 311 -363; ix, 1-200, 222-262, 281-381, 383-449, 502-522; x. 134-162, 198298). For an excellent discussion of Botello de Mor-aes see See Ruth Hill: Sceptres and Sciences in the Spains: four humanists and the new philosophy, pp. 191-244. Provenance: Ex Libris José M. Rodriguez Bibliotheca Chizigonana MCMXXXVIII on front pastedown. 57. BRASSEUR DE BOURBOURG, CHARLES ETIENNE, ABBÉ. Biblothèque Mexico-Guatémalienne: précédée d'un coup d'oei sur les études américaines dans leurs rapports avec les ’etudes classiques et suivie du tableau par ordre alphabétique des ouvrages de linguistique américaine contenus dans le même volume; rédigée et mise en ordre d'après les documents de sa collection américaine. Paris: Maisonneuve & Cie, 1871. xlvii, 183 pp. Sm. 4to. Paper wrappers. First edition. Leclerc 2048. Spain & Spanish America I: 106. Spine mostly split, wrappers chipped at edges, mildly soiled, else contents very good. [38517] $250 An important collection of approximately five hundred articles and biographies relating to the languages, history, and antiquities of Central America by this extraordi-

nary French scholar of, and traveler in, Central America. A copy last sold at auction in 1997. 58. BRESSON, ANDRÉ. FERDINAND DE LESSEPS, PRÉFACE. Bolivia. Sept années d'explorations, de voyages et de séjours dans L'Amérique Australe, contenant: une étude générale sur le canal interocéanique; des aperçus sur les états de l'Amérique Centrale; des descriptions du Pérou et du Chili; de nombreux documents géographiques, historiques et statistiques sur le Brésil et les républiques hispano-américaines; des explorations chez les Indiens de l'Araucanie, du Pilcomayo, des missions de Bolivia et de l'Amazonie. Paris: Challamel Ainé, Éditeur, 1886. xx, 639 pp. Illus. with 9 color maps (2 folding), 30 plates, and 77 in-text illustrations. Sm. 4to. Original quarter red morocco over marbled boards, gilt title and rules on spine. First edition. Palau 34953. Garraux: p. 44. Phillips: Chile 10 & Canal 53. Spain & Spanish America I, 107. A very good copy with light scuffing on spine and boards, some edgewear to front board, foxing on first and last few leaves including title, else contents clean, maps bright. [38862] $300 Contents: 1. Les Amériques centrale et méridionale; l'Isthme de Panama, le canal interocéanique, l'Équateur et le Pérou; 2. Le Chili, l'Araucanie et la Patagonie; les guerres et la politique du Pacifique; 3. La Bolivia méridionale; les déserts, les côtes, et les iles, la Cordillière et la Sierra; 4. La Bolivia septentrionale. A travers l'Amérique Australe! Navigation fluviale, rios et forèts vierges; 5. Notes et documents. 59. BRISEÑO, RAMON. Repertorio de Antigüedades Chilenas, o sea, de los primeros pasos por Chile dados en las distintas sendas de su vida pública, desda que fué descubierto hasta que logró sacudir el yugo colonial. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta "Gutenberg", 1889. frontis, 580 pp. Folio. Later red buckram. First edition. Palau 35951. Half-title and last leaf professionally repaired and mounted else a very good crisp exlib copy, rebound, with gilt accession numbers on spine. [34224] $150 Ramon Briseno (1817-1910) was director of the Biblioteca Nacional. 60. (BRISEÑO, RAMON). MONTT, LUIS, ED. Catálogo de la Biblioteca Chileno-Americana de Ramon Briseño. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta Gutenberg, 1889. frontis, xvi, 373 pp. Sm. 8vo. Cloth. First edition. Palau 179804. Jones 1406. Small tear to upper rear joint else a very good copy, spine sunned, ends worn, boards rubbed. [35745] $500 Number 8 of only 60 copies. Inscribed by Alberto [?] Gana to Carlos Luis Hübner, Chilean poet, and signed by Hübner. Portrait frontis of Brisenol. Includes a short biography and introduction plus 8982 entries of which 7574 are Chilean, the remainder from the other Americas. Scarce. OCLC shows six copies.

61. CARVAJAL, ALBERTO. Bajo el sol del Valle. Cali: Librería Nueva, Carvajal & Ca, Editores, 1909. 134 pp. Sm. 8vo. Paper wrappers. First edition. Spine most worn through, front wrapper soiled ith a few chips, inscription on half-title, owner's stamp on title and last page, about very good. [42098] $250 Inscribed by the author, an important Colombian poet, to his friend, Enrique Naranjo Martinez, later Colombian Consul in Boston, with his stamps. Contains poetry and prose. Very rare. OCLC locates no copies of this first edition, only a later work with the same title, published in 1932. 62. CAVIGLIA, BUENAVENTURA. Carmen Saeculare. Julio Vilamajó y Antonio Pena, ilustraciones. Montevideo: Los Talleres Graficos de Morales Hnos, 1947. 34 pp., errata slip. Illus. with b/w drawings and engravings. 4to. Stapled paper wrappers. First edition. A very good or better copy, wrappers lightly soiled. [40078] $75 One of 150 copies. Includes three works: "Carmen saeculare; La ofrenda; and Oración al río. Buenaventura Caviglia was a distinguished Uruguayan researcher and writer. OCLC locates four copies: NYPL, Harvard, Univ. Texas Austin, Univ. Toronto. Copies also at Bib. Alonso Zamora Vicente and Univ. Laguna, both in Spain. 63. CEBALLOS Y CALDERÓN, JOSÉ ANTONIO. Alegato del doct. D. Joseph Antonio Ceballos y Calderón, cura y de San Pedro de Carabayllo Suburio de esta Ciudad. [Lima]: Impreso en la Imprenta de la Real Casa de Niños Expósitos, [ca. 1800-1820). 4to. Disbound. First edition. Medina: Lima 3913. René Moreno: Biblioteca peruana 1857. Removed from a larger copy else a very good copy. [40259] $300 First page with a quote from Seneca begining "Señor: que conflicto más grande para el espíritu que hablar de su mérito, y en tono de recomendación." Though undated, Medina places it in the early part of the 19th century (wheraas BN Peru places it in 1790s and BN Chile dates it 1801). Joseph Antonio Ceballos y Calderón, the son of Doña Juana Calderon and Gaspar Ceballos, now Regent of the College of San Carlos, discusses the development of this life which began in privilege. "Pero es fuerza obedecer á la ley. Esta voz imperiosa calma la turbación del ánimo, y éste se resuelve por fin á trazar esta narrativa" Gabriel René Moreno: Biblioteca peruana, p. 16. CCILA locates two copies: BN Peru (Colección Zegarra) and BN Chile. No copies on OCLC, COPAC, or any European Libraries. The Best Work on Early Paraguay: in Translation 64. CHARLEVOIX, [PIERRE-FRANÇOIS XAVIER DE]. The History of Paraguay. Containing amongst many other New, Curious, and Interesting Particulars of that Country, a full and authentic account of the Establishments formed there by the Jesuits, from among the Savage Natives, in the very Centre

of Barbarism: Establishments allowed to have realized the Sublime Ideas of Fenelon, Sir Thomas More, and Plato. Written originally in French, by the celebrated Father Charlevoix. [Two Volumes]. London: Printed for Lockyer Davis, 1769. vii, 463 pp.; viii, 415 pp. (v.1 pages 261, 349, and 432 misnumbered 621, 149, and 442 and v. 2, pages 176 and 301 misnumbered 167 and 331). 8vo. Period style gray paper-covered boards with printed spine labels. First English Language edition. Sabin 12133. Palau 67171. Cox II: 282. Field 284. JCB III:1663. Jones 811. A near fine set, a few mostly marginal worm holes to the last few leaves of each volume, partially affecting a few letters of text. [38870] $700 "The most complete and satisfactory work on Paraguay, and the only one in which the vast system of the Jesuits is fully developed, the position of the author affording him peculiar opportunities for its examination." (Cox quoting Maggs). This English language vesion is an abridgment of the larger work in French. Provenance: Samuel G. Arnold (1821-1880) was a United States Senator from Rhode Island and president of the Rhode Island Historical Society (signatures from original endpapers laid in loose). 65. [CHAVEZ QUIROS (JOSE M.)] El Señor General Pezet y sus Comandantes Generales. Lima: Imprenta del "Comercio" por J.M. Monterola, 1868. 56 pp. Sm. 8vo. Plain yellow wrappers. First edition. Basadre I, 4807. A very good copy in soiled and chipped plain wrappers. [33996] $150 Upon the death of General San Roman, the President of Peru in 1863, Vice President General Juan Antonio Pezet (1810-1879) assumed control until 1865 when he was deposed by General Prado and General Canseco who felt his position concerning Spain was not sufficiently muscular. OCLC shows copies at Duke and Yale; there is also one at the BN Peru. 66. [CHILE. CORTE DE APELACIONES]. Memorias i actas de las visitas quinquenales practicadas por los señores ministros de la Iltma. corte de apelaciones de concepcion en los diversos departamentos de su jurisdiccion desde diciembre de 1880. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta Nacional, 1892. 911 pp. 8vo. Cloth. First edition. A very good copy, leaves lightly browned. [34469] $200 Quinquennial inspection by the Court of Appeals documenting work since the last inspection, cases still awaiting decision, and other court matters. One of the last to be issued seperately as they were later published in the Gaceta de los Tribunales. OCLC locates a single copy at Duke. Not in BN Chile. 67. [CHILE. GENEALOGY. BASQUE]. FERNÁNDEZPRADEL, PEDRO XAVIER. Linajes Vascos y Montañeses en Chile. Santiago de Chile: Los talleres graficos San Rafael, 1930. xxiii, [4], [3]-526 pp. Illus. with 3 duotone plates. Sm. 4to. Later tan buckram, gilt titles, with original wrappers bound in. Palau 89581. A near fine copy,

small closed tear on top edge of original wrapper, leaves browning. [35517] $300 Comprende: I. prólogo, II. el País Vasco Navarro y las montañas de Burgos, III. el idioma eúskaro, IV. apellidos vascos, V. apellidos montañeses, VI. heráldica. 68. [CHILE. MINISTERIO DEL INTERIOR]. VERGARA, JOSÉ IGNACIO. Memoria del Ministro del Interior presentada al Congreso Nacional. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta Nacional, 1886. lxxxi, 224, [1] pp. Sm. 4to. Paper wrappers. First edition. An unopened (uncut) copy in original paper wrappers, paper spine split as usual, wrappers edgeworn and soiled, inscription at top edge, scattered foxing, still very good. [42062] $150 Provenance: Joaquin Walther (gift inscription). 69. [CHILE. POLITCS]. [CASTRO, VÍCTOR W.] Mi vindicacion al publico. Santiago: Imprenta "Victoria", 1884. 25 pp. 8vo. Stitched paper wrappers. First edition. A detailed rebuttal of the political charges brought against the author. OCLC shows only one copy at BN Chile. Wrappers detached and chipped, faint dampstain to one corner, lightly creased throughout, good only. [35810] $150 70. [CHILE. PROGRESSIVE SOCIETIES]. Estatutos de la Sociedad de Artesanos Union [with] Estatutos del Club del Progresso [with] Estatutos de la sociedad Union Fraternal [with] Estatutos del Club de Los Obreros de Santiago [with] Reglamento interior de la sociedad de Artesanos de Santiago [with] Estatutos de la Union Fraternal (Sociedad de Socorros Mútuos) [with] Estudio sobre la Francmasoneria. Santiago: 1870-1875. 31, 5, 15, 7, 7, 16, 68 pp. Sm. 8vo. Cloth. First editions. Palau 77319 (Francmasoneria, diff. ed). Others not in Palau. Very good copies, trimmed, in a very good binding, light edgewear, additions to text in holograph on one leaf, trimmed with some loss. [34432] $350 Seven mutual benefit (political and social) society pamphlets bound together from the period of expansion of these societies which first began in 1853 and were the main method of organizing for social and labor demands necessitated by industrialization. Includes: Estatutos de la Sociedad de Artesanos Union (Imprenta de la Libreria del Mercurio, 1874). OCLC shows none for this year and only five others; Estatutos del Club del Progresso (Imprenta Franklin, 1875). OCLC shows none; Estatutos de la sociedad Union Fraternal (Imprenta Nacional, 1874). OCLC shows 1; Estatutos del Club de Los Obreros de Santiago (Imprenta Nacional, 1870). OCLC shows none. Three later society articles are added by hand, one partially trimmed; Reglamento interior de la sociedad de Artesanos de Santiago (n.p., n.d.) OCLC shows a 1870 edition, 1 copy; Estatutos de la Union Fraternal (Sociedad de Socorros Mútuos), Aprobados por el Supremo Gobierno (Imprenta Nacional, 1875). OCLC shows none, but 2 from other years; Estudio sobre la Francmasoneria por el ilustrismo senor Dupanloup, Obispo de Orleans, traducido del original Frances para La Estrella de Chile

(Imprenta de "La Estrella de Chile", 1875). OCLC shows two. All are scarce. Holdings, if any, only at BN Chile. 71. [CHILE]. El Crepusculo. periodico literario. Tomo Primero [All published]. Santiago: Imprenta de los Avisos, 1878. 40 pp. Sm. 8vo. Three quarter modern brown morocco ruled in gilt, over marbled boards, two raised bands, gilt title, marbled endpapers. First edition. Contents slightly browned else a fine copy. [35490] $275 Scarce Chilean literary periodical, published for one issue. Not in OCLC. BN Chile has in microfiche only. 72. [CHILE]. Poesias para los niños. Coleción de versos arreglada para canciones en las escuelas públicas de Chile. Valparaiso: Imprenta de la Libreria del Mercurio, 1891. 72 pp. 16mo. Quarter cloth over paper boards. Later printing. Not in Palau. A good copy, small tear to tail of spine, boards soiled, scuffed and worn around fore edge, hinge starting, two small soil spots on first half of leaves. [33856] $150 Sixty-seven poems and song verses for school children in Chile. This edition not in OCLC which shows the BN Chile as holding the 1888 (Santiago ed.) and 1901 reprint. 73. [CHILE]. BALMACEDA, MANUEL JOSÉ. Manual del hacendado Chileno. Instrucciones para la direccion i gobierno de los fundos que en Chile se llaman haciendas. Santiago: Imprenta Franklin, 1875. 136 pp. 8vo. Quarter red morocco over marbled boards, five raised bands, gilt titles. First edition. Briseño v.1, p.191. A very good or better copy, light scuffing on spine, scattered foxing on a few leaves. [35509] $375 Not in Palau. OCLC shows four copies. 74. [CHILE]. BARRA, MIGUEL DE LA AND VIAL, ANTONIO J. Acta de la elección hecha por el departamento de Santiago para Disputados i Electores de Senadores al Congreso Nacional de 1846. Santiago: Imprenta del Progreso, 1846. 16 pp. 8vo. Stitched paper wrappers. First edition. A very good bright copy, wrappers trimmed, tiny blind stamp at corner. [39601] $350 An official list verifying the names and vote totals from the parishes of the Municipality of Santiago. Signed in print and ink by both Miguel de la Barra, President, and Antonio J. Vial, acting secretary. José Miguel de la Barra Lopez (1799-1851), Dean of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Chile, and author of Compendio de la historia del coloniaje e independiencia de América, was a deputy in the Parliament. Antonio Jacobo Vial Formas was a deputy and government official in both domestic and foreign affairs. One copy at the BN Chile, otherwise none located at any other major libraries. Undefended Valparaiso Savaged 75. [CHILE]. BERMÚDEZ DE CASTRO, MANUEL. Bombardment of Valparaiso. Speech of the Spanish

Minister for Foreign Affairs; together with the Diplomatic Circulars, report of the Spanish Admiral, &c. &c. &c. Referred to Therein. London: Printed by J.H. Schrader, 1866. 39 pp. 8vo. Stitched paper wrappers. First edition. Sabin 4915. Nicks to spine else a near fine copy. [39615] $400 'Speech delivered by his Excellency The Minister for Foreign Affairs in the Chamber of Deputies, on the 22nd May 1866' (plus documents including one by Casto MéndezNúñez). After Spain was humiliated during the Chincha Islands War with Chile, Spanish Adm. Casto MéndezNúñez (1824-1869) ordered his six ships to savage the undefended port of Valparaíso on 31 March 1866. Both Spain, for the attack, and Britain, for not using its fleet to stop it, were condemned by the international community. OCLC and a search of major European & Latin American libraries locate only six copies: Boston Athenaeum, Harvard, British Lib., BN Chile, BN Spain, and Nat. Lib. Ireland. 76. [CHILE]. IRARRÁZAVAL, RAMON LUIS. Lejislacion de Caminos, Puentes i Calzadas contiene la lei de 17 de diciembre de 1842 i el reglamento que le es referente, dictado en 8 de agosto de 1843. Santiago: Imprenta de los Tribunales, 1845. 32 pp. 12mo. Original blue printed paper wrappers. First edition. Removed from a larger volume, and though lacking the rear wrapper,a very good bright copy, owner's period signature and inked numeral on front wrapper. [39672] $100 Important Chilean legislation for roads, highways and bridges. Typical of the progressive legal codes that made Chile one of the most flourishing economies and politically stable countries of the 19th century American hemisphere. Ramón Luis Irarrázaval Alcalde (1809-1859) served as Vice President, Interior Minister, and deputy for Foreign Affairs and of Finance, during this period as well as assuming the duties of president. Not in Palau. OCLC locates one copy at BN Chile. 77. [CHILE]. PRIETO URRIOLA, JULIO, AND RENJIFO, OSVALDO. Actas de las sesiones de la Comision Redactora del Codigo Penal Chileno. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta de la Republica de Jacinto Nuñez, 1873. 314 pp. 8vo. Stitched paper wrappers. First edition. Borchard p. 412. Front wrapper detached and fragile with chips and tears to edges, spine covering perished but signatures firm, contents are quite good, overall still a good solid copy. [39764] $200 Minutes of meetings of the Drafting Committee of the Chilean Penal Code. OCLC locates six copies: LOC, Tulane Law, Columbia Law, BN Chile, BN France, Univ. Concepcion. 78. [CHILEAN LITERATURE]. AMUNÁTEGUI, MIGUEL LUIS. La Alborada Poética en Chile después del 18 de setiembre de 1810. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta Nacional, 1892. 568 pp. 8vo. Quarter cloth over marbled boards, red morocco spine label. Edición Oficial. Palau 11545. A very good copy, bottom edge worn, some darken-

ing of spine, bookseller's stamp on title, leaves browning, one leaf with chip to margin. [41206] $150 Chilean poetry after independence. Discusses Camilo Henríquez (1769-1825); Bernardo de Vera y Pintado (1780-1827); Ventura Blanco Encalada (1782-1856); and Mercedes Marín de Solar (1804-1866). 79. [CHILEAN MILITARY]. BLANCHARD CHESSI, ENRIQUE; GALVARINO RIVEROS, M. B. MARTINEZ, J. BOONEN RIVERA, AND WILHELM FRICK. [Sammelband of Six pamphlets related to the Chilean Military]. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta de La Ilustracion Militar, 1882-1902. 74; 71; 94; 118; 55; 81 pp. 16mo. Cloth. First edition. Palau 30415. A very good copy, boards scuffed, owner's bookplates on front pastedown, owner's stamp or notations on a few leaves, leaves browned. [35694] $350 Six works primarily concerning the Chilean military at the end of the 19th century including the Pacific war and bound as one. The first item inscribed by its author. E. Blanchard Chessi, Noticias Biográficas del Jeneral don Manuel Búlnes Pinto [bound with] Galvarino Riveros, En la escuadra. Exposicion hecha a proposito de la memoria del Ex-Ministro de Guerra i Marina D. Jose Francisco Vergara (Santiago de Chile, Imprenta de El Independiente; 1882) [with] M.B. Martinez, Últimos dias de la Campaña. (Valparaiso, Imp. de Victorero Y C.; 1891) [with] J. Boonen Rivera, Estudio sobre la reorganizacion i planta del ejercito. (Santiago, Imprenta de La Epoca; 1888) [with] J. Boonen Rivera, Estudio sobre el reglamento para la maniobra de infantería adoptado por decreto supremo de 1 de julio de 1890. (Santiago de Chile, Imprenta Cervantes; 1890) [with] Wilhelm Frick, Die transandinische Eisenbahn von Bahia Blanca nach dem Hafen. (Valdivia, Imprenta Central; 1902). All are scarce with OCLC showing from 0 to 5 copies. From the Biblioteca of Luis A. Merino, who was a member of the Chilean Military. Scarce Chilean Broadside with Engraved Portrait 80. [CHILEAN REVOLUTION OF 1891]. [BALMACEDA, JOSÉ]. Suicidio del ex-Presidente de Chile Señor Don José Manuel Balmaceda en la Legacion Argentina, en Santiago de Chile el dia 19 de Setiembre de 1891. Buenos Aires: Papelería Artística, ca. 1890s. 1 sheet 60 x 40 cm. Broadside. First edition. A very good copy, marginal tears at edges, top edge with a repaired tear and one crease; matted to style. [39126] $850 Central engraved portrait of Balmaceda surrounded by text, lower third a black bordered engraving of the death scene. Text includes a reprint of the first article on his death on September 20 from 'La Prensa' and Balmaceda's letter, written just prior to his death, to José E. Uriburu. José Manuel Emiliano Balmaceda Fernández (1840-1891) was the eleventh President of Chile, whose increasing difficulties with the Congress led to his ruling by decree which resulted in the Civil War of 1891. Having

lost to the Junta and congressional forces, and with the homes of his supporters looted and his officers murdered, in August Balmaceda took refuge in the Argentine legation, and committed suicide the day after his term of office had expired, leaving behind his written political testament. OCLC locates only a single copy at the BN Chile (55334047). Not in COPAC or any European or other Latin American Libraries. 81. [CHILEAN REVOLUTION OF 1891]. BALMACEDA, JOSÉ MANUEL. Discurso de S.E. El Presidente de la república en la apertura del Congreso Constituyente de 1891. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta Nacional, 1891. 24 pp. Sm. 4to. Plain paper wrappers. First edition. Wrappers edgeworn, small tear to front wrapper, title page soiled and worn, with offsetting to an area near inner margin, corner chipped; leaves browning, but still about very good. [39728] $150 Balmaceda's last address was written during the bloody civil war and just three days before the armored frigate Blanco Encalada belonging to the revolutionary congressional squadron, was sunk with the loss of three hundred lives. OCLC locates three copies: Univ. Conn., Univ. Texas, Britsh Library; also one at the BN Chile. 82. [CHILEAN REVOLUTION OF 1891]. BALMACEDA, JOSÉ MANUEL. Discurso de S.E. el Presidente de la Republica en la apertura del Congreso Nacional de 1888. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta Nacional, 1888. 27 pp. 8vo. Ribbon-tied paper wrappers. First edition. A very good+ copy with minor shelf wear. [39609] $200 Ribbon ties are in the tricolors of the Chilean flag. Balmaceda's second address to a Congress that was growing oppositional by the day called for a continuation of his policy of spending heavily on public works such as the construction of railways in the south, the building of schools and colleges, and the strengthening of the armed forces including new armament for the army, ships and the construction of a naval port at Talcahuano for the navy, and fortifying the neighborhoods of Valparaíso, Talcahuano and Iquique. OCLC locates six copies in addition to one at the BN Chile. 83. [CHILEAN REVOLUTION OF 1891]. BALMACEDA, JOSÉ MANUEL. Proyecto de Reforma Constitucional presentado por el Presidente de la República en 1890. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta Nacional, 1890. 24, 38, 43 pp. 8vo. Stitched paper wrappers. First edition. A good copy, lacking the spine and rear wrapper, front wrapper nearly detached, otherwise contents clean. [39767] $200 Also includes Comparación de la Constitución Política Vigente con el Proyecto de Reforma, and Constitución Poléitica de la República de Chile conforme Al precendente proyecto y á la proposición de reforma de 12 de Diciembre de 1888. These constitutional changes were offered at a time when hostility towards Balmaceda by the Chilean Congress was at its height. OCLC locates a

single copy at Univ. Texas Austin but only with 43 pages. A complete copy is at the BN Chile. 84. [CHILEAN REVOLUTION OF 1891]. BALMACEDA, JOSÉ MANUEL. Reforma Constitucional. Discurso pronunciado por el Ministro del Interior Don José Manuel Balmaceda en la sesion del 19 de julio de 1884 de la Cámara de Diputados. Valparaiso: Imprenta de la Patria, 1884. 35 pp. 8vo. Paper wrappers. First edition. Lacking the wrappers else very good. [39594] $250 Proposals for constitutional reform to limit the power of the clergy, landed interests, and the presidency while Balmaceda was Minister of Interior under the presidency of Domingo Santa María. The reform of the 1833 constitution was one of the main planks of the Liberal Party. Copies at Harvard, Univ. of Conn., Ibero- Amer. Inst, and BN Chile. 85. [CHILEAN REVOLUTION OF 1891]. BAÑADOS ESPINOSA, JULIO. La revolución y la administración Balmaceda: discurso pronunciado en la Cámara de Diputados el 28 de abril de 1891. Santiago de Chile: Impr. de "Los Debates", 1891. 57 pp. Sm. 4to. Paper wrappers. First edition. Not in Palau. Echeverría: Biblio... Revolucion de 1891: 310. A very good copy, wrappers rubbed. [38515] $250 A strong speech in support of the President, José Manuel Balmaceda, and attacking the rebellious Congress during the initial stage of the Chilean Civil War of 1891. Only five days earlier the Balmaceda forces sank the Congress' armored frigate Blanco Encalada with the loss of 300 of her crew. The speech was published the same year in Washington D.C. as "The Chilean Revolution and the Balmaceda Administration." Julio Bañados Espinosa (18581899) was a longtime supporter of Balmaceda. He served as Minister of Justice and Public Instruction just before the revolution and as Minister of Interior and Minister of War and Navy deputy during the war. After Balmaceda's defeat, he went into exile and settled in France, until an amnesty was declared which allowed him to return to Chile in 1894. OCLC shows 10 copies. 86. [CHILEAN REVOLUTION OF 1891]. IÑIGUEZ VICUÑA, ANTONIO. El golpe de estado y la revolucion primero i siete de enero de 1891. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta Victoria, 1891. 52 pp. 8vo. Stitched self wrappers. First edition. Echeverría: Biblio... Revolucion de 1891: 166. A very good+ copy, leaves browning at edges. [39596] $150 A furious attack on Balmaceda by Antonio Iñiguez Vicuña (1848-1908) an historian, author, and politician. OCLC locates five copies: Harvard, Cornell, Univ. Washington, Univ. Conn, BN Chile. 87. [CHILEAN REVOLUTION OF 1891]. MARIROTTI, LUIS DE LA. La Venganza de una loca o Dramas de la Dictadura. Novela Histórica orijinal. Episodios Nacionales. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta y Encuadernac-

ion Chilena, 1891. 93, [1] pp. 8vo. Stitched paper wrappers. First edition. Echeverría: Biblio... Revolucion de 1891: 352. Front wrapper detached, chipped, and sunned, rear lacking, contents browned but very good. [39741] $100 Episodios Nacionales at the head of the title page. A rare historical novel about the Revolution of 1891, written as it occurred. The author's name is a pseudonym. OCLC locates only a single copy at the BN Chile. 88. [CHILEAN REVOLUTION OF 1891]. ZÚÑIGA MEDINA, M. [MANUEL], ED. Antecedentes relativos al asesinato de Salvador Sanfuentes, ex-intendente de Concepción y coronel del ejército leal de Chile, en la Revolución del 91. Mendoza: Tip. y Encuadernación de "Los Andes", 1892. 153 pp. Illus. with 1 b/w plate. Sm. 8vo. Quarter morocco over marbled boards, three raised bands, original wrappers bound in. First edition. Echeverría: Biblio... Revolucion de 1891: 23. A very good copy with minor wear to boards, light soiling on original front wrapper with chip to corner, leaves browning and a few remounted or trimmed, last few leaves with thin dampstain along bottom margin. [42244] $150 Assassination of Salvador Sanfuentes y Velazco (18631891), Mayor of Concepción during the Revolution of 1891. OCLC locates only four copies: Univ. Conn., LOC, BN Chile, and Univ. Concepcion. One of the Earliest Law Collections of Colombia 89. [COLOMBIA]. Coleccion de las Leyes dadas por el Congreso Constitucional de la Republica de Colombia en las sesiones de los años 1825 i 1826. Bog. [Bogotá]: Imp. de P. Cubides, [1827]. [2], 539, [1], lxxxvii, [1] pp. Sm. 8vo. Contemporary calf, raised bands, gilt florets on spine, paper label in manuscript. First edition. Sabin 14565n. Posada, Bibliografía bogotana, v. II: 1030. A very good copy with two tiny wormholes in spine, scuffing to boards, partial label on spine, minor dampstaining to rear leaves, last leaf soiled. [40117] $1250 The second collection of laws, (after the 1823 -1824 edition), there being no session in 1822. Provenance: signed by Agustín Guerrero on the front pastedown. Agustín Guerrero (1817-1902) was President of the Provisional government of the Republic of Ecuador from 14 January 1883 to 5 October 1883 along with three others after the overthrow of the dictatorship established by General Veintemilla. 90. [COLOMBIA]. State of Colombia, or reports of the Secretaries of State of the Republic of Colombia, presented to the First Constitutional Congress in the Year 1823, the Thirteenth of the Republic. Translated from the official documents. London: Treuttel and Würtz, Treuttel Jun. and Richter, 1824. iv, 199 pp. Sm. 4to. Library cloth with brown cloth spine. First edition. Sabin 14622. Goldsmiths'-Kress no. 24031. Owner's name on top edge of title, faint institutional

stamp from NYHS on rear pastedown, very faint light scattered foxing, otherwise a very good+ copy. [37807] $600 A comprehensive look at Colombia in its thirteenth year after independence. Quite uncommon. Only one at auction in the last half century, according to ABPC, this copy, at the New York Historical Society sale at Swann's in 1978. 91. [COLOMBIA]. (MOSQUERA, MANUEL JOSÉ); M. M. M. Memorial del Ilustrísimo y Reverendísimo Señor Manuel José Mosquera. Arzobispo de SantaFé de Bogotá. Confesor de la Fé. Respetuosamente Dedicado al venerable clero de su Arquidiócesis por M.M.M. Paris: Imprenta de Adriano le Clere y Compañía, 1858. 190, [plate], [10] pp. Illus. with lithographic portrait, engraved plate, and one tipped in photograph (colotype). Folio. Gilt-tooled pebbled cloth, stamped in blind, all edges gilt, yellow endpapers. First edition. Palau 183452. Joints split and worn, chip to head of spine, marbled tissue guard torn, otherwise a bright copy and still about very good. [41199] $300 Text within elaborate wood-engraved borders, illustrating passages of Scripture. Numerous ornamental initials and vignettes in the text. Contains homilies, sermons, and prayers, primarily in Spanish (some with Latin translations) by the author himself, as well as dedicatory poems and letters of tribute (some in French) by admirers. Includes description and image of the architectural monument built in Paris to honor the Archbishop of Bogota. Last at auction in 1978 at the New York Historical Society sale. A Pair of Unrecorded Colombian Broadsides 92. [COLOMBIA]. [PENA, PEDRO ANTONIO DE LA]. [Two broadsides concerning the resignation of leniente coronel Pedro Pena]. Vindicacion [with] Al Publico. Cartajena: Impr. de los Herederos de J.A. Calvo, 1842. 1 leaf each. 12 x 8 in.; 10 x 7.5 in. Broadsides. First edition. Very good copies with some wear, small inked number at top margin. 'Al Publico' with folds, wax seal, and tear opposite; 'Vindicacion' removed from larger volume with one or two stitch holes, some dampstaining at fore margin just affecting a few words. [38299] $950 Pedro Antonio de la Pena (1805-1861) was a native of Popayán from an illustrious family, appointed Military Commander of Ocaña Canton in 1831, and in 1840 was appointed governor of Ocaña and Mompós during the Guerra de los Supremos (1839-1842). Despite his exemplary behavior in support of the government, he was accused of sympathy for the rebel forces. The first document, 'Vindicacion', composed at Mompos [Santa Cruz de Mompox] 31 de Marzo de 1842, published 7 de Abril, and signed in print Enos Patriotas, refers to the government's orders and refutes the claims that he joined the Federal (rebellious) forces. The second document, 'Al Publico', was composed at Mompos 25 de Junio 1842, published 5 de Julio, and signed Sus Amigos. It was mailed from

Ocana, as noted on the reverse; in it Pena is praised highly. In 1846 Pena went on to serve as commander of Battalion 7, and in 1848, with the concurrence of the Senate, was promoted to full Colonel. See Manuel Ezequiel Corrales: Efemérides y anales del Estado de Bolívar (Bogata: 1899), T. III). Extremely rare. No other known copies of either document. 93. [COLOMBIA]. AMERICANUS [PSEUD. BECERRA, RICARDO]. El Liberalismo en Colombia i sus Detractores de por Acá. Santiago: Impr. de La República, de J. Nuñez, 1877. 49 pp. Sm. 4to. Stitched paper wrappers. First edition. Rodriguez-Arenas I, 128. Laverde Amaya p. 71. Palau 26221. A good copy, wrappers chipped and soiled, mail fold, light foxing to one corner of a few leaves, else contents very good. [33998] $100 Liberalism in Colombia and its detractors. OCLC shows a single copy at the BN Chile. Also one at the BCN. 94. [COLÓN, CRISTOBAL]. REAL ACADEMIA DE LA HISTORIA (SPAIN) Bibliografía Colombina. Enumeración de Libros y Documentos concernientes á Cristobal Colón y sus viajes obra que publica la real academia de la historia por encargo de la junta directiva del cuarto centenario del descubrimiento de América. Madrid: La Real Academia de la Historia, 1892. x, 680, [1] pp. 4to. Imitation alligator cloth, gilt title and rules on spine. First edition. Palau 29308. Spain & Spanish America I: 4. A very good copy, owner's bookplate and bookseller label on front pastedown. [38902] $300 By E. Saavedra, Juan de la Rada y Delgado, M. Menendez y Pelayo, A.M. Fabié, and C. Fernandez Duro. A bibliography of Christopher Columbus released on the 400th anniversary of his voyage to America. 95. CORTES, HERNANDO. FOLSOM, GEORGE. The Despatches of Hernando Cortes, the Conqueror of Mexico, addressed to the Emperor Charles V. Written during the Conquest and Containing a Narrative of its Events. George Folsom, trans., intro. and notes. New York: Wiley and Putnam, 1843. xii, 431 pp. Illus. with b/w drawings. 8vo. Later cloth over paper covered boards. First edition. Sabin 16964. Field 372. Palau 63203. Brunet I, 312-13. Boards scuffed and edgeworn, owner's bookplate on front pastedown, news clipping tipped on to free front endpaper, foxing and faint dampstain first 100 pages, light scattered foxing thereafter, otherwise a clean unopened (uncut) copy. [34950] $150 "Now first translated into English from the original Spanish, with an Introduction and Notes, By George Folsom." Large paper copy. "First appearance of the three collected dispatches in English, being a translation from Lorenzana, including a portion of his notes. See 'N. Am. Rev.,' LVII. 459. The second letter, translated from Flavigny, by Mr. Alsop, appeared in the 'Portfolio,' a magazine published in Philadelphia, 1817--18. 'The Pleasant Historie of the Conquest of the West India,' etc., translat-

ed by T.[homas] N.[ichols]. London. 1596, is from Gomara. The accounts in Harris, Kerr, Pinkerton, etc., are from Herrera, De Solis, and Bernal Diaz," Sabin. 96. [CUBA. AGRARIAN REFORM]. Gaceta Oficial de la Republica de Cuba. Edicion Extraordinaria Especial. La Habana, Miercoles 3 de Junio de 1959. Año LVII-Tomo Quincenal Número XI. Número Anual 7. Habana: n.p., 1959. 11 pp. Sm. 4to. Stapled self wrappers First edition. A very good copy, chip to corner, fold throughout, leaves browned but clean. [34285] $175 Special issue devoted to publication of the First Agrarian Reform Law of Cuba (Ley de reforma agraria) signed into law on May 17, 1959. It confiscated all properties over 420 hectares and re-distributed them. Prior to the enactment of this law nearly 80% of Cuban land was owned by foreign, primarily American, companies. In many quarters, domestic and foreign, the law was quite unpopular, though supported by the peasantry. 19th c. Cuban Earthquakes 97. [CUBA. EARTHQUAKES]. RAZVAEL, M. (TESTIGO OCULAR) [PSEUD. ALVAREZ]. Sucinta Descripcion en Verso de los dos Terremotos que Sufrió la Ciudad de Santiago de Cuba en los dias 20 y 21 de Agosto de 1852. Madrid: Imprenta de Don Norberto Llorenci, 1852. 16 pp. Sm. 8vo. Cloth. First edition. Sabin 93394. Palau 324492. Parreño 1314. A near fine copy with owner's bookplate. [36125] $500 On the cover: Terremoto de Cuba: descripción en verso de los dos terremotos sufridos en dicha ciudad en los días 20 y 21 de agosto de 1852 por un Testigo Ocular (Eyewitness). a description written in 13 cantos. Razvael is an anagram for Alvarez (See Medina “Diccionario de anónimos y seudónimos,” vol. 2, 1925, p. 247; Hartzenbusch "Unos cuantos seudónimos de escritores españoles con sus correspondientes nombres verdaderos apuntes recogidos y coleccionados" p. 115). Provenance: From the library of Alberto Parreño, with his bookplate on front pastedown. OCLC shows only four copies. The Butcher of Cuba 98. [CUBA]. [WEYLER, VALERIANO]. Gaceta de La Habana. Periodico oficial del gobierno. Edicion Extraordinaria. Sábado 30 de Octubre de 1897. Habana: Imp. del Gob. y Cap. Gral por S.M., 1897. [31 cm. x 45 cm.]. Broadside. First edition. Not in Trelles. A very good copy, folded, with small tear along fold and some tiny chips to the edges. [34284] $375 Replacement of General Valeriano Weyler (1838-1930), known by the Cubans as the Butcher of Cuba. Weyler was named governor of Cuba in 1896 when rebellion was at its height with the charge to suppress the insurgency. Like those before him, Wyler was at first unable to successfully combat the guerilla tactics of the rebels, but soon began a policy of establishing "reconcentration camps,"

in which the local populace had to relocate or be subject to execution. By the end of 1897, Weyler had relocated more than 300,000 and cut the rebels off from their supporters. But "although he was successful moving vast numbers of people, he failed to provide for them adequately. Consequently, these areas became cesspools of hunger, disease, and starvation where thousands died. Weyler's reconcentration policy had another important effect. Although it made Weyler's military objectives easier to accomplish, it had devastating political consequences. Although the Spanish Conservative government supported Weyler's tactics wholeheartedly, the Liberals denounced them vigorously for their toll on the Cuban civilian population," (The Spanish-American War, Hispanic Division, Library of Congress). With a new government in power in Spain, Weyler was replaced by Don Ramón Blanco y Arenas who arrived and assumed power on October 30, 1897, the date of this paper and first day after a new constitution was adopted by the rebels. First Work in Cuba to Unseat Columbus' Priority 99. [CUBA]. BACHILLER Y MORALES, ANTONIO. Antigüedades Americanas. Noticias que tuvieron los Europeos de la América Antes del descubrimiento de C. Colon. Habana: Oficina del Faro Industrial, 1845. 133, [3] pp., plate. Illus. with 1 folding map and in text engravings. 8vo. Later half marbled calf over brown cloth boards, four raised bands, red and brown morocco spine labels titled in gilt, decorative endpapers, original wrappers bound in. First edition. Palau 21633. Sabin 2607. Trelles III, p.80. Field 1089. Pilling: Proof Sheets 201a. A very good mostly unopened (uncut) copy with spine rubbed, small tears and chips to original wrappers, occasional foxing. [39689] $1000 Folding engraved map of "Los descubrimientos de los escandinavos en America" (The discoveries of the Norsemen in America). Bachiller y Morales reviews the theories of the Scandinavians reaching America well before Columbus. It was the first work of its kind in Cuba. “Esta obra es la primera en su clase que ha visto la luz pública en Cuba. Contiene datos preciosísimos sobre los descubrimientos efectuados en la América anterior á Colon en el órden siguiente: Ojeada sobre los viajes á América de los antiguos Escandinavos; Memoria sobre las antigüedades americanas en que el autor da una noticia del resultado de los trabajos de la Sociedad de Anticuarios del Norte, residentes en Capenhague hasta el año 1844, reuniendo en un solo discurso los que la tradición europea y arábiga conservaba sobre América, antes del descubrimiento de Colon, y cuanto sobre este asunto ocurra observar al autor de este escrito. Para esto el autor entre otras obras que ha ojeado, ha hecho un resumen y traducción de la Memoria sobre el descubrimiento de América en el siglo X por Carlos O. Rafn, segunda edicion hecha en Copenhague en 1843," (Andrés Poey, zoologist and geographer). No other copies located at auction in the last half century.

Bachiller y Morales' Most Important Work 100. [CUBA]. BACHILLER Y MORALES, ANTONIO. Apuntes para la historia de las letras, y de la instruction publica de la isla de Cuba [Three Volumes in One]. Habana: Impr. de P. Massana / Impr. del Tiempo, 1859-61. 225, 2 pp.; 220, 4 pp.; 247, 1 pp. 8vo. Modern quarter speckled calf over green marbled boards, four raised bands, red morocco spine label titled in gilt, marbled endpapers. First edition. Palau 21634. Sabin 2608. Trelles IV, p.90. Jones / Medina 667. Parreño sale 1036. Griffin 905. A very good copy, title page foxed, owner's stamp on margin, a few small holes to top edge, notations on a few pages, leaves browned and edges foxed, more heavily to the first volume, binding quite fine. A handsome copy of a rare and important work with a distinguished provenance. [39690] $1000 "The most important work published by Bachiller y Morales and containing valuable information on the literary history of Cuba," Trelles ("es la obra mas importante publicada por Bachiller y contiene preciosos datos sobre la historia literaria de esta Isla"). These articles -on schools, higher education, the press, literature, historiography, theater, music, biographies; and also containing a complete list of books printed in Cuba from 1724 to 1840were previously published in various Spanish and Cuban periodicals. Antonio Bachiller y Morales (1812-1889) is considered the father of Cuban literature and Cuban bibliography (Cuba's Librarian Day is celebrated on his birthday). Jose Marti wrote that talking to Bachiller y Morales was like having access to the library in Alexandria. Provenance: Mario Guiral Moreno (1882-1964), essayist and founding member and chairman of the Cuban National Academy of Arts and Letters (his library stamp). 101. [CUBA]. GANGOITI, L. (LORENZO). Pertubación Ciclónica. Octubre, 10-20, 1904. Rectificacion. Habana: Imprenta Avisador Comercial, 1905. 43 pp. Illus. with 1 color folding map. 8vo. Paper wrappers. First edition. Palau 223899. Trelles XXth, I, p.187. A very good copy, tears to spine ends, light soiling and a few creases to the corners. [34270] $100 Contains a discussion of La Tormenta Tropical by Enrique del Monte (1905), excerpts of communications from Observatorio Nacional and from Observatorio del Colegio de Belén, a map of the hurricane's path, a category one storm that hit the Sancti Spíritus Province in Cuba. 102. [CUBA]. GAY-CALBÓ, ENRIQUE. Las banderas el escudo y el himno de Cuba. Illus. by Hurtado Mendoza Habana: Sociedad Columbista Panamericana, 1956. 76 pp. Illus. with 3 color plates, b/w plates and numerous intext drawings. Sm. 4to. Paper wrappers. First edition. A very good copy, light soiling on wrappers, wear to spine. [42150] $100 Enrique Calbó Gay (1889-1977) was a writer, lawyer, and historian. The work illustrates the legal uses of the Cuban national symbols.

103. [CUBA]. INSTITUTO DE GEOGRAFÍA (ACADEMIA DE CIENCIAS DE CUBA); INSTITUT GEOGRAFII (AKADEMIIA NAUK SSSR). Atlas Nacional de Cuba. En el décimo aniversario de la Revolución. La Habana: n.p. 1970. 132 pp. + index. Illus. with color maps. Folio (19.25 x 15 inches). Cloth. First edition. A very good copy, boards rubbed, edges worn, name on free front endpaper else interior clean, crisp, unmarked, maps fine. [34227] $150 104. [CUBA]. INSTITUTO INTERAMERICANO DE HISTORIA MUNICIPAL E INSTITUCIONAL. Cuadernos del instituto interamericano de historia municipal e institucional. Nos. 10-26 [16 volumes]. Habana: Instituto Interamericano de historia municipal e institucional, 1954-1958. Sm. 8vo. Paper wrappers. First edition. Very good copies; light soiling on wrappers, clean contents. [42153] $175 A nice run, lacking only Volume 20, of this Cuban periodical which shows minimal and incomplete institutional holdings in North America at Univ. Miami, Univ. N. Carolina, and Rutgers. Iconic Illustrations of 19th c. Cuba 105. [CUBA]. MAY, BERNARDO [MIALHE, PIERRE TOUSSAINT FREDERIC]. [Cover Title] Mapa de la Isla de Cuba y plano de la Habana. [Mapa historico pintoresco moderno de la Isla de Cuba (with) Plano pintoresco de la Habana con los numeros de las casas. [Havana]: B. May y Ca., [1853]. 2 sheets, 46 x 59 cm., folded into 17 x 11 cm cloth case. Publisher's pebbled brown cloth case elaborately stamped in blind and titled in gilt. First edition. Cueto 82. Cueto 199. [42963] $4850 Each tinted two-stone lithographic map is surrounded by vignettes of mid-19th century Cuba highlighting its wealth. The Mapa historico pintoresco moderno de la Isla de Cuba (25 x 34 cm.) is bordered by sixteen scenes of Cuban life including a dance, a coffee plantation, tobacco fields, a sugar mill, a cock fight, a naval view of the taking of El Morro by British forces in 1762, the sanctuary of El Cobre, the hurricane of 1846, etc. The map includes an inset Table of Distances. The Plano pintoresco de la Habana con los numeros de las casas (27 x 34 cm.) is highly detailed containing street names, buildings, numbers, location of fortifications, military facilities, institutions, and is bordered by fourteen vignettes of mostly points of architectural interest including the Cathedral, Military hospital, Morro Castle, a view of Havana harbor, and the Fuenta de la Habana en el Paseo de Isabel. The illustrations, perhaps the most iconic 19th century images of Cuba, were originally drawn by Frederic Mialhe. As Emilio Cueto notes in his "Mialhe's Colonial Cuba: the prints that shaped the world's view of Cuba" (Miami 1994), p. 6: "The image which the enlightened public of the nineteenth century had of Cuba was the one conveyed by Mialhe." But the images, though produced by Miahle, were taken by May, in an outrageous case of piracy, and sold in

competition with Mialhe. The maps, however, did not originate with Miahle; they were pirated from a 1848 map by José M. de la Torre, though the distance table was created and added by May. The maps are usually found, if at all, separately and rarely with their original cloth case. 106. [CUBA]. MORENO FRAGINALS, MANUEL; CASTRO DE MORALES, LILIA, ED. "Anselmo Suárez Romero. 1818-1878" e "Índice de los manuscritos de Anselmo Suárez y Romero que se conservan en la Biblioteca Nacional" [in] Revista de la Biblioteca Nacional. Segunda Serie t. 1, n. 2. Febrero. Habana: P. Ferández y Cía, 1950. 135 pp. 8vo. Paper wrappers. First edition. A very good unopened (uncut) copy, some minor chipping to wrappers. [42154] $50 Pages 59-72 and 73-121 are devoted to the work and a bibliography of the manuscripts of Anselmo Suárez y Romero (1818–1878) the important Cuban writer known best for this novel "Francisco," the first anti-slavery novel in the Americas. Uncommon Printing of a Regional Cuban Dictionary 107. [CUBA]. PICHARDO [Y TAPIA], ESTÉBAN. Diccionario provincial casi-razonado de vozes Cubanas. Habana: Imprenta del Gobierno, Capitania general y Real, 1861. xvii, [1], 281 pp. 8vo. Modern half red morocco over red cloth boards, five raised bands, gilt titles and rules. Tercera edition, notablemente aumentada y corregida. Palau 225346. Sabin 62603n. Pilling, Proof Sheets 2979 a. Parreño sale 1277. Leclerc 2175. Spain & Spanish America I, 536. Trelles II, pp. 140 -141. A very good+ copy, occasional foxing and spotting, minor rubbing. [39696] $400 First published anonymously, Matanzas, 1832 and 1836 according to Sabin. A good regional dictionary of "Lucayan words adopted into Spanish, with their meanings," Pilling. This edition much expanded over the second. “En ésta, como en la primera, su autor dió á la estampa ‘una obra utilísima para conocer, más que de nombre, los términos que señalan animales, plantas, producciones é industrias de Cuba; donde prodiga, con la gracia peculiar de su estílo originalísimo sabrosas descripciones de nuestros usos y costumbres, y trata de corregir algunos de nuestros solecismos y dicciones viciosas, pero que bajo el aspecto lexicográfico era todavia un mero agregado de vocablos. Siempre será una obra consultada con fruto por cuantos deseen noticias de las cosas de Cuba,” (E.J. Varona). OCLC locates only two copies of this uncommon 1861 printing of the third edition, six of the second, and one of the first; of these only one, that of the 1861 edition, is in the United States, at the NYPL. The Most Complete Survey of Cuba in its Time 108. [CUBA]. PICHARDO [Y TAPIA], ESTÉBAN. Geografia de la Isla de Cuba. [Four volumes in one]. Habana: Establecimiento Tipografico de D.M. Soler, 18541855. xlxi, 155; 272; 356; 200 pp. 8vo. Modern full brown

calf, four raised bands, gilt title, rules and decorations. First edition. Sabin 62604 (incorrect pagination). Palau 224359. Trelles III, p.279. Parreno Sale 1278. Phillips: Cuba p.18. A very good copy with chip to headband and minor scuff marks on spine, light foxing on title, leaves browned, first two parts with scattered pencil marginalia. [39697] $1200 A detailed geographical survey of Cuba with an enormous amount of data on topography, water resources, minerals, soil, climate, and natural history -the most complete at that time- undertaken by Esteban Pichardo Tapia (1799-1879), a noted geographer, poet, and lexicographer. Only three complete copies at auction in the last sixty years. 19th c. Survey of Cuba by a Spanish Naturalist 109. [CUBA]. SAGRA, RAMON DE LA. Historia economico-politica y estadistica de la isla de Cuba; ó sea de sus progresos en la poblacion, la agricultura, el comercio y las rentas. Habana: Imprenta de las Viudas de Arazoza y Soler, 1831. [4], xiii, [3], 386, [1] pp. Sm. 4to. Modern red silk, new endpapers, gilt titles. First edition. Palau 284794. Sabin 74919. Trelles V, p. 73. Parreño Sale 1345. Ticknor 316. Phillips: Cuba p.19, Leclerc 1356. Spain & Spanish America I, 601. Griffin: 4641. Goldsmiths'-Kress no. 26757.4. A very good copy, untrimmed, scattered light foxing and soiling, inked library stamps and early owner's signature on title page, lacking corner of final subscription leaf with no loss of text, binding fine. [37064] $2000 "A general survey of Cuba in the early nineteenth century by a well-known Spanish naturalist who lived in Cuba for a number of years and wrote works dealing with the island. He was very pro-Spanish and praises the policies of Gen. Tacon," Trelles. The Spanish government in fact subsidized the publication. Included among the notes is a catalogue of 400 "Plantas usuales de los cubanos," which is of "remarkable interest" ("un trabajo de notable interes") according to Andrés Poey, zoologist and geographer. Provenance: gift of former Massachusetts Governor Levi Lincoln to the American Antiquarian Society, 1863. Uruguayan Revolution 110. CULLEN, DOMINGO. Vindicacion del honor vulnerado. Buenos Aires: Imprenta de Álvarez, [1823]. 14 pp. 8vo. Disbound, in folding archival portfolio. First edition. Leaves loose, else a very good copy, small worm hole on a few leaves not affecting text, duplicate release stamp on last page, lower edge trimmed. [38512] $250 Begins: "Si se hubiesen atacado derechos mios particulares, yo habria mirado con indulgencia á mis detractores...." Dated and signed on page 9: Buenos Aires abril 19 de 1823. 'Domingo Cullen.' Includes four pages of "Documentos" (10-14). Domingo Cullen (1791 -1839) came to Argentina from the Canary Islands in 1811 and was active in Uruguayan independence, before moving to

Santa Fe in 1823 when this pamphlet was written in response to an article in no. 36 of "El Centinela" of 13 April 1823, entitled "Sucesos notables." which attacked Estanislao López (1786-1838), Governor of Santa Fe, and Juan Antonio Lavalleja (1784-1853), another Uruguayan revolutionary. Quite uncommon. OCLC shows two copies: British Library and JCB. Another is located at the BN Argentina. Educate the Slaves 111. [DANISH WEST INDIES]. [CHRISTIAN VIII (CHRISTIAN FREDERIK), KING OF DENMARK]. Disposiciones tomados el Gobierno de S.M. el Rey de Dinamarca en favor de los Negros esclavos en las Antillas danesas fecha de 18 de febrero de 1844. [Madrid]: 1844. [3 pp.], two leaves. 8 1/2 x 13 inches. First edition. A very good copy. [42152] $1500 Official Spanish copy (with embossed stamp of the “Overseas” [Colonial] Ministry, Madrid) of an 1844 proclamation by the King of Denmark ordering minor reforms for slaves in the Danish West Indies (the “Danish Antilles” which is known now after their 1917 purchase by the United States as the Virgin Islands) which had, for over a century, “imported” 1000 African slaves annually to work the sugar plantations, the slave population eventually outnumbering white residents by more than 10 to 1. The end of slavery in the neighboring British West Indies prompted newly-crowned King Christian VIII, who favored gradual emancipation, as did the Danish population, to issue this very “conservative” proclamation, most of which detailed rules transferring the slaves’ one free day a week from Saturday to Sunday, compensating plantation owners for any “sacrifices” this might entail and allowing them to punish “lazy” slaves by Sunday labor (though any “unfairly punished” might complain to the Governor General). The most controversial provision was left to the final paragraphs, in which the Governor, in collaboration with Lutheran priests, was directed to establish a rudimentary school system by which slave children over the age of 9 would receive Sunday “religious” – and other – education. This modest experiment was vehemently opposed by plantation owners, but Britain's action in setting free the slaves of the British West Indies between 1834 and 1838 made it necessary for the Danish Government to put an end to slavery. Early in 1847 a decree of King Christian VII was promulgated by which all children born in the Danish Antilles after July 28th, 1847, would be born free. And a year later, Danish officials, fearing an open slave rebellion, would entirely abolish slavery on the islands. This copy was undoubtedly sent by Spanish officials in Madrid to the colonial Governor of Cuba – the largest European colony of the Caribbean to preserve slavery for years to come. We could find no ad verbatim copy of this proclamation in any English-language history; the one 1992 scholarly study which mentions its ramifications erroneously dated the document in 1843. A rare and important historical source on one forgotten slave institution of the Americas.

112. DEMICHELI, ALBERTO. Formacíon Constitucional Rioplatense. [Three Volumes]. Montevideo: Barreiro y Ramos, 1955. xxiii, 453 pp; 744 pp; 514, xix pp. 8vo. Stiff paper wrappers. First edition. Very good or better copies; minor soiling, volume I with small tear on rear wrapper. [34838] $125 Important constitutional study. t. 1. Génesis unitaria y federal; t. 2. Artigas y su obra juridico-politica; t. 3. Los pactos en el proceso de organizción. First Book by the Author of Memories of Underdevelopment 113. DESNOES, EDMUNDO. LAM, WIFREDO, COVER ART. Todo esta en el fuego. La Habana: Ediciones Nosotros, 1952. 25, [1] pp. Sm. 8vo. Illustrated stapled paper wrappers. First edition. A very good copy, wrappers soiled, spine rubbed with small tear at staple, endpapers mildly foxed, tiny indentation to upper margin of a few leaves. [42187] $1500 Warmly inscribed in English by the author in the year of publication to "Nita," a close woman friend living in the United States, and whom he asks to write back to him. Number 193 of 200 copies. Cover art by Wifredo Lam, who was a close friend, and a further drawing at the end by Silvianna Goldsmith, an early disciple of Wifredo Lam. Though known as a novelist, especially for his "Memorias del subdesarrollo" (Memories of Underdevelopment), made into an award winning film by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, Edmundo Perez Desnoes (b. 1930, Cuba) was initially a poet; "Todo esta en el fuego" (Everything is on Fire) was his first published book. Very scarce, and even more so with such a personal inscription. We could not locate any for sale nor at auction in the last quarter century. OCLC locates only five copies, none signed: Mus. Modern Art, NYPL, Notre Dame, Univ. S. Carolina, and BN Spain. Latin-Aztec Dictionary 114. [DICTIONARIES]. BIONDELLI, BERNARDINO. Glossarium azteco-latinum et latino-aztecum curâ et studio Bernardini Biondelli collectum ac digestum. Mediolani [Milan]: Valentiner et Mues, 1869. 1 p., l., 256 pp. 4to. Paper wrappers. First edition thus. Sabin 74948. Pilling 386. Later spine, front wrapper repaired, rear edge worn, still about very good. [40263] $1250 One of 200 copies. The 'azteco-latinum' section was first published in the 'Evangeliarium, Epistolarium ac Lectionarium aztecum siv mexicanum ex antiquo codice mexicano nuper reperto depromptum cum præfatione interpretatione adnotationibus glossario edidit Bernardus Biondelli,' (Mediolani, 1858-60, p. 427-553), while the ''Latino-aztecum' section is here published for the first time.

Archive of the Dominican Revolution 115. [DOMINICAN REPUBLIC]. [PUERTO RICO]. [Archive of the War for the Independence of the Dominican Republic including manuscripts and the first printed newspaper of the new Republic]. Santo Domingo & Puerto Rico: Imprenta Nacional, 1844. 9 lvs (13 manuscript pages); [10 pp.]. Folio & 8 vo. Disbound. First edition. Rodríguez Demorizi: Guerra domínicohaitiana 30a. Martínez Paulino: Publicaciones Periódicas Dominicanas desde la Colonia (2nd ed): pp. 38 -9. Very good copies with minor wear to fore edge, a few pin-size holes along inner margins, some browning, bleeding of ink on one manuscript, old stab holes on pamphlet, front wrapper soiled, contemporary owner's signature. [43118] $4000 Seven manuscripts from Spanish Colonial officials and one printed pamphlet by a Dominican rebel all from the very earliest moments of independence. An interesting and rare series of documents revealing both the Spanish and Dominican views on the Dominican Revolution. On 27th February 1844 Santo Domingo declared independence from Haiti, for the second time, the first having lasted only a few months in 1821. The Spanish, who had lost Hispaniola at that earlier time, watched the unfolding events with concern as reflected here in these Spanish colonial documents, mostly official copies which discuss the safety of Haitian troops, French-speaking residents, and Spanish citizens in the new República Dominicana, and summarize and report on the rapidly evolving independence movement as well as the efforts of Haitians of African-descent to thwart the rebellion. Both sides were viewed with some trepidation by Spanish colonial officials in Puerto Rico. The printed document is the first printed periodical in the Dominican Republic: "El Eco Dominicano," (Santo Domingo: Imprenta Nacional, 25 April 1842 corrected in manuscript to 1844). It collects the first news of the Dominican-Haitian war and begins: "It appears that a lot of disinformation is being circulated from the Haitian newspapers regarding the putative rebellion of the Dominican people (against the Spanish Crown). It would also seem that there is a fleet of 43 ships of 30,000 men willing to compel Santo Domingo to sever ties with Spain. Our men, at the orders of General Pedro Santana, have deployed themselves to all parts of the Dominican territory in order to protect it from foreign invaders. ... Let it be known to the Haitian that in spite of the fact that they are larger in number, the Dominicans are more gallant and will defend their territory. Should the hostilities continue, Santo Domingo will be ready to launch a frontal attack on Haiti." No other issues are known to exist. A few of the manuscripts (copies) are located in Cuban archives. We could locate no copies of "El Eco Dominicano" in OCLC, NUC, COPAC, CCILA, or any online catalogues. Copies are however reported by Rodríguez Demorizi at the Archivo del Historiador Nacional Garcia and the Archivo National Habana. The manuscripts include 1. February 28, 1844, A translation of the Capitualtion of the Haitian troops negotiated through the mediation of

the French Consul, dated 28 February to be enacted 29 February 1844. Its ten articles establish that the property of the French troops and families that inhabit the Spanish part of the island will be protected along with their physical integrity during the transition, free passage will be allowed, weapons controlled, debts settled. (A copy with the seal of the General Captaincy of Puerto Rico) 2 pp. 2. February 29, 1844, "La Junta Gubernativa Provisional de la República Dominicana," establishes that the property of the French people that inhabit the Spanish part of the island will be protected along with their physical integrity. Signed: El Presidente de la Junta, firmado, Bobadilla.- Vicepresidente, firmado, Manuel Jiménes.Firmado, Manuel María Valverde.-Francisco J. Abreu.Félix Mercenario.- Carlos Moreno.- Echavarría.- Francisco Sánchez.- Caminero.- R. Mella.- El Secretario de la Junta, Silvano Pujol (A copy with the seal of the General Captaincy of Puerto Rico) 1 pp. 3. March 14, 1844. Santiago Mendez de Vigo notifies on 14/3/1844 that the political situation in Santo Domingo is now evolving towards independence. In addition, it should be noted that Haitian mulattos have assaulted Spanish ships sailing near Venezuelan waters. (A copy with the seal of the General Captaincy of Puerto Rico) 3 pp. [Santiago Méndez de Vigo (1790-1860), member of the Spanish Military. was appointed Minister of War (1836) and then Governor of Puerto Rico (1841-1844)]. 4. March 22, 1844. The situation in Santo Domingo has evolved in favour of the independence movement. Some Spaniards present in that island have asked from the protection of HM Government in Havana. We are waiting to see how the situation evolves before we decide what to do on the matter. Signed: Puerto Rico, 22 March 1844. Santiago Mendez de Vigo. (A copy with the seal of the General Captaincy of Puerto Rico) 2 pp. 5. March 28, 1844. A letter to the Captain General of Havana attaching the report concerning the political situation in the island of Santo Domingo. Signed in manuscript by Santiago Mendez de Vigo, Puerto Rico, 28 de Marzo de 1844. (With the seal of the General Captaincy and Political Government of Puerto Rico) 1 pp. 6. May 24, 1844, Reports on information from a number mainly English schooners on movements of troops and on young black men and women, entering the island aboard an assortment of ships most of which have set sail from Venezuela. Signed: from Curasao, 24 May 1844. [followed by a note] saying that since the state of insurrection against the Spanish part of the island continues, great care should be taken in order to defend our territory; if we do not want to see a black man becoming the President. "El Guarico también ha desconocido el Gobierno de Guierrier, y el general Pierrot que se ha puesto a la cabeza se ha constituido Presidente del Norte; ya hay en la parte francesa 4 presidentes pero todos negros. «No se pasarán muchos días sin que veamos un Presidente negro en la parte Española de Santo Domingo, porque no dejará de haber algún tizón que los estimule porque en la Isla abundan estos marchantes demasiado." Signature not legible (A copy) 4 pp. 7. August 3, 844. Reports that they have verified that the vessel "Leonora" does not pose any threat to the is-

land. Signed: from Curasao, 3 August 1844. (A copy with the seal of the General Captaincy of Puerto Rico) 1 pp.

vos apéndices. Palau 135676. Leaves browned else a near fine copy, light soiling on original wrappers. [34889] $200

116. [ECUADOR]. MENTEN, J. (JUAN) B. Los Temblores y las profecias de Rodolfo Falb. Quito: Fundicion de tipos de M. Rivadeneira, 1878. 23 pp. Sm. 8vo. Cloth. First edition. Palau 164777. A near fine copy. [34909] $250

Juan León Mera Martínez (1832-1894) an Ecuadorian poet, novelist, and politician is considered the father of Ecuadorian literature.

Earthquakes and the prophecies of Rodolfo Falb. Juan Bautista Menten (1838-1900) was a German Jesuit astronomer and geodesist brought to Ecuador by the President, Garcia Moreno, to build and run the Observatorio Astronomico de Quinto. Rudolf Falb was a proponent of the theory that the liquid earth just below the crust is acted upon by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun which draw this fluid into the cracks in the crust. Based on seven factors including the relations between the three bodies (earth, sun, moon) it is possible to predict the occurances of earthquakes. His first success was in predicting the Belluno earthquake of June 29, 1873. In 1874, he predicted the eruption of Etna. He traveled to Peru and Chile in 1877. Scarce. We could find no copies in OCLC, Copac, LOC, or any major Latin American or European libraries. Not in NUC though it lists four other works by the author. 117. [ECUADOR]. SANZ, JUAN PABLO, ED. El Agrónomo. Periodico quincenal de agricultura i artes, para instruccion del pueblo. 1871 [all published]. Quito: Imprenta de Juan Pablo Sanz, 1871. 1-30, 51-120 pp. 8vo. Disbound. First edition. Lacking later boards, old catalogue description taped, and small numeral stamped to lower margin of first issue, blanks bound in for issues 4 &5, otherwise issues very good. [34035] $500 Issues 1 through 12 (lacking 4 & 5), comprising the half year, after which this biweekly agricultural and arts publication ceased production. Sanz described his magazine as "para inducir a nuestros amanerados agricultores a la explotacion de la hermosa y riquisima mina de positiva riqueza. hasta hoy los productos agricolas hablando estrictamente como ya hemos dicho otras veces, son espontaneos, no se abona, no se cultivara, y la tierra produce: si se cultivara con esmero y perfeccion,1que clase de productos arrojaria nuestro feraz, fertil y bendito suelo'." Each issue contained a small column of news of the world, usually about the Franco- Prussian war, but also covering South America, followed by a list of commodity prices, then sections with articles, often running over a number of issues, on Agriculture, Botanical issues, Major Crops, Architecture, and Agricultural Economics. Scarce. We could locate no copies in OCLC or any major South American or European Library databases, though a copy is listed in a compilation by P. Francisco Piñas of Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador. 118. [ECUADORIAN LITERATURE]. MERA, JUAN LEON. Ojeada Histórico-Crítica sobre la poesia Ecuatoriana desde su época más remota hasta nuestros dias. Barcelona: Imprenta y Litografía de José Cunill Sala, 1893. x, [11]-633 pp. 8vo. Cloth. 2 ed. seguida de nue-

119. [ECUADORIAN LITERATURE]. MERA, JUAN LEON. Tomas Mon-cayo Avellan y su Memoria Presentada al Instituto Geografico Argentino. Quito: [Imprenta de Gobierno], 1888. 19 pp. 8vo. Removed. First edition. Palau 164866. Removed from a large volume, lacking wrappers, marginal tear to last leaf, still about very good. [38295] $100 Political work by Mera Martínez. OCLC shows one at the Univ. Texas. 120. [EL SALVADOR]. GREAT BRITAIN AND THE REPUBLIC OF SALVADOR. Agreement between Great Britain and the Republic of Salvador for Prolonging the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation, of the 24th October, 1862, between Great Britain and Salvador. Signed at Salvador, June 23, 1886. London: Printed for Her Majesty's Stationery Office by Harrison and Sons, 1887. 3 pp. 4to. Self wrappers. First edition. A very good copy. [33865] $75 Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of her Majesty. August 1887. Commercial. no. 16 (1887). (Salvador). Text in English and Spanish. Not in OCLC. Centennial Edition of Chile's National Epic 121. ERCILLA Y ZÚÑIGA, ALONSO DE. MEDINA, JOSÉ TORIBIO, ED. La Araucana de D. Alonso de Ercilla y Zúñiga. Edición del centenario. Ilustrada con grabados, documentos, notas históricas y bibliográficas y una biografía del autor. [Five Volumes]. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta Elzeviriana, 1910-1918. Illus. with b/w plates, photos, drawings, facsimiles, and map. Folio. Quarter morocco over marbled boards, five raised bands, gilt titles. Centennial edition (First edition thus). Palau 80441. Aquila: Aa53. Spines sunned and scuffed, leather corners of two rear boards lacking, most boards rubbed, small abrasions to front pastedowns, two leaves marginally torn; last volume's boards different color, printer pagination error; overall still very good copies. [41723] $1850 One of 600 copies. Medina's fabulous edition of Chile's national epic. Volume I: Texto (1910). II: Vida de Ercilla (1917). III & IV: Ilustraciones (1917). V: Documentos (1918). Uncommon in the trade. ABPC and American Exchange show only one at auction in the last half century. 122. ERRÁZURIZ, FEDERICO. Chile bajo el imperio de la constitucion de 1828. Memoria histórica que debió ser leida en la sesion solemne que la Universidad hubo de celebrar en 1860. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta Chilena, 1861. 344 pp. 8vo. Three quarter morocco over marbled boards, five raised bands, gilt title on spine. First edition. Palau 80583. A very good copy,

spine scuffed, old tape repairs to corners of boards, boards rubbed, large chip to free front endpaper, tape repair to half-title, owner's name and bookseller's stamp on title, occasional pencil marginalia. [42247] $100 A fascinating account of Chile from 1826 to 1830. Federico Errázuriz Zañartu (1825-1877) was chief of Santiago Province in 1860, making many reforms, and was president of Chile between 1871 and 1876. 123. ERSERGUER, ENRIQUE V. El Mesías (del amor desventurado). Novela. Montevideo: Maximino García, n.d. [ca. 1918]. 159 pp. 12mo. Cloth. Cejador y Frauca: Historia de la lengua y literatura castellana, XIV, p. 28. About very good, front board scuffed with some loss of paper, chip along fore edge of rear board, light foxing to first and last few leaves. [34819] $75 OCLC shows copies at Univ. Texas and BN Espana. Also at Univ. Madrid and BN Argentina. Not in Coester's Bibliography. 124. ESPIÑEIRA, ANTONIO. Fuera de su Centro. Comedia Original. Et un acto y en verso. Santiago de Chile: Impr. Cervantes, 1887. 51 pp. 8vo. Stapled paper wrappers. First edition. Palau 82861. Wrappers soiled and stained else a very good copy. [34001] $125 Publicada en la Revista de Artes y Letras. OCLC shows only one copy at BN Chile. 125. [ESPINOSA Y ESPINOSA, MANUEL]. Calendario de Espinosa para 1887 tergero despues del bisiesto. Merida: libreria de Espinosa, 1887. 122 pp. 24mo. Paper wrappers. First edition. Wrappers chipped, soiled, nearly detached, and tape repaired, leaves browned but clean, good. [34291] $50 A most popular work, first published in 1828. Quite uncommon. 126. EXPOSICIÓN HISTÓRICO-AMERICANA. Catálogo de los objetos que presenta ... á la Exposición Histórico- Americana de Madrid (... Argentina. Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Uruguay). Madrid: Est. Tipografico "Sucesores de Rivadeneyra", 1892. 8vo. Original cloth stamped in gilt (5) or wrappers (5). First editions. Parreño 351. See Palau 85617. Very good copies with some rubbing and a few tears in a fine custom crimson cloth folding case. [33792] $500 Ten catalogues of the objects presented from ten countries at the Spanish Exposition of 1892. The Most Important Work for the Study of Colonial Costa Rica 127. FERNÁNDEZ, LEÓN. Colección de documentos para la historia de Costa Rica [Five Volumes]. San José de Costa Rica / Paris: Imprenta Nacional / Pablo

Dupont, 1881-1886. 8vo. Uniform half black morocco over marbled boards, five raised bands, one compartment with gilt titles, one with numeral, four with gilt decorations, pink endpapers. First editions. Palau 87920. Spain & Spanish America I, 247. Griffin 2521. A very good set, boards and spines rubbed, small institutional stamp on free endpapers, contents clean. [34900] $1200 Volumes IV and V were published in Paris in editions of 300 copies. León Fernández Bonilla (1840-1887), diplomat and historian, considered the father of historiography in Costa Rica, was murdered in 1887. The most important work for the study of colonial Costa Rica, it was later continued by his son and published in Spain and eventually contained 10 volumes. 128. FERRER, ADOLFO. El archivo de Felipe Carrillo el callismo. La corrupcion del regimen obregonista. Junio de 1924. New York: Carlos Lopez Press, 1924. 67 pp. Illus. with b/w photos and facsimiles. 8vo. Stapled paper wrappers. First edition. Ramos, Bibliografia de la revolucion mexicana I: 593. Occasional pencil check marks, location stamp on front wrapper, else a very good copy. [34380] $100 Ferrer was one of the intellectual opponents of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, assassinated Governor of the Mexican state of Yucatán, and produced this pamphlet to discredit him. 129. FIGUEROA, PEDRO PABLO. Diccionario biográfico de Chile. [Three Volumes]. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta i Encuadernacion Barcelona, 1897-1901. 469, [2]; x, 563, [2]; 583, [1] pp. Illus. with b/w plates. Sm. 4to. Red pebbled cloth stamped in blind with gilt titles. Minor variations to each binding. Cuarta edicion. Palau 91450. Griffin 401. Jones 1482. Leaves browning, slight discoloration to spine of volume two, else very good copies. [35493] $225 "Coverage starts with the discovery and conquest of Chile. Among the biographies are Araucanian chiefs and minor figures of the colonial period," Griffin p. 39. 130. FIGUEROA, PEDRO PABLO. Un mago de la musica. El Compositor Chileno Federico Chessi de Uriarte. Santiago de Chile: Taller de impresiones de Enrique Blanchard-Chessi, 1904. Port. frontis, 13 pp. Sm. 8vo. Stapled paper wrappers. First edition. A very good copy, wrappers soiled, leaves browned. [35683] $75 "Edicion de 200 ejemplares." Biography of the 19th century Chilean composer. OCLC shows only three copies. 131. FIGUEROA, VIRGILIO. Diccionario histórico, biográfico y bibliográfico de Chile 1800-1931. [Five Volumes in Four]. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta y litografia "La Ilustracion", Balcells (Vol. IV), 1925-1931. Illus. with b/w photos and reproductions. Sm. 4to. Cloth with gilt titles, marble endpapers. First edition. Palau 91483. Griffin 402. Spine ends chipped, front hinges starting, one volume scuffed at joints, one torn along joints,

one with backstrip tender; leaves browning, but clean and unmarked, and still a good solid set. [42078] $400 Volume I title: Diccionario historico y biografico de Chile 1800-1925. Arranged alphabetically by family name, then chronologically, with references and bibliographies, thus quite useful for genealogy. Proposal for Reconciliation Between Spain and her American Colonies 132. FLOREZ ESTRADA, ALVARO. Exámen imparcial de la disensiones de la America con la España, de los medios de su reconcilliacion, y de la prosperidad de todas las naciones. Cadiz: Imprenta de D. Manuel Ximenez Carreño, 1812. 283 pp. + index [2 pp]. 8vo. Full modern vellum, new endpapers, gilt title on spine. Second edition. Palau 84325 (1st). Sabin 23058. Leclerc 195 (1st). A very good or better copy, title leaf soiled and with a few tiny holes affecting a few letters, soiling on last (blank), else contents clean, binding fine. [36999] $850 The preferred second edition, corrected and considerably enlarged by the author. Florez Estrada, the Procurador General, examined the issues dividing the American colonies from Spain and offered proposals to effect a reconciliation including the emancipation of the colonies. An important and incisive work but coming too late to change the forces that were already in motion. Florez Estrada is considered the most distinguished Spanish economist of the first half of this century," Palgrave, Dictionary Of Political Economy II, pp. 91-92. 133. [FRENCH ANTILLES]. DAMPIERRE, JACQUES DE. Essai sur les sources de l'histoire des Antilles françaises (1492-1664). Paris: A. Picard et fils, 1904. 3 p. l., xl, 238 pp. Sm. 4to. Red cloth. First edition. A near fine copy. [38864] $125 1 of 100 copies printed on Hollande van Gelder paper. An important compilation of both primary and secondary sources. 134. [FRENCH ANTILLIES]. GAZIN GOSSEL, JACQUES. Éléments de Bibliographie Générale methodique & historique de la Martinique (Antilles Française). Fort-de-France / Paris: Imprimerie antillaise / Librairie Ernest Leroux, (1926). iv, 348 pp. Sm. 4to. Stapled paper wrappers. First edition. A very good copy chipped at spine ends, wrappers sunned, some leaves browning. [38894] $100 Leroux's label covers the original imprint, Fort-deFrance, Imprimerie antillaise. Uncommon. Corruption in 19th C. Mexico 135. GANDARILLAS Y GUZMAN, MANUEL JOSÉ. Refutacion de la breve exposicion del S.D. Jose Maria Novoa, ex ministro de Estado en los Departamen-

tos de Guerra y Marina. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta de la Biblioteca, 1826. 43 pp. Sm. 8vo. Removed. First edition. A very good copy, removed from a larger volume, small chip to lower inner margin of title page, small duplicate release stamp on margin of last leaf. [38367] $350 Manuel José Gandarillas (1789-1846), appointed Minister of Interior and Foreign Affairs in 1826 under the Freire government, had uncovered financial irregularities concerning contracts by the Minister of War, Jose Maria Novoa, who was then dismissed. Novoa published a pamphlet in 1826 defending himself and accusing Gandarillas of intriguing against him. In this pamphlet, Gandarillas refuted Novoa's accusation, and revealed '"in a clear and compelling manner the truth of what happened, and...contained other charges no less severe against the former Minister [Novoa]" according to Barra Arana in his Historia General de Chile. OCLC locates copies at Yale and BN Chile. 136. [GAUCHOS]. TINKER, EDWARD LAROCQUE. A Bond Between Men. A Lecture at the Argentine Embassy, Washington, 1956. East Setauket: Printed by Mel Bryant, 1956. 12 pp. Illus. with 1 color plate and 9 b/w drawings. 8vo. Stapled paper wrappers. First edition. A very good+ copy. [37718] $75 Color plate laid in loose. Tinker was a collector of Latin American material especially as concerned the Gauchos. His collection now resides at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas. 137. GIMENO DE FLAQUER, CONCEPCIÓN. Civilizacíon de los antiguos pueblos Mexicanos. Disertación histórica leída por su autora en el ateneo de Madrid en la noche del 17 de junio de 1890. Madrid: Imprenta de M.P. Montoya, 1890. frontis, 108 pp. 12mo. Paper wrappers. Second edition. Palau 124547. Palmer: Escritoras españolas del siglo XIX: 2354. Lacking the spine, front wrapper and preliminaries detached, leaves browned, still a good copy. [34335] $400 Each page is bordered uniquely. María de la Concepción Jimeno de Flaquer was an important early woman writer who moved to Mexico. Scarce. 138. GODOY, JUAN GUALBERTO; CORREAS, FRANCISCO DE BORJA; CALLE, JOSÉ LISANDRO; AND SALINAS, JOSÉ MARÍA, EDS. UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE CUYO.; INSTITUTO DE INVESTIGACIONES HISTÓRICAS. El Eco de Los Andes. Mendoza: [Universidad Nacional de Cuyo], 1943. [30], [210] pp. 4to. Cloth. Reprint. Light soiling to edges and rear wrapper else a near fine copy. [35388] $125 A facsimile reproduction of this important (and rare) liberal and anti-clerical weekly published in Mendoza, Sept. 23, 1824-Dec. 25, 1825 (except Sept. 12 to Oct. 8, 1825, inclusive when publication was suspended) and edited by J. G. Godoy, F. de B. Correas, J.L. Calle, and J. M. Salinas. (Nos, 28, 41, 50-51, 53, 56 and 58 are wanting in the reproduction). All issues were 4 pages, double col-

umns, and printed by the Imprenta de la Socieded Lancastriana, the third such establishment in Mendoza. The editors were influenced by the French Encyclopedists Voltaire, Diderot, Rousseau, Volney, etc. It was the arch enemy of an existing newspaper published by some Dominicans, El Amigo del Orden, whose editors called those of El Eco de Los Andes "Atheistic libertines!" The Eco's editors retorted that the Amigo's were guilty of fanaticism and superstition. The political articles warmly endorsed the liberal policies of the province's Governor, Juan de Dios Correas, and the liberal and humanitarian government of Bernardino Rivadavia. This was the first and unfortunately the last in the proposed series of reproductions by the Instituto de Investigaciones Históricas at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. 139. GÓMEZ, ELISEO RICARDO. Canto al Uruguay. Viena [Vienna] / Montevideo: Imprenta de Adolfo Holzhausen, (1916). 12 pp. Sm. 4to. Printed paper wrappers. First edition. A very good copy with small tear at fore edge of front wrapper, lightly soiled wrappers. [40077] $75 Inscribed by the author, Eliseo Ricardo Gómez (1881-?) who was a Uruguayan poet and Consul General in Vienna. Rare. No copies are located in OCLC, Copac, European Libraries, BN Uruguay, BN Chile, or any other online catalogues. The National Library of Australia has a copy of his earlier work, 'Mariposas e ideas' (1912). 140. GONZÁLEZ OBREGÓN, LUIS. JUNTA DIRECTIVA DEL DESAGÜE DEL VALLE DE MÉXICO. Memoria histórica, técnica y administrativa de las obras del desagüe del valle México 1449-1900. [Two Volumes]. México: Tipografia de la Oficina Impresora de Estampillas, 1902. xv, 688 pp.; 462 pp. Illus. with b/w plates, plans, and maps. Folio. Three quarter morocco over cloth boards, five raised bands, gilt title decoration and rules on spine. First edition. Very good copies with soiled spot on front board of first volume, boards and spines lightly rubbed with occasional small scuff, bookseller's sticker and owner's bookplate on front pastedowns. [42209] $600 A history of the draining of the lakes of the Valley of Mexico, whose water flow began to be managed over 2000 years ago. Vol. I. lib. 1. Descripción oro- hidrográfica y geológica del valle de México, por el señor ingeniero don Luis Espinosa. lib. 2. Reseña histórica del desagüe del valle de México 1445-1855, por don Luis González Obregón. lib. 3. Reseña histórica y ténica de las obras del desagüe del valle de México 1856-1900, por el señor ingeniero don Luis Espinosa. lib. 4. Reseña técnica de la ejecución del Gran canal y de las obras de arte 18861900, por los señores ingenieros don Luis Espinosa y don Isidro Díaz Lombardo. lib. 5. Reseña administrativa y económica de la Junta directiva del desagüe del valle de México 1886-1900, por el señor don Rosendo Esparza. Vol. II. contains appendices. Provenance: Joseph M. Gleason (bookplate), who helped bring the Lima collection to the Catholic Univ. of America.

141. GONZÁLEZ, JOAQUÍN V. La Universidad Nacional de la Plata. Memoria sobre su fundación. Buenos Aires: Talleres Gráficos de la Penitenciaría Nacional, 1905. xxx, 177 pp. Illus. with 35 b/w photos, drawings, plans (many folding). Sm. 8vo. Quarter calf over marbled boards, morocco lettering pieces. First edition. Palau 104810. Spine scuffed else a very good copy. [34440] $175 A complete discussion of the University, its architecture, construction, administration, financing, with copies of original law and decrees. 142. GRANADA, DANIEL. Vocabulario Rioplatense Razonado. Precedido de un juicio crítico por el Dr. Alejandro Magariños Cervantes. Montevideo: Imprenta Elzeviriana, 1889. xviii, 314 pp. 12mo. Cloth. First edition. Palau 107301. Spain & Spanish America I, 306 (2nd ed). Very good+, boards slightly rubbed, scattered foxing to preliminaries and endpapers. A handsome copy. [34804] $450 An important work on Rioplatense Spanish, a dialect spoken in the River Plate region between Argentina and Uruguay. Provenance: Bookplate of Hereberto Gibson on half-title, ie. Sir Herbert Gibson (1863-1934), a leading member of the British Community in Argentina. Tiny blind-stamp of Antonio Santamarina on title page and small label A. Santamarina (from the Biblioteca de d. Antonio Santamarina) on front pastedown. The last at auction in 1978. "Reducciones” of Vera Paz 143. [GUATEMALA. VERAPAZ]. [Manuscript document stamped and signed at each of the founding municipalities of Vera Paz]. 1881. 31 x 42 cm sheet folded. 31 x 22 cm. A very good copy, some minor staining at the corners, perhaps where sealed. [35872] $500 In line with the Spanish policy of "Congregation," the Friar Pedro de Angulo attempted to gather the Indians in the area of Vera Paz province into larger, and thus more manageable, settlements, or “reducciones,” as detailed in Captain Martin Alfonso Tovilla's account of 1635. Angulo succeeded in establishing ten villages by 1543 according to Tovilla: Santo Domingo de Cobán, San Pedro Carchá, San Agustín Lanquin, Santa Maria Chagbon [Cahabon], Santa Cruz Munchú, San Cristobal Caccho, Santa María Tactic, San Pablo de Tamaún, and San Miguel Tucurú, though additional settlements were added including La Tinta (Santa Cruz Cahaboncillo), Senahú, and Panzos. To commemorate this deed, a fast cordillera carrier was sent to make a circuit of these same villages, a feat he accomplished in 10 days. In 12 towns, an official has signed, dated, and usually stamped the document. Leader of Guatemalan Aristocrats Dies 144. [GUATEMALA]. [PAVÓN AYCINENA, MANUEL FRANCISCO]. [Funeral notice for] Manuel Francis-

co Pavon. Guatemala: 1855. 1 sheet. 13.5 x19.5 cm. Single sheet bordered in black on three edges. First edition. A very good copy, paper remnants on inner edge, small closed tear on fore edge. [38303] $250 Issued by the Secretaries of the State, announcing the funeral service and procession on April 19, 1855, this invitation is addressed in manuscript to Dr. Mariano Padilla, Professor of Surgery. Manuel Francisco Pavón Aycinena (1798-1855) was a leader of the group of conservative aristocrats who ran the government of Guatemala, including Juan Jose Aycinena, Luis Batres, Mariano Ayciena, Predro Aycinena, and Bernardo Pinol. After the 1826-29 civil war, in which he served as a lieutenant colonel, Pavon went into exile, returning in 1837 and supporting Rafael Carrera as President, and was instrumental in having Carrera named 'president for life' in 1854, just a year before this death notice. In his various positions as secretary of the Assembly, diplomat, editor in chief of the official government Gazette, and variously Minister of Finance, War, Justice, Foreign Relations, Interior, and Ecclesiastical Affairs, he had a major influence in molding Guatemala's governmental structures that last until this day. At his death, the government granted his widow the largest pension ever authorized by them. Not in BN Chile or could we locate copies at any other major libraries. Constitutional Revision Guaranteeing Universal Education 145. [GUATEMALA]. ASAMBLEA NACIONAL CONSTITUYENTE. Ley Constitutiva de la Republica de Guatemala decretada por la Asamblea Nacional Constituyente en 11 de Diciembre de 1879 y reformada por el mismo alto cuerpo en 5 de Noviembre de 1887. Guatemala: La Union, 1887. 40 pp. Sm. 8vo. Later marbled paper wrappers. First edition. Tears to top of title repaired on verso, inked name and date, still a very good+ copy. [39557] $300 An important revision of the 1879 constitution. "In 1887 the Guatemalan Constitution of 1879 was modified. Among the guaranties to citizens contained in the amended Constitution was an article providing that primary instruction should be compulsory. Freedom of religious worship was guaranteed. Citizens might have recourse to the writ of habeas corpus. Entail was prohibited and also the retention of property in dead hands, except by charitable institutions. The President should be elected, by direct popular vote, for six years: he might not be reelected until six years had elapsed. In case of death or disability his place should be taken by substitutes in the order designated by Congress. Members of the cabinet might attend the sessions of the legislature and take part in its deliberations. A council of state made up of cabinet members and other persons selected by the President and the legislature was to act as his advisory body. Legislative authority should be vested in a unicameral legislature called the National Assembly, which was to be composed of members elected by direct popular vote for four

years. The Constitution also provided for a permanent committee of Congress that resembled the committee established by the Costa Rican Constitution of 1871. Judicial authority was vested in a supreme court which should be composed of five members chosen by direct popular vote. This Constitution stipulated that federal judges must belong to the legal profession and might not be ecclesiastics. The basis of local administration should be departments that were to be managed by political chiefs appointed by the President," (Robertson, History of Latin American Nations, p. 456). But it also restored a section allowing for extraordinary presidential emergency powers, when "the interest or necessity of the Republic demand," which had been removed during the revision of 1885. 146. [GUATEMALA]. BATRES JÁUREGUI, ANTONIO. Bosquejo de Guatemala, en la América Central. New York: Imprenta de Las Novedades, 1883. 70 pp. 8vo. Paper wrappers. First edition. Palau 25593. Parreño Sale 449. Spine chipped, a few tears, small tape repair, otherwise very good. [33857] $50 Antonio Batres Jauregui (1847-1930) was a Guatemalan lawyer, writer, professor, founder of the Guatemalan Academy of Language and the Society of Geography and History in Guatemala. Scarce. OCLC shows only 4 copies. Unrecorded Broadside Declares Carrera President for Life 147. [GUATEMALA]. CARRERA, RAFAEL. Acta de la Junta General de Autoridades. funcionarios publicos, prelados eclesiasticos, gefes militares y diputaciones de las corpaciones, en que se aclamo Presidente Perpetuo de la Republica de Guatemala al Exmo. Sr. Capitan Gral. Don Rafael Carerra. [Guatemala]: n.p. 1854. 1 sheet. 53.5 x 78 cm. (21 x 30 3/4 inches). Broadside. First edition. A very good copy, minor edgewear, fold, closed tear. [42931] $1750 Dated 21 October 1854. Declaration followed by list of authorities within elaborate border. José Rafael Carrera Turcios (1814-1865) was the president of Guatemala in two distinct periods: 1844 to 1848, when his policies attempted to balance liberal aspirations against the conservative elite and from 1851 to 1865, during which period he was president for life, when he closely allied himself with the conservative establishment, the church hierarchy, and the rich landowners. As the most influential politician in Guatemala, with virtually monarchal powers, Carrera also intervened in the development of his neighboring states to aid the conservative rule in El Salvador and Honduras. No copies located on OCLC, COPAC, European Libraries, CCILA., or any Latin American Libraries. Picaresque Adventures & Scholarly Expertise 148. [GUATEMALA]. MORELET, ARTHUR. Voyage dans l'Amérique centrale, l'Ile de Cuba et le Yucatan. [Two Volumes]. Paris: Gide et J. Baudry, 1857. [4],

337, [2]; [4], 323, [2] pp. Illus. with 22 engravings, 2 plates of music,and 1 large folding color map (70.5 x 31.6 cm.). Sm. 4to. Contemporary half green morocco over marbled boards, four raised bands, three compartments decorated in gilt, two compartments with red morocco labels titled in gilt. First edition. Palau 181582. Sabin 50591. Bandelier: p.13. Very good copies with minor wear to boards, spine tips rubbed, small bookseller's label on free front endpaper, foxing, rear blanks clipped at corner; two small tears to map with old tape repairs on verso, otherwise map quite sharp. [42909] $2500 "A very attractive and valuable work," (Bandelier: Notes on the Bibliography of Yucatan and Central America). Pierre Marie Arthur Morelet (1809-1892) was a French naturalist and expert on molluscs. In 1846 and 1847 he undertook a self financed expedition to Central America but with input from the Academie de Sciences in Paris where he published its results shortly after his return. It was only a decade later in 1857 that he could be convinced to publish a narrative that would appeal to a wider audience (it was translated in 1871 as 'Travels in Central America', absent the part on Cuba). Morelet "belongs to that group of writers whose approach to nature and its beings is still guided by a humanistically-inspired reverence for creation...." (Surveying the American Tropics: A Literary Geography). Morelet wrote in a entertaining style filled with "anecdotes of picaresque adventures whose literary effect is heightened by the frequent inclusion of dialogues with his uneducated but witty companions- his French servant and native guides [but] his text also offers serious and extremely well-written descriptions of the natural world he encounters, which betray his scholarly expertise." Rarely at auction; only two in the last half century. 149. [GUATEMALA]. SILVA L., FELIPE. La Conquista de Utatlan. Drama Histórico en dos Partes y En Verso. Escrito bajo el plan de un antiguo manuscrito de cuyo original se conservan los nombres y locuciones indígenas; y se refiere al año de 1524. Alice W. Kurtz, ed. Guatemala: Tip. Arenales hijos, n.d. [1887]. 55 pp. Sm. 8vo. Paper-covered boards. First edition. Front covering of joint chipped at ends, title page with small dampstain at lower inner corner, some browning, but still about very good. [40013] $250 Conquest and destruction of Utalan (Q'umarka) by Pedro de Alvarado. 150. [GUATEMALA]. VALENZUELA, FRANCISCO X. Proposicion Que Hizo al Ayuntamiento de Guatemala. su alcalde 1. En las ultimas Sesiones del presente año de 1853. Guatemala: 1853. 1 sheet printed two sides. Sm. 4to. Broadsheet. First edition. A number of worm holes affecting a few words, otherwise clean. [38304] $150 A public paean by the mayor to honor Hermano Pedro De San Jose (1626-1667), a Spanish saint and missionary, known as the "St. Francis of the Americas," calling for his

beatification (which did not occur until 127 years later). Dated Guatemala, Diciembre 27 de 1853. Memoirs of an 18th c. Haitian Planter 151. [HAITI]. BORÉ, CITOYEN ET PLANTEUR. Faits Relatifs aux Troubles de Saint-Domingue. Paris: De L'Imprimerie du Patriote François, 1792. 15 pp. Sm. 8vo. Cloth with gilt titles. First edition. Sabin 6423. Garrett, French Colonial Question 153. Bissainthe, M. Dict. de bib. haïtienne, 4837. Catalogue de l'histoire de France, VIII, p. 733: 400. Amateur repair of quarter-size hole on title page darkening several words, faint foxing, pencil annotations, else a very good copy. [35978] $450 Caption title: Faits Relatifs aux Troubles de SaintDomingue presentes au Comite Colonial, en Vertu d'un Decret de I'Assemblee nationale, par M. Bore, citoyen et planteur de Saint-Domingue. Date supplied in manuscript. Memoirs of a planter from 1789 to 1791. OCLC shows only seven copies. Revolution in Haiti by a Surgeon to King Christophe. Presentation Copy 152. [HAITI]. HARVEY, W. W. (WILLIAM WOODIS). Sketches of Hayti: From the Expulsion of the French to the Death of Christophe. London: L.B. Seeley and Son, 1827. xvi, 416 pp. Illus. with folding frontispiece with a view of Cape Francois, St. Domingo. 8vo. Original publisher's tan linen over brown paper covered boards. First edition. Sabin 30783. LCP. Afro-Americana 4643. Cundall 465. Blockson 4003. Rebacked retaining original linen spine, paper label mostly gone, frontis foxed, title with a bit of offsetting, but still a very good untrimmed copy. [40266] $1000 Presentation Copy. Inscribed by the author. William Woodis Harvey (1798-1864) provides an early account of the Haitian revolution and its effects. The author had access to Christophe, his servants and staff, longtime traders, and written documentation. The French Revolution in Haiti 153. [HAITI]. SAINT-MARC. COMMISSAIRES DES CITOYENS DE COULEUR. Mémoire historique des dernières révolutions des provinces de l'ouest et due sud de la partie Françoise de Saint-Domingue, publié par les Commissaires des citoyens de couleur de Saint-Marc et de plusieurs paroisses de la colonie, auprès de l'Assemblée Nationale et du roi. Paris: Patriote Françoise, 1792. 114 pp. Sm. 8vo. Modern silk with gilt titles. First edition. Sabin 75161. Cundall 417. LCP. Afro-Americana 9128. Martin & Walter. Révolution française: IV/2, 9677. Title page torn and repaired affecting a few words of the statement of responsibility and the quote below it, small inked numeral, foxing on a few leaves; else contents very good in an excellent binding. [37277] $400

Covers the slave insurrections in Haiti. OCLC shows only nine copies.

plate on front pastedown, faint glue mark at hinge, minor foxing. [38738] $850

Large Scale Map of Haiti

With one page of advertisements. Originally published as "Tagebuch einer reise durch Peru" (Dresden, 1798). Anton Zacharias Helms (1751-1803) was a mining expert who joined the expedition to the Viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plata led by Thaddeus von Nordenflicht at the request of the King of Spain to assist in improving the system for processing silver from the mining operations in Potosi. This is the best record of the expedition, and Helms writes not only about mining operations, but in the second section covers extensively the governments, geology, topography, peoples, history, and commerce of the region. An abridged version without the map and running 92 pages, was published the following year (see next item). Provenance: Coleccion Monclau (bookplate).

154. [HAITI]. VANDERMAELEN, PHILIPPE. Amer. Sep. Haiti ou St. Domingue. No. 68. [with] Curacao. No. 74. [Bruxelles]: [Ph. Vandermaelen], 1827. 2 sheets. Hand-colored lithographic maps. 46 x 53 cm and 50 x 56 cm. First edition. Very good bright copies, a few minor spots or marginal finger soiling. [40377] $825 Large scale map of Haiti; map 68 also includes parts of Cuba and the Bahamas and has a text box entitled: Iles Bahamas ou Lucayes; map 74 includes the southern, and remaining portion of Haiti plus Aruba, Bonaire, and small parts of Puerto Rico and Venezuela. Text box entitled: Republique d'Haiti. Redigee par A. Delavault. Sheets from Phillipe Vandermaelen, Atlas universel de geographie physique, politique, statistique et mineralogique..., a magnificent and ground breaking six volume atlas of the entire world, which was the first Atlas to use lithography, to show the entire world using such a large uniform scale, approximately 26 miles to the inch, and which was designed to be joined together into a three-dimensional globe with a diameter of approximately 25 feet. 155. HEAD, F.B. [FRANCIS BOND]. Rough Notes Taken During Some Rapid Journeys Across the Pampas and Among the Andes. London: John Murray, 1826. xi, 309 pp. 12mo. Rebacked in quarter navy cloth over marbled boards with morocco tips, morocco label. Second edition. Sabin 31134. Field 674. Palau 112644. Spain & Spanish America I, 322. A very good- copy, chip to corner of front board, boards scuffed, owner's name and owner's bookplate on front pastedown, endpapers soiled, contents clean. [41706] $100 "This work obtained for its author the soubriquet of “Galloping Head,” from the manner in which he scoured across the Pampas. It contains descriptions of the life of the savage Guachos, and the fearful atrocities of the Salteadores, both of the Creole or Mestizo race, and the Indians of the Pampas," Sabin. "Se ocupa extensamente de los indos Guachos y de la ciudad de Buenos Aires," Palau (VI, p. 528). Nordenflicht Expedition to Peru 156. HELMS, ANTHONY ZACHARIAH. Travels from Buenos Ayres, by Potosi, to Lima. With Notes by the Translator, containing Topographical Descriptions of the Spanish Possessions in South America, drawn from the last and best Authorities. London: Printed for Richard Phillips, 1806. xii, 287, [1] pp. Illus. with 1 folding map. 16mo. Later half calf over marbled boards, red morocco lettering piece, spine decorated in gilt. First English Language edition. Sabin 31265. Palau 112884 (1807 ed.). Kress B.5054. Goldsmiths'-Kress: 19189.6. Lowndes II: 902. See Hill (2004): 1349. Humphreys 563. Naylor A.4. A near fine copy, armorial book-

157. HELMS, ANTHONY ZACHARIAH. Travels from Buenos Ayres, by Potosi, to Lima. With Notes, by the Translator, Containing Topographical Descriptions of the Spanish Possessions in South America, Drawn from the Last and Best Authorities. London: Printed for Richard Phillips, 1807. viii, [9]92 pp. 8vo. Modern red buckram, gilt tile and rules. Second edition (abridged version). Sabin 31265n & 62506. Palau 112884. Kress B.5199. Goldsmiths'-Kress: 19346.9. A very good+ copy, light foxing. [37302] $200 Abridged version. Provenance: From the library of Alberto Parreño with his gilt initials on spine. 158. [HONDURAS]. GUTIÉRREZ, CARLOS. Empréstitos á Estados Extrangeros. Comunicaciones Diversas fechadas desde el 24 de Febrero hasta el 27 de Junio de 1875, y dirigidas por el Ministro Plenipotenciario de la República de Honduras en Lóndres. A su Excelencia... Londres: Impreso para la Legacion de Honduras, 1876. 40 pp. 4to. Stitched paper wrappers. First edition. Stitching loose, front wrapper stained, soiled, with inch hole at top, edges quite worn, a few annotations and corrections throughout, lacking last leaves. [33867] $125 "...el muy Honorable Conde de Derby, Principal Secretario de Estado y de Relaciones Exteriores del Gobierno de su Magestad Britanica. Con Motivo de los Diversos Incidentes y Procedimientos del Selecto Comite Sobre Emprestitos Extrangeros, en lo que e Refieren a los Emprestitos de Honduras." Gutierrez had been negotiating with Lord Derby concerning loans for the Honduras interoceanic railway, a scandal that had been progressing for many years and would scar Honduras into the future. The first part of the document, written in 1876, lays out his complaints, followed by copies of his correspondence (which is not complete, this copy lacking those letters after 11 April 1875). OCLC shows no copies, but an English language version is at John Hopkins and Univ. London. 159. [HONDURAS]. SQUIER, E.G. [EPHRAIM GEORGE]. Honduras; Descriptive, Historical, and Statistical. London: Trübner & Co., 1870. viii, 278 pp. Illus. with 1

partly colored folding map. Sm. 8vo. Reddish brown pebbled cloth, beveled edges. First separate edition. Palau 321803. Sabin 89968. Larned 4019. Griffin 4511. A very good copy, lower spine neatly renewed, boards rubbed, new endpapers, title page remounted, binding tight, map near fine with just a small marginal tear at one fold. [37846] $175 Reprinted, with some revision, from the chapters on Honduras in the author’s “States of Central America” 1858. 160. [HORNOT, ANTOINE]. Anecdotes Américaines, ou Histoire Abrégée des Principaux Événments Arrivés dans le Nouveau Monde, depuis sa découverte jusqu'a l'èpoque présente. Paris: Chez Vincent, 1776. xv, 782 pp. 16mo. Cloth. First edition. Sabin 33039. Howes H648. Palau 116218. De Moraes 348. Rodrigues 180. Barbier: I, 178-179. About very good, worn at joints, spine ends, and corners; boards rubbed, scattered foxing. [37266] $300 A chronological history of all the Americas both North and South from their conquest until the beginning of the American Revolution which filled a strong need in European markets for news of America. Quite valuable for its account of the French discoveries in the Americas. 161. LABRA, RAFAEL M. DE. La Libertad de los Negros de Puerto-Rico. Discursos pronunciados en la Asamblea Nacional Española en Marzo de 1873. Madrid: Sociedad Abolicionista Española, 1873. 101, [1] pp. 16mo. Paper wrappers. First edition. Palau 129050. A near fine copy in original wrappers, paperclip mark on a few leaves. [42254] $200 Top of title page: Propaganda anti-esclavista. Rafael María de Labra Cadrana (1840-1918) was a Havana born anti-slavery activist and proponent of an independent Cuba, for which efforts a fundamentalist newspaper offered rewards for stabbing him. As a leader of the Spanish Abolitionist Society and member of the Assembly he helped to bring about the abolition of slavery in Cuba and Puerto Rico. History of the Portuguese Explorations of the 15th and 16th centuries 162. LAFITAU, JOSEPH-FRANÇOIS. Histoire des Découvertes et Conquestes des Portugais dans le Nouveau Monde, Avec des Figures en tailledouce. [Two Volumes]. Paris: chez Saugrain pere, quai des Augustins, au coin de la rue Pavée, à la Fleur de Lis. JeanBaptiste Coignard fils, imprimeur du Roi, rue S. Jacques, à la Bible d'Or, 1733. [8], xxiv, 616, [47], [1] pp; [2], 693, [89], [2] pp. Illus. with 14 engraved plates (including frontis, 1 folding) and 1 folding map. 4to. Modern full speckled calf to style, five raised bands, red morocco labels, gilt rules and titles. First edition. Sabin 38591. European Americana 733/146. Borba de Moraes I: p. 386. Sommervogel IV, 1363. Graesse IV: 71. Brunet III: 14. A very

good copy, small repair to title page on volume I, some occasional browning, a few tiny marginal worm holes and a few small marginal chips, text and plates sharp, in a fine period-style binding. [40250] $2950 A history of the Portuguese explorations of the 15th and 16th centuries. The world map delineates the voyages of Vasco da Gama, Cabral, and Magellan. Though best known for his 'Mœurs des sauvages amériquains,' Joseph-François Lafitau (1681-1746), a Jesuit missionary and discoverer of ginseng in North America, also wrote this two volume history which "is not just a compilation of original sources but an attempt to make available to French readers a story of exploration and adventure otherwise denied to them; in the chronicles, he sees a long development of customs hitherto unnoticed, such as he had reported in the 'Mœurs'; from them, understood only, he says, in the original languages of the people who practice them, he builds his 'system' or philosophy of history, and once more he is concerned too with the relation between custom and natural history, or ecology," William N. Fenton, 'Lafitau, Joseph-François.' in Dictionary of Canadian Biography, vol. 3. 163. LECUNA, VICENTE. Crónica Razonada de las Guerras de Bolívar. Formada sobre documentos, sin utilizar consejas ni versiones impropias. Conclusiones de acuerdo con hechos probados, y la naturaleza de las cosas [Three Volumes]. New York: Colonial Press, 1950. xxvii, 545 pp.; 487 pp.; 662 pp. Illus. with 49 b/w plates and maps. 8vo. Cloth. First edition. Hilton 5514. A fine set. [35455] $200 A three volume history of Bolivar's campaigns. The standard secondary source. 164. LEÓN, NICOLÁS. Los Tarascos. Notas históricas étnicas y antropológicas, comprendiendo desde los tiempos precolombinos hasta los actuales, colegidas de escritores antiguos y modernos, documentos inéditos y observaciones personales. Primera parte. México: Imprenta del Museo Nacional, 1904. 157 pp. Illus. with 43 plates, some colored + drawings and 1 folding map. 8vo. Disbound. First edition. Spain & Spanish America II, 288. Palau 135494. A good copy, lacking wrappers, signatures and stitching loose, large chips and tears to lower fore corner of first 4 leaves (not affecting text or illus.) including half-title and title; leaves unopened (uncut) and clean, illustrations crisp. [34331] $100 OCLC shows only two copies: Field Museum and BN Chile. Also in BN Mexico. 165. LICAR, R. [RAMÓN LIBORIO CARVALLO]. La Banda Presidencial. Actualidad Política. Setiembre de 1885. Santiago: Imprenta Cervantes, 1885. 126 pp. 8vo. Paper wrappers in the colors of the Chilean flag. First edition. A very good- copy, front wrapper worn, small hole in title not affecting text. [39588] $75

Presidential election piece; Balmaceda would run and win the following year. Once attributed to Máximo Lira. OCLC shows two copies: Univ. Conn. and BN Chile. Rare Manuscripts & Books for a Pittance 166. LICHTENSTEIN, WALTER. Report to the President of Northwestern University on the Results of a Trip to South America. Evanston: Northwestern Univ. Press, 1915. 43 pp. Illus. with 4 b/w plates. Sm. 4to. Paper wrappers. Second edition. Palau 138248. A very good partially unopened (uncut) copy, edgeworn and lightly soiled wrappers, contents clean. [40081] $100 Northwestern University Bulletin Volume XVI, Number I, September 3, 1915. A fascinating description of Lichtenstein's buying trip for major American universities including Harvard College Library, Harvard Law School Library, The John Crerar Library, Northwestern University Library, John Carter Brown Library, Northwestern University Law School Library, and the American Antiquarian Society- obtaining collections of extremely valuable and rare books, manuscripts, and newspapers at unbelievably low prices, averaging approximately four dollars a piece for the printed books and two cents each for the newspaper sheets. Scarce Broadside on the Formation of the Gov't of Argentina 167. LOPEZ, ESTANISLAO. Carta particular del gobernador de Santa fe al señor gobernador y capitan general de esta provincia. Señor Don Martin Rodriguez. Rosario y Noviembre 10 de 1820. Paisano y amigo de mi aprecio. A noche he llegado à este destino acompañado ... Buenos Ayres: Imprenta de Los Expòsitos, 1820. 1 pp. 4to. Broadside. First edition. Zinny: Bibliografía histórica p. 396, No. 248. Not in Fors. A very good copy, small blind stamp in lower margin, light foxing to fore edge. [37092] $575 A remarkable document issued at a particularly critical moment in Argentine history, this letter concerns the formation of a federal government in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fé, and Entre Ríos by the selection of representatives from each. Lopez announces that his representatives have been elected and calls for peace: "Let bloodshed and our disputes stop and let us have a stable reconciliation so that we can leave behind this state of anarchy." López (1786-1839), Caudillo of Santa Fe from 1818 to 1838, was a supporter of Rosas and favored federalism. Martin Rodríguez was a major political leader. After Dorrego's defeat in 1820, he became Governor of Buenos Aires. and arranged the Bernegas Treaty (1820) that established a truce between the Mesopotamian Provinces and Buenos Aires. Provenance: Antonio Santamarina (blind stamp). Scarce. OCLC shows a single copy: JCB. 168. LUCIANI, JORGE. Zumo de verdades. Habana: Imp. Capitolio, 1934. 119 pp. 16mo. Paper wrappers. First

edition. Front wrapper nearly detached else very good with author inscription on first blank. [42146] $50 Warmly inscribed by the author to Enrique Naranjo Martinez, Colombian Consul in Boston. A very scarce collection of short newspaper pieces by Jorge Luciani (18961856) a political activist and author. In 1918 he participated, as a college student, in the student demonstrations in favor of the Allies and was arrested and exiled. In New York he founded, “Unión Cívica Venezolana" (Venezuelan Civic Union) in 1927 opposed to the dictatorship of Juan Vicente Gómez Chacón, military leader of Venezuela. After the death of Gomez, he joined the administration of General Eleazar Lopez Contreras. He published several historical political works: Bolívar galante (1922), La dictadura de perpetua de Gómez y sus adversarios (1930), Zumo de verdades (1934), El máximo turbulento de la Gran Colombia y otros estudios (1943), Abajo las caretas (1948) y Los principios constitucionales del Libertador (1952). Quite uncommon. We could locate only two institutional holdings: BN Spain and BN Venezuela. 169. MARTI, JOSÉ. MINISTERIO DE RELACIONES EXTERIORES. La República del Uruguay y el Prócer Cubano José Marti. Montevideo: Lit. Tip. "OliveraFernández y Cia". 1917. frontis, 63 pp. 8vo. Stapled paper wrappers. First edition. Not in Palau. Wrappers foxed and soiled, spine ends split, else very good. [34283] $75 Correspondence from, to, and about José Martí while he served as Uruguayan consul in New York City. 170. MATTA VIAL, ENRIQUE. Papeles de la familia Carrera. (Cartas de don Ignacio de Carrera) [with] Papeles de doña Javiera de Carrera (Cartas de doña Javiera de Carrera) [in] Revista Chilena de historia y geografía. Santiago: Imprenta Universitaria, 1911-1915 [389-403], [168-189], [196-220], [423-435], [454-461], [334-341], [57-68], 407-414], [240-245] pp. Illus. with 1 b/w plate. 8vo. Quarter morocco over cloth boards, five raised bands. First editions. Indice Revista Chilena: 483-484. A very good copy, top compartment scuffed, repaired tears to half-title, leaves brown, rare inked marginalia. [42249] $100 The complete nine article series on the Papeless de la familia Carrera & Papeles de doña Javiera de Carrera published in the Revista Chilena de historia y geografía. 171. [MÁYER, CÁRLOS]. La Juventud Argentina a Cárlos Máyer. Corona Fúnebre. Buenos Aires: Imprenta Argentina de El Nacional, 1862. 87 pp. Sm. 8vo. Cloth. First edition. A near fine copy, beautifully rebound. [35001] $100 Capitán Carlos Máyer was the brother of Edelmiro Mayer, and died at the age of 18 fighting in Chumbicha. OCLC shows two copies: Univ. Florida and BN Chile. Also at BN Argentina. 172. MEDINA, JOSÉ TORIBIO. En defensa de siete voces chilenas registradas en el Diccionario de la

Real Academia Española y cuya supresión se solicita por un autor nacional. (De la revista Atenea.). Santiago de Chile: Editorial Nascimento, 1927. 14 pp. 8vo. Self wrappers. First separate edition. Schaible: Medina 374. Leaves browned and a bit brittle, lower fore corners with marginl stains or chips, last leaf loose, still a good copy of a hard to find item. [38298] $50

morocco gilt spine label, rules, marbled edges. First edition. Palau 163362. Sabin 47810. Spain & Spanish America II: 73. A very good or better copy in a bright binding, title leaf soiled with old edge repair, an expertly repaired chip on corner, scattered foxing, minor damp marking to top edge of plates, small puncture on advertising leaves. [38914] $500

Also published in "Atenea, Revista publicada por la Universidad de Concepcion," 1927, Año IV, Núm. 7, pp. 89 102. OCLC shows 10 copies.

Pablo de Mendibil's synopsis of Carlos Maria Bustamante's 'Cuadro Historic de la Revolucion de Mexico' (1823), was an attempt to popularize the Mexican cause among Europeans since Bustamante's original work was exceeding scarce. Mendibil (1788-1832), an exile from Spain living in London, one of the 'afrancesados' who had emigrated to France in 1814, prepared this work at the urging of Mexican Independistas, including the publisher Rodolfo Ackermann, for whom he had previously written textbooks. Both the original by Bustamente and the shorter work by Mendibil, are hard to find and are rarely at auction.

173. MEDINA, JOSÉ TORIBIO. Ensayo acerca de una mapoteca chilena ó sea de una colección de los títulos de los mapas, planos y vistas relativos á Chile arreglados cronológicamente, con una introducción histórica acerca de la geografía y cartografía del pais. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta Ercilla, 1889. cxxviii, 254 pp. 12mo. Three quarter tan calf over marbled boards, four raised bands, gilt title. First edition. Palau 159472. A very good copy, rubbed, small bookplate on front pastedown, leaves browned, occasional pencil mark. [37293] $100 According to the Medina scholar Maury Bromsen, this was one of the first works published by Medina on his home press in an edition that did not exceed 150 copies. Provenance: Hans Peter Kraus, with his bookplate, V.M. Chiappa, with his name in gilt on spine. 174. MEDINA, JOSÉ TORIBIO. Historia del Tribunal del Santo Oficio de la Inquisición en Chile. Aniceto Almeyda, prologo. Santiago de Chile: Fondo Histórico y Bibliográfico J.T. Medina, 1952. xxv, 675 pp. Illus. with b/w reproductions. Sm. 4to. Paper wrappers. Second edition. Palau 159473 (1st ed). A very good unopened (uncut) copy, wrappers with minor wear. [38896] $150 An important work on the inquisition in Spanish America. First published in two volumes in 1890. 175. MEDINA, JOSÉ TORIBIO. Los Aboríjenes de Chile. [Aborígenes]. Santiago: Imprenta Gutenberg, 1882. xvi, 427 pp. + illus. 232 illustrations on 40 lithographed plates. Sm. 4to. Quarter brown morocco over marbled boards, gilt title and rules on spine, marbled endpapers. First edition. Palau 159466. A very good copy, spine and boards scuffed, small tears to a few early leaves. [38890] $350 Scarce in first edition. In Support of the Mexican Independistas 176. MENDIBIL, PABLO DE. BUSTAMANTE, CARLOS MARÍA DE. Resúmen Histórico de La Revolucion de Los Estados Unidos Mejicanos; sacado del "Cuadro Historico" que en forma de cartas escribió el Lic. D. Carlos María Bustamente, i ordenado en cuatro libros. London: Lo Publica R. Ackermann, 1828. xxv, 423 pp. Illus. with 5 b/w plates. 8vo. Modern half red cloth over marbled boards, brown

177. [MERCHANT MARINE]. [CHILE]. [Photograph Album of Merchant Marine Captain Jorge Rosa Reed & His Career with CSAV Compania Sud Americana de Vapores of Santiago Chile and New York]. ca. 1930s-1970s. Paper-covered boards. Very good. [41757] $450 Imagery including photographs of a trip taken earlier in Jorge Rosa Reed's career: the Chilean Ship, Crew Acaoncagua at the port of Svendbord (Denmark) and their visit there; and a small photo, probably professionally taken, of this ship; several good candid shots of men on board Chilean naval vessels, launching lifeboat, swabbing decks, more; several photographs of attractive women friends, with well-wishes (Captain Jorge was a handsome man); a press photo from Stillmans Gym NY of Antonio Fernandez (Fernandito) Chilean champion boxer (1911 -1976) inscribed to the Captain in friendship, several images of cargo being loaded at dockside, stevedores & company worthies; the ship "Imperial" in drydock; naval cadet school photos, later portrait images of what appear to be groups of businessmen, probably CSAV people; a few from a 1950's trip to Antwerp. Approximately 85 images contained in a photo album, loosely mounted in at their corners, not glued, with approx. 25 images not mounted and laid-in; various formats and sizes, all black and white; the largest about 7" x 9" size, the smallest snapshot 2 1/4" x 3 1/2", with most of the images somewhere between and in generally good condition, occasional wear or crinkling (if they'd been dismounted); contained in period beige stiff-paper album, oblong format, string bound, approx. 9" x 13", with wear and rubbing; (with) the Chilean merchant marine captain's & pilot's certification, completed in manuscript, "Marina Mercante Nacional Chile ... Capitan de Cabotaje de la Marina Mercante Nacionale Piloto Primero ..." signed by the Director del Litoral and with the original registration stamp, nicely colored arms of Chile at top, approx. 9 1/2" x 14 3/4" size, some browning, old creasing, still very good and a fairly handsome document; Captain Jorge Rosa Reed (c. 1916-2011), formerly an of-

ficer in the Chilean Navy, for many years a director of operations for the Compania Sud-Americana de Vapores in their New York offices. CSAV one of the oldest continuously operating shipping companies in the world (started in 1872); a good group of photographic material illustrating the career of a South American naval officer who went on to living in the U.S. and was involved in international shipping. 178. [MEXICAN REVOLUTION]. [SPENCE, FRANK]. [Pencil Drawing] The Mexican Election. [Brooks Oregon?]: [1913]. 1 sheet 7 1/4" x 10 1/4" First edition. A very good copy with 2 small chips to right fore edge. [42949] $125 Political cartoon rendered in pencil of a large blade aimed by Victoriano Huerta at a seated Mexican who is about to cast his ballot for president. A hand points to the name Huerta and away from the line above where the voter was about to sign. José Victoriano Huerta Márquez (1850-1916), after secretly plotting with United States Ambassador to Mexico Henry Lane Wilson, overthrew the President of Mexico, Francisco Madero in 1913 in an infamous episode in Mexican history is known as La decena trágica. At a late-night special session of Congress surrounded by Huerta's troops, the Mexico's legislators endorsed Huerta's assumption of power. This antiHuerta cartoon is signed on the verso Frank Spence, Brooks, Ore. 179. [MEXICAN REVOLUTION]. MESA GUTIÉRREZ, LUIS. La vérité sur la révolution mexicaine. Paris: Société Anonyme des Imprimeries Wellhoff & Roche, 1915. 30 pp. 16mo. Paper wrappers. First edition. Ramos, Bibliografia de la revolucion mexicana, I: 1056 (Eng. ed.). Remains of postage stamp and cancel on front wrapper, else a very good copy. [34337] $175 In support of Diaz against the forces of reaction. Luis Mesa Gutierrez was Carranza's Liberal Constitutionalist Commercial agent. OCLC shows only 3 copies. 180. [MEXICAN REVOLUTION]. PALAVICINI, FÉLIX F. Un nuevo congreso constituyente. Veracruz: Imp. de la Sria de I.P. y B.A. 1915. 86 pp. Sm. 8vo. Stapled marbled paper wrappers. First edition. Palau 210085. A good copy, rust at staples, small chips at spine ends, first blank detached, corners creased throughout. [34343] $75 Felix F. Palavicini was one of the intellectuals of the Mexican Revolution. Not in Ramos: Bibliografia de la revolucion mexicana. Suppressed by Santa Anna 181. [MEXICAN-AMERICAN WAR]. ALCARAZ, RAMON; ET AL. Apuntes para la Historia de la Guerra entre México y los Estados-Unidos. México: Tipografia de Manuel Payno, 1848. v, [1], [1], 401, [3] pp. Illus. with 28 lithographic maps and plates (14 folding maps; 14 portrait plates, and one folding table). Sm. 4to. Contemporary quarter morocco over marbled boards, four raised bands,

gilt title on spine. First edition. Palau 14138. Sabin 48281. Howes A105 (b). Streeter I:279. Haferkorn 8. Eberstadt 114-733. Tutorow 3254. About very good, small chip to foot of spine, edges worn, armorial bookplate on free front endpaper, scattered foxing, tide line on top fore margin of first dozen or so leaves, a few leaves with old reinforcement repairs on top inner edge affecting a few words, one map with a few repairs affecting the neat line at one corner and blank areas, one leaf with two wear holes to lower margin, otherwise quite solid. [42378] $4000 With all maps and plates. "Extremely rare," Sabin. Fifteen authors (listed at the conclusion of the introduction) provide the Mexican view of the war with battle plans. Originally published in installments in late 1848 to early 1849, then the remaining issues were bound, which may explain the lower plate or map counts in most other copies currently offered as well as those listed by Eberstadt, Sabin, Palau, Howes. Severely criticizes the loss of nearly 55% of Mexican territory by General Santa Anna who had the work suppressed, copies in private hands burned, and the authors imprisoned. "They [the authors] wanted to understand why Mexico had lost the war and the nation's territory. They wanted to present this study in the form of "Apuntes" so that the information could serve as an example of how to preserve the nation in the future. That is the great achievement of this work. That the writers hoped it would teach other generations about the critical moments Mexico had experienced, about what had led to them, and how we could correct our course in order to preserve what remained of the territory and the nation. Later they became politicians and worked together with the generation led by Benito Juárez. Their experiences during the U.S.-Mexican war helped them when they had to face the French invasion in the 1860s. Eventually they did carry out the work of consolidating Mexico," (from "'Apuntes' and the Lessons of History:" A Conversation with Jesús Velasco-Márquez, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México). An English translation, 'The Other Side, or, Notes for the history of the war between Mexico and the United States', was published in New York and London, 1850. "The best Mexican source on the conduct of the war" Windsor, Narrative and Critical History of America, VII, p. 443. Provenance: Nelson Osgood Rhoades (bookplate). 182. [MEXICO CITY]. AYUNTAMIENTO. Documentos relativos a las contestaciones entre el supremo gobierno y el escmo. ayuntamiento, sobre el ejercicio esclusivo de las prerogativas de este cuerpo, y motivos por los que ha cesado en sus funciones. México: Impreso por I[gnacio] Cumplido, 1843. 20 pp. 8vo. Stitched paper wrappers. First edition. Sutro: p. 783. Spine reinforced with matching paper, neat inked numeral on wrapper, dampstain to upper fore corner of leaves, still about very good. [39549] $150 The first of three works on the municipal government of Mexico City (the others are: Part 2. Continuacion de los documentos relativos a la cesacion en sus funciones del escelentísimo Ayuntamiento de esta capita and part 3. Continuacion de los documentos ... y reinstalacion de este

cuerpo). The mayor, José María Mejia, had recently been under attack concerning the use of municipal funds. OCLC locates only seven copies under four accession numbers. 183. [MEXICO CITY]. TRIGUEROS, IGNACIO. Memoria de los ramos municipales correspondiente al semestre de julio a diciembre de 1866 presentada a S.M. el Emperador. México: Imprenta Economica, 1867. 167 pp. Illus. with 2 b/w folding charts. 8vo. Quarter green morocco over marbled boards, gilt decoration on spine, marbled endpapers. First edition. Palau 340777. A very good copy, boards worn at corners, a few letters inked to verso of free front endpaper, two tiny holes near top of free rear endpaper, otherwise contents are near fine. [42246] $500 A rare report on La Ciudad de México presented to Emperor Maximilian during his reign. Contains extensive information on the city and its people issued for the second half of 1866. The last third is an appendix containing "Coleccion de las disposiciones de policia dictadas en el ano de 1866" detailing municiple ordinances for the full year. (An earlier report was issued for the first half of 1866, ran 66 pages, and had a map; two more half year reports were issued the following year, which is as long as Maximilian's reign lasted). Ignacio Trigueros (18051879) held many government positions and was minister of Finance under Santa Anna. All four issues are quite uncommon. OCLC locates copies at Cal. State, Lehigh, Univ. Texas at Austin, Stanford, Univ. Ibero-americana, and BN Mexico. 184. [MEXICO. ALTA CALIFORNIA]. LAFRAGUA, JOSÉ MARÍA. MINISTERIO DE RELACIONES INTERIORES Y EXTERIORES. Reglamento de la Direccion de Colonizacion. México: Imprenta del Aguila, 1846. 22 pp. 16mo. Contemporary calf. First edition. Streeter IV: 2510. Spain & Spanish America II: p.353. A very good copy, boards lightly scuffed, some faded ink spots on title page, small bookplate on front pastedown. [42910] $1000 Colonization was an important element of Mexican strategy even more so after the loss of Texas and war with the United States. "[T]hese regulations, which were promulgated December 4, 1846, nominally prevailed in California at the time, and the price of lands in Upper and Lower California [Baja and Alta California] is specifically given" Streeter, V. IV p. 1807. José María Lafragua (1813-1881) was put in charge of the newly reorganized Department of Colonization in late November 1846 and issued these regulations in early December (while his counterpart, Ambassador José María Luis Mora was in London trying to encourage European immigration). Prices were set at a minimum of 4 reales an acre, except for those of Baja California, where they would have a price of 2 reales. The land will be put up at auction at the price and on the conditions established by the decree. The purchaser was bound to settle the land with at least two families, of five individuals each, per square mile, within the space of two years. The new foreign settlers were to be considered as citizens of the republic from their arrival

in the colony. Most important was paragraph 382, which attempted to guard against further incursion by the United States or Texas. "Who may not be Colonists.—1. That none of the colonists who may be introduced therein shall be a subject or native of or come from a nation whose territory lies contiguous to the lands which are to be granted, nor of a power with which the republic may be at war, save in the cases in which the government may make exceptions for special reasons and motives." This was followed by a prohibition of slavery. As Streeter noted "[T]hese regulations, which were promulgated December 4, 1846, nominally prevailed in California at the time." The issue of colonization would become even more important after the defeat suffered by the Mexican army by the U.S. in 1847. OCLC locates ten copies: Huntington, LA Law, Berkeley, Yale, Princeton, Brigham Young, Univ. Houston, Texas at Austin, Texas at Arlington, and BN Mexico. Provenance: A. Salazar (bookplate). 185. [MEXICO. CATHOLIC CHURCH]. Defensa del venerable cabildo eclesiastico de Guadalajara, contra el informe que ha hecho en ofensa suya la junta directiva de diezmos y el gobierno civil de Jalisco. Mexico: Imprenta del Aguila, 1827. 41 pp. Sm. 8vo. (20 cm). Stitched paper wrappers. First edition. Sabin 29024 (Variant). Spain & Spanish America II, 518. Sutro (supplement) 181. OCLC: 20587842. Rear wrapper detached, wrappers soiled, scattered foxing, a few corners creased, still good or better. [34253] $250 OCLC shows 1 copy at UC Berkeley. Not in BN Mexico. 186. [MEXICO. CATHOLIC CHURCH]. MENDIZÁBAL Y ZUBIALDEA, LUIS DE.; VÁZQUEZ Y SÁNCHEZ VIZCAÍNO, FRANCISCO PABLO, Solemnes Exequias del Exmô. é Illmô. Señor D. Manuel Ignacio Gonzalez del Campillo, dignísimo Obispo de la Puebla de los Angeles, Prelado Gran Cruz de la real y distinguida Orden de Cárlos III, del Consejo de S.M. Celebradas en la Santa Iglesia Catedral de Dicha Cuidad en los dias 26 y 27 de Noviembre de 1813. México: Mariano Ontiveros, 1814. (6), 17, (2), 34 pp. Sm. 8vo. Later paper wrappers. First edition. Sabin 86368. Sabin 47815. Sabin 98715. Palau y Dulcet 317555. Medina: México 10919. Andrade 4361. Amaya 2095. Lafragua 704. A very good copy with neat minor marginalia, worm holes in lower margin not affecting text, contents bright. [40969] $300 Includes: Oratio in funere exmî. et illmî. principis Emmanuelis Ignatii González a Campillo by Ludovico de Mendizabal et Zubialdea, Rector of the College of St. Paul in Puebla, and Elogio fúnebre del exmô. é illmo. señor D. Manuel Ignacio González del Campillo by Francisco Pablo Vázquez, formerly Bishop of Puebla and later the first diplomat of independent Mexico who gained recognition for Mexico from the Vatican. Though Manuel Ignacio González del Campillo (1740-1813), the Creole Bishop of Puebla, was a great benefactor of the population and responsible for introducing mass vaccinations and establishing many charitable programs, there was a darker side to his tenure, which included his strong support of

the Spanish crown and his persecution of those seeking independence, especially the revolutionary Padre Miguel Hidalago. 187. [MEXICO. CATHOLIC CHURCH]. NÚÑEZ DE HARO Y PERALTA, ALONSO. ARZOBISPO DE MÉGICO, ALONSO. Nos El Dr. D. Alonso Nuñez de Haro, y peralta por la Gracia de Dios, y de la Santa Sede Apostolica Arzobispo de México del Consejo de S.M. &c. Siendo uno de los principales cargos del Ministerio Pastoral la Visita de los Pueblos de la Diocesis porque instruyéndose personalmente, y tocando las cosas de cerca adquieren los prelados las noticias necesarias, con que despues pueden governarlos con zelo, atencíon, prudencia, y dulzura paternal... [México]: [1774]. [13, 1 pp.]. 16mo. Disbound. First edition. Medina: Imp. Mexico VI, 5728. Removed from a larger volume else a very good copy, trimmed, small worm holes along fore edge, affecting 5 letters of text only, old stab holes to inner margin, archival tape at fore edge. [37417] $350 Pastoral letter from Archbishop Núñez de Haro (1729– 1800). Dated at end: Mexico, October 20, 1774. "Por mandado de s.s. ilma. el arzobispo mi sr. dr. d. Manuel de Flores, secretario." Scarce. Not in Palau or Leon. OCLC shows four copies under two accession numbers: BN Chile, SMU, JCB, Univ.Texas. 188. [MEXICO. CHARRERIA]. LARA, JUAN. Juan Lara: Retrospectiva Mexicana. Mexico: n.p. [Casa Domecq por la Federacion Nacional de Charos], 1991. 243 pp, [1]. Illus. with over 200 color plates + 11 color & b/w photos. Sm. 4to. (9.5 x 11 inches). Illustrated gray cloth. First edition. A near fine copy with some minor soiling to the front board in a near fine dust jacket but for a few tiny tears to the top edge. Plates crisp and bright. A handsome copy. [25684] $485 A thorough retrospective of the impressionist Andalusian artist Juan Lara (1921-1995). The first section of forty paintings (commission by Casa Domecq) documents the world of Charreria (the Mexican festive event that incorporates equestrian competitions and demonstrations, specific costumes and horse trappings, music, and food). It is perhaps the best representation of its subject in the latter half of the 20th century. A portion of this section was last exhibited at the Autry Museum in 2001 and is now housed at Cultural Institute Domecq. Other sections include "Mercadillos y Pueblos Rosas Mexicanos", "Pueblos Blancos Andaluces," "Haciendas de Ganado Bravo," "El Caballo en Mexico," "Antologica en el PuertoEspana," and "La Casa Domecq," a series of sketches. Very hard to find. OCLC lists only 7 copies: Getty, Univ. Ariz. , San Diego PL, San Jose PL, LOC, Art Inst. Chicago, Univ. BC. We have seen none for sale in the last twenty years. 189. [MEXICO. MINING]. EISENMANN, ERNST, ED. AND TRANS. Berggesetz für die Mexikanische Republik vom 22. November 1884. Bonn: Carl Georgi, 1885. 61 pp. 8vo. Paper wrappers. First separate printing.

A very good unopened (uncut) copy, new spine, small tears and light soiling to front wrapper. [34258] $100 Introduction in Spanish. An unrecorded translation of the code of mining law proposed for the operation and regulation of the extensive mining operations in Mexico in 1884 which was favorable to foreign mine owners and investors. Especially interesting in its indication of the extent to which German influence was still operating in Mexico after the fall of Maximilian. It first appeared in Zeitschrift für Bergrecht, Band XXVI. 190. [MEXICO. MISSIONARIES]. PHILIP V. Signed Document issued to a monastery in Mexico [Madrid]: 24 December 1743. 3 pages on one legal size sheet. 8.25 x 12 inches. Dampstaining in top left corner, wear and soiling on top edge slightly affecting text, two worm holes, still quite good. [34409] $400 Signed as "Yo el Rey" (possibly by stamp). A decree issued from the Royal Buen Retiro palace to the Dominican Monastery of Santo Domingo, founded in 1572 and active until 1857. It was the largest Dominican establishment in Mexico. 191. [MEXICO. PERIODICALS]. Periodico Oficial del Gobierno del Estado de Puebla. Tomo IV, Núm. 1. Puebla de Zaragoza, sábado 4 de enero de 1873 [to] Núm. 104, miércoles 31 de diciembre de 1873. [104 issues bound in One Volume]. Puebla, México: [Gobierno del Estado de Puebla], Imp. del Hospicio, 1873. [Each issue 4 pp.]. Sq. Folio. Quarter cloth over marble covered boards. First edition. Palau 223055. Bottom edges trimmed else a very good- copy, spine scuffed and torn at ends, boards edge worn, about one third of issues with browned leaves, else quite bright, scattered foxing, occasional small tear to leaves at margin. [41200] $500 Includes "Alcance al Numero 74" - a supplement issued in smaller size. Continues the numbering of the Periodico oficial of 1867-1869. (See. E. Cordero y Torres, Historia del periodismo en Puebla, 1820-1946). Puebla was an important and desirable area for development. The railroad would reach it in 1873. Uncommon on the market, and with only about a dozen institutional holdings. 192. [MEXICO. PERIODICALS]. ITURRIGARAY Y ARÓSTEGUI, JOSÉ DE; VILLA URRUTIA, JACOBO DE; BUSTAMANTE, CARLOS MARÍA DE. Diario de Mexico. Tomo X. Enero, Febrero, Marzo, Abril, Mayo y Junio de 1809 [Volume X only]. [México]: Impr. en la oficina de Don Mariano José de Zùñiga y Ontiveros, 1809. [ii], [xiv], 744 pp. 8vo. Modern vellum to style, manuscript title on spine, new endpapers. First edition. Sabin 48424. Medina: México 9784. Palau 71882. A very good copy, some staining and marginal losses to the first few leaves, occasional darkening of fore edge. [42111] $1200 The first daily newspaper in Mexico, begun in 1805, it ran until 1817. Includes index and list of subscribers. Each issue runs four pages. "Rare, even in Mexico, as in the troubles and revolutions that supervened, many of the

copies were destroyed," Sabin. One incomplete set at auction in the last 50 years. 193. [MEXICO. UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL Y PONTIFICIA DE MÉXICO]. [Signed Diploma from the Universidad Nacional y Pontificia de México]. [Mexico City]: 1826. 1 page. 12 1/4" x 8 1/2". First edition. A very good copy with minor soiled spots and folds with small tape repairs verso. [39577] $100 Signed by the secretary of the University, Joseph Maria Rivera, and with the university seal affixed: "Sigillum minus Nationalis ac Pontificiae Mexicanae Universitatis." The seal is a double oval with the inner containing an eagle over a cactus, while the outer contains crossed keys under a Papal crown. Both the name and the seal of the University, originally "la Real y Pontificia Universidad" were changed after independence in 1821, then again when Agustín de Iturbide was declared emperor in 1822, and yet again after his downfall a year later with his crowned removed from the eagle. 194. [MEXICO]. Memorándum ..... En el que se explica claramente lo que es y la utilidad que reporta para todos, la "Exposición Viajera de Productos Nacionales" que tiene Oficinas en la Abenida Juárez No. 18 de la Ciudad de México. [Mexico]: [ca. 1938]. 3 leaves, printed recto only. 4to. Paper wrappers with red yarn binding and waxed seal. First edition. A very good copy with tiny tear at hole punch and along bottom edge, the stamp of the Exposición Viajera de Productos Nacionales on margin of one leaf. [39392] $150 Explaining the importance for business of this second showcase for Mexican products as well as an update of officials who have signed on including the president of Mexico. A first Exposicion was run a few years earlier in 1931. No copies located in OCLC, any European Libraries, nor at the BN Mexico. Rare Mexican Military Manual 195. [MEXICO]. Reglamento para el Ejercicio y Maniobras de la Infanteria. México: En la imprenta Imperial de D. Alejandro Valdes, 1821. [2], 184 pp. + [11] folded lvs. Illus. with 11 engraved folding plates. 8vo. Contemporary calf. First Mexican edition. See Palau 254646 (Cadiz ed. 1812). A very good or better copy, edges and spine head rubbed; minor foxing and early owner's signature on title, else leaves fresh. [42912] $1850 A rare Mexican military manual taken from the Napoleonic era Cadiz version produced in 1812 which delineated Spain's military doctrine during that period of European warfare. It thus crucial insight into Mexican military strategy from the start of the Texas Revolution until the conclusion of the Mexican-American War. The 11 engraved folding plates illustrate chain of command, maneuvers, formations, gun batteries, proper elevations, and tactics. Five at auction in the last fifty years and only one in the last 20. We have located only 7 institutional copies: OCLC (6): Tulane, Texas A&M, BN Mexico, BN

Spain, StaatsBib. Berlin, UC Berkeley has an item with a different pagination; CCILA (1) Universidad Iberoamericana. 196. [MEXICO]. CURA DEL OPISPADO DE LA PUEBLA. Explicacion clara y sucinta de los principales misterios de Nuestra Santa Fe. Oracion dominical, mandamientos y sacramentos en el idioma mexicano a beneficio de los indios, y en el castellano para los que aspiran al ministerio de estos. Puebla [Mexico]: Imprenta del hospital de S. Pedro, 1835. Frontis (in matching period facsimile), 265, [2] pp. 24mo. Modern quarter brown cloth over marbled boards, leather spine labels, stamped in gilt. First edition. Sabin 23424. Field 516. Pilling 1251. Icazbalceta 104. Catalogue of Pre-1840 Nahuatl Works Held by The Lilly Library 40. Viñaza 436. Frontis and pp.265/6 lacking but provided in facsimile on matching paper; title page toned, otherwise a very clean, sharp copy in a fine modern binding. [42110] $600 Dual language text on facing pages in Nahuatl and Spanish by the otherwise unidentified "Cura del Obispado de la Puebla." One of a number of catechisms printed during the period in Puebla, which had become a locus of religious publication. 197. [MEXICO]. GIL Y GARCÉS, MARTÍN. El doctor Don Martín Gil y Garces, dean de la Santa Iglesia catedral de Michoacán: manifiesta los hechos é irrefragables constancias que evidenciaron la escandalosa arbitrariedad con que su cabildo sede-vacante lo ha despojado del beneficio que canonicamente obtiene; y combatiendo el especioso é infundo dictámen de los letrados, á quienes estudiosamente se consulto al efecto, se somete al juicio de los sabios, y al de los imparciales y sensatos, a quienes, como á todo el respetable público, protesta instruir del progreso y terminación de los recursos que ha entablado para su pronta restitución. Mexico: Impr. del ciudadano A. Valdés, 1831. Illus. with b/w photos. 8vo. Three quarter red morocco over blue cloth boards. First edition. About fine, minor rubbing on board and a few old erasures. [42113] $450 A conservative Catholic who long opposed Iturbide and had been a staunch supporter of the Spanish crown, Martín Gil y Garces, Dean of Church in Michoacan, was denied his Council seat under the pretext of his travel abroad to Europe without permission during the political upheavals of 1830 -1831. He argues for the actions to be overturned in a brief with 26 sections. The Church responded to his accusations with its own work published a month later: "El cabildo sede-vacante de Michoacan, ara manifestar que no fue arbitraria la declaración que hizo contra el dr. d. Martin Gil y Garces, privandole de la dignidad de dean de aquella santa iglesia, presenta al público con mas estension, los hechos é irrefragables constancias que justifican sus procedimientos y descubren la escandalosa mala fé con que el mismo dr. Gil se ha producido en su Manifiesto, intentando sorprender á los subios é imparciales, y alucinar á los ignorantes." At least two more pamphlets on the subject were published that

year. Scarce. Not in Sutro. OCLC locates only five copies: Berkeley, Columbia Univ., Fuller Theolical Sem., BN Mexico, and BN Spain. 198. [MEXICO]. H., J. El liberalismo y sus efectos en la republica Mexicana. Mexico: Imprenta de A. Boix, 1858. 14 pp. 12mo. Stitched paper wrappers. First edition. Sabin 29392. (Also see 40920). Sutro 915. Lacking front wrapper, rear wrapper detached, small tear throughout along inner margin, light soiling on a few leaves, still a good copy. [34254] $175 A piece attacking the Liberals for their demands of freedom of conscience, which the conservatives saw as both a religious and political threat. The constitution to them meant the economic death of the nation, the confiscation of property, and a national upheaval similar to that brewing in the United States due to its Protestantism: "Si; pero eso que llamais libertad de conciencia trae consigo el protestantismo con todas sus sectas, y con el todos estos abortos infernales, el deismo, el mahometismo.... y luego el ateismo, ultimo termino de la locura humana... No, no, mil veces no; la conciencia no es libre," (p.6). OCLC shows 8 copies. Also BN Spain, BN Mexico. 18th c. Prize Poems for the King of Spain

mudez. Romance endecasilabo. En elogio de Carlos quarto... su autor el Br. Don Joseph Mariano de Castro. Romance endecasílabo. En elogio de Carlos quarto... Por D. Joseph Eduardo de Cárdenas. Rapto poetico en que se bosqueja el regocijo de México en la proclamacion de... Carlos quarto, Su autor el Dr. D. Juan Francisco de Castañiza. Oda Safico-adónica en elogio de Carlos quarto... su autor el Br. D. Manuel Gomez y Marin. Oda que para dár principio á un nuevo certamen de amor compuso una colegiala del Real Colegio de niñas de S. Ignacio de Loyola de esta ciudad de Mexico. Soneto del Sr. Dr. D. Juan Joseph Gamboa. Soneto de Doña Clementa Vicenta Gutierrez del Mazo y Velarde. Lyras por el autor de la oracion castellana. Epigramma por el autor de la primera Oracion latina. Epigramma por el Br. D. Manuel Gutierrez de Huesca. 200. [MEXICO]. TRENTINI, FRANCISCO, ED. El Florecimiento de Mexico. (Edicion Ilustrada). En Español e Ingles. 2 de abril de 1906 (The Prosperity of Mexico, illustrated). México: Tipografia de Bouligny & Schmidt Sucs, 1906. [14], 232, 30; 296, 16, [xxxii], 17184 pp. Illus. with b/w photos. Folio. Cloth. First edition. Palau 340212. A very good copy, spine ends worn, small tear to top of front joint, hinges beginning to weaken. [35847] $400

199. [MEXICO]. OMAÑA Y SOTOMAYOR, GREGORIO JOSÉ DE. REAL Y PONTIFICIA UNIVERSIDAD DE MÉXICO. Obras de eloqüencia y poesía premiadas por la Real Universidad de México en el certamen literario que celebró el dia 28 de diciembre de 1790. Con motivo de la exaltacion al trono de nuestro católico monarca el Sr. D. Cárlos IIII. Rey de España y de la Indias. México: Por Don Feilipe de Zúñiga y Ontiveros, 1791. [4], xxii, 12, [2], 15, [2], 17, [2], 27, [2], 6, [2], 8, [2], 9, [2], 10, [2], 7, [2], 9, [2], 5, [2], 4, [2], 7, 8, [1] pp. Sm. 8vo. Early quarter calf over marbled boards. First edition. Sabin 57264. Palau 197919. Medina: Imp. Mexico VI: p. 594. Salva 2360. Heredia 6434. Ramírez: Bibliotheca mexicana 600. Boards worn with loss on rear else a very good copy, small paper label on spine, closed tear on title, light foxing on front endpapers; contents quite clean and binding tight. [37261] $750

Text in Spanish and English to fulfill the purpose of the work which was to garner business for Mexico: "a serious and well prepared book which could inform the North-Americans and Europeans, not only with respect to the wonderful progress of Mexico, but also in regard to the organization of its business life." To highlight Mexican industry, the work was completely Mexican produced from the paper used, the bindery employed, and the photo-engraving. Many important photographs including a four panel folding panorama. Also includes a section entitled: Ferrocarriles de la república, 30 p. inserteo between t. 1 and t. 2. and Bancos de la república é industrias principales del pais (Banks of the Republic and principle industries of the country).

Dedication signed: Dr. Gregorio Omaña y Sotomayor. Rector. Each commemorative article paged separately, with special half-title. Fourteen odes for Charles IV, King of Spain: [Dedicatoria al Rey]. [Explicacion]. Oratio pro certamen litterario mexicanae. Academiae in proclamatione Caroli quarti... a Francisco de Castro Zambrano. Oratio in laudem Caroli quarti... auctore Doctore Foeliciano Paulo Mendivil et Sanchez. Elogio del Señor Carlos quarto... su autor el Br. D. Joseph Manuel Sartorio. Elogio de Carlos quarto... su autor Don Joseph de Ayarzagoitia. Canto en elogio de Carlos quarto... su autor el Br. D. Manuel Gomez y Marin. Canto en elogio de Carlos quarto... su autor Don Manuel Calderon de la Barca. Romance endecasílabo en elogio de Carlos quarto... su autor el Sr. Don Rafael Amar. Romance endecasilavo en elogio de Carlos quarto... su autor el Br. Don Juan Ber-

201. MIERS, JOHN. Travels in Chile and La Plata: including accounts respecting the geography, geology, statistics, government, finances, agriculture, manners and customs, and the mining operations in Chile: collected during a residence of several years in these countries. London: Printed for Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1826. xv, 494 pp.; viii, 352 pp. (without 4 pp. advertisements). Illus. with 6 maps and plans (4 folding), 16 plates (1 folding), and in-text drawings. Illustrations by Thomas Mann Baynes, after John Miers. 8vo. Modern half brown cloth over marbled boards, brown morocco title labels and tan volume labels. First edition. Sabin 48889. Palau 168549. Abbey Travel 701. Goldsmiths'-Kress 24798. Griffin 3636. Naylor 13. Scattered foxing to plates and a few leaves including titles, else a near fine copy. [39082] $1500.

Important Scientific & Cultural Account of South America

John Miers (1789–1879) was a British botanist and engineer, who traveled to South America to begin a copper mining venture in Chile, a trip that he abandoned when his wife fell ill, and instead focused on collecting plants. "Travels in Chile and La Plata, which appeared ...[in 1826] in two volumes, edited and carried through the press by his father-in- law, Francis Place, was to bring him a lasting reputation as the foremost authority on the geography and way of life of that region," (ODNB, 18688). Volume One is primarily a travel account and "a very good one" (Griffin), while the second volume is an organized and detailed description of Chile's geography, politics, history, society, mining, and natural history. 202. MITRE, BARTOLOMÈ. Historia de Belgrano [Two Volumes]. Buenos Aires: Libreria de la Victoria / Impr. de Mayo, 1858-1859. 644 pp.; 553, 4 [ads] pp. Sm. 4to. Cloth. First edition. Palau 173451. Spain & Spanish America I, 459. Sabin 49758. Leclerc 1915. Conde Montero 25. Very good copies with restored wrappers; Vol. I has nick to first few leaves, last few leaves unopened (uncut); Vol. II has publisher's error with earlier extra title (dated 1858) bound upside-down before half-title and also inserted correctly at rear; binding near fine. [34899] $650 Historia de Belgrano was the expansion of an article that originally appeared in Galeria, and it subsequetly went through four editions, the last in 1887, each one much augmented. "Mitre gathered and studied the books of America history, he submitted them to critical testing, he classified them according to what precipiated from them, and tried to contrast the results of his personal reseach among unpublished sources with what was already published," (Romulo D. Carbia, Historia critica de la historiografia agentina, p. 166-7). "Despite the impressive bibliographical apparatus supporting his work, however, Mitre's Historia de Belgrano provoked an enduring polemic regarding his basic premise: that a history of Belgrano, a great man, and the enlightened minority in Buenos Aires could somehow be a history of Argentine independence," (Nicolas Shumway, The Invention of Argentina, p. 208). Sabin calls it "a masterly work." 203. MITRE, BARTOLOMÉ. LAFONE QUEVEDO, SAMUEL A. Lenguas Americanas. Estudio Bibliográfico- Lingüístico de las obras del P. Luis de Valdivia sobre el Araucano y el Allentiak, con un vocabulario razonado del Allentiak. La Plata: Talleres de Publicaciones del Museo, 1894. 153 pp. 16mo. Cloth. First edition. Palau 173536. Jones 317. Conde Montero 81. A very good copy, spine sunned and soiled, extremities worn, owner's bookplate on front pastedown, gift inscription on half-title. [34998] $475 One of two hundred copies. Contents: I. Sobre el araucano; II. Sobre el allentiak; III. Vocabulario razonado de las raices del allentiak [por B. Mitre, con la colaboración de sr. Lafone Quevedo]. Provenance: copy of Ramon A. Laval (1862-1929) head of the National Library Chile with his bookplate and gift inscription to him.

First German Edition of Molina's Chile 204. MOLINA, JUAN IGNACIO. (GIOVANNI IGNAZIO.) Des Herrn Abts Vidaure Kurzgefatzte geographische, natürliche und bürgerliche Geschichte des Königreichs Chile, aus dem Italienischen ins Deutsche überfest. Mit einer Charte. Hamburg: Carl Ernst Bohn, 1782. 208 pp. Illus. with 1 large folding map. 12mo. Marbled boards. First German edition. Sabin 99469. Palau 174555. Backer-Sommervogel 9: 683. JCB 3: 2818. Streit: Bib. missionum 3: 1055. Overall a very good+ copy, extremities rubbed, contents including map, fine. [38906] $750 Originally attributed to Felipe Gomez de Vidaurre by the translator, Christian Joseph Jagemann, it is in fact written by Juan Ignacio Molina, who first published the Italian original anonymously under the title 'Compendio della storia geografica naturale, e civile del regno de Chile,' in 1776. "... a work of considerable authority," Sabin. Uncommon. 205. MONTOTO, SANTIAGO, ED. Colección de Documentos Inéditos para la Historia de IberoAmérica. Madrid: Editorial Ibero-Africano-Americana, 1927. 427 pp. Illus. with b/w plates. 8vo. Cloth. First edition. A very good+ copy, spine ends rubbed. [37038] $200 Tomo I. All published. 206. [MONTT, MANUEL]. [BARRA, JOSÉ MIGUEL DE LA]. Don Manuel Montt, su época, y sus adversarios politicos. Santiago: Imprenta de la Sociedad, 1851. 33 pp. Sm. 8vo. Quarter cloth over paper covered board pamphlet folder. First edition. Nicely stitched into folder else a very good+ copy, clean, crisp, and unmarked, with small chip to corner of last leaf. [42256] $75 Published anonymously but the work of José Miguel de la Barra. (See Januario Espinosa, Don Manuel Montt: uno de los más grandes estadistas de América. Santiago de Chile, 1944). 207. MONTÚFAR Y RIVERA MAESTRE, LORENZO. Reseña Histórica de Centro-América [Seven Volumes]. Guatemala: Tip. de El Progreso / La Union, 18781887. Illus. 8vo. Vol. 1, quarter red morocco; vols. 2-7 original blank paper wrappers as issued. First editions. Palau 179837. Spain & Spanish America II, 393 (V.1-5). Grieb, Central America 263. Villacorta, Bibliografía guatemalteca 1078-1084. Griffin 4376. Volumes 2-7 unopened (uncut) and untrimmed as sold hence some edges worn and soiled, scattered foxing, blank wrappers quite worn, torn, and soiled, some toning to half titles or titles, otherwise trimmed size is internally near fine; volume 1 extremities worn, small chip at head of spine and joint split at top. Booksellers stamp to title page of one volume. [34932] $1500 This is the most famous 19th c. work on Central America and a very important regional history by an anti-clerical

and liberal historian, Lorenzo Montufar y Rivera Maestre (1823-1898), who, as foreign minister of Costa Rica, helped organize the Central American defense against William Walker, and was frequently exiled for his opposition to the dictator Rafael Carrera. Bancroft and many other historians relied very heavily on Montufar's work and thus his subsequent influence on both English and Spanish language histories has been quite substantial. Stamp of bookseller: Libreria Juan Capella en Guatemala on one leaf. Uncommon in this mostly unaltered state; ABPC shows only one copy at auction in the last quarter century.

iento y fascinadas por el resplandor cercano o remoto de las vanidades cotidianas," (Baldomero Sanin Cano). Scarce. OCLC shows only four copies: Harvard, LOC, NYPL, & Univ. T exas.

208. MORILLO, [PABLO]. Mémoires du Général Morillo, Comte de Carthagène, Marquis de la Puerta, relatifs aux Principaux Évenemens de ses Campagnes en Amérique de 1815 a 1821; suivis de deux précis de Don Jose Domingo Diaz, Secrétaire de la Junte de Caracas, et du Général Don Miguel de la Torre. E.D. Blossebille, ed. Paris: P. Dufart, 1826. [4], xvi, 452 pp. 8vo. Cloth. First edition in French. Palau 183041. Sabin 50703. Leclerc 3395. Quérard 4992. Barbier III: 118 f. A very good copy, light soiling on original wrappers with a few small chips, foxing to title and scattered foxing elsewhere, two signatures in preface just starting, round crease on first few leaves. [37103] $750

212. [NACIÓN]. La Nación; 1810, 25 de mayo 1910. [Buenos Aires]: n.p. 1910. 422, [8], 335 [1] pp. Extensively illus. with b/w photos, drawings, portraits, maps. Folio (44 x 31 cm). Maroon cloth, paper label. First edition. Bookplate on front wrapper, edges a bit browned and fragile, wrappers partially separated, HSA library bookplate and one stamp, but still about very good. [34918] $100

Morillo commanded the royalist armies in the highlands of Venezuela holding out against the forces of Bolivar, and concluded the armistice of Trujillo in 1820, thereafter returning to Spain. The memoires were later disowned by Morillo. "Estas mal llamadas memorias no son tales, ni fueron publicadas por Morillo si bien éste facilitó los documentos al vizconde de Blosseville cuyas iniciales aparecen en la introducción escrita por él. Incuye tres folletos impresos en Caracas y una biografía escrita por Sebastián Miñano, traducido todo por M. de Valcroissant y Blosseville," Palau X, p. 266. 209. MORLA VICUÑA, CARLOS. Estudio historico sobre el descubrimiento y conquista de la Patagonia y de la Tierra del Fuego. Leipzig: F.A. Brockhaus, 1903. v, 304, 223 pp. Illus. with b/w plates and 2 color folding maps. 8vo. Cloth with gilt title, edges marbled. First edition. Palau 183120. A very good+ lightly rubbed copy. [42140] $100 A presentation of the historical evidence in support of the claim of Chile to Patagonia; with over two hundred pages of supporting documentation. 210. MUÑOZ OBANDO, GENARO. Voces. [Popayán]: [Imprenta Departamental], (1954). Frontis, 289 pp. 8vo. Cloth. Limited edition. Top edge foxed else a near fine copy. No dust jacket. [33887] $95 Limited to 1,000 copies. Muñoz Obando was a poet of intense lyricism from Colombia. "Fue un gran poeta. Sus mejores poesias dejan la impresion de una suave melancolia sin asomos de reaccion contra las condiciones naturales de la vida... Paso por la vida incomprendido de las mayorias ajenas a la suprema intensidad del pensam-

211. NABUCO, JOAQUIM. REPARAZ, GONZALO. La Guerra del Paraguay por Joanquin Nabuco. Version Castellana. Paris: Garnier Hermanos, 1901. 397 pp. 8vo. Cloth. First edition. Palau 187027. Jones 1298. Decoud 22. A very good copy, front board and spine lightly rubbed, owner's name on free front endpaper. [33892] $100

Special issue of La Nación (Buenos Aires, Argentina), celebrating 100 years since the May Revolution. First half is a history of Argentina while the second half, entitled "Reseña general de la República" is composed of histories of the major companies. Provenance: Hispanic Society of America, their blind emboss on front board, their bookplate on front pastedown; D. Alfred Elias, bookplate on front wrapper. 213. [NACIÓN]. La Nación: Número especial en el centenario de la proclamación de la independencia. 1816--9 de julio--1916. [Buenos Aires] n.p. 1916. 719, [1] pp. Extensively illus. with b/w photos, drawings, portraits, maps. Folio (41 x 30 cm). Cloth. First edition. A very good copy, leaves browned. [34919] $125 Provenance: Hispanic Society of America, their blind emboss on front board, their bookplate on front pastedown. 214. NAVARRO, JOSÉ GABRIEL. La Escultura en el Ecuador (siglos XVI al XVIII). Jose Francés, prologo. Madrid: Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, 1929. xxix, 195 pp. Illus. with 28 b/w plates and 187 intext photos. Sm. 4to. Green buckram. First edition. Palau 188237. Parreño sale 336. Bookplate on front pastedown else a fine copy. [34947] $100 Inscribed by the author to the scholar and critic Joaquin Hazanas y la Rua. Provenance: Library of Alberto Parreño, with his bookplate on the front pastedown and gilt initials on spine. 215. [NICARAGUA]. DOOLITTLE, JAMES R. Justification of Commodore Paulding's Arrest of Walker and his Command at Punta Arenas. Speech of James R. Doolittle, of Wisconsin. Delivered in the United States Senate, January 21st, 1858. Washington, D.C.: Buell & Blanchard, Printers, 1858. 15 pp., [1]. 8vo. Removed. First edition. Removed from a larger volume else a very good copy. [35954] $200

Doolittle defends Hiram Paulding (1797-1878) who was relieved of command by James Buchanan for arresting William Walker as he tried once again to regain military control of Nicaragua. Walker had led an expedition to unite the Central American nations under his command, had become president of Nicaragua, and was then toppled in a revolution. There was much discussion of the legality of Walker's arrest since he was a U.S. citizen in a neutral foreign country. 216. NUÑEZ ORTEGA, A. [ANGEL]. Memorias sobre las relaciones diplomaticas de México con los estados libres y soberanos de la América del sur. México: Imprenta del Gobierno, 1878. 162 pp. Sm. 8vo. Disbound. First edition. Palau 197388. Removed from a larger volume, else a very good copy, marginalia. [39533] $100 Contemporary marginal notes in a neat hand. Related news article from Publicano dated 1879 tipped-in. An important 19th c. work on Mexico's relations with the rest of Latin America. See Manuel Cruzado: Memoria para la bibliografía jurídica mexicana, p 33. 217. NUNEZ Y DOMINGUEZ, JOSE DE J. Holocavstos Versos. [México]: [Ediciones Literarias de Revista de Revistas], [1915]. 110 pp. Sm. 4to. Illustrated paper wrappers. First edition. Not in Palau. Staples loose, spine chipped and torn, fore edge of wrappers and leaves chipped and dampstained, rust marks along inner margin, still about good. [34338] $100 One of 50 copies. Not numbered. This was the first work of José de Jesús Núñez y Domínguez (1887-1959), Mexican romantic poet, secretary of the National Museum of Archeology & History, and ambassador to Brussels (1946-1949). OCLC shows five copies. In Support of Immigration to Argentina 218. NUÑEZ, IGNACIO BENITO. Noticias historicas, politicas, y estadisticas de las Provincias Unidas del Rio de la Plata. London: Publicado por R. Ackermann, 1825. xi, 323, adv. [4] pp. Illus. with 2 folding maps (1 color). 8vo. Modern full black morocco ruled in gilt, four raised bands, gilt titles, marbled edges, silk book mark sewn in. First edition. Palau 198831. Sabin 56333. Moreno: Boliviana 2514. Overall a very good or better copy, armorial bookplate on front pastedown, title page tender, rear blank with large chip, original contemporary rear wrapper bound in but worn, color map bound upside down, in a fine modern binding. [38732] $700 "A letter which was circulated in London... written for the information of the British Ministry" with accompanying documents, extracts from reports, etc., forming a detailed account of both political and economic conditions in Argentina shortly after independence in the hope of promoting diplomatic recognition, foreign investment, and immigration. Britain was promoting many immi-

gration initiatives "to induce artisans, labourers, and workmen of all kinds to come from Europe." The Argentinean government supplied the statistics, copies of treaties with Britain, data on mining, weather, immigration policies, to Nuñez (1792-1846) who was the Argentinean charge d'affairs in London in 1825. Also includes a supplement on Argentina's position concerning Brazil's aggressive occupation of Uruguay. Nunez had the work published by Ackermann in both Spanish and English. One map colored in outline shows Argentina and Uruguay (44.5 x 51 cm); the second is a topographical plan of Buenos Aires (32 x 38 cm). Provenance: Coleccion Monclau (bookplate). The Classic Travel Account of Bolivia 219. ORBIGNY, ALCIDE DESSALINES D'. Fragment d ́un voyage au centre de l ́Amerique Meridionale; contenant des considérations sur la navigation de l'Amazone et de la Plata, et sur les anciennes missions des provinces de Chiquitos et de Moxos (Bolivia). Paris: P. Bertrand ( Strasbourg: Levrault), 1845. [2 lvs], 584 pp. Illus. with large folding lithograph map (43 x 52 cm). 8vo. Later quarter calf over pebbled cloth boards, five raised bands, gilt title and decorations on spine, marble end-papers. First edition. Palau 202177. Sabin 57454. Borba de Moraes, p. 632. A very good copy, wear to spine head, hinges started but firm, thin split on rear cloth, small bookseller's stamp on halftitle, scattered foxing, map with closed tears. [42896] $2500 First separate edition. Alcide d'Orbigny (1802-1857) was a prominent French naturalist who made major contributions in zoology, paleontology, geology, archaeology, and anthropology. He traveled, on a mission for the Paris Museum, in South America between 1826 and 1833 visiting Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia and Peru and returning with an enormous collection of more than 10,000 natural history specimens. The present work was extracted from Orbigny's three volume "Voyage dans l'Amerique Meridional," (Strasbourg and Paris, 1835-45) and focuses on his travels in the former Jesuit reducciones of Chiquitos and Moxos in eastern Bolivia. "This is without question the classic travel account and of prime utility in understanding the condition of the nation in its first turbulent years of independence," Griffin p. 522). Only four found at auction in the last half century, and only one recently for sale (in comparable condition) at € (euros) 6750. 221. ORBIGNY, ALCIDE DESSALINES D'. Voyage dans les Deux Amériques augmenté de renseignments exacts jusqu'en 1853 sur les différents États due nouveau monde. Paris: Furne et Cie, 1853. iv, 615 pp. Illus. with 2 color folding maps, 28 engraved plates (1 folding). Sm. 4to. Cloth. Nouvelle édition. Front joint cracked but repaired somewhat, hinges reinforced, boards edgeworn, light scattered foxing, one tissue-guard absent, foxing, one map torn at margin barely affecting image; still a good useful copy in original binding. [35823] $200

This work was published the same year as his appointment to the first Chair of Palaeontology at the Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris. 219. ORBIGNY, ALCIDE DESSALINES D', ED. Voyage pittoresque dans les deux Ameriques. Résumé général de tous les voyages de Colomb, Las-Casas, Oviedo, Gomara, Garcilazo de la Vega, Acosta, Dutertre, Labat, Stedman, La Condamine, Ulloa, Humboldt, Hamilton, Cochrane, Mawe, Auguste de Saint-Hilaire, Max. de Neuwied, Spix et Martius, Rengger et Longchamp, Azara, Fresier, Molina, Miers, Poeppig, Antonio del Rio, Beltrami, Pike, Long, Adair, Chastellux, Bartram, Collot, Lewis et Clarke, Bradbury, Ellis, McKenzie, Franklin, Parry, Back, Phipps, etc., etc. Julien Léopold Boilly, M. de Sainson, (Louis Auguste), illustrators; Desbuissons, engraver. Paris: Chez L. Tenré... et Chez Henri Dupuy, 1836. xvi, 568 pp., [135 lvs of plates]. Illus. with 268 copperplate and steel engravings and two large folding maps. 4to. Modern dark green polished calf, five raised bands ruled in gilt, two compartments red, lettered in gilt, four decorated in gilt, edges beveled, new endpapers, silk book mark sewn in. First edition. Palau 202179. Sabin 57458, Field 447. Borba de Moraes, p. 631. A very handsome copy, contents very good or better, foxing to frontis and title, scattered to contents, maps worn at edges and folds with some repairs, in a fine modern binding. [42897] $600 Compiled by Orbigny from the numerous authors listed in the title; with 268 engravings, usually two to the page, and with more than half illustrative "of some phase in the life, customs, and history of the numerous tribes of Indians of South America and Mexico," (Field, Indian Bibliography). 222. PACIFIC STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. Service Special et Direct entre Bordeaux et la Plata. Bordeaux: 16 fevier, 1878. 17 3/8x8 3/8 inches. Broadside. Large chip to one edge, repaired, not affecting text, a few tape repairs on verso, a few edge tears, small marginal stain; broker's stamp and agent's docket stamp. [38745] $100 Circulaire No. 161. Stamped in red across broadside with notice that ships not stopping in Brazil would not be subject to quarantine in La Plata (an outbreak of yellow fever in Brazil in 1878 severely disrupted travel and shipping). The Pacific Steam Navigation Company, founded in London in 1838, was the first shipping company to use steam navigation in the Pacific; it commenced operations on the West Coast of South America in 1840, the route detailed on this broadside began in 1877 with four ships. Shows tariffs for both passengers and cargo, as well as list of agents. 223. PACIFIC STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. COMPAÑIA DE NAVEGACION POR VAPOR EN EL PACIFICO. Tarifa de Pasages entre el Callao y Valparaiso é Intermedios. Que Principia a Rejir en 1 de Junio

de 1877. Callao [Peru]: June, 1877. 13 1/2x19 3/4 inches. Broadside. A very good copy, a few pin pricks and tiny separation at fold. [38743] $250 The Pacific Steam Navigation Company, founded in London in 1838, was the first shipping company to use steam navigation in the Pacific; it commenced operations on the West Coast of South America in 1840 with the route detailed on this broadside, which show rates of passage between Callao (Peru) and Valparaiso, Chile. List agents for the two lines involved: C. Mackenhie, agent for Compañia Sud-Americana de Vapores (which was started in 1872) and Noel West, agent for Compañia de Navegacion por Vapor en el Pacifico. 224. [PACIFIC WAR]. Chilian Chicane. The Right of Force versus the Force of Right. [Philadelphia?]: n.p., 1882. 26 pp. 8vo. Paper wrappers. First edition. Spine reinforced, front wrapper repaired, somewhat soiled, small tears to fore edge of a few leaves with old repairs, still a good copy. [35811] $175 An anonymous criticism of "The circular which the minister of foreign affairs of Chile addressed to the diplomatic agents of the republic abroad," (n. p., 1881) concerning the Pacific War and issued by the Chilean Ministerio de relaciones exteriores. "The latest illustration of this larcenous diabolism is furnished by the Chileans in their account of the antecedents, origin, and progress of the ruthless war now waged by them, with the assistance of a confederacy of powerful and unscrupulous English merchants against the States of Bolivia and Peru. To anyone familiar with the real facts of this internecine struggle, the effrontery of Balmaceda in appending his name to the tissue of fabrications, now become notorious under the name of the Chilean Circular to Foreign Governments, seems sublime." 225. PAGADOR, MARIANO. La floresta EspañolaAmericana. Compilacion de la historia de America en general y en particular del Peru. [Three volumes]. Lima: Imprenta del Estado, 1872. cxxvi, 461, viii pp.; [462-1080],xvi pp.; 608 pp. Sm. 4to. Quarter morocco over marbled boards. 2. ed. corr. y aumentada. Palau 208619. Medina: Biblioteca Americana 1900. Moreno: Biblioteca peruana 2485. Boards and spine well scuffed, edgewear, bookseller ticket on front pastedowns, owner's stamp on free front endpapers or titles, one volume with blank spine label, one with partial label, Vol. III with margin worm hole on fore edge of first 23 leaves, tear and marginal chip to last leaf, neither affecting text, bindings solid, contents very good. [34456] $500 Pagador expanded the original and anonymous 1848, 108 page pamphlet into a three volume work. "D. Mariano Pagador, coronel graduado de infantería de ejército, ante V. E. con el debido respeto digo: que desde el año 1847 he estudiado, acopiado y publicado algunos dato» históricos sobre nuestra emancipación y existencia política, habiéndome decidido últimamente lí reimprimir, corregida y aumentada, la Floresta Española Peruana, que publique' en 1848, dividiendo este trabajo en tres

épocas ó partes. La primera abraza desde los primeros días del descubrimiento del Nuevo Mundo por Cristóbal Colón y la conquista de la América Meridional por los españolee hasta la muerte de Francisco Pizarro: la segunda, desde el primer virrey sucesor de e'ste, Blasco Nunez Vela, hasta fin de 1800, que comprende la época del coloniaje: y la tercera, desde 1801 á fin de 1871, que envuelve la época en que se inició y consumó la independencia americana, con todos loa episodios que realzan esta gran epopeya: por lo que la edición de que trato llevan! el título de Florcita Española Americana," (From "A los Lectores, p. 5). Scarce. OCLC shows only ten copies. ABPC shows none at auction in the last half century. Unrecorded Library Dedication 226. PALLAIS, ELSIAS. Inauguracion de la Biblioteca Benito Juárez. Fundada por el Centro Cultural de Ensenada, Baja, California. 3 de julio de 1921. n.p.: n.p., 1921. 12 pp. 8vo. Stapled paper wrappers. First edition. A very good copy, wrappers lightly soiled, remnant of postal stamp on front wrapper, mail fold. [39516] $100 Elsias Pallais was the Minister of Public Works. Not in OCLC or any online library catalogues. 227. PARISH, WOODBINE. Buenos Ayres, and the Provinces of the Rio de la Plata: their Present State, Trade, and Debt; with some Account from Original Documents of the Progress of Geographical Discovery in those parts of South America during the last Sixty Years. London: John Murray, 1839. xxviii, 415 pp. + [adv]. 16 pp. Illus. with 5 plates ( 2 hand-colored, 1 folding). 8vo. Cloth. First edition. Palau 213095. Sabin 58612. Griffin 5918. Larned 4085. Lacking the general map, joints split, chips to head and tail of spine, spine torn and reattached, boards rubbed, some sunning, accession numbers on backstrip, first signature loose, some foxing including to edges of plates, otherwise leaves clean. [35002] $500 Lacking the large folding map. An objective and scholarly account. "Parish established his residence in Buenos Aires in 1824 and became the friend of Rivadvia, Rosas, and Dorrego. His work... is an important source of information on the provinces of Entre Rios, Cordoba, La Rioja, and especially Salta," Griffin p. 550. "The author is the discoverer of those extraordinary fossil animals, the megatherium and the glyptodon. Contains information not to be found in the second edition," Sabin. 228. PERÓN, JUAN. Por la cooperacion economica y la paz mundial. Declaración del excelentísimo señor Presidente de la Nación Argentina, general Juan Perón, pronunciada el 6 de julio de 1947. Buenos Aires: [Subsecretaría de Informaciones de la Presidencia de la Nación], 1947. 15 pp. Illus. with 1 b/w photo. 12mo. Cloth. First edition. A very good+ copy, interior detached at staple, leaves browned. [35028] $200 The first printing of this declaration by Peron made on

July 6, 1947 (it was included later the same year as one of three pieces in an item with a similar title, as below). It claimed for Argentina a "Third Position" of positive neutrality in the cold war between the Western powers and Russia. Peron was soon to organize the Peronist Party and set forth his program of "Justicialismo" stressing that true justice was more important than the old legal system which favored large capitalist interests, both domestic and foreign, particularly British and American. In this Declaration he vouches that the material and spiritual forces of Argentina must express to the world, that Argentina seeks to serve humanity, that above all, international peace is his major objective. Argentina must cooperate with other nations, labor must be protected, the economy must be regulated by the state to benefit all, exploitation must be eradicated in order to end social injustice. Argentina must light the flame for all the Americas and must always be free and independent. 229. [PERÓN, JUAN]. MINISTERIO DE RELACIONES EXTERIORES Y CULTO. Por la cooperacion economica y la paz mundial. Buenos Aires: Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto, 1947. 40 pp. Illus. with 1 photo of Peron. 12mo. Cloth. First edition. A very good copy, tear at staple throughout, leaves browned, new binding. [35027] $200 I. Declaración del Excmo. Señor Presidente de la Nación Argentina, General Juan Perón. II. Nota la los Gobiernos de América y a la Santa Sede, de S.E. el señor Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto, doctor Juan Atilio Bramuglia. III. Proyecto de paz interior y exterior, propuesto a las Naciones de América por la República Argentina. During the first period of Perón's presidency (1946-1949), a major policy was to improve the international image of Argentina abroad. Perón claimed a "Third Position" of positive neutrality in the cold war which had developed between the western powers and Russia. The present volume contains three separate titles toward the goals of economic cooperation and world peace. Part I is the "Declaration" of Perón, placing the position of Argentina and its goals before the world of nations. Part II is a "Nota" addressed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship, Dr. Juan Atilio Bramuglia, to the nations stating the position of Argentina to achieve both internal and international peace. Part III is a proposal made by the Argentine Nation to those of America for international peace. This "Proyecto" was published here in Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, Italian and Russian. 230. [PERU. MINING]. [CARABANTES, J.]. Informe Sobre el Reconocimiento de la Region Aurífera de Ccapac- Orco, Challuma y Pucamayo de la Provincia de Sandia (Perú). Iquique [Chile]: Imprenta y Litografia del Comercio, 1889. 48 pp. [of?]. 16mo. Paper wrappers. First edition. Not in Palau. Wrappers and most of spine absent, signatures starting, light soiling on title and last leaf, last section may be incomplete. Good only. [34041] $300

Mining report on the Sandia gold field in Peru. Mentioned in Boletin de la sociedad geografica de Lima, tomo VIII, 1899, p. 112 where the author is listed as J. Carabantes. Ends with production chart, but may not be complete. Not in NUC. Not in OCLC. Not at any major South American or European Libraries. 231. [PERU. MINING]. E.M. [MALINOUSKI, ERNESTO]. La moneda en el Perú. Lima: Tipografia de Aurelio Alfaro y Ca., 1859. 42, [2] pp. 12mo. Later marbled paper wrappers. First edition. Moreno, Biblioteca peruana II: 2838. Cortes Conde & Stein 3915. A very good+ bright copy, later wrappers, owner's stamp on title. [42233] $300 Signed on p. 42: E.M. Setiembre 1859. Attributed to Ernesto Malinouski, an engineer who was involved in the large-scale exploitation of the mines as well as other construction products including railroads. The work..."describes coinage in circulation, criticizing irregularity of coins produced by Casa de Moneda. Analyzes exchange ratios under bimetalism and disappearance of heavy coins. Various reform proposals criticized; recommends minting accurate coins at new weight, with underweight Bolivian coins allowed to circulate at appropriate discounts," (Cortes Conde & Stein, Latin America: a guide to economic history, 1830-1930, Univ. Cal., Berkeley, 1977, p. 601). OCLC locates six copies: Cornell, Yale, Indiana, Harvard, LOC, & BN Chile. Also a copy at BN Peru. Provenance: Francisco Pérez de Velasco, his stamp, former Peruvian Consul to New York, a dealer, who sold to Hiram Bingham an "unprecedented cache of... [very early colonial Peruvian]... documents and whose remaining collection on Peru was in "Cátalogo de la Biblioteca Peruana Propiedad de Dn. Francisco Perez de Velasco" Lima, 1918. 232. [PERU. MINISTERIO DE RELACIONES EXTERIORES]. Peru and Spain. Second Period of the War. Official Documents. 8th March, 1866. New York: Wm. C. Bryant & Co., Printers, 1866. 46 pp. 8vo. Stitched paper wrappers. First edition. Biblioteca Peruana 1208. Basadre I, 4935. Lacking rear wrapper, front wrapper soiled, else very good. [33997] $125 Contains 12 documents including: Decree approving and ordering the ratification of the Peru-Chilean Treaty of Alliance; Declaration of War against the Spanish Government; Naturalization of Foreigners serving in Peruvian and Chilean Vessels; 9 more. 233. [PERU. PEZET, JUAN ANTONIO]. Observaciones acerca de algunos hechos equivocados que contiene el manifiesto sobre los motivos de la caída del gobierno del Sr. General D. Juan Antonio Pezet que ha publicado en Europa. Lima: Imprenta Liberal, 1867. 35 pp. 12mo. Paper wrappers. First edition. A very good copy, tear to front blank wrapper, later silver cloth spine (most likely extracted from a pamphlet binder), owner's stamp on title. [42235] $200 Juan Antonio Pezet (1809-1879) was President of Peru during the Spanish-Peruvian (-Chilean) war over the

Chincha Islands which contained vast deposits of Guano. He was forced to flee to Europe when his treaty with the Spanish was found wanting. Provenance: Francisco Pérez de Velasco, his stamp, former Peruvian Consul to New York, a dealer, who sold to Hiram Bingham an "unprecedented cache of... [very early colonial Peruvian]... documents and whose remaining collection on Peru was in "Cátalogo de la Biblioteca Peruana Propiedad de Dn. Francisco Perez de Velasco" Lima, 1918. Scarce. OCLC reports only microfiche copies, but it is part of the Yale series of Latin American pamphlets and BN Peru also has a copy. "A Work of Extreme Interest" 234. [PERU. VICEROY AL TY]. FUENTES, MANUEL A T ANASCIO, ED. MINISTERIO DE HACIENDA. Memorias de los vireyes que han gobernado el Perú, durante el tiempo del coloniaje español [Six Volumes]. Lima: Libreria Central de Felipe Bailly, 1859. xxx, 379, 2 l.; pp. 428; 391; 540; 392, 1 blank l., pp. 17, 1 l.; pp. 394 pp. Illus. with one folding map and 12 plates. 4to. Original publisher's dark brown pebbled cloth, ruled in blind, gilt titles on spine and front board with armorial device. First edition. Palau 95426. Sabin 26119. Ticknor p. 458. Spain & Spanish America II, 452. Griffin 2980. Good or better, boards rubbed, a few joints split but quite solid, corners heavily worn, spines chipped, especially at the heads with repairs, cloth separating from boards on one volume, free endpapers heavily offset, pencil notations in last volume, otherwise contents clean and very good, plates sharp, and map fine but for a tiny marginal tear along a crease line. [38543] $600 Gift copy with note on official letterhead dated 1867 tipped-in from Felipe Masías, Director of Administration of the Ministerio de Hacienda and later Finance Minister of Peru to Diego Henry, who was appointed to serve with him in 1867 on the High Council of Finance during the Prado administration's far reaching program of constitutional reform. "A work of extreme interest," Sabin. These memoirs, prepared by ten of the viceroys, were intended to apprise each successor of the nature and duties of his post, of the distribution of offices and presidencies, of the privileges of the natives, their hereditary customs and character—"in short, statistics of everything that could be needed. The work forms a glorious monument of statesmanship; and it may be conjectured that if the Spaniards had always formed their conduct according to these Memorias, they would never have lost their colonies in the New World" (Bibliotheca Geographico-Linguistica #321 part III, 1879, 12235). The series was edited under the direction of the Ministerio de Hacienda by M.A. Fuentes. Contents: t.1. J. de Mendoza y Luna, marqués de Montesclaros [1615]; F. de Borja y Aragon, principe de Esquilache [1621]; Baltasar de la Cueva, conde de Castellar [1681]; M. de Liñan y Cisneros [1681]; t. 2. M. de Navarra y Rocaful, duque de la Palata [1689]; t. 3. Armendaris, marqués de Castel-Fuerte [1736]; J. A. de Mendoza, marqués de Villagarcia [1745]; t. 4. J. A. Manso de Velasco, conde de Superunda [1761]; M. Amat y Yunient [1773]; t.5. Teodoro de Croix [1790]; t. 6. F. Gil de Taboada y Lemos [1796].

235. [PERU]. ARANDA, RICARDO. PERU. MINISTERIO DE RELACIONES EXTERIORES. Colección de los tratados, convenciones capitulaciones, armisticios, y otros actos diplomáticos y políticos celebrados desde la independencia hasta el día, precedida de una introducciín que comprende la época colonial. Tomo 1-8 [Eight Volumes]. Lima: Imprenta del estado, 1890-1905. 8vo. Cloth. First editions. Palau 14957. Very good copies, boards and spines rubbed, occasional wear, some spotting or scuffing to a few boards. [34084] $700 Ultimately fourteen volumes would be published. Provenance: Note in first volume that it is the copy of Domingo Edwards Matte (1890-1964), Chilean book collector; earlier owner was A. Arroyo, with his name in gilt on spine, and is most likely the Argentinian diplomat, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary in Peru, Don Agustin Arroyo. 236. [PERU]. BOWEN, EMANUEL [Map] A New and Accurate Map of Peru and the Country of the Amazones. Drawn from the most authentick French maps &c. and regulated by astronomical observations. [London]: [William Innys [et al.]], 1747. 42.5 x 35.5 cm. (16.75 x 14 inches). A very good copy. [41243] $325 No. 55. An excellently detailed copper engraved map with much information on Peru, showing the course of the Amazon River, providing great detail along the coast from Ecuador to Chile, highlighting gold and silver deposits, and including a number of mythical locations. From Bowen "A Complete System of Geography," 1747. Early Days of Peruvian Independence 237. [PERU]. PRUVONENA, P. PSEUD OF RIVA AGUERO, JOSE DE LA. Memorias y documentos para la historia de la independencia del Perú y causas del mal éxito que ha tenido ésta. Obra postuma. Por P. Pruvonena. [Two Volumes]. Paris: Librería de Garnier Hermanos, 1858. xi, 700 pp.; 814 pp. 8vo. Quarter morocco over green marbled boards, gilt rules and decorations, marbled endpapers. First edition. Palau 239959 & 269808. Sabin 66413. Lacking headbands else very good copies, spines scuffed, boards worn, booksellers book description and Peruvian bookseller's small label on front paste-down of first volume, scattered foxing. [38893] $700 V. 1. Causas del mal éxito de la Independencia del Perú; v. 2. Piezas justificativas, memorias y documentos para la historia del Perú. A valuable record and one of the main sources for information on the state of Peru in the early years of its independence, by José Mariano de la Riva Agüero (1783-1858), appointed prefect of Lima in 1822 by San Martin, later self-proclaimed President of Peru, arrested and accused of high treason, then exiled to Chile where he wrote the Memorias, before returning in 1838.

Major Treatise on Peruvian Law and Inheritance 238. [PERU]. REZABAL Y UGARTE, JOSEPH DE. [JOSE]. Tratado del real derecho de las medias-anatas seculares y del servicio de lanzas á que estan obligados los titulos de Castilla. Orígen histórico de este juzgado en el reyno del Perú. Reglas con que se administran estos ramos en ambas Américas, conformes en la mayor parte á las que estan prescritas en España para su adeudo y recaudacion. Con tres apéndices: el primero contiene un catálogo alfabético de los títulos exîstentes en aquel vireynato, sus creaciones respectivas y actuales poseedores. El segundo las reglas generales de media-anata insertas en la Real cédula de 3 julio de 1664. Y el tercero las reales órdenes y cédulas que se han expedido para el mejor régimen y gobierno de ambos derechos. Madrid: En la Oficina de Don Benito Cano, 1792. 8 lvs., 252 pp. Illus. with 1 folding table. 4to. Contemporary calf with marbled endpapers, morocco spine label, all edges red. First edition. Medina BHC 639; Palau 265986; Sabin 70462. JCB III: 3550. Leclerc 1304. Moreno: Biblioteca peruana I: 1643. Spine ends worn, part of one compartment chipped, boards scuffed with occasional loss, museum bookplate and penciled accession numbers on front pastedown, binding quite solid, leaves clean, impressions sharp, contents very good. [37066] $1000 A major treatise on the laws of inheritance as well an important work on many levels, so much so, that Medina, in his Biblioteca Hispano-Chilena, devoted over eight pages to it. Rezabal y Ugarte provides the history of the court system in the Viceroyalty of Peru; it relates the court system in Peru to that of Spain; it provides an alphabetical list of all titles of nobility in Peru, along with their origins; and it supplies an inventory of all regulations relating to inheritances. The author was one of the most distinguished judges in both Chile and Peru. He became Honorary Judge of the Real Audiencia, Lima, in 1786, having spent some years following 1777, in Santiago de Chile as a criminal judge. At the time he published this classic compilation, he was the Senior Judge of the Royal Audiencia in Cuzco. He was also the author of "Bibliotheca de los escritores que han sido individuos de los seis Colegios Mayores" (Madrid, 1805). Provenance: Bookplate of Ex Museo del Montino. Signed by Six Viceroys of Peru 239. [PERU]. VICEROYS. [Group of Official Documents in Manuscript from Colonial Peru. Signed]. Cusco and Lima: 1735-1824. 1 pp. each. 4to. First editions. All but the first item very good with some very minor edge wear, but quite clean; item one toned with dampstain to lower edge but still about very good. [38762] $750 Seven official documents concerning mining, taxes, posts, and other administrative business signed by six Viceroys of Peru: 1. José de la Serna e Hinojosa. Last Viceroy of colonial Peru: 1821-1824. 10 lines. With the

seal of 'Gobierno Superior del Perú.' Signed at Cusco, January 1, 1824. 2. José Fernando Abascal y Sousa. Marqués de la Concordia. 39th Viceroy: 1806-1816. 8 lines. Signed in Lima, April 30, 1808. 3. Francisco Gil de Taboada y Lemus. 35th Viceroy: 1790-1796. 7 lines. Signed in Lima, February 26, 1792. 4. Manuel Amat y Junyet. 31st Viceroy: 1761-1776. 13 lines. Signed in Lima, March 7, 1767. 5. José Antonio Manso de Velasco. El Conde de Superunda. 30th Viceroy: 1745-1761. 13 lines. Signed in Lima, July 13, 1747. 6. Another document signed by the same Viceroy, but signed with his nobiliary title: El Comde de Superunda. 7 lines. Signed in Lima, September 17, 1745. 7. José de Armendáriz. Marqués de Castelfuerte. 28th Viceroy: 1724-1736. 11 lines. Signed "Marques de Castelfuerte" in Lima, July 30, 1735. 240. PINTO [GARMENDIA], ANIBAL. Discurso de S. E. El Presidente de la Republica al Congreso Nacional de 1878. Santiago: 1878. [3 pp.] on one folded leaf. Folio. (15 x 10 inches). First edition. Not in Palau. A very good copy, a few tiny chips at the edges, slight split at fold. [38296] $350 Pinto's address to the congress notes the continuing border dispute with Argentina, the temporary takeover of some railroads, and the deteriorating trade and fiscal conditions. In a few months Chile would be at war with Peru and Bolivia over mining. Pinto (1825-1884) was president of Chile from 1876 to 1881. Neither OCLC nor any Latin American national libraries show copies of this item. 241. POIRIER, EDUARDO. Chile en 1910. Edición del centenario de la independencia. Obra precedida de un estudio del señor don Marcial Martínez, acerca de la guerra de la independencia de Chile y de 20 monografías de las republicas americanas (1810-1910) y escornada con 1091 laminas. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta, Litografia y Encuadernacion Barcelona, 1910. x, 460, 554 pp. Illus. with over 1,000 b/w photos, 1 color plate, 2 folding maps, 1 folding plan, 15 folding plates with photos, drawings, and graphs. Sm. 4to. Quarter morocco over marbled boards. First edition. Palau 230103. Griffin 5687. Spine is quite scuffed and worn, joints split but holding, boards a bit edgeworn, leaves browning, contents clean, and still about very good. [42080] $200 A good description of Chile at the time of its centenary of independence. Eduardo Poirier Toledo was a Chilean diplomat and writer who left the country after the Revolution of 1891 and represented Guatemala diplomatically. 242. [POTOSÍ.]. [ARZANS DE ORSUA Y VELA, BARTOLOME]. MNEZ. [MARTÍNEZ] Y VELA, BARTOLOMÉ. Anales de la villa imperial de Potosí. [Paris]: [A. Franck (F. Vieweg)], [1872]. [283]-490, [1] pp. 8vo. Cloth. First edition thus. Palau 23085. A very good copy, removed from a larger volume, chipped corner and owner's stamp on half-title, occasional soiled spot, a few small faint dampstains. [42133] $150

Extracted from "Archivo boliviano. Colección de documentos relativos a la historia de Bolivia, durante la época colonial, con un catálogo de obras impresas y de manuscritos, que tratan de esa parte de la América Meridional," Tomo 1, by Vicente de Ballivián y Rojas, who attributed the work to Martínez y Vela. An important work on an important city of the Spanish Empire in America. 243. POUCEL, BENJAMIN. Le Paraguay Moderne et l'Intérêt Général du Commerce fondé sur le lois de la Géographie et sur les enseignements de l'histoire de la statistique et d'une saine économie politique. Marseille: Typographie V Marius Olive, 1867. ii, 336, ccxii pp. Illus. with 1 color folding map, linen backed. Sm. 4to. Later buckram with original wrappers bound in. First edition. Sabin 64703. Jones, Paraguay: A Bibliography: 1130. Decoud p. 30. A very good copy, accession numbers on spine, small stamp on title page, original wrappers renewed but detached, else contents near fine. [33876] $250 An important work on the history of Paraguay. Long appendix with copies of official documents, and much on relations with Brazil and Argentina. 244. PRADT, M. DE [DOMINIQUE GEORGES FRÉDERIC DE RIEM DE PROLHIAC DE FOURT]. Des Colonies, et de la Révolution Actuelle de l'Amerique. [Two Volumes]. Paris: F. Bechet, 1817. xxviii, 403 pp.; 394 pp. 8vo. Cloth. First edition. Sabin 64882 (1818 ed). Very good ex-lib copies, rebound, gilt accession numbers on spines, original plain wrappers and half-title reinforced, leaves untrimmed, library stamp on titles. [35230] $125 Signed by the publisher. Pradt (1759 -1837) was a French clergyman and ambassador. In 1804 he became a secretary of Napoleon, in 1805 Bishop of Poitiers. Provenance: stamp of the NYH Soc. 245. QUENTIN, CH. Le Paraguay. Paris: Garnier Frères, 1865. 104 pp. 8vo. Brown buckram with gilt title. First edition. Palau 243073. Sabin 67093. Jones 1132. Decoud 31. A very good ex-lib copy, accession number on spine, original bound-in paper wrappers repaired and reinforced, notation on front wrapper, occasional stamp on leaves. [33901] $400 Translated into English and published the same year as "An account of Paraguay: its history, its people, and its government." OCLC shows only 7 copies. Going Further than the Eye Can See 246. RANNEY, EDWARD. Macchu Picchu Suite. New York: Limited Editions Club, 1999. 3 lvs., 11 plates. Illus. with 11 photographs. Leaves 43.5 x 36 cm. (17 x14 1/4 inches). Publisher's velvet-lined green cloth clamshell box, inlaid brown morocco label titled in gilt on front board. First edition. Box lightly rubbed else a fine copy. [41729] $2250

One of 60 numbered sets (plus 14 proofs). Three leaves of letterpress and eleven photogravures, each numbered and signed by the photographer. Ten of the prints originally appeared in Pablo Neruda's "Heights of Macchu Picchu," (Limited Editions Club, 1998). Printed at the press of John Goodman Photogravure, on Arches cover. "Ranney belongs to a tradition of landscape photographers that includes Frederick Sommer, Paul Caponigro, Aaron Siskind, Wynn Bullock, and Minor White. What Ranney shares with this distinguished if loose-knit bunch is the resolve to make photographs whose meaning transcends what you see in the picture. Imagery is important for him, but only insofar as it conveys deeper, frequently spiritual themes and ideas. Mr. Ranney's photographs of Machu Picchu exemplify his efforts to make the medium speak of things beyond what you and I can see. Deceptively simple in appearance, pictures such as ''Machu Picchu (Intihuatana),'' 1971, and ''Machu Picchu (Lower Machu Picchu and the Urubamba Valley),'' 1975, strive to convey the intimate connections between Inca monuments and the awesome setting with its shapely mountain peaks. Photography, for Mr. Ranney, is all about capturing the character and natural flavor as much as the look of a place," Benjamin Gennochio, 'Going further than the eye can see, 'The New York Times, March 13, 2003. OCLC locates only one copy at Univ. Texas. 247. RENÉ-MORENO, G., ED. [LA BIBLIOTECA DEL INSTITUTO NACIONAL]. Biblioteca Peruana. Apuntes Para un Catálogo de Impresos: I. Libros y folletos peruanos de la Biblioteca del Instituto nacional. Santiago de Chile: En la Biblioteca del Instituto Nacional, 1896. 558 pp. Sm. 4to. Quarter cloth over marbled boards, gilt leather label on spine, original wrappers bound-in. First edition. Palau 261081. Very good+ copies, near fine new binding, owner's bookplate on front pastedowns, original wrapper to Vol. II repaired, leaves browning. [38891] $150 This contains the two sections of: I. Libros y folletos peruanos de la Biblioteca del Instituto nacional. It does not include the second volume: II. Libros y folletos peruanos de la Biblioteca nacional; y Notas bibliográficas. 248. RIVERO, LUIS FERNANDO. Lecciones de politica, segun los principios del sistema popular representativo, adoptado por las naciones americanas. Paris: Imprenta de Gaultier-Laguionie, 1827. ii, 460 pp. 16mo. Mottled brown Spanish calf, gilt borders, marbled edges, marble endpapers. First edition. Biblioteca peruana 2644. Top of joints just split else a very good copy, spine worn, some scuffing to boards, scattered foxing, binding solid. [34156] $250 Two parts in one volume. An influencial book in Latin American constitutional and political theory by the Ecuadorean writer "La obra está dividida en dos partesере tratan: la primera Del Estado Natural y Social, y la begunda, que corre á la pagina 129, Del Sistema Popular Representativo. Cada parte con un i'ndice al fin," (Moreno, Biblioteca peruana, p.183).

249. RODÓ, JOSÉ ENRIQUE. Cinco ensayos. Montalvo, Ariel, Bolivar, Ruben Darío, Liberalismo y jacobinismo. Hugo D Barbagelata, intro. Madrid: Sociedad española de librería, [1915]. 414 pp. 12mo. Quarter morocco over marbled boards, gilt title and rules. First edition. Palau 272110 (citing different edition). Owner's signature on title, owner's stamp on free front endpaper and last page, else a near fine copy, occasional pencil marginalia. [42087] $100 Camilo José Enrique Rodó Piñeyro (1871-1917 ) was a politically active Uruguayan writer and served as director of the National Library of Uruguay. His masterpiece, Ariel, an important work of Latin American philosophy, is included in this volume. Provenance: Copy of Enrique Naranjo Martinez, Colombian Consul in Boston, with his signature, initials, and stamps. 250. RODRIGUEZ GALVAN, ANTONIO. Calendario de A. Rodriguez Galvan para 1859, arreglado al meridiano de Mexico. México: Imprenta de J.M. Andrade y F. Escalante, 1858. 64 pp. 24mo. Stitched paper wrappers. First edition. Wrappers detached and chipped, front heavily, otherwise contents very good. [34326] $125 Began publishing in 1849 with some title changes through the years, and later was published in Guadalajara. In addition to the almanac, includes a poem by Antonio Trueba, "Oros son triunfos," later the title of a novella by José María de Pereda, a long article "Colon," and more. Of the nine libraries showing copies, only the NYPL has the 1858 edition. 251. RODRIGUEZ, MARTIN. El Gobernador y Capitan General Interino de esta Provincia Brigadier General Don Martin Rodriguez: A sus Habitantes. Ciudadanos: he sido llamado por el voto de vuestros Representantes al gobierno de esta gloriosa, y benemérita Provincia ... Buenos Aires: Imprenta de Los Expòsitos, 1820. 1 pp. 4to. 1 sheet (Broadside). First edition. Palau 273229. Zinny: Bibliografía histórica p. 384, No. 218. Fors: p.65. Near fine, minor edgewear and browning. [37091] $500 Dated Setiembre 28 de 1820. Rodriguez was a major figure in the early military and political history of Argentina and the Governor of Buenos Aires from 1820-1824. He established a truce with Gov. Estanislao López of SantaFé. At first he supported Rosas, but later turned against him; he died in exile in Montevideo where his Memoirs were published after his death, in 1849. In this proclamation he promises to ovecome the problems and criminality of the prior government and eventually succeeds according to Zinny: "En efecto, en tan difíciles circunstancias, y apesar del melancólico cuadro que presentaba la situacion, para el delicado puesto de gobernar un pueblo sumergido en la mas espantosa anarquía que la historia argentina recuerda, el general Rodriguez cumplió al pié de la letra lo que en esta proclama prometía." OCLC shows only two copies: JCB and BN Chile.

252. ROSA, AGUSTIN DE LA. Estudio de la Filosofia y riqueza de la lengua Mexicana. Guadalajara: Est. tip. del Gob., 1889. 115 pp. 8vo. Paper wrappers. First edition. Palau 278235. Ugarte 370. JCB: Indigenous Languages of the Americas: 06305. Wrappers worn, spine chipped, but still about very good. [39553] $200 A revised and expanded version of the 1877 work with a slightly different title; Sabin and Pilling cite the shorter edition. Contains both an analysis of the parts of Nahuatl speech and a general discussion of its etymology, semantics, and grammar as well as specific usage in philosophy, literature, and religion. 253. ROSALES, FRANCISCO XAVIER. Apuntes Sobre Chile dedicados a sus conciudadanos. Paris: Imprenta de Bénard y Compañia, 1849. 55 pp. 8vo. Stitched paper wrappers. First edition. Sabin 73203. Palau 278381. A very good- copy with tears at spine ends, some soiling on wrappers, light scattered foxing on leaves. [39598] $175 Descriptions and economic conditions in Chile with an eye towards encouraging immigration. OCLC notes four locations: Harvard, NYPL, Univ. Colorado, BN Chile, 254. ROSALES, FRANCISCO XAVIER. Progresos de la Agricultura Europea y mejoras practicables en la de Chile. Recomendadas al gobierno y a sus conciudadanos. Paris: Imp. de Ad. Blondeau, 1855. 98 pp. Illus. with 9 plates. 8vo. Cloth. First edition. Palau 278379. Boards rubbed and edgeworn, hinge split at central signature, endpapers offset, one leaf torn on fore edge not affecting text, still a good or better copy. [35831] $350 255. RUMBOLD, HORACE. Le Chili. Rapport de M. Horace Rumbold sur le progrés et la condition générale de la République. Paris: Typographie Lahure, 1877. 90 pp. 8vo. Paper wrappers. First edition. Palau 282549. A very good copy, wrappers soiled, worn on spine, bookseller's stamp on lower edge; contents clean and tight. [39592] $150 Sir Horace Rumbold, 8th Baronet (1829-1913) was Minister to Chile: 1874–78. This a French translation of his report to both Houses of Parliament on economic conditions in Chile. OCLC locates only 12 copies. San Martin Broadside on Chilean Independence 256. SAN MARTIN, JOSÉ DE. PROVINCIAS UNIDAS DEL RÍO DE LA PLATA. EJÉRCITO. Nuevo Parte del Exmo. Sr. Capitan General de los Andes al Gobierno Supremo. Exco. Sr. Despues de mis repetidos avisos del resultado de la batalla del 5 en el llano de Maypú... [Buenos Ayres]: Imprenta de Los Expòsitos, 1818. 1 pp. 4to. Broadside. First edition. Zinny: Bibliografía histórica p. 216, No. 18. Bibliografía del General Don José de San Martín IV, p. 135. A near fine copy, light edgewear, faint toning. [37090] $1500 Dated and signed in print: Quartel general en Santiago, abril 8 de 1818 -Exmo. Sr. José de San Martin. San Mar-

tin's second and conclusive report on the success of the Battle of Maipu on the 5th of April which won the Chilean stuggle for independence. San Martin and his rebels completely destroyed the Spanish forces led by General Mariano Osorio. The Spaniards were so completely overrun, with nearly 3000 prisoners taken, and 2000 dead, that San Martin soon swept through and liberated Peru. "Despues de mis repetidos avisos del resultado de la batalla del 5 en el llano de Maypú, tengo el honor para mayor esclarecimiento de V.E. de incluir los partes originales que he recibido, añadiendo que à la fecha pasan de mas de 2500 prisioneros con 170 oficiales. Los enemigos habian dexado en Talca sus grandes despositos, parque, equipages, y caja militar: yo estoy seguro que todo caera en nuestro poder...." The broadside ends: "Hoy salen para esa ochocientos prisoneros americanos, y manana de quinientos a seiscientos; es muy buena gente especialmente los Chilotes." Quite scarce. OCLC shows only a single copy at JCB. Not in BN Chile. 257. SANTA-CRUZ [VARGAS], VICENTE. Defensa del Comandante de la Esmeralda. Don Luis A. Lynch. Valparaiso: Imprenta Colon, 1875. 16 pp. Sm. 4to. Self wrappers. First edition. Briseño, literatura chilena II: 389. A very good- copy, lightly soiled with edgeworn leaves, mail fold. [39748] $150 The trial of Luis Alfredo Lynch, captain of the Esmeralda, which he had to beach off Baron's Cove during a furious storm in Valparaiso on May 24, 1875. Lynch, was one of the most decorated and respected of Chilean naval officers and given a state funeral at his death. He was acquitted. See: Figueroa: Diccionario biográfico de Chile I: pp. 209-210. Rare. Not in Nicolas Anrique Reyes' 'Bibliografía marítima chilena.' None in OCLC or COPAC. One copy at the BN Chile. Provenance: Don Salvador Castro. 258. SANTELICES, RAMÓN E.; AMUNÁTEGUI [REYES], MIGUEL LUIS. Los bancos Chilenos [bound with the first volume of] El cabildo de Santiago desde 1573 hasta 1581. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta y Encuadernacion Barcelona; Imprenta Nacional, 1893; 1890. 467; 287 pp. Illus. with folding charts. 8vo. Quarter red morocco over marbled boards, four raised bands ruled in gilt, five compartments, two with titles and three with gilt florets. First edition. Santelices: Palau 299790. Phillips p. 52. Sutter 468. Amunátegui: Palau 11543. Spine worn, chipped at head, boards rubbed with some edgewear, top half of free front endpaper affixed to half title covering signature and perhaps label, erasures on title; otherwise leaves clean, binding tight, and about very good. [35512] $200 An important book on banking in Chile by a powerful legislator who held the position of minister of finance in Chile beginning in 1900. "Extraordinariamente bien documentada narración de la evolucion bancaria de Chile durante 1811-1892," (Sutter, Un siglo de historia económica de Chile 1830-1930, p. 286); "un notable libro titulado," (Pedro Pablo Figueroa, Diccionario biográfico de Chile p. 233).

No Ostentatious Displays for the Dead & Buried 259. SANTIAGO DE CHILE. Reglamento del Panteon General de Santiago de Chile, dictado por el Supremo Gobierno Año de 1824. [Santiago de Chile]: Imprenta Nacional, 1824. 20 pp. 8vo. Cloth. First edition. Briseño: Estadística Lit. Chilena, I, p. 295. Ferrer: Historia...medicina en Chile, I, 475. Not in Palau. A very good copy with minor edgewear to spine label and corners, small marginal dampstain on fore edge of three leaves, scattered foxing. [37281] $500 A document on the regulation of cemeteries, which, in addition to requiring certain actions to protect the public health, disallowed significant differences between grave stones, forbid ostentatious displays, and argued for simplicity: "No se permitirá el aparato de grandes túmulos, ni otra pompa desmedida, sino la mayor sencillez." OCLC shows only 8 copies. 260. SANTIBÁÑEZ ROJAS, ANTONIO. Plumadas. Enrique C. Latorre, ed. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta Gutenberg, 1891. 382, xii pp. Sm. 4to. Cloth. First edition. A good or better copy, light scuffing on spine, boards slightly warped and soiled, first blank and half-title barely attached, leaves browned and one with large tear. [34461] $100 Literary criticism, essays, poetry by the Chilean writer. OCLC shows only two locations, Yale and BN Chile. 261. SANZ Y LAFUENTE, MIGUEL. Oracion fúnebre que en las solemnes exequias celebradas el 15 de julio de 1852 en el Santo Templo Metropolitano del Pilar de Baragoza con motivo de depositarse en el mismo á virtud de Real órden el cadaver del Exmo.... Zaragoza: Imprenta y Librería de Roque Gallifa, 1852. 23 pp. Sm. 8vo. Later plain paper wrappers. First edition. Palau 301415. Trelles V, p.344. Bibliografía zaragozana del siglo XIX: 870. A near fine copy. [34279] $250 "...Sr. Teniente General D. Manuel Ena, muerto gloriosamente en la Habana el año precedente defendiendo los derechos de la España y la integridad del territorio." Ena was shot on the Lopez Expeditions to Cuba during a flank attack. We could find only two copies: Florida In't Univ. and Univ. de Navarra. 262. SARMIENTO, D.F. [DOMINGO FAUSTINO]. Bosquejo de la biografia de D. Dalmacio Velez Saarsfield. Buenos Aires: Imprenta de La Tribuna, 1875. 133 pp. Sm. 4to. Cloth. First edition. Palau 302272. A very good copy, spine rubbed, corners worn, scattered foxing. [37053] $185 Dalmacio Vélez Sársfield (1800-1875) was the author of Argentina's Civil Code of 1869. He broke with Rosas in 1842 and allied himself with Bartolomé Mitre and became Finance minister in 1862. He died the year of this publication. Hard to find. 263. SARMIENTO, DOMINGO F. [FAUSTINO]. Life in

the Argentine Republic in the Days of the Tyrants; or, Civilization and Barbarism. Mrs. Horace [Mary] Mann, preface. London: Sampson Low, Son, and Marston, 1868. frontis, xxxv, 400 pp. + [adv] 24 pp. 12mo. Cloth. First English edition. Palau 302204 (American). Sabin 77078. Larned 4088. A very good+ copy, some light soiling, in a fine cloth binding. [35000] $450 From the third Spanish edition. "Written in the style of historical fiction so popular with the Spanish-American public, by one of the most intelligent and well-informed among the leaders in Argentine affairs during his generation. The book seems to give a very fair idea of the period of the Tyrants," (Larned p. 458). By the Scientific Discoverer British Guiana 264. SCHOMBURGK, ROBERT HERMANN. Robert Hermann Schomburgk's Reisen in Guiana und am Orinoko. Während der jahre 1835-1839. Nach seinen berichten und mittheilungen an die geographische gesellschaft in London. Mit einem Vorwort von Alexander von Humboldt. Leipzig: Herausgegeben O.A. [Otto Alfred] Schomburgk, Verlag Von Georg Wigand, 1841. xxiv, 510 pp. Illus. with 6 hand colored lithographic plates with tissue guards, 1 folding map, and one in-text drawing. Sm. 4to. Original quarter brown morocco over pebbled cloth boards, gilt decorated spine, silk bookmark sewn in. First edition. Sabin 77791. Cundall 1543a. Embacher 262. Henze V: pp. 78-84. A very good copy, spine scuffed, extremities worn especially at the tips, a few splits at the joints, contemporary owner's name on first blank, small tear at fore edge of title not affecting text, leaves foxed, plates brilliant, map offset in one section with fore edge a bit worn. A nice example of an uncommon title. [41538] $1500 Robert Hermann Schomburgk (1804-1865) was "[besides] Alex von Humboldt, the most important explorer of northern South America in the first half of the 19th century, the scientific discoverer British Guiana," (Dietmar Henze, 'Enzyklopädie der Entdecker und Erforscher der Erde,' [2004], Vol. V, pp.78 -84). After having taught himself botany, geology, hydrology, and topography, and suggesting a scientific survey of British Guiana, Schomburgk was commissioned to complete it by the Royal Geographical Society. In three extensive trips between 1835 and 1839, Schomburgk surveyed the coasts, and the major rivers including the Essequibo, Corentyne, Rio Branco, Berbice, and Rupununi. His excellent maps formed the basis for the provisional boundary between British Guiana and Venezuela, known as the "Schomburgk Line", and the boundary with the Dutch colony of Surinam. He returned to Guiana with his brother, Richard, a botanist, in 1840, and they undertook the exploration of both the interior and the northwestern coastal region between Essequibo and Orinoco "With his exact latitudinal and longitudinal measurements and a dense network of barometric and temperature stations, Schomburgk established the foundations of the geological knowledge of the country, which was valid long after his death," (Heinz

Peter Brogiato, in 'Germany and the Americas' [2005], Vol. I, pp. 947-8). ABPC and Americana Exchange show four copies at auction in the last fifty years. Provenance: Gustav Blass, dated 1852 (The firm of F. Blass & Schomburgk was involved in the Caribbean trade). War for Venezuelan Independence 265. SEMPLE, ROBERT. Sketch of the Present State of Caracas; including a Journey from Caracas through La Victoria and Valencia to Puerto Cabello. London: Printed for Robert Baldwin, 1812. viii, 176 pp. 12mo. Modern quarter brown cloth over marbled boards, red morocco spine label titled in gilt. First edition. Palau 307445. Sabin 79088. Cundall 1306. LCP. Afro-Americana 9275. Naylor 92. A near fine copy, with only very occasional foxing. [39692] $900 Covers not only Caracas and the Venezuelan War of Independence but also important chapters on Curaçao and the 8th West- Indian Black Regiment. Robert Semple (1777-1816) was a merchant who traveled extensively in Africa, the Near East, South America, and Europe where his American birth gave him access to European countries from which the British were excluded during the Napoleonic Wars. Out of these journeys came a number of travel books between 1803 and 1814. After coming to the attention of Lord Selkirk, he was sent by him to govern his settlement on Red River in Upper Canada, where "he was murdered, not by the savages, but by his English brethren," Sabin. Four at auction in the last half century. 266. SIMPSON, JUAN M. Algunos rasgos inéditos de la personalidad de Arturo Prat. Valparaiso: Imprenta Victoria, n. d. 13 pp. 12mo. Stapled paper wrappers. First edition. A very good- copy, front wrapper soiled and scuffed. [39628] $100 Vice Admiral Juan Manuel Simpson Searle served at age fourteen on the "Esmeralda" whose captain was Agustín Arturo Prat Chacón (1848-1879). Prat was killed shortly after boarding the Peruvian armored monitor Huáscar at the Naval Battle of Iquique. Clipping with a photograph with Simpson laid in loose. One copy at BN Chile. Eight Books from Colombo Press for the Sociedad de Bibliofilos Argentinos 267. [SOCIEDAD DE BIBLIOFILOS ARGENTINOS]. CANE, MIGUEL. DELHEZ, VICTOR, ILLUS. El Canto de la Sirena. Buenos Aires: Sociedad de Bibliofilos Argentinos, 1966. 25 pp. Illus. with 3 color plates and 3 woodcuts. 4to. Loose in printed wrappers, laid into a green cloth portfolio and slip case. First edition. Colombo: L'art du livre 419. A fine copy. [38177] $750 No. 6 de 90 numbered copies (of a total run of 100) on Charter Eggshell paper. Six colored woodcuts, with the frontispiece signed by the Belgium born artist, Victor Delhez (1902-1985), who was professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cuyo Argentina. Printed in the workshop

"Francisco A. Colombo", under the direction of Osvaldo F. Colombo. Edited by Alejandro Shaw and Carlos A. Mignacco. This is the last volume of illustrated stories by national authors published by the Society. Miguel Cane (1851-1905) was an Argentine journalist and author. "El Canto de la Sirena" was a fantasy story of his college years written in 1872 and published in his first book, Ensayos (1877). 268. [SOCIEDAD DE BIBLIOFILOS ARGENTINOS]. GONZALEZ, JOAQUIN V. CARMEN PORTELA, MARIA, ILUS. La Selva de los Reptiles. Buenos Aires: Sociedad de Bibliofilos Argentinos, 1953. 36 pp. Illus. with 4 b/w plates. 4to. Loose quires in glassine covered printed wrappers within a portfolio in slip case. First edition. Colombo Fine Printing 219. El Art del Libro 115. A fine copy in a very good portfolio with tears along joints. Cardboard slip case present but in parts. [38191] $800 No. 6 of 88 numbered copies (of a run of 100). Printed with Garamond types and specially drawn initials on Charter Eggshell paper. Composition directed by Dr. Eduardo J. Bullrich, the President of the Argentine Society of Bibliophiles, who completed this work shortly before his death. The drypoint illustrations by the artist, sculpture, and printer, Maria Carmen Portela (1898-1984) were printed by Raul Veroni. Joaquín Víctor González (1863-1923) studied law at the University of Cordoba, was Congressman, Senator, Governor of La Rioja, Minister of Interior, Minister of Justice and Public Instruction. He founded the University of La Plata. As a writer, his most famous book is "My Mountains". As a lawyer he published the "Manual of the Constitution Argentina." 269. [SOCIEDAD DE BIBLIOFILOS ARGENTINOS]. LUGONES, LEOPOLDO. ARGERICH, JORGE. Al Rastro. Episodio de "La Guerra Guacha". Buenos Aires: Sociedad de Bibliofilos Argentinos, 1955. 38 pp. Illus. with 6 b/w plates. 4to. Loose quires in glassine covered printed wrappers within a portfolio and slip case. First edition. Colombo Fine Printing 238. Colombo: L'art du livre 233. A fine copy in a very good rebacked portfolio with matching slipcase. [38198] $950 No. 6 of 92 numbered copies (of a run of 100). This story of "The Gaucho War", published by the Argentine Bibliophile Society under the direction of Armando Braun Menendez, is part of a series of six stories by Argentines illustrated by Argentine artists. The illustrations from the pen of Jorge Argerich (1905-) were etched and drawn by Raul Veroni in his hand press. Printing by Francis A. Colombo. Leopoldo Lugones Argüello (1874-1938) was an Argentine writer and journalist. La Guerra Guacha was first published in 1905 and made into a film in 1942. 270. [SOCIEDAD DE BIBLIOFILOS ARGENTINOS]. MANSILLA, LUCIO V. El Diario de mi Vida (Estudios Morales). Buenos Aires: Sociedad de Bibliofilos Argentinos, 1962. Frontis, 148 pp. 4to. Loose in blue cloth portfolio, in blue slip case. First edition. Colombo: L'art du livre 341. A fine uncut (unopened) copy, portfolio and slip case faintly rubbed at edges. [38181] $500

No. 6 of 95 numbered copies (of a total run of 100) on Charter Eggshell paper. The text of this edition is the first and only previous edition, printed in Paris in 1896. Printed at Francisco A. Colombo Press, Buenos Aires, under the direction of Antonio Lopez Llausás, with an engraving in Collotype. Lucio Victorio Mansilla (1831 -1913 ) was an Argentine General, writer, and diplomat. 271. [SOCIEDAD DE BIBLIOFILOS ARGENTINOS]. PAYRÓ, ROBERTO J. VERONI, RAÚL, ILLUS. El Fantasma. Buenos Aires: Sociedad de Bibliofilos Argentinos, (1957). 66 pp. Illus. with 4 lithographs and 2 in text drawings. 4to. Loose quires in printed wrappers within blue paper-covered board portfolio and with original blue slip case. First edition. Colombo Fine Printing 270. Colombo: L'art du livre 265. A fine copy in original glassine covered wrappers in a fine portfolio, in lightly rubbed slipcase. [38182] $650 Frontis lithograph signed by the illustrator. No. 6 of 92 numbered copies (of a run of 100) printed on Charter Eggshell paper by Francisco A. Colombo. Raúl Veroni (1913-1992), Argentine artist and printer, illustrated a large number of books, especially works of poetry. Jorge Roberto Payró (1867-1928) was an Argentine writer and journalist who wrote this story, The Ghost, under a pseudonym, Pago Chico. 272. [SOCIEDAD DE BIBLIOFILOS ARGENTINOS]. WILDE, EDUARDO. MORTOLA DE BIANCHI, CATA [CATALINA]. ILLUS. Tini. Buenos Aires: Sociedad de Bibliofilos Argentinos, 1948. Unpaged [25 pp. + plates]. Illus. with 5 b/w plates and 2 etchings. 4to. Loose in stiff paper portfolio and cardboard slip case. First edition. A near fine copy, small tears to fore edge of original glassine wrapper. [38183] $450 No. 6 of 91 numbered copies (of a total run of 100) on Charter Eggshell paper. Original etchings and plates signed by the illustrator. Designed by the eminent South American typographer, Ghino Fogli. "Tini" is the most famous and popular of the stories of Eduardo Wilde (1844-1913), Argentine Doctor and writer. Catalina Mórtola (1889-1966) was an Argentine painter and engraver. ***** Seven Books from the Sociedad de Bibliófilos Chilenos 273. [SOCIEDAD DE BIBLIOFILOS CHILENOS]. BOMBAL, MARÍA LUISA. KLEINER, LEA, ILLUS. La Amortajada. Santiago: Sociedad de Bibliófilos Chilenos, 1966. 105 pp. + 2 plates. Illus. with 5 etchings. Sm. 4to. Loose quires in stiff paper portfolio and brown felt slip case. First edition. A near fine uncut (unopened) copy, spine tanned. Slip case rubbed with small split on lower edge. [38179] $500

Signed by the illustrator on each illustration. No. 43 of 100 special copies (of a total run of 235) with two extra etchings that were for Society members only and dropped from the normal edition. María Luisa Bombal Anthes (1910-1980) was a Chilean writer, one of the few women writers of her era to achieve critical recognition. La amortajada (The Shrouded Woman) was published in 1938, 5 years after she shot her husband and fled to Argentina where she met Jorge Luis Borges and Pablo Neruda. Lea Kleiner (b. 1929) is a watercolorist, photographer and writer. 274. [SOCIEDAD DE BIBLIOFILOS CHILENOS]. EYZAGUIRRE, JAIME. José Gil de Castro. Pintor de la Independencia Americana. Santiago de Chile: Sociedad de Bibliófilos Chilenos, 1950. xiii, 38 pp. + illus. Illus. with 76 b/w plates and reproductions. 4to. Unbound quires in quarter-cloth paper-covered portfolio, pocket, with silk holder bound in. First edition. A fine copy in a very good portfolio with minor edgewear. [38189] $200 No. 43 of 102 copies. 76 portraits of figures from the South American War of Independence by José Gil de Castro (1785-1841), an afro-Peruvian artist who marched with the liberating forces and whose portraits of its heroes are imbued with his revolutionary zeal. OCLC shows only 3 copies: UMich, UNC, BN Chile. 275. [SOCIEDAD DE BIBLIOFILOS CHILENOS]. PHILIPPI, RODULFO AMANDO. Vistas de Chile. Julio Philippi Izquierdo, introduccion y notas. Santiago de Chile: Sociedad de Bibliófilos Chilenos, Editorial Universitaria, (1973). 115 pp. Illus. with b/w reproductions. 4to. White pictorial paper wrappers with a brown pictorial outer jacket. First edition. Slight bump to lower fore edge else a very good+ copy in a like brown dust jacket with a small tear at top edge. [39862] $100 993 copies printed, this one out of sequence. 276. [SOCIEDAD DE BIBLIOFILOS CHILENOS]. SILVA CASTRO, RAÚL. Asistentes al Cabildo Abierto de 18 de setiembre de 1810. Santiago de Chile: Sociedad de Bibliófilos Chilenos, 1960. frontis, 96 pp. 4to. Loose quires in quarter maroon cloth over paper-covered portfolio. First edition. A near fine unopened (uncut) copy. Boards of slip case present but lacking edges. [38184] $225 No. 43 of 102 copies. Dedicated to commemorate the Sesquicentennial of National Independence. Part of original mailing envelope with stamps laid in loose. Raúl Silva Castro (1905-1970) developed an outstanding body of work as an essayist, bibliographer, journalist, translator and literary critic in various media in Chile and abroad. This latter area was the one that achieved greater notoriety, especially for his long career in the newspaper El Mercurio, where he was also editor from 1924 until his death, and where left a lasting impression through countless articles of all types as literary criticism, cultural and political commentaries (See Memoria chilena at BN Chile).

277. [SOCIEDAD DE BIBLIOFILOS CHILENOS]. SILVA CASTRO, RAÚL. Los primeros años de la Biblioteca Nacional (1813-1824). Santiago de Chile: Sociedad de Bibliófilos Chilenos, 1951. 94 pp. Illus. with 2 b/w facsimiles in pocket. 4to. Loose quires in quarter brown cloth portfolio. First edition. Slight darkening of edges else a near fine, unopened (uncut) copy in a mildly rubbed portfolio. [38178] $175

lutions, referring to the Windward Islands, and Provinces of Campeachy, Santa Marta, and Rio del Hacha, including Buenos-Aires, with importation rights thence to the other parts of South America, extending them to the qualified ports on the Coasts of Chile and Peru.” A decree establishing limited free trade among the Spanish colonies. Louisiana is excluded as it has special concessions (sec. IX). Signed in print Don Josef de Galvez.

No. 43 of 101 copies.

280. [SPANISH EMPIRE]. CARBAJAL Y LANCASTER, ISIDRO DE, BISHOP OF CUENCA. Memorialajustado, hecho de orden del Consejo-Pleno, á instancia de los señores fiscales, del expediente consultivo, visto por remision de Su Magestad á él, sobre el contenido, y expresiones de diferentes cartas del Rev. Obispo de Cuenca D. Isidro de Carbajal y Lancaster. Madrid: En la oficina de Joachin de Ibarra, 1768. [2], [10] pp., 2-204 leaves. 4to. Old papercovered boards. First edition. Palau 162212. Also see 27675. Goldsmiths'-Kress no. 10472.100, suppl. Parreño Sale 323. Crude leather spine, faint dampstain to front board and corner of first few leaves, rear board with larger dampstain as well as last leaves, occasional soil spot on leaves, bookseller label at rear, but untrimmed and wide margined, with strong impressions, certainly a good or better copy. [41788] $500

***** 278. SOUTHEY, THOMAS. Chronological History of the West Indies [Three Volumes]. London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, 1827. [8], 336; [4], 552; [4], 620 pp. 8vo. Vol. I: original paper-covered boards, rebacked. Vol. II and III: Three quarter morocco over marbled boards, marble endpapers, gilt titles and decoration. First edition. Sabin 88568. Cundall 2189. Very good- unmatched set, chips to tail of spine in Vol. II, all boards scuffed, spine ends rubbed, front hinge starting in Vol. III, occasional marginalia, extensive notes on endpapers in Vol. I , a few leaves with creased corners. [41708] $750 Scarce. A register of contemporary documents and events. Southey (1777-1838) was a commander in the Royal Navy. Provenance: Volume II signed " Robert H. Schomburgk" on the title page. Robert Hermann Schomburgk (1804 -1865) was "[besides] Alex von Humboldt, the most important explorer of northern South America in the first half of the 19th century, the scientific discoverer British Guiana," (Dietmar Henze, 'Enzyklopädie der Entdecker und Erforscher der Erde,' [2004], Vol. V, pp.78-84). Free Trade Expanded in Latin America 279. SPAIN. CHARLES III. KING OF SPAIN. Real Decreto en que S.M. Ha Resuelto ampliar la Concesion del Comercio libre, contenida en Decreto de 16 de Octubre de 1765 instruccion de la misma fecha, y demás resoluciones posteriores, que solo comprehendieron las Islas de Barlovento, y provincias de Campeche, Santa Marta, y Rio del Hacha, incluyendo ahora la de Buenos-Ayres, con internacion por ella à las demás de la America Meridional, y extension a los Puertos habilitados en las costad de Chile, en el Perú ... : expedido en 2. de febrero de 1778. Madrid: Juan de San Martin, 1778. 4 leaves. Illus. with coat of arms. 4to. Self wrappers. First edition. Palau 251081. Medina: Hispano-Chilena 555. Graff: 3911. Spain & Spanish America II, 584. Goldsmiths'-Kress no. 11715. Not in Sabin. Top edge and upper inner margins renewed affecting only the very top corner of the border, scattered soiling, else very good in a custom vellum folder. [37275] $400 “Royal Decree in which the King has resolved to enlarge the concession of Free Trade, contained in the decree of Oct. 16, 1765. Order of the same date, and also later reso-

Mostly consists of comments on certain writings of Isidro Carbajal y Lancaster, Bishop of Cuenca, who had accused the monarchy of setting the country "hopelessly adrift" and stripping the church of its properties, scorning its ministers, and running a disastrous colonial policy leading to deterioration of the Spanish possessions (there had been rioting in Quito, Ecuador, in 1766). The Prontuario variously ascribed these comments to the fiscales of the Consejo Real, Pedro Campomanes and José Moñino, as well as other documents in the case. The bishop was eventually forced "to recant formally and abjectly before a session of the Consejo de Castilla held in Aranda's residence," (Stanley J. Stein, "Apogee of Empire: Spain and New Spain in the Age of Charles III, 1759–1789," Baltimore: John Hopkins, 2003). Palau wrongly lists the date in the 162216 entry as 1767, though it is correct in the second entry. Provenance: Alberto Parreno: Swann Parreño sale, 9 February 1978, lot 323, this copy. 281. STRAIN, ISAAC G. Cordillera and Pampa, Mountain and Plain. Sketches of a Journey in Chili, and the Argentine Provinces in 1849. New York: Horace H. Moore, 1853. xi, 295 pp. (p. 14 misnumbered 4). Sm. 8vo. Brown cloth stamped in blind and gilt, gilt medallion. First edition. Sabin 92669. Palau 322846. Smith: American Travelers Abroad S204. Naylor 118. A very good+ copy, spine sunned to medium brown, minor wear at tips. [39580] $250 Inscribed on the free front endpaper by the author. Exploration of Chile and Argentina in journal form. Isaac G. Strain (1821-1857), was a explorer and naval officer, who as a midshipman served in the West Indies and off the Brazilian coast. In 1843 he organized an expedition to the interior of Brazil with funding from the Academy of Nat-

ural Sciences in Philadelphia, was later assigned to patrol the waters off the west coast of Mexico during the Mexican War, and, still seeking further explorations, finally received permission to go ashore in Valparaiso where he proceeded across the continent to Buenos Aires, recording in this work his observations of the nearly year-long journey. He later served on the Mexican Boundary Commission and led a harrowing exploration of the Isthmus of Darien in search of a canal route. (See DAB, XVIII, p.122). Only one copy seen at auction in over half a century at Sotheby's Alberto Dodero sale in 1961. Provenance: Inscribed by the author to Edward B. Everett, most likely the son of Edward Everett, president of Harvard. 282. TEHUANTEPEC RAILWAY COMPANY. Proceedings of a Public Meeting held in the Gentlemen's Parlor of the Southern Hotel [St Louis] on the evening of November 4, 1885, to consider the subject of Building a Ship Railway across the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. St. Louis: Great Western Printing Co., 1885. 28 pp. Illus. with 1 b/w map. 8vo. Paper wrappers. First edition. A very good copy with small tape repair to spine head, minor soiling on wrappers. [41807] $100 Includes reports of addresses by James Richardson, Silas Bent, Henry Flad, General W.T. Sherman, Nathan Cole, and others. 283. [TELEGRAPH]. CABRERA GACITÚA, FERNANDO. Tratado teórico i práctico de telegrafía eléctrica : para el estudio de este ramo i uso de los empleados de las lineas telegráficas. Santiago: Impr. Nacional, 1871. 236, 1 pp. 28 illus. on one folding plate. 8vo. Cloth. First edition. Echeverría y Reyes: Ensayo de una biblioteca chilena de legislación y jurisprudencia 669. A very good copy, boards rubbed, folding plate repaired on verso. [34940] $350 "Sus conocimientos de electricidad lo llevaron a ocupar la gerencia del Telégrafo Trasandino por varios años, más tarde pasó a Telégrafos del Estado y bajo el gobierno de Balmaceda fue nombrado director general. Entre los trabajos que realizó en materia telegráfica, que era su especialidad, está la unión del Archipiélago de Chiloé al continente por medio de un cable submarino, la que fue destruída muchos años más tarde por las corrientes marinas del Canal de Chacao. Durante la Guerra del Pacífico se esmeró en mantener activa las líneas telegráficas en la zona del desierto de Atacam," Reseñas biográficas de parlamentarios de Chile. Scarce. OCLC shows only one copy at the BN Chile. Also one copy at LOC. 284. TEMPLE, EDMOND. Travels in Various Parts of Peru, including a Year's Residence in Potosi. [Two Volumes]. London: Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 1830. xvi, 431 pp.; viii, 504 pp. Illus. with 8 uncolored aquatint plates, 1 map, and 17 wood engraved vignettes. 8vo. Red buckram, gilt titles. First edition. Palau 329950. Abbey Travel 725. Sabin 94660. Cox 3747. Lowndes VI 2602. Very good copies, accession numbers on spines recolored, faint institutional rubber stamp on rear pastedowns, scat-

tered foxing, one plate heavily spotted else most quite clean and bright. [39006] $600 Temple traveled to South America in 1825 as part of a mining venture which ultimately failed. Much about Bolivia and Argentina: "Many humorous and picturesque incidents and descriptions," Cox p. 343. Provenance: New York Historical Society (Swann Sale October 6, 1978, lot 664). 285. TERNAUX-COMPANS, H. [HENRI]. Notice Historique sur la Guyane Française. Paris: Firmin Didot Frères, 1843. viii, 192 pp. 8vo. Green cloth with gilt title, original rear wrapper and old boards bound-in. First French edition. Sabin 94849. A very good- untrimmed exlib copy, gilt accession numbers on spine, faint stamp of NY Hist. Soc. on rear paste-down, small repair to half title and title, a few early leaves silked, scattered foxing. [38901] $150 "Bibliographie de la Guyane française": p. [169]-190. "Ouvrages du même auteur": p. 191-192. Provenance: New York Hist. Soc., their stamp, lot 532, sale 5 Oct. 1978. 286. TEZA, E. [EMILIO]. Saggi inediti di lingue americane. Appunti bibliografici. Pisa: Dalla Tipografia Nistri, 1868. 91 pp. 8vo. Paper wrappers. First edition. Palau 331258. Pilling 3832. Leclerc 2091. Streit II: 23. Spain & Spanish America II: 626. A very good copy, chipped along spine, owner's name on front wrapper and first blank. [34149] $300 One of 70 copies printed “e non sono in commercio." "From a manuscript of the Cardinal Mezzofanti, with an appendix....The Notes, without the appendix, were first printed in the Annali della Università di Pisa, 1868, vol. 10. Mainly devoted to South American languages, but contains a brief discussion and a few examples of Algonkin and Iroquois..." Pilling. Provenence: signature of Federigo Muller. OCLC shows only 10 copies worldwide os which only six are in the U.S.: Berkeley, Newberry, Trinity, Harvard, Univ. Penn., and Jenkins Lib. 287. TOMSON, ROBERT; CONWAY, G.R.G. [GEORGE ROBERT GRAHAM], ED. An Englishman and the Mexican Inquisition, 1556-1560. Being an account of the voyage of Robert Tomson to New Spain, his trial for heresy in the city of Mexico and other contemporary historical documents. México: Privately printed, 1927. xxxviii, 167 pp. Illus. with 14 b/w plates, plans and facsimiles. 8vo. Cloth. First edition. A very good+ copy, clean, crisp, and unmarked, with a little foxing on fore edge. No dust jacket. [42114] $400 Inscribed by the author. Conway (1873-1951) was managing director of The Mexican Light and Power Company and wrote a number of works on Mexico. This copy is No. 234 of 250 printed (1-100 on Crane parchment and 101250 on plain paper). Contents: The voyage of Robert Tomson, marchant, into Nova Hispania in the yeere 1555, from Hakluyt's Voyages, 1589; Inquisitorial proceedings in Mexico city against Robert Tomson, 1559-1560; Mexico

city in 1560, by Francisco Cervantes de Salazar; chapters xxiv. and xxv., book iv. of the Crónica de la Nueva España; Notes.; Appendix no. 1: Spanish transcript of the process of Robert Tomson. No. II: Original letter of Leonard Chilton to Henry Hawks, dated 5th July, 1567. No. III: List of original documents relating to the Englishmen who were condemned by the Mexican Inquisition, 15591575. Uncommon. ABPC shows none at auction in over 50 years; Americana Exchange shows two at auction in Mexico during that time. 288. TRONCOSO, FRANCISCO P. [DE PAULA] AND MENA, FRANCISCO Z. Las guerras con las tribus Yaqui Mayo del estado de Sonora. Obra mandada formar por la Secretaría de Guerra y Marina en 28 de mayo de 1902, al general de brigada, Francisco P. Troncoso. Comprende: desde el 22 de diciembre 1529, hasta el 31 de diciembre de 1902. Imprensa por orden del Secretario de Guerra y Marina, general de divisíon, Francesco Z. Mena. México: Tip. del Departamento de Estado Mayor, 1905. 342, ix pp. + map. Illus. with 1 b/w folding map. 4to. Quarter morocco over marbled boards, 4 raised bands, gilt title. First edition. Palau 341328. Eberstadt 128-43. A very good copy, wear to spine head, extremely faint accession numbers at foot of spine, scuffed boards, owner's bookplate on front pastedown, owner's stamp on half-title, a few small repairs to map on verso, contents clean and tight. [41542] $500 Divided into four parts: 1. The time of the conquest from 1529 until 1610; 2. The colonial period, 1611-1822; 3. From Independence until the expulsion of the French troops; 4. The last third of the 19th century. At the time this book was prepared, the Yaquis had been at war with the various governments for nearly four centuries with only occasional periods of peace. Republished in 1977 as part of the series "Clásicos de la antropología mexicana." Provenance: Joseph M. Gleason (bookplate), who helped bring the Lima collection to the Catholic Univ. of America. 289. TRUJILLO, FEDERICO. PEPE MEXIA, ILLUS. Cachos y Dichos. Medellin, Colombia: Editore Propietario Felix de Bedout e Hijo, 1923. 254 pp. Illus. with b/w drawings. Sm. 8vo. Paper wrappers. Edicion completa. Leavitt: Biblio. Colombian Lit., p. 72. Wrappers worn at edges, two small tears and owner's stamp on front wrapper, rear wrapper reattached, owner's name and stamp on title, first few leaves soiled, else contents very good. [35687] $150 A popular book of humor including colloquial sayings, first published in 1917, which has gone through many reprintings. Illustrations are by the artist and architect Félix Mejía Arango using the pseudonym Pepe Mexia. This the earliest copy we could locate, of which there is one copy at BN Colombia. OCLC shows only later copies edited and augmented by Luis Viana Echeverri. Scarce. Provenance: Copy of Enrique Naranjo Martinez, Colombian Consul in Boston, with his signature and stamps.

Travels in Peru and Ecuador with Extensive Notes on Native Americans 290. ULLOA, ANTONIO DE. Noticias americanas: entretenimientos físico-históricos sobre la América Meridional, y la Septentrional oriental: comparacion general de los territorios, climas y producciones en las tres especies vegetal, animal y mineral; con una relacion particular de los Indios de aquellos paises, sus costumbres y usos, de las petrificaciones de cuerpos marinos, y de las antigüedades. Con un discurso sobre el idioma, y conjeturas sobre el modo con que pasáron los primeros pobladores. Madrid: Imprenta Real, 1792. [8 lv], 342 pp. 4to. Contemporary marbled sheep, red morocco lettering piece, spine ruled in gilt, marbled endpapers. Second edition. Palau 343418. Sabin 36806. Medina BHA 5570. Field 1585. Leclerc 580n. Heredia III: 7894. Salva 3145. Berstain III: p. 207. JCB III: 3567. Goldsmiths'-Kress 10839. Spain & Spanish America I: 689. A very good copy, minor wear to boards and spine, upper fore corner of free end paper and first three leaves with small marginal worm hole. [38866] $600 Most of the Noticias concerns Ulloa's travels in Peru and Ecuador, including geography, antiquities, customs, language, and religion of Native Americans, with the final six sections, comprising nearly 100 pages, devoted to this later topic. "Ouvrage curieux et fort intéressant," (Le Clerc). Antonio de Ulloa y de la Torre-Girault (1716 -1795) was a colonial administrator, and the first Spanish governor of Louisiana though he was deposed in 1768 after two years, during a Creole revolt. But he is most remembered for his writings and his scientific work especially as an astronomer. The first edition was published two decades earlier, in 1772. Exquisite Engravings of the French Expedition 291. ULLOA, ANTONIO DE.; JUAN Y SANTACILIA, JORGE. Voyage historique de l'Amerique Meridionale fait par ordre du Roi d'Espagne par don George Juan ... et par don Antoine de Ulloa ... ouvrage orne' des figures, plans et cartes necessaires et qui contient une histoire des Yncas du Perou, et les observations astronomiques & physiques, faites pour déterminer la figure & la grandeur de la terre [Two Volumes]. Paris: Chez Charles-Antoine Jombert, 1752. [xxii], 554; [ii], 316, [vi], [viii], [3]-309, [iii] pp. p. 238 misnumbered 338. Illus. with two engraved frontispieces, 54 engraved maps, plans, and scenes (most folding) on 53 sheets; plus engraved title vignettes and head and tail pieces. Engravings by Frans de Bakker, François Morellon La Cave, Jacob Folkema, Duflos, John Ingram, and Jan Punt; after Charles Nicholas Cochin, Gabriel François Louis Debrie, Bernard Picart, and Jan Punt. 4to. Black calf, rebacked with black morocco, over marbled boards, five raised bands, two compartment lettered in gilt. First edition in French. Palau 125473. Sabin 36812. JCB III: 974. Medina BHA: 3464. LCP. Afro-Americana: 5409. Hill 1740. Very good copies, boards rubbed, spines

worn with a small chip to the rebacking, scattered foxing, and a few of the later scientific plates browned, otherwise impressions quite sharp. [40249] $2500 Title in red and black; engraved title vignettes. Translations by E. de Mauvillon of Ulloa's "Relacion historica del viage a la America Meridional," and of the companion work by Jorge Juan y Santacilia, entitled, "Observations astronomicas y physicas hechas de orden de S. Mag. en los reynos del Perù" (both published at Madrid in 1748); and of Garcilaso de la Vega's "Comentarios reales de los Incas." This copy with the Paris imprint, but Sabin argues it is just a change to the title page of the Arkste's & Merkus edition (Amsterdam et Leipzig) the same year. In 1735 the French Academy of Science requested permission to send an expedition to the equatorial regions of Spanish controlled South America in order for Charles de la Condamine and other French scientists to measure several degrees of meridian at the equator. By comparing their results with those obtained by a similar mission to Lapland, the Academie hoped to settle the controversy between the Newtonians and the Cartesians over whether the earth was flattened or elongated at the poles. Ulloa and Juan y Santacilia, Spain's best scientific officers, were sent along. Despite great difficulties, the expedition's geodetic measurements proved the validity of Newton's hypothesis. Antonio de Ulloa y de la Torre-Girault (1716 -1795) was later the first Spanish governor of Louisiana though he was deposed in 1768 after two years, during a creole revolt and also served as governor of Huancavelica in Peru. 292. UNITED NATIONS ECONOMIC COMMISSION FOR LATIN AMERICA. SECRETARÍA COMISIÓN ECONÓMICA PARA AMÉRICA LATINA. El desarrollo economico de la Argentina. Parte I. Los problemas y perspectivas del crecimiento económico Argentino (Analysis y proyecciones del desarrollo economico. V). México: Naciones Unidas Departamento de Asuntos Económicos y Sociales, 1959. xiii, 129 pp. Sm. 4to. Cloth. First edition. A very good or better copy with light soiling and owner's name on original wrapper, leaves clean. [34895] $175 A pioneer contribution to the economy of Argentina in the first half of the 20th c. 293. [UNITED STATES AND CHILEAN CLAIMS COMMISSION].COMISIÓN DE RECLAMACIONES ENTRE CHILE Y ESTADOS UNIDOS. Actas de la Comisión (Comisión de reclamaciones entre Chile y los Estados Unidos. Establecida a virtud de la Convención de 7 de Agosto de 1892). Washington, D.C.: Gibson Bros., 1894. 221, 220 pp. 8vo. Three quarter morocco over marbled boards, four raised bands, gilt title in compartments. First edition. A very good copy, spine with minor scuffing, small tape repair to one corner, front pastedown worn, repaired hole on free front endpaper, leaves clean. [42248] $150 Fallo Nr. 1-28.

294. UNIVERSIDAD DE CHILE. Centenario de la Universidad de Chile [Group of Four Programs]. [Santiago de Chile]: Imp. La Republica, 1942. 8vo. Paper wrappers. Very good copies. [33923] $50 Four pamphlets from the Centenary of the University of Chile: 1: Commemoracion del Centenario de la Universidad de Chile, Velada Solemne en el Teatro Municipal, 19 de Noviembre 1942 (4 pp. program with ticket stub); 2: Primer Festival sinfonico, Orquesta Sinfonica de Chile del Instituto de Extension Musical...Solista Blanca Hauser... 20 de Noviembre 1942 (11 pp. program with ticket stub); 3: Centenario de la Universidad de Chile 1842-1942 Homenaje a los Paises de America Sabado 21 de Noviembre de 1942, Estadio Nacional, 3 pm. (4 pp. program); 4: El Gallardete Universitatio...(4 pp. brochure). 295. UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE MÉXICO. Reseña de la ceremonias efectuadas en Mexico con motivo de La Fiesta de La Raza por la Universidad Nacional. Mexico: Acabóse en la Imprenta FrancoMexicana, 1919. 58 pp. 8vo. Paper wrappers. First edition. Palau 262198. Wrappers heavily soiled, chipped, and detached, leaves clean and bright; a good unopened (uncut) copy. [34336] $125 En esta publicación se encuentra una reseña de las actividades realizadas en México en 1919 en la celebración del dría de la raza, el discurso pronunciado por Genaro Fernández el 12 de octubre del mismo año y la composición de Enrique Fernández en la misma velada. An overview of activities in Mexico in 1919 at this celebration. Work by Medina Hermosilla, Miguel; Fernández Mac Gregor, Genaro; Fernández Granados, Enrique. OCLC shows only two copies: Berkeley and Texas. 296. URIARTE, JOSÉ R. DE., ED. Los baskos en la nación Argentina. Buenos Aires: La Baskonia, [1919]. 482, [1], xxxi pp. Profusely illus. with coats of arms, maps, portraits. Folio. Cloth. Secunda edicion. See Palau 345534 (1916 ed.). Small tear at spine head, minor scuffing at spine heel, else near fine. [35805] $500 Spine reads 1916-1919. A thoroughly illustrated and detailed account of the Basques in Argentina, their history, customs, art, and music, with some further sections on the Basques in Uruguay. OCLC locates only five copies of this edition and five of the first. 297. [URUGUAY]. Manual para los alcaldés ordinarios, jueces de paz y tenientes alcaldes. Mandad Publicar por acuerdo del Tribunal de Justicia de la 2a Seccion [including] Formulario para los procedimientos judiciales de los alcaldes ordinarios, jueces de paz, y tenientes alcaldes ...1829. Montevideo: Imprenta de la República, 1862. 16; 156 of [160], [3]; 18 of [19] pp. 16mo. Later quarter morocco over marbled boards, marbled endpapers. Parreño sale 849. Not in Palau. Boards rubbed, rear board worn with some loss at lower fore corner, leaves worn at corner, scattered foxing, three leaves of the first section excised (pp. 11-16) after the constitution, "Formulario" of the first work, and last leaf of

last item lacking (p. 19), otherwise overall good. [34824] $250

on rear pastedown, front wrapper washed else contents fine. [34803] $75

At head of title: "Administracion de Justicia." Includes separate title page dated 1861 for the main section, a printing of "Formulario para los procedimientos judiciales de los alcaldes ordinarios, jueces de paz, y tenientes alcaldes segun lo dispuesto en el Articulo 86 del reglamento provisorio de la administracion de justicia de 1829" (lacking pp. 11-16, at the end of the first section; preceeded by a copy of the Constitucion (of 1829), and concluding with a bound-in 18 page work (lacking p. 19), "Disposiciones Policiales." Provenance: Library of Alberto Parreño (bookplate), initials M.F.S. in gilt on spine, and Adolpho Linardi (bookseller) stamp on front pastedown. A scarce justice manual. OCLC shows a single copy of the 1861 printing at the Benson collection at Univ. Texas (OCLC 24079819).

Découverte et colonisation, notions générales, description du pays, agriculture, industrie, relations commerciales, situation financière, voies de communication, avantages offerts à l'immigration européenne. Ernest van Bruyssel (1827-1914) wrote a number of works on Latin American countries including Argentina, Paraguay, and Mexico.

298. [URUGUAY]. ANTUÑA, ENRIQUE M. Arte e Historica. Cuadros Históricos de Episodios de la Independencia pintados por Diógenes Héquet. Montevideo: Librería y Papelería del Ateneo, Sierra y Antuña, 1896. 55 pp. 12mo. Disbound. First edition. Removed from a larger volume, closed tear to inner margin of first few leaves, bookseller's stamp on title page, otherwise contents about very good. [39898] $125 Juan Bautista Diogenes Hequet (1866-1902) was a Uruguayan painter and lithographer who produced an historical series of paintings entitled "National Episodes" on the Uruguayan War for Independence. This work is a textual description of ten of the paintings. Rare. Palau 13341 notes only a related item by the same author. OCLC lists a single copy at Berkeley. Not in BN Uruguay or any other Latin American Library catalogues. 299. [URUGUAY]. ARAÚJO, ORESTES. Geografía Económica del Uruguay. Montevideo: A. Monteverde y Cía, 1910. xi, 216 pp. + adv. 8vo. Cloth. First edition. Palau 15141. A near fine copy with browning on top edge of original wrapper. [34827] $75 300. [URUGUAY]. BOLLO, LUIS CINCINATO. Geografía de la República Oriental del Uruguay. Montevideo: Librería Nacional A. Barreiro y Ramos, 1919. 188 pp. Illus. with 17 maps (1 color folding, 1 b/w folding) plus photos and drawings. Sm. 8vo. Cloth. 12th printing (duodecima). Palau 54716. A very good edgeworn copy, boards sunned, small tear and crease to one leaf, maps bright. [34862] $75 A very popular, much reprinted work used throughout most of the educational system. 301. [URUGUAY]. BRUYSSEL, ERNEST [JEAN] VAN. La République Orientale de L'Uruguay. Bruxelles: Librairie Européenne C. Muquardt, 1889. x, 247 pp. 8vo. Brown buckram with gilt title, original wrappers bound in. First edition. Palau 36459. A very good+ exlib copy with accession numbers on spine and small institutional stamp

302. [URUGUAY]. CIGANDA, EVARISTO G.; PALOMAQUE, ALBERTO. Discursos Políticos. Montevideo: Imprenta de Dornaleche y Reyes, 1898. 77 pp. 12mo. Disbound. First edition. Palau 54692. Removed from a larger volume else a very good copy. [34818] $125 Evaristo Ciganda (1868-1910) was a Uruguayan lawyer, teacher, journalist, and legislator highly concerned with his country's educational needs. Considered too moderate and legalistic by the forces of Juan Lindolfo Cuestas, who took over in 1897 as President with the assassination of Juan Idiarte Borda, Ciganda was not included in the ruling coalition. He was however appointed Consul General in Paris. He was known as a fiery orator and included here are four of his legislative speeches from 1897. Today his name and picture adorn schools, streets, and stamps in Uruguay. Uncommon. Not in BN Uruguay. OCLC shows only three copies: Harvard, UNC Chapel Hill, and BN Spain. 303. [URUGUAY]. CONSULADO, LONDON. The Republic of Uruguay, South America; its Geography, History, Rural Industries, Commerce, and General Statistics. London: Edward Stanford, 1883. xii, 168 pp. Illus. with 1 color folding and 3 b/w maps. 8vo. Cloth. Second edition. Spain & Spanish America I, 705. Joints split, spine ends chipped, institutional bookplate on front pastedown, still a good+ copy, folding map with tear along inner margin else near fine. [34826] $75 304. [URUGUAY]. DE-MARIA, ISIDORO. Compendio de la historia de la República O. del Uruguay. [Six volumes bound in three] (República Oriental del Uruguay). Montevideo: Imprenta "El Siglo Ilustrado" / Imprenta de "La Razón", 1893- 1902. 179, iii pp; 250 pp; 284, iii pp; 285 pp.; 278 pp.; 276 pp. Illus. with 1 color folding map and 1 drawing. 8vo. Cloth. Vol. 1: septima edición; Vol. 2 cuarta; Vols. 3-6 primera. Palau 69185. Leaves browning, else very good+ copies with some faint staining, mostly marginal, to the first few leaves in volume 2. [34840] $400 T. 1. Comprende el descubrimiento, conquista y población del Río de la Plata; t. 2. comprende los principales acontecimientos de la epoca desde el ano 1801 hasta 1815 (4. ed., 1893); t. 3. ... Desde el año 1815 hasta la dominación portuguesa (1. ed., 1893); t. 4. (1. ed., 1900); t. 5. (1. ed., 1901) -- t. 6. (1. ed., 1902, imprint: Impr. de "La Razón").

305. [URUGUAY]. DE-MARIA, ISIDORO. Rasgos biográficos de hombres notables de la Republica oriental del Uruguay. Libro primero. Libro segundo. Libro tercero [Three Volumes in One]. Montevideo: Imprenta á vapor de El Ferro-Carril, 1879-1880. 207; 222; 176 pp. 8vo. Quarter morocco over marbled boards, raised bands, five compartments, two titled and ruled in gilt, three with gilt medallions, marbled endpapers. First edition. Palau 69186. A very good copy, minor scuffing on spine and rear board, leaves browning, binding solid. [34839] $200 A fourth volume with a slightly different title was published in 1886 and included some Argentines. 306. [URUGUAY]. MAESO, JUSTO. Administracion Berro. Coleccion de leyes y decretos gubernativos, tratados internacionales, y Acuerdos de la Exma. Cámara de Justicia, de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay. Año Primero. Montevideo: Imprenta de Dermidio De-Maria y Hermano, 1861. viii, 78 pp. Sm. 4to. Cloth. First edition. Palau 146823. Wrappers and a few leaves restored else a very good copy, faint stamp on rear pastedown. [34837] $75 OCLC shows only one copy, at Univ. Texas. 307. [URUGUAY]. PEREDA, SETEMBRINO E. Rasgos Biograficos. Paysandú: Establecimiento Tipográfico de "El Paysandú", 1891. 434 pp. Sm. 8vo. Paper wrappers. First edition. A very good copy, wrappers and spine sunned, small tear to top edge of front wrapper, small chip to corner of title, text clean, binding tight. [34825] $50 Sixteen biographies. OCLC shows only three copies. 308. [URUGUAY]. RAMIREZ, JOSÉ PEDRO. La evolucion politica del 4 de Noviembre de 1886. Compilacion de los antecedentes y documentos relativos á ese acontecimiento político. Montevideo: Imprenta de "El Siglo", 1887. 134 pp. Sm. 4to. Cloth. First edition. Not in Palau. A very good copy, minor edgewear, light foxing to first and last few leaves, else bright, binding tight. [34835] $125 "On the night of August 17, 1886, as the President [Maximo Santos] was alighting from his carriage in front of the Cibils Theatre, a man named Gregorio Ortiz fired at him, the bullet breaking his lower jaw. This attempt at assassination, combined with the resignation of his Ministers a few weeks later, and a revolutionary movement on the northern frontier, convinced Santos that his intention to be Dictator of Uruguay for life was not feasible, and he sought a way of escape by sending for Dr Jose Pedro Ramirez, a leader of the Opposition, and requesting him to form a ministry on strictly constitutional lines. At first Ramirez refused, and it was only after many promises from General Santos that he agreed to consider the matter. One condition imposed by Dr Ramirez as a sine qua nou for his participation in the Government was that General Santos should retire from the Presidency on

February 14, 1887," (Akers: A History of South America, 1854-1904, p. 212). OCLC shows only 7 copies. 309. [URUGUAY]. RODRIGUEZ, PEDRO C., ED. ESCUELA DE ARTES Y OFICIOS. Ensayos Literarios dedicados á S.E. El Excmo. Sr. Presidente de la República Brigadier General D. Máximo Santos en el dia de su santo Montevideo, Abril 15 de 1884. Montevideo: Tipografía de la Escuela de Artes y Oficios, 1884. 60 pp. 16mo. Blind stamped maroon cloth. First edition. Not in Palau. Spine and boards worn, scuffed, some recoloring, owner's name on title, contents clean, a good copy. [34816] $100 Thirteen essays by various writers at the School of Arts and Crafts for the birthday of Máximo Benito Santos Barbosa (1847-1889), President of Uruguay from 1882 until 1886, in an administration marked by many problems, notably corruption, lawlessness, and heavy debts, all of which forced him into exile. Not located in NUC, OCLC, Copac, or any European or South American Library catalogues. Provenance: signature of Eloisa Vaeza. 310. [URUGUAY]. VIGODET, GASPAR. MONTEVIDEO. Bases de Pacificacion propuestas por el Gobierno de Montevideo. Buenos Ayres: Imprenta de Niños Expòsitos, 1814. 1 pp. 4to. 1 sheet (Broadside). First edition. Furlong: IV, 3045-6. Zinny: Bibliografía histórica p.113 No. 8. Old horizontal fold with a few thin tears, a few minor chips at the margins; lightly toned, a good copy. [37081] $425 Dated Montevideo, 12 de Abril de 1814. The proposal for the peace by the government in Montevideo, including the oath of allegience to Fernando VII, was rejected by the Provincias Unidas de la Plata. OCLC shows two copies: JCB and BN Chile. Firefighting in Chile 311. VALDES VERGARA, ISMAEL. El cuerpo de bomberos de Santiago, 1863-1900. Valparaiso: Babra y Ca., Impresores, 1900. 689 pp. Illus. with b/w plates and photos. 8vo. Quarter morocco over pebbled cloth boards, gilt title, rules and decoration, five raised bands. First edition. About very good; spine chipped, bands worn, joints partially split, half-title clipped at one corner, ownership stamp on one leaf, binding tight, leaves just browning. [42086] $200 History of the Fire Department of Santiago with some information on other Chilean fire departments. Well illustrated. OCLC locates only five copies: two at Yale, two at Univ. California, one at LOC. 312. [VENEZUELA. CARACAS. CATHOLIC CHURCH]. Esposicion que hizo el Clero de Caracas, Al Supremo Congreso de Venezuela, contra el articulo 180 de la constitucion federal, que abrogaba el fuero eclesiastico. México: R. Rafael, 1848. [1], 52 pp. 8vo. Paper wrappers. First edition. Sutro: p. 838. A very

good copy, wrappers lightly soiled, tiny tear, tips of some corners folded. [39550] $200 Written in the turbulent period in Venezuelan history which included an attack on the Congress in January of 1848. The clergy sought to overturn the constitutional article that circumscribed their authority and they were forced to have this work printed outside their own country. OCLC locates only seven copies: Yale, Berkeley, Boston Athenaeum, Univ. Texas, Univ. Wisc., LOC, BN Mexico. 313. [VENEZUELA]. BARALT, RAFAEL MARÍA. Resúmen de la historia de Venezuela desde el descubrimiento de su territorio por los Castellanos en el siglo XV, basta el año de 1797, ordenado y compuesto... Paris: Impr. de H. Fournier, 1841. 448 pp. Illus. with 5 engraved plates. 8vo. Three quarter brown morocco over marbled boards, black morocco spine labels. First edition. Sabin 3249. Palau 23576. Rodrigues 334. A very good copy, boards rubbed. [38865] $150 Rafael María Baralt y Pérez (1810-1860), the first Latin American to occupy a chair at the Real Academia Española, was an important Venezuelan diplomat philologist, and historian. The work was later expanded and continued to include modern history. 314. [VENEZUELA]. CISTIAGA, JOSE HILARIO AND GUZMAN, ANTONIO L. [LEOCADIO] Memoria del señor secretario de hacienda al congreso de Venezuela de 1831. [Valencia, Venezuela]: n.p., 1831. 167 pp. 8vo. Three quarter morocco over marbled boards. First edition. A good copy, front board detached, backstrip mostly worn away, otherwise contents about fine. [41705] $400 Three important reports from the founding year of Venezuela by Antonio Leocadio Guzman and Jose Hilario Cistiaga. Both Cistiaga and Guzman were supporters of Jose Antonio Paez, who declared Venezuela's independence from Gran Colombia and Bolivar in 1830. Includes: Memoria del señor secretario de hacienda al congreso de Venezuela de 1831 and Memoria del señor secretario de guerra y marina al congreso de Venezuela de 1831 both by Jose Hilario Cistiaga and Memoria sobre los negocios correspondientos a los despachos del interior y justicia del gobierno de Venezuelas ... by Antonio Leocadio Guzman. Copies at the Univ. Leipzig and BN Colombia, and a partial copy at the BN Venezuela. No other copies found in OCLC, COPAC, CCILA, or other European or Latin American Libraries. 315. [VICUÑA GUERRERO, CLAUDIO]. J. RAFAEL BALMACEDA, INTRODUCCION. Corona Fúnebre a la memoria de Don Claudio Vicuña 1833-1907. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta Barcelona, 1907. 319 pp. Illus. with b/w photos. Sm. 4to. Full black morocco, raised bands, gilt title and decorations, marbled endpapers. Not in Palau. Spine ends scuffed else a near fine copy. [34458] $100

Claudio Vicuña Guerrero (1833-1907) was a politician, journalist and presidential candidate in the 1891 election. OCLC shows only two copies: Columbia Univ. & BN Chile. 316. VICUÑA MACKENNA, BENJAMIN. Crónicas Viñamarinas. Roberto Hernández Cornejo, ed. Valparaiso: Talleres gráficos salesianos, 1931. 202, [1] pp. Sm. 8vo. Modern navy blue cloth with gilt titles, original wrappers bound in. First edition. Benelli, Bibliografía general de Vicuña Mackenna 192. A near fine copy with small marginal tear and crease to first few of leaves, leaves browning, inscription on half-title. [42070] $100 Presentation copy, warmly inscribed by the editor. A collection of articles and essays which had appeared hitherto only in Valparaiso newspapers. 317. VICUÑA MACKENNA, BENJAMIN. El Coronel Don Tomas de Figueroa. Estudio crítico segun documentos inédito sobre la vida de este jefe i el primer motin militar que acaudilló en la plaza de Santiago el 1 de abril de 1811. Santiago de Chile: Rafael Jover, 1884. 179, 144 pp. 8vo. Quarter brown morocco over marbled boards, raised bands, gilt titles. First edition. Palau 362603. Lacking the free front endpaper, else a very good copy, spine scuffed, boards rubbed. [35830] $150 Con un apéndice de documentos inéditos sobre la junta de 1810 i las campañas de Figueroa en los llanos de Valdivia. 318. VICUÑA MACKENNA, BENJAMIN. El Ostracismo de los Carreras. Los Jenerales José Miguel I Juan José i el Coronel Luis Carrera. Episodio de la independencia de Sud-América. Santiago: Imprenta del Ferrocarril, 1857. 553 pp. Illus. with engraved extra title page and 13 engraved plates including map (some folding, one provided in period facsimile). 8vo. Quarter morocco over marbled boards. First edition. Palau 362486. Phillips: Chile 60. Not in Griffin. Not in Spain & Spanish America. A good copy, light scuffing to spine and boards; institutional stamps, bookseller's sticker, and dampstain on title page; soiling, staining, small tear, and repairs to fore edge of engraved title page and preface; a few engravings lightly foxed along margins, some repaired at edges; one provided in matching facsimile and tipped in, a few leaves repaired and remounted, binding solid. [37000] $450 A classic of Chilean history concerning the war for independence and the Carrera family. Scarce. 319. VICUÑA MACKENNA, BENJAMÍN. Le Chili considéré sous le rapport de son agriculture et de l'émigration européenne. Paris: Imprimerie et Librairie d'Agriculture et d'Horticulture de Mme. V. Bouchard-Huzard, 1855. 144 pp. Illus. with 1 b/w map. Sm. 8vo. Modern red silk over boards, gilt titles, original wrappers bound in. First edition. Palau 362477. Benelli, Bibliografía general de Vicuña Mackenna 2. A very good+ copy, original bound in wrappers soiled, chipped, and repaired; contents bright. [41210] $150

Presentation copy, inscribed by Vicuña on the front wrapper, of this, his published second work. The Visscher Issue. With Routes of 18th c. Explorations 320. VISSCHER, NICOLAS. Carte du Paraguay, du Chili, Détroit de Magellan, & Terre de Feu, dans l'Amerique Meridionale par la veuve de Nicholas Visscher. Amsterdam: Widow of Visscher, ca. 1710. 515 x 595 mm. Single sheet copper engraved map, hand-colored. Rodrigues 2556. Medina: Mapoteca Chilena, p.31, 10a (1740 ed). Margins trimmed but still quite ample, some small marginal stains, a handsome copy. [34883] $850 Strong image of the southern half of South America. Two insets: Carte particuliere de Detroit de Magellan and Circulus Antarcticus. Includes routes of the 18th c. explorers. 321. [WAR OF THE PACIFIC]. BROWNE, JR., ALBERT G. The Growing Power of the Republic of Chile [in] Bulletin of the American Geographical Society. 1884. No. 1. New York: Printed for the Society, 1884. 88 pp. Sm. 4to. Paper wrappers. First edition. Rear wrapper with a small repaired tear else contents fine and unopened (uncut). [39761] $100 Inscribed by the author to publisher George Haven Putnam. Albert Gallatin Browne, Jr. (1835-1891) was a 1853 graduate of Harvard, a journalist, and an avid abolitionist. The entire issue is devoted to this speech that Browne delivered on February 18, 1884 after a hurried trip he made for the New York Herald to cover the War of the Pacific between Chile and Peru and Bolivia, one in which Chile expanded its territory by about one-third and acquired vast nitrate deposits which led to its growing affluence. Three on Britain's Failed Invasion of The Rio de la Plata 322. [WHITELOCKE, JOHN]. Buenos Ayres. The Trial of Lieut. Gen. Whitelocke, before a Court Martial, Composed of General Officers, held in the Dinnerhall of Chelsea-College on Thursday, January 21, and the Succeeding Days. Reported at Length by an Eminent English Barrister. Dublin: Printed by R. Smith, Published by M. Keene, [1808]. Folding frontis, 257 pp. Illus. with one map. Sm. 8vo. Three quarter later brown morocco over marbled boards, five raised bands, gilt title, rules and decoration on spine. First edition. Palau 375054. A very good or better untrimmed copy; map with some old repairs along a fold. [42900] $650 Large folding map of the "Plan of Attack by the Army under Genl. Whitelocke on Buenos Aryes 5th July 1807. Taken on the spot by H.Q. an Officer in his Majesty's Service." John Whitelocke (1757-1833) was tasked to lead an expedition to seize Buenos Aires for the British from the much weakened Spanish Empire. Having failed and forc-

ing the British to surrender after suffering heavy losses to General Santiago de Liniers and his irregulars, and having thus also lost Montevideo, John Whitelocke (17571833) was court-martialed and dismissed from the British Army. There was another Dublin edition and a London edition, both by different publishers. All are uncommon. OCLC locates ten copies: NYPL, Brown, Universities of: Arizona, Chicago, Illinois, Penn., Wisc., Brit. Col., BL, and Nat. Lib. Ireland. We could find only one at auction in the last half century. 323. [WHITELOCKE, JOHN]. The Whole Proceedings of the Court Martial, Held on General Whitelocke, for Misconduct; Thereby occasioning the Defeat of the British Forces destined to Capture Buenos Ayres, and the Evacuation of that Town. Held at Chelsea College on January, 28, and following days. Sir W. Meadows, President. London: Sold by John Day, [1808]. Frontispiece portrait, 32 pp. Sm. 8vo. Three quarter morocco over marbled boards, original plain wrappers bound in. First edition. Palau 375059. Sabin 103681. Near fine copy, owner's name on free front end-paper, minor browning to edge. [42899] $800 One of the scarcer items concerning Whitelocke and Britain's misadventure and failed invasion of the Rio de la Plata region. We could find no auction records for this item. OCLC locates only four copies at three locations: Yale, Harvard Law, British Library (2). But there is also one at the Boston Pub. Lib. 324. [WHITELOCKE, JOHN]. OFFICER ATTACHED TO THE EXPEDITION. A Narrative of the Expedition to, and the Storming of Buenos Ayres by the British Army, Commanded by Lieutenant-General Whitelocke. Bath: Printed by William Meyler, and sold by G. Robinson, 1807. Frontis, 38 pp. Illus. with 1 engraved map. Sm. 8vo. Three quarter morocco over marbled boards. First edition. Sabin 51805. Lacking the title page, else a very good copy with light scuffing to boards, facsimile title tipped in, owner's name on free front end-paper. [42898] $850 Includes the map of the battle scene with the key. Uncommon. Only three at auction in the last forty years. OCLC locates only seven copies: Cornell, Princeton, John Carter Brown, Texas Christian Univ., British Lib., Oxford, BN Chile. Chile's Neutrality in WWII 325. [WORLD WAR II]. MARÍN, RAÚL. La Neutralidad de Chile. Santiago de Chile: Imp. El Imparcial, n.d. (ca 1942). Unpaged [3 pp.]. Sm. 8vo. Self wrappers. First separate edition. A very good copy. [39645] $100 A very rare piece providing eight reasons for neutrality during the Second World War. Originally published in La Semana Internacional 19/09/42, p. 21 as "Ocho razones que aconsejan la neutralidad de Chile." No copies located

at BN Chile, in OCLC, nor any other online library catalogues. 326. XÉRÈS, FRANÇOIS; TERNAUX-COMPANS, H. [HENRI], TRANS. AND ED. Relation véridique de la conquête du Pérou et de la Province du Cuzco, nommée Nouvelle-Castille. Paris: Arthus Bertrand, 1837. viii, 198 pp. 8vo. Modern red buckram with gilt titles, rules, all edges. First French edition. Sabin 105725. Field 1702. Palau 376914. A very good copy, small tear to title page, scattered foxing, in fine binding. [38900] $200 Part 4 of 'Voyages, relations et mémoires originaux pour servir a l'histoire de la découverte de l'Amerique' edited by Henri Ternaux-Compans. Translation of the original work published in Salamanque in 1547. "This very rare work was reprinted by Barcia in his Historides Primitivos. It was written by one who knew personally the actors in the conquest of the Incas, and witnessed many of the great and sanguinary events which attended that wonderful change of dynasty. He becomes of course the apologist of the invaders, and endeavors to extenuate their deeds of rapine, destruction, and massacre," (Field, Indian Bibliography). Provenance: Copy of Albert J. Parreño, with his gilt initials stamped on spine. 327. ZAMBRANO, JUAN A. [ANDRÉS]. Apuntes para formar un plan de Hacienda, escritos en Nueva York en 1865. México: Imprenta de Ignacio Cumplido, 1868. 72 pp. 8vo. Removed from a larger volume. First edition. Sutro 941. Lacking wrappers else very good, light soiling on first and last leaf, last leaf with tiny hole (not affecting text). [34324] $200 Uncommon. OCLC shows only four copies: Yale, Sutro, NYPL, Univ. Wisc. *****


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