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BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation)                                                                        Training for Cub Scout Leaders    

Adults giving leadership to a pack overnighter MUST complete (BALOO) training.    

Friday, Oct. 13th – Saturday, Oct. 14th, 2017   7:00PM Oct. 13th to 8:30PM Oct. 14th   Mabee Scout Reservation – Camp Garland   Session fee is $20.00     Fees Includes Friday Night Cracker Barrel and Saturday Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks   Please bring Cub Scout Handbooks, pen or pencil and an eagerness to learn and have fun! To  complete  the  course,  participants  must  complete  the  online  portions  of  BALOO  Training  prior  to  the  in-­‐person   training  scheduled  for  Oct.  13th  –  14th.  These  trainings  can  be  found  at  www.my.scouting.org         Advanced registration is required by Wednesday, October 11th, 2017.    

For  more  information,  Contact  Shannon  Chatwin  –  918.408.5808  or  [email protected]       -­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑#-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑#  -­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑-­‐‑     Sequoyah  District     Oct.  13th  –  14th  2017    

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$  20.00  Participant  Fee              

                                                               Paid  by:                    Check                        Cash  _____  Credit  Card    


Fees  payable  to  “BSA”    

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Donald  W.  Reynolds  Scout  Resource  Center     Register  online  at  www.okscouts.doubleknot.com/event/calendar/2747     4295  S.  Garnett  Road                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Event#  6459   918.743.6125  


Please  bring  the  following  equipment  with  you  to  the  Introduction  to  BALOO  Leader  Skills  session:     •   •   •   •    

Rain  Gear   Pocket  Knife   Day-­‐pack/  book  bag   Uniform    

•   •   •   •  

Cup  (with  handle,  no  Styrofoam)   Plate  and  Bowl   Knife,  Fork,  Spoon   Camp  chair  (optional)    

•   Insect  repellent  &  Sunscreen   •   Note-­‐taking  items        

  •   Annual  Health  and  Medical  Record,  Parts  A  &  B              Download  form  at:   http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/HealthandSafety/ahmr.aspx  

  You  will  be  in  a  natural  outdoor  setting  and  should  wear  rugged  shoes  or  boots  and  a  hat  with  a  visor.    You  will  be   walking  while  at  camp,  so  be  prepared  (please  notify  staff  of  any  special  considerations  needed).                                            

MAP  to  Mabee  Scout  Reservation   Bartlett  Training  Center:   Follow  Highway  412  to  the  C herokee  Turnpike   Exit  a nd  follow  the  C herokee  Turnpike  to  the  Highway  82  Exit   Turn  right  on  Highway  82  and  travel  2  miles  ( past  Snake  Creek)  


(Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation) BALOO - OkScouts.org

BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation)                                                                        Training for Cub Scout Leaders  ...

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