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WHY US? Our goal was to create a unique online self-study English-learning platform that gave you everything you needed to become fluent in spoken and written English. We are confident that we have reached our goal by creating a platform for you that is easy-to-use, complete, and motivating. Now, we would love to see you achieve your goals. So, join us today, and let us be your guide on your journey towards English fluency.





Our highly structured method enables you to easily

Our study platform is organised in a way that you can

Each module (study topic) includes a test section so

progress from one topic to the next, and from one

work either through a complete level step by step, or

you can measure your understanding and assimilation

study level to the next (Elementary to Intermediate to

target specific areas you want to work on

of the topic. Your scores are recorded in a progress

Advanced) through a comprehensive system of

(pronunciation, grammar, or vocabulary) within each

chart, and you receive feedback on the areas you are

testing, feedback, and progress tracking.


strong in and areas that you need to revise.

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Resources A comprehensive set of resources including written explanations, video lessons, written and oral exercises, and voice recognition software ensure that you improve all your skills (reading, listening, writing, and speaking) at each level.

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Live Lessons

Teacher & Peer Support


You can arrange a one-to-one session for your

You can post your language questions to be

We will keep you motivated every step of the way

specific needs, for example, for an in-depth

answered by a teacher. You can also interact

until you reach your goals. You will be rewarded

evaluation of your level, or to prepare for a test

with other members of the community in the

with trophies when you complete a module, and

such as IELTS or TOEFL.

forums by asking and answering questions and

you will receive free credits for taking an active

discussing topics of interest.

role in the forums.

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Start Mastering English Today! Join our unique self-study platform and begin your journey towards achieving English fluency.

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